The highly-anticipated Oculus Rift virtual reality system, which has already been shown to have such creative uses as controlling aerial drones, immersive therapy for the sick, and even experimental body-swapping, has now been extended to the world of Trek with a new digital demo for touring the bridge of the USS Voyager.

Oculus developer tmek released the demo on Saturday, which allows the user to walk through the Voyager bridge, examine the many display consoles and stations, and even activate a few familiar audio cues from the series.


The last major virtual Voyager venture was Star Trek Voyager – Elite Force, the first-person shooter game released by Activision nearly fifteen years ago.

Oculus, which began through a Kickstarter campaign which raised nearly $2.5 million, made headlines last month when the startup was bought by Facebook in a $2 billion acquisition.


Sources: Oculus Developer Forum; The Verge

  • Tuskin38

    Elite Force 1 and 2 would be amazing with Oculus Support.

    • Allen Williams

      yes, but I would love both to get an HD remake. Don’t change 1 too much, but take all the mini games out of 2.

      • Tuskin38

        I wonder with the Quake 3 engine source out it could be adapted to that.

        • Allen Williams

          It would be better to use Unreal 4 (like this demo did). Keep in mind quake 3 barely supports any dynamic lighting and its extremely primitive. The shadows in EF2 bleed through objects.

  • Allen Williams

    holy crap this is awesome. To this day it bothers me that Voyager Elite Force is the best representation of the voyager bridge we have (which is 1999 and very outdated) and elite force 2 is the best representation of the enterprise-e’s bridge we have. Not nearly as bad, but still outdated. We still don’t have enterprise-d, TOS, ENT, or Defiant.

    • Tuskin38

      Someone is making an Ent-D Interior

      There was a NX-01 mod for EF1 that looked damn good for the Quake 3 engine, but it died then moved to Source, and died again.

      • Allen Williams

        That looks great, but I don’t see a place to download it. I don’t have oculus rift, but I could actually download this and run it.

        • Guest

          you can use software DVDSoftvideo for that, via YT, very easy.

        • SFSeries&Movies

          You can use DVDVideoSoft free studio software for that, via YT, very easy

          • Allen Williams

            No, I mean actually download the Ent-D demo so that I can walk around and freely explore it. Just like I could for this Voyager demo.

          • Tuskin38

            It isn’t out yet. Actually, I’m not even sure if he is releasing it, or just making it for fun.

  • Chris915

    I think a lot of the older games should be revisited and remade with newer game engines, to take advantage of the newer technologies with the newer game engines, such as ambient occlusion, chromatic aberration, etc.

  • Ronny

    Hey all. Is there anything else I need to load besides the VC++ redistributable package?
    I’m basically seeing the same issue that someone reported on the site, but the solution he used doesn’t work for me:

    1. Downloaded this file
    2. Extracted into folder
    3. Found .exe and ran
    4. Error came up indicating MSVCR120.dll was missing
    5. Downloaded file, extracted into same location as EXE. Did the same for some other missing DLLs.
    Started .exe again, received new error “The application was unable to
    start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application”

    In the thread for the app, the author makes a recommendation to install the Microsoft VC++ redistributable.
    I did, and I still get the same issues.

    Win 7 X64.

    • The developer site is probably the best place to ask for technical help, Ronny!

  • Spin-El

    I just downloaded it on my surface. I don’t have the goggles, but its still cool walking around using the touchscreen. The ambient sounds are really good.

  • Juan Pablo

    In fact, I just saw this in 3d! INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING!
    I download the video from Youtube, and displayed on a Samsung 3D TV with the option of “side by side” turned on. With the player (BsPlayer) controlling the zoom to create the feeling of three-dimensionality … WOW!

  • This looks great, can’t wait to try it out!