In a new interview with Digital SpyBattlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore spoke about his thoughts his thoughts on the current state of the franchise — and his views on returning Trek to the small screen.

moore“I think its home and its heart is really in television. That’s really what Star Trek is – the core concept is really a TV show. I think the features are good and I really admire what J.J. Abrams has done with the last two films – I think it’s great – but the heart and soul of that franchise demands a return to television. 

The kinds of stories that you’ll tell in the features space are not the kinds of stories that made that show so popular. The features all have to be action-oriented. They all have to have enormous stakes – the Earth or the Federation or the universe has to be in jeopardy – and the features always have to surround the Captain… and maybe one other character. 

The TV shows were morality plays, they were more thematic, they were examining society in different ways. Sometimes the stakes were just one crew member’s life, sometimes the stakes were just one alien world or the Enterprise. You could do a story that was just about Data or a story that was just about McCoy or about the characters who lived below decks on the Enterprise. 

The TV show is really what Star Trek is to me. I think the features are great, but I think it has to return to TV if it’s going to remain an ongoing franchise.”

Moore, who joined Trek during the third season of The Next Generation, stayed on through two films, Deep Space Nine, and a short stint on Voyager, has been a popular fan choice for reviving the televised wing of the Star Trek franchise should the chance arise, and he addressed those wishes as well:

“I’d love to do Star Trek again, in all honesty,” Moore said. “But I also don’t have a great new Star Trek idea. I’m not saying I know exactly how to do a new TV show – I don’t. Maybe I shouldn’t do it until I have that great epiphany!”

Ron Moore is currently executive producer on SyFy’s Helix, a new series about a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible disease outbreak.

Source: Digital Spy


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  • Sykes

    I agree with him. Having movies is nice, but it feels like a consolation prize more than anything.

    The only time it felt okay to have “only” movies was the TOS films. They really felt like the last six true adventures of that crew to me. The TNG films (and JJTrek) feel more like movies just for the sake of doing movies.

    That said, I think the demands of television have changed so much just in the last decade…I don’t know if Trek could really find a home on TV again. Not the way it was, at least. Still, thank goodness we have so much Trek to enjoy. Some franchise fans aren’t so lucky as to have 29 seasons and 12 movies to rewatch.

    • kadajawi

      It could. DS9 is everything that is now in vogue. It is dark. It is moody. The heroes are not perfect. The villains are more than just villains. All the episodes belong together, you can’t just watch once in a while. It is made for binge watching. It was far ahead of its time. Just rerelease DS9 in HD now, on TV, and I’m sure it will do well.

      Now as for a show along the lines of TOS, TNG or VOY, I agree. I don’t think they’d do too well, though the Voyager premise would lend itself perfectly for a modern show… it was just the execution that sucked. Take away that magic reset button, put in more character development, have some continuity… and one ship, stranded far away from home, in a dangerous, unexplored area, without support or resupplies. Make the captain more like the Equinox captain. Make him or her a broken person, one with ideals, but who realizes ideals won’t get them home. Who tries to do the best possible, but who is also willing to go to dark places if necessary.

      The big problem is that everything has been done before. The typical 5 year mission, exploring new worlds, always being able to call home, to go back, to get support. Done that twice, or even thrice. The space station on the verge of war (and during war), done that. Lost in space? That too. Anything left? Send the TOS crew on the 5 year mission? At what point would that become repetitive, and could it be as serialized as is popular today? Wouldn’t those be just stand alone episodes mostly?

      • James

        I agree with you regarding DS9, the show was ahead of its time. Ron Moore really went and took that concept a level further with the excellent Battlestar Galactica. I’d love for him to have overall creative control of any new series. Perhaps working with Bob Orci, who created the wonderful Fringe series.

        • Dale Sexton

          What Ron Moore brought to DS9 that was absent in all other Trek incarnations was religion. A constant theme during BSG as well. I’m not sure DS9 was “ahead of it’s time” as many might argue that BAB5 was doing DS9 better than DS9 was.

