The epic three-year Star Trek: The Next Generation remastering project has officially wrapped, and the seventh and final season set is warping to Blu-ray this December!

Coming to the US on December 2nd — and to the rest of the world shortly after — CBS Home Entertainment has just released the first look at TNG Season 7’s new six-disc Blu-ray set with this terrific preview trailer:

In a similar vein to the well-received Season 6 trailer, this new preview ties together many of the standout episodes of TNG’s final year into three themed sections: Life-Changing Secrets, Unexpected Truths and Twisted Realities.

We’re treated to previews of some of the season’s strongest episodes, including the reality-tripping multiverse adventure “Parallels,” Wesley’s angry rebellion against Starfleet life in “Journey’s End,” Picard and Beverly’s emotional journey in “Attached”, Riker and Picard’s explosive standoff in “The Pegasus,” and of course, our first look at “All Good Things…,” the series finale.

Keeping the momentum ticking over at warp speed, you’ll also spot clips from a number of other Season 7 adventures, including “Gambit,” “Dark Page,” “Descent, Part II,” “Emergence,” “Homeward,” “Thine Own Self,” “Masks,” “Eye of the Beholder,” “Genesis,” and the laughable “Sub Rosa” – along with a glimpse of just one several new deleted scenes coming on the six-disc release, a quick cut featuring Riker and Worf choking on their drinks in Ten Forward (from “Masks”).

To wrap up this initial look at Season 7, here’s a closer glimpse at the Season Seven cover art, featuring Picard, Data, and Riker, on a dazzling magenta background.


We’ve got a whole lot more analysis and commentary on the trailer coming soon, including 1080p screen captures, SD/HD comparisons and more information on the previously-teased bonus features (which will include the 1994 “Journey’s End” documentary special).

So, what do you think of Season Seven’s new look – was this trailer worth the wait? Lock in your preorders below, then sound off in the comments!


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  • James G.

    01:42 is a CGI shot. I noticed the registry is a bit off. It’s all over this December, kinda bittersweet.

    • Allen Williams

      It looked fine to me. The ship was at an angle.

    • Sykes

      The shot from Emergence? Definitely CG. And you’re right…the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE is not the way it’s supposed to be compared to the 1701-D. Looks like they may have messed with it due to the perspective of the shot? Weird but not a big deal.

    • Chris915
  • bgoo2

    ….bring on the DS9 blu-rays….

    • Guest

      Pray to the Prophets that CBS go ahead with DS9 next and don’t get cold feet.

      • Allen Williams

        The prophets forced the directors to shoot safe for 16×9 shots because they knew we would need it some day. They will also provide us with season 1 next year. To make everyone happy the blu-ray will have the option to super impose pillar box bars over the image or not. I choose not. (unfortunately this is the same reasoning I went by in 2012 and they didn’t do it)

        • Masterironfist

          Care to elaborate on where you are getting this information? All of the people involved in the TNG project just stated recently at the convention and in various other interviews that there is NO CURRENT plans for DS9 on bluray. While I hope they do make DS9 on Bluray I think you are jumping the gun.

          • Masterironfist

            Also Allen, you are mistaken with the TNG “super imposed” bars. Wide screen was not possible with TNG. The edges of the screen had props, mics, etc that cannot be erased out with thousands of hours of work and the special effects would ALL have to redone as they were ALL shot in 4:3.

          • Allen Williams

            We don’t actually know how much work would be required. I’ve actually seen collectible film strips from TNG compared to the DVD’s that proved that many scenes would have been trivial as there was no equipment in the frame. We don’t know how many shots would have required work for TNG. Maybe they were more careful with DS9 and there is no equipment in any shot.

          • Allen Williams

            I told you the prophets greenlit it. They told me in my last orb experience. They also told me that unlike TNG, DS9 will be available in both 16×9 and 4×3. The prophets were involved with the original shooting to make sure it would be available later on in 16×9.

            Sarcasm aside, people used to say that TNG would never happen and I kept saying it would. My optimism caused TNG to get remastered, so I’m using the same optimism to get DS9 now and Voyager after that. I remember back in 2011 people said it couldn’t be done and look we have it all now (almost anyway)

          • Masterironfist

            Sorry I didn’t catch your sarcasm 🙁 I am hopefully optimistic as well.

  • Aaron Zacharkiw

    I am overjoyed that the Journey’s End special is included! I can’t wait till Christmas!

