With all of the recent changes in the online Trek community over the last year — such as the demise of TrekWeb and the diminished output of other once-thriving fan sites — we’ve found ourselves at the front of the pack when it comes to Trek news, reviews, interviews, and other exclusive features… and we hope you all love what we’ve been producing as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

TrekCore is the Internet’s LARGEST Star Trek site!
5000+ Pages
800,000+ Image Archive
271,000+ BBS Posts
1000+ Audio Archive
1300+ Videos
Ongoing, in-depth coverage of TNG on Blu-ray, Star Trek 3 updates,
exclusive interviews, fresh investigative journalism and so much more!

We hope you love TrekCore as much as we love creating it!  For such a large site with a high volume of visitors, we continue to be very frugal with our spending – in fact, hosting TrekCore over multiple shared accounts seamlessly has allowed us to keep our costs to just under $50 each month (plus the annual domain renewal fees).  We really know how to stretch the dollars to keep this site ad-free so you can focus on content.  It’s our hope TrekCore brings you something you value and want to help support going forward.

For this fundraiser, we are hoping to raise enough funds for:

  • two years of hosting
  • two years domain renewals
  • purchasing an upgrade for our message board, which is now unsupported and outdated

Over the past nine years, we have grown a lot and the community support has been exceptional. Our last fundraiser, held in November 2012, was a great success thanks to many of you — and we’re hoping to count on your support again! We prefer donations to come through the PayPal donation link below, but please feel free to contact our webmaster if you prefer to donate via other means, such as by check or money order.



Any and all donations are used solely for site hosting costs. TrekCore is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit site and is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc. or the Star Trek franchise.

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    Just made my donation – thank you very much for all you do.

    • Thanks Matt, we really appreciate your contribution!

      • Matt_Cardiff_UK

        You’re very welcome. I look forward to seeing your reports on remastered DS9 and VOY in the coming months and years! P.M.A. 🙂

  • Dan_UK

    Just made my donation. Keep up the good work!

  • mjdavid

    I absolutely love this site and all the information you guys bring us. How long is the donation window open?

    • While the progress bar at the top of the page is for our immediate needs (as detailed above), we have not set any end date for contributions at this time.

      • mjdavid

        Hopefully the donation page is still open on Friday. This is the best source for Trek info I have ever found and I love checking the site daily. Will definitely donate on payday.

        • Yes, it will be open until at least the end of the week, as several people have also mentioned waiting until their paychecks arrive!

  • Donated! Thanks for all you do.

    • trekcore

      Thanks for your support, Corylea!

  • Mat Rowe

    Done. I’ve probably spent a good few weeks worth of actual time reading your articles and enjoying your reviews since I found your site early in the TNG remastering project. You’re all awesome!

    • trekcore

      Thanks Mat! We really appreciate your support and your wonderful feedback – it makes the site totally worth the effort!

  • borgman

    Just sent $15. I use TrekCore probably every other day or so for the latest Trek news. I love it!

  • DangerousDac

    Done and done. Love the site. Not only the premiere resource for Trek Media, but the premiere site for news, reviews too. Happy to donate 🙂

  • patrick

    Do wish they’d skip using Paypal to collect donations. I wonder if Roddenberry’s politics would jive with Paypal’s. They don’t with mine, so I’m eager to make my contribution directly to TrekCore and have contacted them accordingly. So much GREAT geek-reading, year after year.

    • trekcore

      Thanks for your kind comments, Patrick. Sadly we’re reliant on Paypal for processing donations. Hopefully we can work something out so you can contribute! We’ve replied to your email.

  • Dr. Cheis

    I turned off adblock for Trekcore, so if you ever decide advertisements are the way to go, I’ll support it.

    • trekcore

      We appreciate the sentiment, Dr. Cheis! As the site grows, we may reconsider the advertisement situation, but at the moment we’re committed to providing TrekCore ad-free!

  • Neill Stringer

    Just donated $15.00. I love your website and I love your coverage of the blu rays of TNG and the expanded CDs, which have become my most sought after items at the moment. And it is a great Trek community here. I want it to continue as it is the best source of Trek

    • trekcore

      Neill, we really appreciate both your kind donation and your wonderful feedback. It’s great motivation to keep putting out the work we’re doing!

  • StalwartUK

    Just donated. Thanks for everything. Keep it up!

    • trekcore

      Thanks for your help, Stalwart! Appreciated! 🙂

  • Greg Molumby

    Just donated. You guys do incredible work and I don’t make many donations but felt you guys deserved one. Thanks for all you do.

    • trekcore

      Thanks very much for your support, Greg! It’s really appreciated!

  • Moe Ives

    Just sent a modest donation so that Trek Core can LLAP.

  • MJ


    Would you consider re-opening membership accounts on your site for those of us who make a donation? When I go to account sign-up, it says that you are no longer accepting memberships. I’d be willing to make a donation if I could get a membership on this site?

    • trekcore

      Hi MJ. Membership is open, we just have to do it manually because of a spam problem. This is one of the main reasons we need to upgrade the forum software (as mentioned in this article).

      If you send me an email at webmaster@trekcore.com with your email address and desired username, I’ll set up an account for you!

      • MJ

        Will do. And I just “paypaled” you guys a $15 donation. Thanks

  • landon

    Love the site just sent a donation to keep it alive, keep up the amazing work I love your videos!

    • trekcore

      Thanks for your support, landon! I’m glad you enjoy the videos – there are a lot more to come!

  • Ian Edwards

    $20 just donated. TrekCore simply must survive it’s too valuable not to. May I suggest a monetary target as well as a percentage?

    • trekcore

      Thanks ever so much, Ian! Most appreciated.

      Our target is $1515 to take us through to March 2016 and upgrade our systems. We didn’t want to clutter the banner too much, so opted for a percentage on there!

  • Dorian Hunter

    I luuuv your site to pieces! Just donated and really, really, hope to see your site around for a looong time! Thank you so much for all the pics and information!

    • trekcore

      Thanks ever so much for your help, Dorian! Your donation and kind comments are certainly appreciated – we hope you continue to enjoy TrekCore!

  • Mike C.

    Thanks for the great site. Donated the other day.

    • trekcore

      Thanks for your donation, Mike!

  • MSR

    Congrats! I was going to donate as well, but it appears you are all set 🙂

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