          • James

            Fair point about BAB5 (I think it had a big influence on DS9) – I always struggled with B5 because of the poor dialog. It really was bad – all those ‘hell’s and damn’s’ that JMS used, also the acting was often a bit ropey. I’d love to see BAB5 on blu-ray, but unlike Trek, I think all the CG assets are gone 🙁

          • Dale Sexton

            I loved BAB5. Over the top and hammy at times? Sure, but great individual stories and fantastic overall story arc. I loved the characters. I didn’t enjoy season 5 as much though. Wow, not sure what that graphics would look like on blu-ray 🙂

          • kadajawi

            Those CG assets were I believe created for what was then cutting edge hardware (read: Any smartphone these days can do better). I think they would have to recreate or update a lot anyway, and hopefully make everything grander in the process (it’s the battle of the centuries! And it involves… 2 big ships and 10 small ones).
            I totally agree. Basically I think DS9 was B5 done well. B5 had a great concept, but fell apart due to the small budget and the show just not being ready. Every episode, every part of the show felt like it aired before it was finished. The scripts, the dialogues sound like an early draft that would need someone good to polish it up. The actors, apart from being not on the level of Star Trek actors, seemed like they were doing rehearsals, especially in the beginning (though to be fair season 1 of TNG was like that too). The CGI… ambitious. It did a decent job for the time I suppose, but good CGI is not cheap these days, let alone back then. And money was what they didn’t have (besides time etc.).
            IMHO B5 doesn’t need to go to Blu Ray, it needs a remake. Use what JMS wrote, have him work on it, but also give him good writers, good actors (or even recast the old ones, by now they are probably good and they know their roles), good CGI.

          • hypnotoad72

            The other Trek shows absconded religion, apart from TOS having Kirk saying “the one God is enough” and that can be perceived in a number of ways (as a joke, as being serious, sarcasm, or anything in between.)

            Didn’t B5 start before DS9? That’s a fun old argument recently revisited:


          • Dale Sexton

            I think you’re right, I believe DS9 was on the air about a year before BAB5 started? I did not watch either DS9 or BAB5 until I bought them on DVD. I first heard about this “controversy” on the Trek boards back in 2006. Trek and BAB5 are so different it never occured to me while watching the series that one “ripped off the other”. Having a Trek series on a spacestation instead of 2 ships at the same time made sense and BAB5 was a completely different universe. Loved them both and both are great rewatches. Sounds to me like this is more a fan generated thing than actual reality, especially with the setting of each series.

    • hypnotoad72

      The TNG flicks felt more like generic big action genre flicks with the Trek people grafted on.

      I-VI felt like a continuation of TOS, managed to do bigger things and put characters and careers at risk. The movies were a continuing saga, not typical for the time…

      2009 and 2013 feel more or less like empty husks that are too scared to do anything big, much less anything small. Indeed, one can count all of the references or scenes that clearly came from the old Trek shows – they feel like pastiche “by the numbers” outings with big budgets and rabid pacing in hopes the viewer won’t spot or care or realize that little of substance is being offered. Especially for 2009…

  • mjdavid

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Ron Moore!!! While I have loved many of the Trek films I have always said (in several threads on this site, as well) that Star Trek functions better on television. I don’t LOVE what J.J. Abrams (creator of two of my favorite television series – ‘Alias’ and ‘Lost’) has done to Star Trek, but I don’t hate it either and I’ve grown to really appreciate the opportunities his Trek contributions have given to the rest of the franchise. *** The more $$$ Abrams’ films pump into the franchise the more opportunity for more Trek we have, whether it’s more Blu Rays or some future project that does not involve a feature film.***

    I would love nothing more than to see Star Trek return to television, but we can’t just bring it back solely to have Trek on TV again. While I don’t think a television series should creatively exist within Abrams’ re-imagined universe (let’s just leave that for his films, shall we?), we can’t just pick up in the twenty-fourth century right after TNG/DS9/VOY can we? I also don’t see the appeal of creating a series somewhere in between ENT and TOS. It’s too boxed in. As far as going further into the future … maybe we could explore the possibilities of the future Enterprise teased in the future sequences shown in ENT? Perhaps space isn’t the final frontier, perhaps something involving time travel? Who knows … I’m sure there are a thousand possibilities for someone to sit down and put it all together.

    Sykes makes an interesting point with his comment. The demands of television have drastically changed. I don’t think Star Trek could survive on network television. Cable television … possibly, but that would mean doing far fewer episodes per season (most cable series do between 13-15 episodes per season) that would really be an injustice to such high-concept series. Maybe the future of Trek on television is Trek on Netflix? Perhaps instead of a new series we could get Trek mini-series? Several Trek novel series – Destiny, The Fall, for example – would have made incredible Trek miniseries. What if CBS (or Paramount?) partnered with Netflix and produced mini-Trek series that consisted of ten or twelve episodes (not actual seasons, mind you) that focused on one particular main plot with a few subplots? That sounds exciting to me … certainly a way to reinvigorate the franchise.