  • mjdavid

    I am very excited about this!!! I’m a bit surprised about the choice of color for the cover – Season One is red and Season Six is purple so I was hoping they would close out with silver for the final season, but I do love what they chose.

    The final 3-part documentary looks great, and I’m excited they decided to give us ‘Journey’s End,’ the documentary from 1994 (I think that was the year it came out). I wonder if that doc will be presented in high-def as well …

    • Justin Olson

      Most likely not, since the doc is filled with interviews and behind the scenes moments shot on SD videotape. CBS will probably just use whatever 480i NTSC master they have in the archive.

  • tom_k35

    Curious about which version of All Good Things… will be on this set. Will the “feature length” version be on both this and the stand alone disc or will the put the 2-part edit be on the Season 7 set?

    • mjdavid

      I can’t imagine they would break up the episode on the season set, since they didn’t do that for the DVD.

      • Matt Littledyke

        i dont know how it was done in the states back then but here in the UK there was always the option to get either version of All Good Things on VHS when it first premired. Besides the 2 part version had bits of scenes missing between them meaning when you jumped to the next scene sometimes it didn’t make anysense to why some people had some of those looks on their faces i.e the scene where Jon Luc was in Beverley’s future ready room talking to Q wasn’t there all we saw was the converstion between Jon Luc and Beverley in the ready room then it switched back to the Enterprise bridge in what was the present time.

    • Both sets will be the full-length edit.

      • pittrek

        Oh. They’re NOT adding the TV cuts? I hoped they would 🙁

        • The TV cuts *remove* footage from the episode. There’s no reason for that to be included.

          • pittrek

            There is one very simple reason – I wanted to throw away my TV recordings 🙂

          • John

            Sorry, but my tv recording was 2 hours. Not two separate episodes with missing footage. The series finale originally aired as a full two hour episode back in 1994. So thats what should be included on both discs. That is the episode. What you are referring to would only be the syndication cut, not a TV cut.

          • Justin Olson

            Well, all of TNG was syndicated, even in first-run airings, so there are, in fact, two distinct cuts of both the pilot and finale. The two-part version of “All Good Things…” was first aired over the course of two consecutive weeks in late September,1994.

            I don’t think anyone seriously believes that the 92 minute cut isn’t the originally aired and preferred way to watch the episode. Of course, it would have been trivial for CBS to include the two-part version as an option on the set (via seamless branching), but since they didn’t do that for the pilot, there’s no reason to think they would do it for the finale.

            In the grand scheme of things it’s no big loss. iTunes will probably be the only way someone could get their hands on the two-part version, as is the case with “Encounter at Farpoint.”

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            Also, I have absolutely no idea why someone would ever want to watch the split-apart version anyway — the feature-length version renders the two-part version utterly superfluous. Like you said, it’s the only preferred and intended way to view them.

          • pittrek

            Well in my country both the pilot and the finale were always aired in 2 parts, I have seen the “full” versions for the very first time on the DVDs in the last decade. The same goes for ALL Trek series. I guess Paramount (or was it already CBS?) was selling the 2 part versions to Europe.

          • Allen Williams

            originally aired as one episode, was later broken into 2. Its always been available for purchase as 1.

    • Allen Williams

      Its already on the DVDs as one. It aired as one. I wouldn’t expect it to be separated. I do think that its a bit of a cash grab to do something that’s already feature length rather than give us more two parters combined.

  • ScottDS

    I’m wondering if the exclusive extras from the 20th Anniversary boxset will make it over. I believe they consisted of the following three featurettes:

    -Star Trek Visual Effects Magic: A Roundtable Discussion
    -The Next Generation’s Impact: 20 Years Later
    -The Next Generation’s Legacy

    • mjdavid

      That’s the green cube right?

      • ScottDS

        Yep, that’s the one.

    • We believe these will be included, but they have not yet been officially confirmed yet.

  • archer9234

    We’re finally here. It’s been a fun 2 years. We’ll finally have another Star Trek series completed.

  • sr80

    Biting my nails while waiting for the announcement that CBS will be remastering DS9 next…


    • Donny Pearson

      And “Voyager” and the soon-to-be newly-created “Director’s Edition” of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” as part of the “Ultimate Edition” Blu-ray Combo Pack and the DVD that would also include the original theatrical cut.

