Karl Urban’s series “Almost Human” has been cancelled after one thirteen-episode season.

After a rocky beginning which included scheduling delays for the show’s pilot episode and a rather unpredictable airing schedule, the show managed to maintain a fairly decent week-to-week ratings among key viewer demographics. Whether the show’s ending is due to unmet ratings expectations for the series or an already-packed schedule for Fox’s 2014/15 season, the show’s March 3rd episode will be its last.



Patrick Stewart will be returning to live-action television in a new series coming to Starz.

“Blunt Talk,” a Seth MacFarlane-produced comedy, will star Stewart as Walter Blunt, a British news anchor who comes to the United States to take on American cable news. The new series has been picked up by Starz for two seasons, totaling twenty episodes.

“In the character of Walter Blunt, Seth, [writer Jonathan Ames], and Patrick have found the alchemy that makes a borderline alcoholic, mad-genius-Brit the man you want fighting in America’s corner,” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said. “Seth and Jonathan have struck the right balance between biting wit and outright absurdity in building this world, and we cannot wait for Patrick to breathe life into Walter.”


  • Mat Rowe

    Any time Seth MacFarlane and Patrick Stewart are mentioned in the same article I get a little excited.

  • James

    Shame about Almost Human as it was starting to get really good.

  • bgoo2

    So much that is amazing on TV gets cancelled. I thought Almost Human was simply fantastic. Other than Minka Kelly, it had perfect casting. Great stories. Extraordinarily entertaining. Great chemistry. The problem is there is sooooo much on TV now that people aren’t even aware of half the great stuff on TV nor do most normal people have the time to watch everything.

    • SFSeries&Movies

      Totally agree with you. It’s a real crime it got cancelled! 🙁

  • MJ

    Almost Human need more time to get it’s audience.