US cable network EPIX is running an all-day Star Trek film marathon on February 16, and along with the first American television broadcast of Star Trek Into Darkness, their “Star Trek Fest” will also be featuring new interviews with original Trek actors Leonard Nimoy and George Takei.

An extended, fifteen-minute interview with Nimoy — “A Converation with Leonard Nimoy” — will air immediately preceding the Into Darkness premiere.

The complete EPIX marathon schedule can be viewed here, and the site also hosts additional preview clips with Nimoy and with Takei.


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  • Hermann

    Nimoy is still looking so “young” and has full hair. I wonder why he looked so old and tired in ST XI+XII and why they used this stupid wig instead of his own haircut as in former movies.

  • Glad to see Mr. Nimoy is still getting out and doing stuff in spite of the COPD!

    And in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ll add that my first-ever crush was on Spock, at the age of 11. I’m 55 now, and I still have a crush on Spock. Luckily, my tall, thin, dark-haired husband — a brilliant computer scientist — is amused and not threatened by this. 🙂