      • spooky

        I totally agree with Voyager and the movies… I want to see all the previous films given this same level of remastering attention. I’d be happy for double disc sets for those movies with all the old behind the scenes material and new retro=spective documentaries with the surviving actors before its too late. 🙂

  • Lee R

    Laughable Sub Rosa? One of my favourite episodes! A traditional ghost story with a bit of humour thrown in. By the way, will From Here to Infinity from the Jean-Luc Picard collection be included too?

    • pittrek

      I love Sub Rosa too 🙂 Feels like a cheap 50’s horror movie put into the Trek universe. I love it. Braga used to write great stories

    • I found that episode genuinely creepy when I saw it back in ’94. I was 7 years old, so all the goofy sexual stuff went right over my head, leaving me with the ghost story.

    • Allen Williams

      uggg I end up skipping that episode almost every year. I do watch it more frequently than VGR – Threshold. I only watch that one at best every 5 or 6 years.

    • Muzer

      It was plagiarised from an erotic novel and I’m not even joking.

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      During the TNG Writer’s Roundtable feature on one of the Blu-Rays, Ronald D. Moore mentions that he and Braga hope to do an audio commentary track for “Sub Rosa” for the Season 7 set — apart from DS9 getting announced, this is the *OTHER* major thing I’m hoping actually happens.

  • pittrek

    Great! I just hope that somebody from CBS reads this site and knows how MUCH all of us want DS9 next 🙂

    • CoolGeek

      Not all of us want DS9.

      Looking forward to completing my TNG collection though…once it drops to a reasonable price.

      • Justin Olson

        Not all of us care that you don’t want DS9.

        • spooky

          😀 LOL… indeed!

        • spooky

          I really don’t understand people like that… if you’ve got nothing good to say, then STFU. Many other people are hoping and praying that it gets released… you’re naysayer opinion meanwhile, just sits there like an unwanted fart lingering in the air. 😮

      • pittrek

        Well nobody really forces you to buy it if they release it 🙂

      • The TNG Blu-rays are already an amazing bargain compared to the initial pricing on the DVDs back in the day. And a heck of a lot better!

  • Ronny

    Happy that the season-by-season release is almost over.
    Past experience shows that they will now release a boxed set with all seasons, and probably more of the “never before seen footage.” Can’t blame them…it’s all about sales.
    Even if that’s not the case, within a year or two, SOME kind of special will pop up, lowering the price significantly, and I’m perfectly OK with waiting for that.

    • Our expectation is that the only “complete series” set will be the seven individual seasons packed in one shipment — like the TOS and ENT “complete series” releases — without any extra or exclusive content.

      • Ronny

        That’s cool. I’m OK with that.
        My point is: if a set is approximately $90, and all 7 seasons cost $630 individually, you *know* that they won’t sell them later on for $630. It’ll be a discounted price, and may include other incentives. The season-by-season release is a marketing “trick”, intended to generate revenue (and I don’t blame them for it…that’s what marketing should do.)

        I do realize that it’s between seeing TNG in HD *right now*, or seeing it later. I’m OK with that. I’ve seen all the episodes before, and I’ve even watched one or two in HD. It’s stunning, but it’s not enough for me to shell extra dollars out of my pocket as soon as every season is out, just to satisfy CBS’ need for extra money 🙂

        I’ve made a decision. It’s personal, and obviously may not work for everyone, but I’m perfectly OK with learning that TNG in HD is available in 2013/2014, and purchasing it in…say…2016 for a much lower price.

        • “The season-by-season release is a marketing “trick”, intended to generate revenue”

          It’s also taken them three years to complete the remastering. They’ve been putting out the sets as fast as they’ve been able to complete each season.

          • Ronny

            You’re absolutely right. I’m not doubting or belittling the work they did, they’re doing, and (hopefully) continue to do in any way. I plan to buy the sets. My only comment was about the price of the sets vs. the utility (satisfaction) I get from them. All I’m saying is that I’m OK with waiting, and that if you don’t care about seeing TNG in HD *right now* – then waiting is the best financial decision you can make.

            That being said, I don’t think it’s accurate to portray it as if they’re doing everything they can to release the sets fast, solely for our (fans) benefit. There’s definitely a “how can we maximize revenues” component to this entire venture. They are a business, and a business first and foremost goal is to increase revenue (which is why I think they have plans to entice those who didn’t purchase the sets, like me, to do so later.)

            We will have to wait and see 🙂

          • I think you are assuming a lot when it comes to the maximizing revenue angle. We don’t know how much of the profit goes into CBS/Paramount coffers as opposed to helping fund future remastering efforts. Face it, if everyone adopted the mentality of “I’ll wait for the complete series set to come out,” then the project would have been canceled long ago and probably wouldn’t have even made it to Season 3.