    *** I do want to take a moment to comment on some of the rumors I’ve read on other sites about a new series centered on Michael Dorn’s character, Commander Worf. Dorn is a fabulous actor who has done great things with his character (in my opinion one of the most well-written and explored characters in Trek), but Worf is not lead-character material when it comes to carrying a show. Sorry if I’ve committed Trek-blasphemy but I had to get that out. It’s probably just a dumb rumor with zero truth to it, who knows.

    • kadajawi

      Hm. That’s the big issue. Continuing after TNG/DS9/VOY will be a b****, cause of all the continuity (so much to follow up on), and, wouldn’t it be more of the same? Also, that could require background knowledge, and you wouldn’t want that cause you’d want to attract those new fans who came through JJ Trek. Also it would negate the JJ Trek timeline, so someone is bound to get pissed off.

      A show based around time travel will almost certainly be a b**** to write… the occasional time travel episode is already a handful, but constantly… Producing it, too, will be not so easy. After all, you’d constantly have to come up with new sets, ships, designs, characters, … a show based on the Temporal Integrity Commission or something like that… maybe. They’d be trying to fix the timeline alteration of the week. Not sure I’d be so keen to watch it, but maybe worth a shot.

      I _could_ see a show that follows up on TNG/DS9/VOY but in the altered timeline of JJ Trek. Basically the events more or less still happened, but there’d be changes. Nuggets could be dropped here and there for fans to spot what was changed, the outcome of the Dominion War could be a different one and we follow up on the Federation being broken up, on the run from the Dominion that has won, trying to regain power in the underground, from their hiding places. Planning a revolt. Also, that would mean that JJ Abrams screwed up the universe. 😀

      As for fewer episodes per season: QUALITY! With 13-15 episodes per season you could offer higher quality, you could skip the fill material. Since everything has been done already, coming up with 26 NEW stories a year will be quite a challenge. I’d rather have 13 great, new episodes a year.

      In any case, I’d love to see Ron D Moore attached to it. It can’t go wrong then. Heck, I’d love to see Ron D Moore attached to the next Star Trek movie. As one of the writers (the senior one…).

    • James

      Good post and I agree with almost everything you write except for one point. I would set any new show in the JJ timeline – a starship Kelvin series would rock!

      The reason for using the JJ timeline is simple – there’s no continuity to screw up.

      I’d also go with TV movies – maybe 3-4 per year. Remember that back in the day, Voyager got huge ratings with its TV-movie like two parters.

      • kadajawi

        Agreed. I’d put it further in the future. The Kelvin is the part that is still canon, it is shared with the old timeline. If it were after the events in DS9 and VOY… they could go wild. They can deviate from the well known timeline when it makes it more interesting. To spice things up. And we could explore what has changed due to the changes in the past, as a bonus.

      • OphidianJaguar

        ….. TV movies like Stargate’s ark of truth and continuum.

        • James

          Yeah, hopefully more like Continuum than Ark of Truth 🙂

    • OphidianJaguar

      I agree that the demands for cable have changed, I personally will always have an HDPVR because cable is not what it used to be and in my opinion is better than satellite. I don’t want to stream everything, when the internet is down, cable is still working. Netflix is a glorified movie rental store in a way, when blockbuster died, I got netflix, but I can’t watch the newly released episodes of Vikings, Community, Archer, or Big Bang theory on netflix. When you have shows like game of thrones, breaking bad, the walking dead, boardwalk empire, sons of anarchy exclusively on cable, you bet that people are going to tune in. If a new trek is on a good channel at a decent time, people will watch. It was Enterprises horrible time slot in the U.S. and the whole UPN, CBS, Paramount, Viacom fiasco that ruined the show, not the writing. In Canada, Enterprise was on our syfy channel called Space and it was on at 7pm, I never missed it.

    • hypnotoad72

      Absolutely agreed!

      Mr. Moore’s TNG contributions are by and large solid and, pardon the pun, stellar examples of TNG’s run, and I’m about to embark on “Battlestar Galactica” (loved the 1978 version (until after the Pegasus episode when it became an inane soap opera) and I am aware of the show’s changes and will keep an open mind.)

