jensenIn a new video released today by the Salt Lake Comic Con organization, the Next Generation cast — and William Shatner, filling in for Patrick Stewart — are shown sharing a touching moment with an American war veteran at April’s convention.

Army combat medic Isaac “Feet” Jensen, who lost both of his legs (and the use of one hand) in a 2008 bombing during his tour in Iraq, took his turn at the microphone during the cast Q&A session.

Jensen described his fight with serious post-traumatic stress issues, and how he was pulled from his “darkest and craziest places” by Star Trek: The Next Generation and the show’s cast.

The convention crowd burst into vigorous applause, as the entire panel joined Jensen at the ballroom floor — moving even the usually stoic William Shatner to become emotional when the actors regrouped on stage.

“I’ve been doing this for many years,” said Shatner, “and this is probably the most emotional moment I’ve ever had.”


Source: Salt Lake Comic Con 

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  • Kevin Attwood

    Back in the late 80s and early 90s STNG got me and my partner though a pretty rough time. Each time we viewed a new episode of this wonderful series we were always feeling so much better about the world. The actors may not fully understand it sometimes but Star Trek (inc.TOS and other series) has always given us the best of times!

  • SpaceCadet

    Okay, I cried. But it really is true what the veteran said. I’ve never been in that dark a place but I’ve always said Star Trek is like comfort food for me. I get home from work and pop in an episode to watch that I may have seen a million times before and it instantly relaxes me. This story also reminds me of the story Patrick Stewart has long told of a police officer in Las Vegas who wrote him a letter, pre-Internet, that he sees some pretty horrible things in the line of duty that just makes him lose faith in humanity, and coming home to watch Star Trek would help him to restore that hope.

    • hypnotoad72

      I don’t know whether to feel proud or disgusted, that we make a society for us all to live in that is so vile, shallow, and dispassionate… but go home to feel good by watching a fake society where no effort to value one another is required.

      • SpaceCadet

        I understand but I think programs like Star Trek encourage people to strive to be better. And I think slowly but surely our society is improving but we’ve got a long way to go. If I were an alien observing Earth no way in hell would I think humans are anywhere near ready for first contact!

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  • MJ

    O U T S T A N D I N G ! ! !

  • Sky

    Yes this is really touching!!! I almost never cry but here I did! Because I found my self in his words of “you touched my life”!!! I love TNG SOOOO (there are not so many “OO’s” here 😉 much!! I really hope they will do at least one other movie! Or AT LEAST bring out an directors cut/uncut version of “nemesis” to give them a good ending!!!

  • StuUK

    I mentioned to a therapist (who has never seen an episode Trek) a couple of weeks back that Star Trek is more than simply an entertainment choice; it’s an exploration of the Human condition, fronted by characters that represent the very best of what Human’s are capable of being.
    I truly believe that every child on the planet should be given the opportunity to lap the entire franchise, If only once. Parents need only check this YouTube video out for themselves to appreciate the immensely positive effect this show has on people? — Star Trek… Not just another TV show!