          • Ronny

            “I think you are assuming a lot when it comes to the maximizing revenue angle.”
            Well, no… Businesses *sole* purpose is to generate money. Sure, there are things like customer satisfaction, helping the environment, etc, but those are all secondary at best. Businesses are in business to make money, and CBS wouldn’t have gone through this entire effort if they didn’t think that it’s profitable. This is basic economics, and is not something that you could really refute. I’ll leave it at that.

            My reply to your last comment is that if everyone adopted the mentality of not buying individual seasons of a (completed) show, then maybe the studios would invest instead in a product that contains the entire show in one release. Why do you make the assumption that releasing the show season-by-season is the only available option for CBS?

            So, you see… there are definitely different ways to look at this.
            I was commenting based on my experience, and based on what I believe will happen.
            My belief is that after the show is fully released, the price will drop significantly, and I’ll be able to purchase it for much cheaper than it’s available now.
            For ME, that works. What you do is up to you. In any case, I don’t think that my decision will affect CBS that much.

        • Justin Olson

          Each season set retails for approximately $55-$60 upon initial release, not $90. Therefore, the total for all seven seasons bought individually would be roughly $400 before tax. In mid-March of this year, Seasons 1-5 were heavily discounted on Amazon and (including Season Six in late-June) you could have already purchased 6/7ths of the show for around $270, which is already less than half of what you envisioned the seasons would cost.

          • Ronny

            Correct, and I believe the same discount (or better) will repeat itself.
            I’m perfectly fine “betting” on this, and waiting for now.

        • Allen Williams

          I bought all on day one and never paid that much. They were $60-$70 or so.

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            Yup — if you look around, there are sellers on eBay and elsewhere who offer them in the $60 price-range pretty much *immediately* the day they’re released (and usually with free shipping included). I’ve never paid more than that for any single TNG BD season.

  • CoolGeek

    They fail to mention that this was the worst season.Despite that there are a few classics in here like ” Gambit ”, ” The pegasus ” and ” Parallels ”.

    Oh and no need to for DS9 on blu ray CBS.It was not a good show.

    • Bjoernar Dohm

      And, obviously, your dislike of DS9 supercedes all those who like and would buy it.

    • Allen Williams

      all 700+ episodes must be on blu-ray. Even voyager’s horrible threshold. On the other hand if star trek into darkness was on VHS I would say let it rot.

    • SFSeries&Movies

      That you did not like it does not mean it was not a good show.

    • Masterironfist

      DS9 was way better than TNG. Darker, more interesting stories, and more continuity. You should watch it again, its holds up really well.

      • Data

        Why darker is better? ..You can not say DS9 IS better than TNG. You only can say YOU find it better!

    • Chris915

      I personally love a good handful of episodes from season 7.

  • Paul

    And journeys end led to some silliness with chakoatay.

  • Chris Benoit

    I’d much rather have DS9 on Blu-Ray than Voyager, but that’s just me.

    They’d have plenty of time to redo the visual effects for the CGI of the later seasons, even if they weren’t released at the same speed as the TNG’s one, it’d be worth the wait to see DS9l in glorious HD.

    • Allen Williams

      I want both and I say do them in order. Voyager will get done in 8K in 2019 after they complete DS9 in 4K. The prophets made sure that both were shot safe for 16×9 unlike TNG which has equipment in many of the shots. (I also say that if they can edit out equipment that is in the 4:3 area, they could do it in the 16×9 area too)

      • Justin Olson

        Ha-ha, 8K!? I know you’re just kidding but, the fact is, just like TNG and DS9, there’s probably only about 2.5K worth of resolution on Voyager’s negatives (Eastman EXR 500T 5298). Even 4K would be overkill. Remember also, that these negatives were push processed, meaning the film was over-developed to increase its light sensitivity and compensate for possible underexposure. That’s why the shadows look a bit overly-grainy at times (though the colorist at CBS Digital has done a good job of mitigating it for the most part).

        Oh, and no 16:9 protection for DS9 or Voyager. They tested dual aspect ratio ground glasses but they were abandoned and shooting remained 4:3 only, until several episodes into Enterprise’s first season.