      But DS9, VOY, and especially the TNG movies did end runs around continuity that the TNG TV show worked hard at making, just to eke out another season. Sometimes it worked but often it didn’t. A new show should be on the same timeline, but not just do end runs with the previous legacies at times, since TNG also didn’t keep nitpicky continuity with TOS, but to work hard to create its new continuity and move forward with that. TNG proved continuing the lore can be done, so it can be done again – without the gross and errant nostalgia piggybacking JJ has been doing — like or dislike the 2009 and 2013 films, both are still lacking and “alternate timeline” doesn’t always justify it. They are good for what they are, but they do not exemplify the intellectual meat that Trek has historically had along with its whiz-bang action/adventure “Horatio Hornblower In Space” component.

      And if Trek, in the 1960s (via reruns in the 1970s) and TNG could bring in mainstream audiences, a revival/continuation can continue to do so, while retaining an intellectual edge. Even in the current entertainment climate of the early 21st century.

      • kadajawi

        Hm. But the difference between TNG and DS9/VOY was that TNG had 3 seasons of Star Trek prior to it, and 200 years between it. DS9/VOY overlapped the TNG time, and had much more canon to work with. A new original timeline show would have even more. And if they do that, it could be very hard for new fans to join. The alternate timeline could let you throw those things over bord if wanted. It can explore a new setting, which is different but similar to the old one, so fans can spot the differences without requiring new viewers to know the rest. It has to be able to stand on its own.

      • OphidianJaguar

        I loved the 70’s battlestar and I loved the new one as well. When Ron Moore gets his hands on stuff it’s always great. If we could get Ron spearheading a new trek series with Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer it would be magic.

  • Tigger

    I think an awesome way to continue would be after the events in the prime timeline when Romulus was destroyed. A new ship and crew there in the aftermath would be amazing 🙂

    • milojthatch

      While having Romulas be destroyed would validate JJ-Trek, I’d be ok with the kind of stories that could be told with such a setting. It just has to be by someone who knows what they are doing, and thing the current writers are not.

      • mjdavid

        I was not a fan of that storyline at all. The Romulans have ALWAYS been my favorite villains, yet I always felt each series pretty much crapped on them by not really exploring their culture. The Klingons, the Cardassians, the Ferengi, even the Dominion were given more exposure … I would love to see a new Star Trek that really delves into the Romulans.

        • hypnotoad72

          “Nemesis” was the worst of the bunch. The Romulans were always a staple off clever guile and chess. Even if “The Enterprise Incident”, a TOS classic episode, has Spock saying those attributes are unbecoming of Romulans… of course, Spock was acting undercover and is half human so he was probably exaggerating to throw his opponent off-kilter… or at least off-kilt, given the direction the story went… HIYOOOO!

      • A Nony Mouse

        You could look at some of the storylines in Star Trek Online, which take place in 2409 well after the destruction of Romulus. Has the Romulans split into multiple factions, a hunt for a new world to call their own, etc.

  • SpaceCadet

    Gonna put on my nitpicker hat on for a second: Ron Moore joined TNG in the 3rd season (after having written “The Bonding”), not the 2nd season.

    Okay, hat off. I agree with what Ron Moore says of course. The movies tend to be big-bloated episodes with bigger budgets and less emphasis on character and more on spectacle. Trek can and should come back in episodic form, not necessarily on broadcast TV, I’d love to see it on basic cable, premium cable like HBO, or Netflix where productions are allowed to be more gritty and controversial. Do shorter plotted arc seasons that are 10-13 episodes so that each one is richer and story-packed and you get rid of episodes that are clearly filler and lacking in ideas. And please continue on in the Prime universe. I have no love for the JJ-verse. Trek would be in good hands with Ron Moore or someone like him who has affection for that universe.

  • Heroicslug

    I have your concept, Ron.

    Star Trek: Defiance.

    Setting: the USS Defiant on special assignment to (or a Defiant-class ship built in secret by) Section 31
    10+ years after Voyager’s return/Nemesis

    Plot: A conspiracy within the heart of Starfleet threatens the bring the Federation crashing down. After some string-pulling with the Klingon government by an admiral working with Starfleet’s most infamous branch, Worf, son of Mogh, has been recalled to service by Starfleet to help uncover the pieces of this dangerous puzzle before it is too late. But with every clue they uncover, Worf and crew begin to question the nature of the threat to the Federation–and just which side they are working for.

    Comments: The setting on a Defiant-class ship and the assignment by a clandestine “ends justifies the means” branch of Starfleet combined with the severity of this mysterious threat means the potential for sneaking around the galaxy (in a ship already proven to be cloak-compatible), confrontations with aliens or even other Federation ships, and operating in a more aggressive manner than Starfleet might normally sanction. Worf sounds like the perfect man for the job.

