We’ve got more lost footage from TNG Season Six, and today it’s all about “Chain of Command“! Nine scenes have been restored in high definition from the original film negatives — and these scenes are available only on the standalone “Chain of Command” Blu-ray.

On the Blu-ray, each cut sequence is featured in context with the final episode, and we’ve got a full breakdown and analysis below.



Episode 6.10: “Chain of Command, Part I

Scene 16A: Jellico continues to use intimidation to dominate Picard’s crew, but he also uses a combination of folksy charm and sheer technical expertise to keep them off-balance.

While Jellico recounts the time he played rugby with one of La Forge’s former commanding officers, he also mixes in repair orders to retain the upper-hand in his conversation with Geordi, claiming to hear some sort of issue with the ship’s engines — Geordi hears nothing, but reluctantly complies with Jellico’s order to look into it.

It’s kind of an odd conversation. Jellico comes across as such a stern authority figure in all of his other scenes that this bit of dialogue really cuts into his “all-business” persona that has been established thus far in the episode by watching him try to make small talk with La Forge.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 6: Troi knows how urgent it is to rescue Picard, but Jellico’s single-minded focus on the mission reveals an even darker side of her new captain.

When Deanna tells Jellico that the Cardassians will likely torture Captain Picard for information on Starfleet operations, Jellico agrees — but then asks Troi to contact Starfleet and have them change out any sensitive codes or other material that Picard had access to, just in case. The counselor is not pleased.

This scene, while presenting a logical request to protect Starfleet’s secure operations, probably pushes Jellico too far into the ‘bad guy’ category. He’s not asking something improper, but it’s just a little too much.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 7: Gul Madred feigns concern for his captive, even as he hints at far more aggressive means of getting information from Picard.

This short deletion features Madred telling Picard he doesn’t care for using drugs as part of his interrogation process, and it’s certainly no big loss to the episode. Clearly, this twenty-second removal was just cut for time.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 7: Madred has his captive exactly where he wants him, yet Picard still manages to keep the torturer on the defensive.

When Madred describes how Cardassia struggles with famine in the civilian population, Picard throws the “well-fed military” back at him and tells Madred that the Federation would be more than happy to assist Cardassia with their food shortage issues — only to have Madred refuse the charitable offer.

It’s a nice little conversation showing that Picard is still able to stand by Federation ethics as a way to defuse a potential military engagement.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 20: Jellico’s proud of his choice for replacement first officer, while Geordi further fuels the mystery of the Cardassian’s plans.

Data thanks his new captain for the promotion to first officer, but tells Jellico that he does not feel more qualified than Commander Riker, who was recently relieved of his post. Meanwhile, La Forge arrives with an analysis of Beverly’s tricorder scans from her clandestine mission to Celtris III, showing nothing out of the ordinary — meaning Picard may have been directly targeted.

Now here is one that would have been nice to keep in the final cut. The broadcast version of this episode shows Data as a bit of a “yes man,” following Jellico’s requests without the same reluctance shown by his fellow officers — this moment of hesitation about taking over the first officer role from Riker allows the android a bit of humanity during the ongoing crisis.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 20: The grim reality of Picard’s capture and torture begins to sink in, even to the iron-willed Jellico.

Jellico reveals to Data that he only received updated defense plans regarding the Minos Korva system earlier that day — meaning that the Cardassians will be torturing Picard for information he can’t possibly know.

This reveal puts an even darker spin on Picard’s sessions with Gul Madred, knowing that he’ll never be able to supply the information he’s being tortured for. Leaving it out of the episode allows viewers to focus on Picard’s will to resist the Cardassian interrogation.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 32: Jellico relishes playing the ‘tough guy’ against the Cardassians, but Gul Lemec has the upper hand — and the Cardassian knows it.

A brief conversation with Lemec on the viewscreen has Jellico standing firm in his resolve to not leave the Minos Korva system, but Lemec doesn’t take his stance very seriously and he heads back to join the rest of the Cardassian fleet.

This cut adds nothing to the story, and was an easy choice for deletion.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 37B: The senior staff offers resistance to Jellico’s battle plans, but the captain’s mind is made up.

