Paramount’s European home entertainment division is releasing a new “Masterworks” edition of 2009’s Star Trek in a newly-designed digibook package featuring production artwork and photography.


At the current time, this single-disc, region-free Blu-ray release is only available for pre-order in Germany (coming April 3) and several other European markets, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for releases in other markets.


crimson_small Pre-Order Star Trek (Masterworks Blu-ray)

  • Csere Mihaly

    I like digibooks

  • Yotsuyasan

    Any new on-disk content, or is it just the digibook? Not to say that the digibook doesn’t look quite nice, mind you! Just curious! (If I had to guess, however, I’d probably assume that the disk is the same as the original release.)
    Just a shame that if this does get a U.S. release, the pages of the digibook will be split up amongst two or three different retailers… :p

    • It doesn’t look there’s any new on-disc content, but we’re still waiting for additional information on what’s included.

  • OphidianJaguar

    This is pretty cool but personally I would prefer the original 10 movies in steelbook with the box art using the original movies posters, the way it should be. I have the blu-ray box sets of the TOS and TNG movies and the cover art (photos of the crew) are boring. The individual blu ray movie box art with the large delta shield are alright, but Im really hoping for the individual movies in steelbook with proper box art.

    This is what the box art should look like, and in steelbook, they would be gorgeous!

    With one exception, the box art for TSFS should look like this

    • Yotsuyasan

      I would love this as well. And while they’re at it, include both the theatrical cuts and HD versions of the director’s cuts of TMP, TWOK, and TUC. (And if they’re feeling really generous, let Shatner do whatever it was he wanted to do for a director’s cut of TFF.)
      If they did this, I might finally replace my DVD versions.

      • OphidianJaguar

        I agree, I should have mentioned that as well. If Paramount does release steel books they should have either directors or extended cuts for all. I was disappointed when I purchased the blu-ray box sets and TMP did not have those gorgeous new scenes from the directors edition (because they were done in standard def), and key scenes from TUC were cut, when Rene Auberjonois (Colonel Wes) was in the presidents office talking about the rescue and when his mask is pulled off at the end, I mean, that changes everything, when a human disguised as a klingon tried to kill the president to implicate the klingons. They took that out in the blu-ray version so its made to look like a Klingon tries to kill the president. That kind of stuff pisses me off. I was also disappointed when the Enterprise is pulling out of space dock in TMP and you are under the dish as it moves overhead, there are so many black spots on the film, looks like shit, I though they would have cleaned that up. It just proves they are working from a master copy, upscaling or downscaling as needed not producing the best picture possible. The blu-ray movies do not look like true 1080p, they look upscaled.

        I was even surprised with TOS on blu-ray with regards to how many black spots are still on the film and could have easily been cleaned up and eliminated in a computer, tedious but possible.

        Spend the extra time and few bucks to make it right.

        (It would never happen) but for the 50th anniversary they should go back to the camera negatives for all 10 movies, clean them up physically, digitally clean up anything they missed, make directors or special edition’s, bottom line extended cuts in steel book. ALL 10 ORIGINAL MOVIES MUST BE REMASTERED AND REMASTERED PROPERLY. . . PERIOD!

        And yea, let Shatner do what he wants with TFF, its ridiculous but its awesome…GIMME SOME ROCK PEOPLE!!!!!

  • James

    Fingers crossed for a UK release on this one.

  • Platitude

    Would be tempted to get this if it had a US release. Its one of my favorites.

  • M33

    Silly question – is the book only in german language?

    • There are German, Italian, French, and Spanish releases scheduled; it’s likely each market will have a version with the local language. We don’t currently have any more information that what we’ve posted above as of yet.

  • James

    I hope that they do this with Into Darkness as well – and have all the extras in one place.

    • SFSeries&Movies

      Thxs for the pic. I’ve been wondering what takes so long for the season 6 announcement! 🙁

  • JP

    So they’re going through all the trouble of releasing a deluxe digibook, but they’re not including the bonus features disc from the 3 disc set originally released in 2009? Oh Paramount…. can’t you ever get it right?

  • MattR

    I saw on some forum that for the Italian Masterworks version of “Top Gun”, the book was in English. So that might be viable route for English-readers/speakers.

  • OphidianJaguar

    Why is CBS Digital so late on announcing TNG season 6?

    • TNG S6 is expected in June. Keep an eye out for the S6 trailers later this month.