    Maybe give it a holographic masking system. Didn’t Voyager create a bunch of holographic ships one time? Surely the Defiant could camouflage itself to look like a cargo vessel or something if you don’t want to jump into cloaking.

    • Tianar

      I think a non-Federation crew post Romulus era would be interesting, say a Romulan starship crew (not necessarily Romulan military). Episodes could be related to rebuilding Romulan society and finding a new homeworld.

      • hypnotoad72

        If people will buy into it.

        How would one compel casual viewers?

        Never mind fans that will be harder to sway?

        And when TNG started, it tried to keep out of TOS as much as possible – the Ferengi were created as a new enemy, so they wouldn’t have to use other species as a crutch (like the Romulans, which would ultimately be used because the Ferengi didn’t take off as a species everyone was afraid of… oops…)

    • kadajawi

      Love it. Some Trekkies may think it is a bit dark though, and that Gene wouldn’t approve of it. (And I’d say to hell with them.)

      • hypnotoad72

        Gene’s not here, but as long as the spirit of what he helped to create remains alive, I’ve no problem with a little grit and darkness at times. Balance it out with a core fundamental of Trek lore: Optimism and working together to make a better world.

        • kadajawi

          Yeah, and also, apart from the Enterprise crew the rest of the Federation seems to have been pretty rotten in the TOS era.

    • Hermann

      Agreed. Or 2 or 3 TV-Movies (60, 70 oder 90 minutes) per year. More quality, less quantity.

  • bbock

    I only want it back on TV if JJ Abrams has NOTHING to do with it and it’s not set in his horrible universe. I don’t want to watch a universe where engine rooms look like brew pubs and where blinding white light shoots out at you from every where you look in the universe.

    • This pretty much describes my feelings, as well

    • OphidianJaguar

      Not just JJ, after all of Bob Orci’s talk of being a fan and what he has produced with Trek, I wouldn’t want him involved either.

    • Fox

      I agree with the sentiment, if not the reasons you gave.

      The problem with nuTrek is lazy (and bad) writing. In a nutshell. Every bad aspect of the films begins with lazy writing.

  • bbock

    I agree with the idea that it should be a short-run series, mini-series or straight to Netflix. I think an anthology would be interesting. The stories would take place in different times, perhaps, on different ships and stations, and in different cultures. We’d get to explore more of the Trek universe. The various plot lines would tie together. Something like that would require a really good writer and show runner to pull off. J. Michael Straczynski?

    • kadajawi

      Ron D Moore said he’d be interested. That’s all I need. He has been showrunner for the best Star Trek show, and he made Battlestar Galactica. JMS did B5… and after that? (Besides, I think B5 didn’t turn out that good for various reasons, including JMS wanting to do absolutely everything).

      • mick

        No, Ira Steven Behr was showrunner for DS9

        • kadajawi

          Oh. Oops. Thanks for the correction. Right, that was the bald guy with the funny beard. Still, Ron D Moore wrote many TNG and DS9 episodes, produced it, he wrote First Contact, … I think I trust him. Now if Ira Steven Behr were to join as well…

  • One key thing they need to do with Star Trek is put it on CBS, not shove it into a mediocre network like they did before. I’d like them to reboot Enterprise. Season 4 was when they had new writing staff and the show was at it’s best. They could continue where that was going, try and grab the writers from season 4, and get it back on.

    Just can the last episode, it was terrible and shouldn’t be canon.

    • kadajawi

      Must it be CBS? I don’t get it, but what I see on Wikipedia is… well, ok. And since CBS probably owns all the rights, it would probably be it. But I’d be much more excited if it was an AMC show. AMC didn’t have a problem keeping Breaking Bad alive even though the first season wasn’t that widely watched. Same with Mad Men. They had the balls to continue, and continue, and continue, while other networks/channels would probably have cut off long time ago.

    • shanebroughton

      Enterprise certainly improved in S3 and S4 but I found the mini-arcs in S4 to be too drawn out and kind of boring. Still, I found the ideas they posted for S5 and beyond compelling, and I think the refit design of the NX-01 awesome!

  • pittrek

    A few tips which could make a good Trek show :
    – Romulan war
    – new seasons of Enterprise
    – CGI series with stories written for seasons 4 & 5 of TOS
    – a sequel/prequel series starting after Nemesis and ending with Spock returning to the past after the destruction of Romulus

  • James

    I just cannot agree with many of the posters here who want another season / re-boot of Enterprise. There’s a reason that the show failed to find an audience – it just wasn’t that great.

