We’ve got a couple of updates for you on the recently announced Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Six and “Chain of Command” Blu-ray sets.

First, while we’re still waiting for European release dates, both TNG sets have been announced for a June 3 release in North America. Based on the previous Blu-ray releases, we expect the UK release of TNG Season 6 to be within days of the American date.

There’s also a bit of news about the “Chain of Command” audio commentary today, as VAM producer Robert Meyer Burnett posted this photo on Twitter last night, showing off participants Ronny Cox (“Jellico”), director of photography Jonathan West, along with usual moderators Michael and Denise Okuda.


Expect the same situation with “Chain of Command” as previous single-disc releases – it will be available in the United States and Canada, but fans in the UK (and some other European territories) will have to import from Amazon US. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for the German-language version this summer as with previous releases, as well as any information from other territories.

UPDATE: We’ve received information regarding the international “Chain of Command” releases, and while we don’t have any release dates available at this time, we can confirm that the single-disc set WILL be released in both Germany and Australia — and that it will NOT be released in Japan.

We also have a first look at the interior slipcover artwork for “Chain of Command,” featuring every major element of the two-part episode from Captain Jellico to Gul Madred.


Some early details on the TNG Season 6 bonus features have become available, and we can confirm that the set will feature five audio commentaries (including writer Morgan Gendel on “Starship Mine”), a new gag reel, a host of deleted scenes, and another set of interview documentaries: Beyond the Five Year Mission: The Evolution of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The set will also include the next entry in the “In Conversation” roundtable series, this time focusing on The Directors of TNG.

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that while In Conversation: The Directors was originally scheduled for this release, scheduling conflicts unfortunately dictate that it’s no longer going to be part of the S6 VAM package. Instead, the Beyond the Five Year Mission documentary will be extended from two to three parts.

For “Chain of Command,” the release will feature the above-mentioned feature-length audio commentary, several deleted scenes, and a documentary feature titled The Privilege of Rank: Making “Chain of Command” – all exclusive to this one-disc set.

We’ll have more information on these upcoming sets as we approach the June release, but in the meantime, preorder your copies below!


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  • archer9234

    Now those bonus features are good for chain of command. Redeption needed this type of stuff. Ill be buying it along with s6.

  • James G.

    IIRC, they weren’t able to get David Warner for the bonus features? If so, that’s a shame.

  • Matthias Currat

    Too bad it’s again not available in Swiss stores. Either I have to drive to Germany to avoid custom fees by shipping, or I buy them from private sellers since stores aren’t offering them on Amazon Germany. I don’t want an English only editiion, I would like to also have the German dubbed version, completionist me, I know.

    • danielcw

      If Chain Of Command is like any prevoious TNG on Blu Ray release, the discs are worldwide, down to the bit.
      It doesn’t matter if you order from Germany, the U.S. or whatever, you will always have the same German soundtrack and subtitle options.

  • mjdavid

    I like the interior artwork, the only thing I’d have done differently is replace the two Cardassian guards on either side of Picard with Worf and Crusher. Great news on the bonus features!!!!

    • SpaceCadet

      I disagree. That’s an actual scene of Picard blindfolded and flanked by Cardassian guards before he’s about to be tortured. It highlights the whole dramatic tension of the episode.

  • SpaceCadet

    Sounds like another fantastic set of VAM that I’m really looking forward to. The directors roundtable sounds like a really good idea. Sadly, Winrich Kolbe passed away in 2012 but you still have David Carson, Paul Lynch, and Rob Bowman. I wonder if they’ll get any of the actor/directors involved: the most prolific being Frakes, but Stewart, Burton, and McFadden also directed episodes.

    Aside from Starship Mine, I would wager the other commentaries would include Tapestry, Birthright, and Second Chances, and Rightful Heir. Chain of Command of course has a commentary on the stand-alone release.

