Just like “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Redemption,” and “Unification,” German audiences can now pick up a copy of “Chain of Command” on Blu-ray — with German-language packaging — through select local supermarkets priced at €9.99. The single-disc set includes the same foldout slipcover included with the North American release.

German-COCImage from the CineFacts.de forum

We’re pleased that German fans have the opportunity to pick up a copy of “Geheime Mission auf Celtris Drei” (or, “The Secret Mission to Celtris III”) in their home territory, but for those German speakers who don’t have access to a local store, we recommend purchasing the disc from Amazon.com.


Have any of you been able to track down a copy of this release in a market near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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