    I have great respect for Ron-Moore, his re-imagined Battlestar Galactica was a masterpeice. When you compare that show – cutting edge social commentary, superlative visuals and a relevant, exciting take on an established universe and compare it with the dull Enterprise with rehashed plots, stiff acting and poor writing, it’s no wonder that Enterprise failed to resonate.

    It’s also nice to see that Ron Moore likes what JJ-Abrams has done with the features. I listened to him speak at Destination Star Trek London where he was refreshingly honest and open about his successes with Star Trek and also his faliures – his comments on ‘Generations’ and how dissapointed he was with it were very revealing.

    Whenever there is a new series – and there will surely be one at some point, it needs to be fresh and original. Only this way will Star Trek continue to be a mainstream success, not by churning out more of the same to the laws of diminishing returns as happened with Voyager and Enterprise.

    • hypnotoad72

      ENT the prequel didn’t find itself until season 4 when new blood came in. Even then, it was too late, and prequels – by design – are limiting in what they can do because the future of the canon it’s in has to be preserved. The show couldn’t find an audience because mass audiences aren’t going to care and the fans will be eyeballing for ANY problems. If VOY didn’t muck up Borg continuity often enough, ENT horribly did and far worse… that’s only one example of one species…

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    When will season 8 of TNG be on then?

    • kadajawi

      Never. The actors would look much older, and most of all the salary of Sir Patrick Stewart could probably eat up the whole budget, unless he is keen on returning to TV and reprising that role.

      • Matt_Cardiff_UK

        There’s always a spoilsport….;-) Season 8 could happen…there’s more chance of the sun exploding tomorrow, but what’s wrong with dreaming? Better than having a season 6 of Enterprise…meh!

    • shanebroughton

      I’d trade all of Voyager, Enterprise and the TNG movies for one last GOOD season of TNG.

    • Riker

      OH YES, TNG season 8-10, I WANT THAT! 🙂 And tng in ultra HD too!!

  • OphidianJaguar

    Star Trek has always been spearheaded by more than one person. It would be fantastic to have Ron Moore, Bryan Singer, and Bryan Fuller do a new series. Have it take place in the prime time line, and in the 25th or 26th century that way we can have new and cool worlds, aliens, ships, new technology (maybe a type of jump gate for ships to go further and faster through the galaxy.) There was only one reason for the alternate universe, to make Star Trek cool, to make it higher tech in Kirks era without having to go to the future. There is no reason the future of the prime time line cannot be explored. The alternate universe movies are what I like to call a vacation, there is no need or reason for Star Trek to continue with this alternate universe, they made three movies, leave it be, move on to what 5 tv series and 10 movies covered…..THE PRIME FUCK$NG UNIVERSE!

  • Dale Sexton

    I couldn’t agree more, and I think it’s also very big of him to acknowledge that he hasn’t had that “epiphany” yet. His contributions to Trek are well known and heralded. I hope that he and Manny Coto get the reigns someday and get Trek back on TV where it belongs.

  • Data

    Nice guy and it’s true what he mentions. By the way, I reasently benn watching season 5 of TNG on remastered. Does anyone else noticed that it seems like as if the sharpness focus of the camera was often wrong (don’t mean Dr. Soong here;) To me it really looks like season 3 and others are sharper than s5 because of that the actors are out of focus very often. Does anyone know the reason for this?

    • James

      From what I understand, Marvin Rush preferred the softer look in his
      photography, which is why everything doesn’t seem as sharp and crisp as
      the earlier seasons looked. He’d often use a diffusion technique. Watch “Time’s Arrow” and you’ll notice all of the San Fransisco scenes
      have an extremely soft look to them. The same kind of look can be found
      in films like the 1978 SUPERMAN. Rush never went to that extreme in his
      Enterprise-D settings, but you can notice he’d take such liberties in
      other settings such as the Klingon interiors, Romulus, and many other

      Apparently CBS were surprised about some of the “questionable” filming techniques used when they saw the raw footage.