    • mjdavid

      It would be great to hear the actor/director’s experiences, maybe Frakes is hosting/leading the discussion …

    • hypnotoad72

      May Kolbe RIP. His style elevated every episode he directed…

  • Chris915

    I’m still thinking about passing up the CoC standalone… since both parts are a part of S6… and I’m not much of a VAM person unless it’s related to the FX side of stuff… so, I’m just getting the season set.

    • Allen Williams

      I kind of agree, except that I want ALL 2 and 3 parters to be available as a single episode. If I was in charge of this, I would make sure that everything is on the sets and you don’t have to double dip, but if you want them without the rest of the season you would be able to do that as well. As for season finales, I would put the feature length version in the season that started it.

      • bytes

        3 parter?

        • Allen Williams

          Enterprise season 4 had several of these.

    • shanebroughton

      I’ve been buying all the single Blu-rays because the price is reasonable. In fact, you can snatch them as low as $11 if you wait several months after release.

      • Chris915

        Yea, but I like most of the episodes in the season sets, including the episodes chosen for standalone releases… so I just get the season sets.

    • mjdavid

      If you’re really not into the added VAM I can see your point. For me, the VAM is a big part of why I love these sets.

  • Neill Stringer

    when will the UK be announced?

  • StalwartUK

    No Chain of Command for Japan? I guess the sales figures there haven’t been adding up.

    Still find it a bit puzzling that the UK never got these releases. Considering the popularity of the series in the UK you’d think they would sell more than enough. At least they haven’t region locked them (yet).

    • archer9234

      You can still import it if you really wanted it. Even with a region code. since JPN and US share regions.

  • Mat Rowe

    Any news on possible missing footage?

    • There will be plenty of deleted scenes if that’s what you’re referring to, but there’s no word of truly ‘missing’ HD footage at this point.

      • Mat Rowe

        I mean film elements they could not locate and have had to upscale from SD.

  • Laserschwert

    Can you guys try to get any info about the format of the German audio tracks on S6? Because the DVD releases for S6 and S7 got TERRBILE 5.1 upmixes instead of the original stereo tracks. A petition was started regarding this and was sent to CBS (I think through Trekcore), so any update on this would be highly appreciated!

  • Daniel Ireland

    Cannot wait! I just hope there won’t be a giant gap between seasons 6 and 7 too.

    • hypnotoad72

      I’d rather see as much original footage recovered or CGI effects work done right. After seasons 4 and especially 2’s issues, I’d rather wait for something more solid, since this seems to be the one and only time that the master films are going to be unearthed and remastered. 🙁 I know that goes against the grain of human nature, though…

      • archer9234

        If 4k becomes a main stream serious want. CBS will rescan the show over again. To milk the cow once more :P. Hopefully then S2 will get done right. 4 is basically fine.

        • idiotsrus

          they already did it in 4K you schmuck

    • Chris915

      Well, since 6 and 7 are being done by CBS Digital, expect a similar waiting period… one has to look at this like the time between Season’s 1 and 3 and 3 and 5… since 2 and 4 were outsourced.

  • Michael

    Will the german sound be the 5.1 Upmix or the original stereo track?

  • THERE ARE….. FOUR….. LIGHTS!!!!!!

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    I know this is kinda off topic, but when browsing for other Trek related info I found an old article on Memory Alpha about Voyager in high resolution. Thought it would be of interest to someone…particularly as it could mean all those elements still exist…which means ‘Scorpion’….in 1080p….! (drools)

    Unseen Frontier, or Star Trek: The Unseen Frontier Declassified Images from the History of the Federation as the full title of the work read, was the brainchild of Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz and Robert Bonchune, which they came up with while working on the CGI version of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yardssequence for VOY: “Relativity” in 1999. “In fact, the whole time we were working on the episode, we thought it was a shame that the people at home would only see this stuff on blurry TV screens, and not in the high-resolution glory we had created them in”, Lebowitz said. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 9, p. 102)


  • smashing

    Is a stand alone disc of Times Arrow being released?

    • trekcore

      There are no plans at the moment on the release schedule, but rest assured CBS are aware of the demand for the remaining two-parters to be released in a special single-disc format!