        • Allen Williams

          Well yes and no. No I don’t expect 8k, but yes I think it would be a good idea. Its been proven that 35mm film (star trek uses this) can easily do 4k. I’m not sure about 8k. With that said i’ve heard that tong shot with a bad ISO setting and as a result 4k would be only a minor improvement over the current 2k.
          As for 16×9, the only reason they couldn’t do it was equipment and damage to the negative on the sides. Who knows maybe ds9 got lucky and don’t have those issues. Blu-ray makes it possible to apply black bars as an option to the sides that way they could give us both assuming they can get a decent 16×9 shot to work with. Being 5 years newer and the fact that Babylon 5(I think, its been a long time) did it around the same time indicates there is a better chance of it happening.

          • Justin Olson

            Ah, but not all film stocks are created equal! The faster the film speed, the grainier the film appears and generally less resolving power the film has. Kodak’s data sheet for the 5298 film stock (which is a high speed film) states that the resolving power of the film is 50 line pairs (alternating white and black lines) per millimeter at a target object contrast of 1.6:1 which is typical for most subjects that are photographed. That works out to be 2492 x 1867 for the full camera aperture. Also it matters what kind of lenses are used. Prime lenses are sharper than zooms, and Star Trek used zooms for the live-action photography.

            Go to the top of page 4 of this PDF:

            Regarding 16:9 and the Blu-rays, you can’t just superimpose black bars over a wider image. Like TNG, DS9 and Voyager were shot in Academy Offset, TV Transmitted Area 1.33:1 which means there is less information to reveal on the right and a bit more on the left, but opening up the image too far results in an unbalanced frame and what’s more, the cameras were rigged for standard 35mm, not Super-35, which means the lens is not centered over the film, which in turn causes noticeable lens vignetting on the left of many shots in the full camera aperture area.

            You can see this in the many gag reels that are available on the season sets. Here are the 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 framings superimposed over the footage:



          • Allen Williams

            They showed us an example of 16×9 in season 1 to show us why they couldn’t do it. Adding black bars to the sides fixed almost all the issues they had with the shot. That shot was a bit extreme and I suspect the rest of the show wouldn’t be as bad. Ive actually seen examples of shots that are perfect in 16×9 and loose nothing over the DVD versions, but only gain. They had no equipment in the extended area. The point is that there were enough issues in tng to prevent it, but if there wasn’t the black bars would be the only difference between versions. Being 5 years later ds9 might not have those issues.

          • Justin Olson

            It just ain’t going to happen, because DS9 and Voyager weren’t shot in Super-35 with dual aspect ratio ground glasses. And if you go back and look at the “Lonely Among Us” example on the Season One set, you’ll notice that the wider area is presented off center with a large empty black area on the right so that when the black bars come in, the 4:3 looks centered. This is due to it being filmed with Academy Offset 35mm cameras, as I mentioned above.

          • Data

            I think if you scan the show in 4k, you are on the safe side to preserve really everything from the show. Further more you will have a wider/deeper color/contrast spectrum. Then they can do a 3d converting on the 4k scans! Do you think the new generated special effects can be used for 4k, can they just being up converted? I think so.

          • Justin Olson

            Well, you can never go wrong with oversampling at a higher resolution, but it’s a much more expensive and time consuming process. And there’s really no better color depth to be gained by choosing 4K over 2K — what matters is the bit depth the scan is output in. At 4K, the individual colored dye clouds (the “grain”) will be more finely resolved, but that’s it.

            Honestly, I think these new D-5 1080p HD masters can just be ENTIRELY upconverted to 4K if necessary. It will only look slightly softer than a top-to-bottom 4K remastering because, like I mentioned, there’s only about 2.5K of resolution on most of the negatives anyway (and only about 2K in the intended 1.33:1 TV Transmitted area).

            Eventually you just reach a point of diminishing returns.

          • Data

            Oh no, no upscaling please – do it real!!

          • archer9234

            Yeah. Certain shots will work fine in cropped WS. But not all. Closeups
            would be affected the most. They would have the claustrophobia problem.
            They can’t use all of the extra area. The lens edge starts coming into
            frame. And the lighting also falls off in a lot of those places. You can use your TV to crop the show. It’s pretty much what would happen anyway if CBS released WS versions. Just text would be chopped.

          • danielcw

            “Closeups would be affected the most”

            Closeups would also have a good chance of having no unintended objects on the negative. In a best case they could be opened almost completely.

          • danielcw

            Thanks for all those infos about film stocks, cameras and lenses.
            How do know what TNG used and how they set it up?

        • Allen Williams

          If I remember correctly 8k is 32MP which sounds reasonable for 35mm.