      None of the above are my own words -check out this page:

    • hypnotoad72

      could be the quality of the film masters, lighting, lowered use of digital sharpening techniques… I did note that season 5’s f/x shots of the Enterprise-D, if not for the whole series so far, never looked better and that’s the less-detailed 4 foot model with the exaggerated bas-relief textures! (nice fixes on explosions and other things, the blu-ray sets really do the show justice… and for all my nitpicks on season 2, there are a couple of oopsies in the original edit that had been fixed by the outsourced remastering team, ironic but true…)

  • spooky

    I’m all for a new Trek series with Moore at the Helm, no JJ, or that alternate universe either.
    I would like to see something a hundred or more years after Voyager, travel between galaxies type of deal..
    Or perhaps he can do an anthology series like American Horror story, each season is a different setting with different characters, imagine a Romulan focused season, or a Klingon focused season the following year.
    I think it’d be interesting to see how the other half sees and interacts with Starfleet, how they perceive the humans.
    It could be different time settings too, Surak’s era, the Khitomer era, all focusing on the alien view point but with Starfleet in the mix.
    Anyway, I hope he gets his epiphany and gets to bring it forth. Good luck Mr. Moore. 🙂

    • kadajawi

      Ok. So… lets assume that the federation has become so advanced that they can travel between galaxies (unless it’s yet another stranded on the other side of the quadrant sort of deal). That means their ships are ridiculously fast, making any “quick, we must run from the enemy” thing a joke. Also, the Federation would dominate that region, unless everyone develops the same capabilities at the same time. The Federation ship could also always run back for resupplies etc.
      Basically it’d either be Voyager 2 (which, given how that idea was totally wasted on Voyager might not be such a bad idea) or TOS/TNG/ENT 2. Are you sure writers will be able to come up with 7 seasons of original stories around that? Yes, there’d be new faces, new races (on the other hand if the Federation is this advanced, the Romulans would be too, the Klingons, the Dominion, …).

      The anthology thing excites me more, however how successful are anthology series? The Wire perhaps, but that wasn’t all that commercially successful I guess…

  • Wolverine11

    anyone who says “I really admire what J.J. Abrams has done with the last two films – I think it’s great ” needs to be excluded from Trek. unless he is just saying that because JJ basically rules hollywood now…

    • hypnotoad72

      What has he done, apart from recycling set pieces from the old show and cashing in on nostalgia?

      “Into Darkness” has some nice double double crosses, a nice piece on relationship bickering with NuSpock and NuUhura to help discuss the human condition, and deals with a topical issue, but having Kirk and Khan be all buddy buddy with their space flight, followed by Old Spock appearing on screen at a very convenient time* to remind us that, duh, he’s a baddie…

      * that time being when any viewer would start rolling their eyes over how hackneyed and fanwanky the plotting was…

  • Andrew Probert

    Nicely put, Ron,… I couldn’t agree more-

  • I agree very strongly with Mr. Moore; I think Star Trek works much better as television. Big-budget movies are usually action pictures, but it was the CHARACTERS and the IDEAS that made Star Trek so beloved. Movies usually have a frenetic pace, but the characters work best when they have a chance to breathe.

    I’d love to see the original series characters in a new TV show. (Not with the original actors, obviously — half of them are dead, and the rest are not up to the strain of a weekly series.) But you don’t have to blow up Vulcan or make Kirk a captain before he’s ready, the way Abrams did.

    Get real science fiction authors to write stories for you. Everybody thinks they can write, and most actors, directors, and producers are wrong about that. 🙂 Get Robert J. Sawyer, Lois McMaster Bujold, and similar folks to write the stories. Spend a lot of time focusing on exploration and a lot of time developing the characters. Show us some alien cultures, give us some interesting moral dilemmas, provide main characters we can care about, and Star Trek fans will reward you with legendary loyalty. 😉

  • Christopher Roberts

    They should reboot Enterprise in some way. Loosely reinvent it, in such a way you can take or leave the original as desired, or be a total reimagining that prefigures Kirk and Spock… whatever. I still maintain that was the best concept. Better on paper than any of the spin-offs. It just came at exactly the wrong time and got executed by a staff who were burned out by Trek. Doing the Birth of Starfleet, the Romulan War, humans who aren’t perfect moral creatures, and the Federation founding is where the potential is at.

    • kadajawi

      A crumbling Federation could then start to come back, slowly restore it’s glory.
      TOS was more or less a mirror of it’s time, too. I don’t see why a new Star Trek show couldn’t do the same… shouldn’t do the same.

  • Sebastian Prooth

    A Star Trek TV series would be great. Do I think “Captain Worf” will happen? No. Romulans are boring which was proven in Nemesis.

