At long last, we bring you the final selection of deleted scenes from TNG Season Six, with a load of cut footage from “The Chase” and “Rightful Heir” totaling about thirteen minutes.

On the Blu-ray, each cut sequence is featured in context with the final episode, and we’ve got a full breakdown and analysis below.


Episode 6.20: “The Chase

Scene 36B: Mot, the ship’s barber, visits sickbay so Dr. Crusher can obtain a
Bolian DNA sample for Professor Galen’s ancient puzzle.

Mot heroically offers to assist in the Enterprise’s latest mission, and his bravery deflates when he learns that all Beverly needs is a sample of his skin cells. Crusher asks him to relax, saying the procedure will hurt less than “the pedicure you gave me last week” — to which Mot protests, “That was an accident!”

After the sample has been taken, Crusher enters the scan into her tricorder, wishing out loud that “this might be it!” Mot repeatedly — and understandably — asks the doctor just what in the world she’s talking about, to which she frustratedly gives him the cold shoulder and the Bolian dejectedly shuffles out of sickbay.

This scene really makes Beverly look like a jerk! She pulls the hapless barber into her lab, takes his DNA without explaining why, and then basically kicks him out of sickbay when his sample doesn’t match the program — and he just wants to know what she’s doing with his skin! It’s a funny scene, but really makes the doctor look bad.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 6-7: Riker brings his concerns about Worf’s “sloppy” performance to Picard.

Riker describes Worf’s decreasing job performance to the captain’s attention, which is what inspires Picard to visit Worf in his quarters in the opening scenes of the final episode.

It’s not a huge loss to the episode, and something that was an easy trim.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 25: Worf wants desperately to believe that this man is really Kahless,
and the newcomer says all the right things.

This is an extension of a discussion seen in the final episode, after Kahless tells of his prediction that Worf would do something that “no Klingon had ever done before.” In this restored sequence, Worf goes into detail about how he was the first Klingon to enlist in Starfleet, seemingly fulfilling Kahless’ prophecy. Worf then questions why Kahless appeared to him in the caves, rather than the other Klingons on Boreth — and Kahless draws on Worf’s “heart of a true warrior.”

More extraneous dialogue that was a smart deletion — the audience is smart enough to know that Worf is the first Klingon in Starfleet, and can put the pieces together themselves.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 27: Picard briefs Data, Troi, and Riker on Kahless’ existence, much to their surprise.

In this conversation, Data reveals that the ‘real’ Kahless has been dead for 1,547 years — since the Earth year 823 AD — and Picard describes Gowron’s request for a Starfleet presence at Boreth to mitigate some “political concerns” surrounding Kahless’ return.

Aside from Data’s historical note, most of the dialogue here is repeated in other segments of the final episode.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 37: Worf discusses living a Klingon life among humans.

Worf introduces Kahless to the famous Klingon d’k tahg knife while describing how he has been able to express his Klingon customs and believes aboard the Enterprise — and when Kahless questions how Alexander will fare living among the humans of Earth, Worf believes his son will need to “find his own path.”

This scene is pretty great, as Kahless says everything Worf has always wanted to hear — how even in exile among the Federation, he’s grown into a “true Klingon” in Kahless’ eyes.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 38: Gowron summons the Enterprise to a rendezvous way outside of Klingon space.

A simple procedural scene, where Data reports a message from the Klingon Chancellor requesting a meeting twenty-three light years outside of the Klingon border. This is certainly an easy cut to make in the interest of time.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 47-48: As Worf and Kahless share a drink, they discuss life, death, and Sto-Vo-Kor.

After shuffling his new political advisers out of his quarters, Kahless and Worf share a drink of replicated Klingon warnog as Worf asks him what his time in Sto-Vo-Kor (the Klingon version of heaven). Kahless replies that he is “only a traveler” and has no memory of the afterlife while he exists in the real world. Kahless goes on to say that Worf’s “purity of heart” is what resurrected him from the other side, and that he wants Worf to join him as Kahless forges a new Klingon empire.

More dialogue that would have been nice to keep, if only for the discussion about Sto-Vo-Kor.

. . .


Episode 6.23: “Rightful Heir

Scene 59: The conflict between Gowron and Koroth comes to a head
before Worf reveals his dramatic discovery.

As Gowron refuses to allow the Enterprise into Klingon territory with Kahless on board, Koroth insists that because the Klingon High Council requested Starfleet’s presence, only they can rescind the invitation. As they continue to bicker and threaten each other, Picard tries to keep the two Klingons from starting a fight in the Observation Lounge — when Worf enters and requests some privacy for his fellow Klingons.

This introductory sequence to the scene eventually featured in the final episode is another bit of polish smartly removed, doing nothing but restating the conflict already apparent.

. . .

Phew — that’s a lot of recovered footage for Season Six, and we can’t wait to see what lost scenes might be on the way for Season Seven!

Tell us what you think about these scenes in the comments below – then head over to Amazon to grab Season 6 and “Chain of Command” on Blu-ray!

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  • Matthias Currat

    Wow, seven deleted scenes in one episode, that’s a new record for sure. 🙂

    • SpaceCadet

      The Measure of a Man from season two also had 7 deleted scenes that were reintegrated into the extended version.

  • SpaceCadet

    And Birthright Part II had 8 deleted scenes. You noted that in your previous post!

  • Ric

    It’s funny, because i always wondered, why Deanna Troi was completely absent in episodes BIRTHRIGHT-PART II and RIGHTFUL HEIR.
    Now i can see that her one and only scene in both episodes has been cut…..interesting!

    Seeing the Barber Mr.Mot in THE CHASE was also a surprise…. Awesome! 🙂
    I love recurring characters.

  • archer9234

    I liked Mot’s scene. I like small character bits. The actor must be happy that days filming wasn’t entirely wasted now. Troi really needs to stop getting cut out of shows. It just adds to her wasted problem status.