Beverly raises her concerns about Jellico’s plan to stage a preemptive strike against the Cardassian fleet hidden in the McAllister Nebula — something that would clearly be taken as an act of war, gambling hundreds of lives in the process. Surprisingly, Troi is the one to speak up in defense of the plan, describing the two million inhabitants of Minos Korva currently under threat of a Cardassian attack.

This one would have fit well into the episode, allowing the different officers to debate the issue ahead of them, even though Jellico’s plans had already been approved by Starfleet Command.

. . .


Episode 6.11: “Chain of Command, Part II

Scene 43A: Jellico meets with Worf in the shuttlebay to inspect the antimatter mines set to be secretly attached to the Cardassian ships hiding in the nebula.

Worf describes each container as being filled with ‘one hundred antimatter mines,’ and the two discuss some of the technical issues with getting them into place in the nebula. Ronny Cox gives some pretty stilted deliveries on some of these lines of dialogue, which kind of helps this scene’s removal seem appropriate.

Additionally, the shuttlecraft “Feynman” behind the pair is named after scientist Richard Feynman — but the set piece is misspelled as FEYMAN!

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  • Migzy

    exclusively on the Chain of Command disc? Oh well, guess I will never see them as I’m not going to buy the season and this.

    • James

      If they’re going to make them exclusive to the feature length Blus, they could at least make the feature lengths available everywhere

    • mjdavid

      I think it makes sense. Placing the deleted scenes for “Chains of Command” on the standalone disc a) makes that disc more appealing when you couple it with the standalone documentary and b) it frees up the full-season set for deleted scenes from other episodes. I don’t think they can just place ALL the VAM they produce on full-season sets. If my memory serves I read an interview on this site with Roger Lay who indicated that placing VAM on the standalone sets allows them to give us extra bonus features not budgeted into the full-season sets. I don’t buy the standalone discs for the episodes themselves; I purchase them for the VAM.

      • archer9234

        I agree. Those things need more things to be worthwhile.

      • Migzy

        It’s a money grab plain and simple, duping fans into buying the episodes twice all for a few extra minutes of deleted scenes. Want to put them on the separate disc for those that want to just buy it instead of the season fine, but it should also be on the season sets. If needbe charge an extra $5 or whatever for the season set. If I miss a few things oh well.

        • You have to think of the season sets and the standalone features as two separate product lines. Yes, they’re both released at the same time, but they fall under two different budgets and therefore can’t share features across the different releases.

          Our review will be up in the next few days, but like the other standalone releases, deleted scenes are far from the only feature on the disc — as with “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Redemption,” and “Unification,” the “Chain of Command” disc also includes a thirty-minute interview documentary and a feature-length audio commentary track.

          • Brian C. Bock

            Do you work for CBS? You must if you know how they were budgeted. And they might be separate line items in a budget, but it’s by the same organization. They could do whatever they want because they own the assets and they’re the ones setting the budgets.

            This practice is ridiculous from a consumer’s standpoint. Of COURSE they do this to maximize their profit. It IS a business. And they are totally within their right to do this. And we’re within our right to think this is a rip-off of consumers. While I hope the season sets sell well, I always hope the stand-alones flop because it’s really a finger in the eye of consumers. Instead of adding value to over-priced videos, the split the content off to another product. There’s no way that doesn’t look like dilution to a consumer.

            I didn’t feel this way when they did the preview set of shows. i thought it was a clever way to test the viability of their production process and to test the market. But who is going to own just Chain of Command? As a stand-alone, free of the rest of the series, it makes little sense. Why would someone just watching that care about these people?

            Let’s stop pretending this is a consumer-friendly practice and call it what it is.

          • Brian C. Bock

            I take it back. I don’t want anything Star Trek to fail (except JJ Abrams lens flares). But I do wish they’d stop diluting the content and their brand by putting out these “special” editions that aren’t very special. Now, I WOULD see this in a theater however. But they decided that wasn’t making enough money.