    Star Trek had 18 years straight on TV. The last two shows had declining ratings. The TV world was saturated with Star Trek and needed a break. Not to mention the poor performance of Star Trek Nemesis in the box office. We have had no new Trek on TV since 2005, which

    Ron Moore would be a great person to spear head a new Star Trek. He did a marvelous job on Battlestar Galactica and the episodes he wrote for Trek were among the most memorable. If Star Trek is going to be on TV again it needs to have a GREAT idea behind it. We’ve done space stations, “lost in space” starships and even a prequel. We need something incredible to reinvigorate the the franchise.

    When Star Trek TNG was in it’s 2nd season hiatus, Michael Piller was made head of the writing staff and he instituted his famous “open script” policy – making way for people like Ron Moore to have a chance. I think Ron Moore should do this again. Sit a room with some smart Trek oriented people, not fan boys but professional TV people who are also fans of the show, and hammer out an amazing idea for a new show. I’d be all in for a chance to be in that room.

    • hypnotoad72

      Well said!

      Okay, I am a fan of the Romulans and, when used right, are pretty decent. Sadly, “Unification” ended up being more an unintentional mockery than anything else… “The Next Phase” restored some guile (and when it leaves open nitpicks for the science, the sci-fi concepts are refreshing – especially for season 5, and the philosophy between characters is well and above first rate – as it’s in my top 10 story list), but “Nemesis” shattered it all.

  • JB

    While I enjoyed his BSG and Helix (apart from its dodgy CGI animation)… If those gritty worlds are anything to go by what he’d bring to Star Trek as a main creator, I’m not sure I’d want him to helm a new TV show. Whatever the case, it has to follow on from the TNG/DS9/Voyager time line. It doesn’t have to jump another 100 or 200 years into the future, but it shouldn’t be set in the past or alternative time line… The only alternate time line I enjoyed is the ones involving TNG and DS9, but I’m not sure I’d want a whole show based off it.

  • Michael

    Reduce the cost of scoping out an entirely new show and give Enterprise one more season to get a feel for the audience and how successful a TV franchise would be once again?

    • kadajawi

      Wouldn’t it still cost a lot to rebuild the sets and all?

  • Platitude

    Big Ron Moore fan. Would love to see him helm a new Trek series. Would also love to see him write the next movie too!

    I think Star Trek has a place on both the big and small screens.

  • Jayson Andrew Smith

    Isn’t Worf getting his own show?

  • FriendofSonic

    I find it curious that the man who ripped Voyager to shreds (and making several potent points as well) admires the JJ efforts, but I guess Voyager and the Abrams universe films aren’t the same either.

    • kadajawi

      I think the difference between Voyager and JJ Trek (even though they have much in common) is that JJ Trek has cut back on the technobabble in Voyager, and it is EXCITING. Voyager wanted to be exciting, and it was as times, but nowhere near JJ Trek. Basically, JJ Trek has redeeming qualities, and Voyager… not so much.

      • Sykes

        I don’t even like Voyager very much and I still prefer it to JJTrek overall. But I can understand why many wouldn’t.

  • Chewbacka Grizelda

    Well, whatever you do, I’ve had an idea about Cmdr. Maddox (or perhaps an assistant of his) and the future of androids as a legit life forms that I think you could have a lot of fun with for one or two episodes, plus as a recurring theme in other episodes. It’s complex. Anyway, if you’re looking to play with that and want more details, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

  • Denny Crane

    I’d like to see a new five year mission. In a galaxy that is really big and new. With no foreign ships behind every asteroid. With no class-M-planet in every solar system. Not with hundreds of species with warp-technology. Our galaxy is so huge. But in Star Trek it always was as populous as Manhattan.

  • Andy.v

    It would be nice to see a new Star Trek show on TV for the 50th Anniversary.

  • Max

    I would love to have Star Trek back on television. And I do believe it’s time for Star Trek to come back. It would be interesting to see what someone could do with the franchise on a cable or subscription channel, but I would happy with something tame enough for network. I wouldn’t want a return to television to be set in the JJverse. I also wouldn’t want RDM involved. And frankly, I wouldn’t watch it if he was.

  • kadajawi

    I’ve just read on their piece on Far Beyond The Stars. They interviewed several of the actors involved in that episode, and J.G. Hertzler had the idea of doing a series based on that episode. A period piece, like Mad Men, following these sci-fi writers in the 50s as the world changes. I absolutely love that idea.

  • James

    I have to agree with Ron. We need a new Star Trek TV series (JJ Abrams, stay the hell out of it). As far as a new series go, how about one about the USS Titan? If not, is there any other ships or space stations that could also be the focus?