          • The budget reference comes from our interview with VAM producer Robert Meyer Burnett, excerpted here (http://trekcore.com/blog/2013/03/enterprise-s1-blu-ray-best-buy-retailer-exclusive-vam/):

            “CBS wisely decided to make that a stand-alone release available to hopefully attract new customers, suddenly there’s a new budget, and money allocated to create a product which didn’t previously exist. So Roger and I jump all over that and CBS gave us a budget which allowed us to create a new commentary and half-hour documentary which wouldn’t otherwise exist. Which adds to the overall value of the single-disc BEST OF BOTH WORLDS movie. Fans need to understand nothing was taken away from the individual season discs…because the BOBW doc wasn’t a part of that. Our Season Three VAM is absolutely the best we could have possibly done with our budget. CBS could have decided to release a vanilla BOBW disc, but we’re like… HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! Can we do some more VAM? To CBS’s credit, they agreed.”

          • SpaceCadet

            I agree about the money-grab. I’ve also felt like, fine, release the stand-alone’s with the VAM but include that same VAM, or at least the deleted scenes on the season set. For all that I pay on the season set, and not wanting to double dip on a couple of episodes I already have, I shouldn’t feel like I’m being shafted. That is why I don’t support and will never buy the stand-alone releases. Oh, and I bet CBS will release a stand-alone disc for “All Good Things” with exclusive content just for that release which will piss me off to no end!

  • archer9234

    I hate it when Worf or Chrusher scenes get cut. They’re the ones, along with Troi, who get heavily ignored in episodes. The other scenes are pretty straight forward in cutting. I just hate when the less used actors get screwed more.

    • mjdavid

      I always thought Crusher and Worf were shafted in the second half. They were on the mission to Celtris III, and given the history and the friendship/feelings between Crusher and Picard I think they lost a good opportunity to create some conflict between Crusher and Jellico. She would be just as forceful about rescuing Picard as Riker.

      • archer9234

        Agreed. I have a feeling the writers had Worf and Crusher argue more in earlier drafts of the script. But since it would slow things down. They were dropped. It’s a obvious thing to explore. But time usually fails the more detail in stories the most.

  • EricB

    So many deleted scenes! If there were an option to play “Chain of Command” with all of these scenes seamlessly resequenced into the episode I think I’d actually shell out $15 for the stand-alone blu-ray too.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Yes, it’s disappointing after “The Best of Both Worlds” I’ve had to import these TV Movie editions. They just aren’t available here in the UK.
    I also wanted the others done in HD, that they put out on VHS and DVD at one time or other… Time’s Arrow, Birthright, Descent and Gambit.

    Sign o’ the times, how Star Trek doesn’t have pull enough any more to release shelves of titles every year. Like they did in the 90’s.. 🙁

  • Guest

    I just wanna know if they’re going to movie ahead with DS9 after they finish season 7 of TNG. The anticipation is killing me. We need DS9 on Blu-Ray! And the transfer would have to be handled with even more love and care than TNG because the VFX is more much more complicated and the cinematography and color palette is a lot darker. Fingers crossed they bite the bullet and do 4K scans. Home entertainment is steadily moving in that direction anyway. I’m a little disappointed the didn’t do 4K scans of TNG for future reference.

    • At the moment, there are no plans for CBS to begin work on DS9.

      • Guest

        So far as we know, but who knows what’s going on behind the scenes they haven’t decided to publicly reveal. I’d be very surprised if there aren’t at least discussions taking place.

        • Unfortunately, we are able to confirm that this the case — work on DS9 is not currently set to begin when TNG concludes.

          • Fabiano G. Souza (Nerdmor.com)

            Very sad indeed.

    • CoolGeek

      Oh god, not this again.DS9 on blu ray isnt happening.Live with it.This review is about season 6 of TNG.

      Regarding the standalone movie discs of TNG two parters.I underdstand the reasoning behind them but as a consumer, i will not buy them.The season sets are expensive enough as it is and i will not shell out for material that should be included on the season sets.

  • Bart

    Season 6 available for €39,99 at bol.com:


    (All seasons available for this very low price!)