        • Data

          What exactly did the colorist with the shadows?

          • Justin Olson

            Before and after:

      • archer9234

        Painting out the lighting rig in that S1 shot used in the bonus material explanation would take several hours to do one frame. Compound that with the light flashing, a ton of more work. It’s too much for the time allowed.

    • spooky

      I want both to come out on blu but in the order the serieses came into being… so that would mean DS9 would be next on the Blu-ray train, please CBS. “fingers crossed”
      As for the number of people having to point out that they don’t want Voyager on blu… who cares what you think. There are fans who enjoy that series so let us enjoy it possible release in the future. Seriously, after all these years people still hold a grudge on the series, let it go. You’d think people would actually learn something from the philosophies of Star Trek, like the IDIC. Completely lost on those people who are the choose a side complex… bah! :0

  • ewfewfgwe

    The actor that plays the captain has aged quite a log.

    • Frost

      dare I ask what that means 😛

  • CoolGeek

    I am actually looking forward to watching ” Genesis ” again for the first time in many years.It is just SO bad that it gives ” Spocks Brain ” and ” Threshold ” a run for their money in being one of the worst Trek episodes ever.In other words so bad its highly entertaining!

    • As an adult I’ll concede it’s a pretty dumb episode, but heck if it wasn’t creepy and memorable when I was a kid!

    • Muzer

      I think Threshold is worse. Spock’s Brain manages So Bad It’s Good for me, but I know others aren’t of that opinion.

      It’s weird the similarities in plot and everything Genesis has with Threshold. It’s almost as if they were running out of ideas…

    • pittrek

      What? Genesis is one of my favourite TNG episodes 🙂 I am quite shocked that my favourite episodes are so hated my other fans 🙂

    • Stephen

      The only bad thing about it was the sudden – one-hypospray-and-it’s-all-better ending. Other than that it was a GREAT episode!

      Now “Masks”………… where do I begin………

      • archer9234

        How dare you not like MASAKA’S Temple! 😛

    • Chris915

      Genesis is one of my more favorite episodes, as far-fetched as it is, in terms of dormant genes, to where characteristics of completely different animals can manifest themselves, but still, an interesting episode.

      In the confines of the episode itself, I think Riker’s and Ogawa’s devolving was the most believable, since humans are primates, so by them devolving into one of our evolutionary ancestors was more believable than Barkley become a spider, likewise, same with Picard’s devolving into an earlier species of primate.

      Some of the developed vestigial traits, like Worf’s venom glands, etc. also are believable, that is, Klingon’s have these features in some reduced fashion, like humans still have vestigial traits, wisdom teeth, inner eyelids and such, so the effects of Crusher’s treatment caused these features to completely develop from the vestigial features.

      I saw a TV show in which geneticists were able to keep the tail of a chicken embryo growing, by keeping a certain gene turned on, since chickens are considered the closest living relative to Tyrannosaurus Rex and birds in general are descendants of dinosaurs. Especially the paleognaths, like Emus, Ostriches, etc.

      In fact, if you take a naked Emu, it basically looks like a tailless dinosaur. Emu’s belong to the family Dromaiidae and Genus Dromaius.

      Take an Emu and compare it to an Ornithomimus.

      You’ll be surprised at the striking similarities.



      For some reason, that image of the Ornithomimus always looks sideways when shared.

  • spooky

    So exciting… I’ve just exhausted the previous season, episodes, documentaries, etc. Bring it on… and please CBS, bring DS9 to Blu-ray… would love to entice my brother to take up DS9, he hates it but seeing it remastered might push him to check it out. He loves TNG now, 😀

  • MJ

    Season 7 is listed on Amazon for $90.

    That’s right. NINETY DOLLARS for one season.

    • Dat

      And as with all previous seasons it was also like that, but as the release date got closer, the price also went down. It was like that for the Enterprise blu-rays and if DS9 and Voyager also get remastered, it’ll be like that for them as well. Quit being a downer.

      • archer9234

        Not all. Seasons 2 and 4 took forever to reach 60$. They got stuck at 74$. TNG has been consistent with being at 60$ at launch though. I suggest wait till day before preordering.

        • MJ

          Yes, it would be telling if they took advantage of all the fans that have already invested in high initial prices for these, by making the last season the highest priced initially of all the seasons. I am going to assume that that will not do this, and will not screw the fans.

        • Etunimi

          Interestingly, here in Finland the pricing has been very low, contrary to the usual expectation of everything being much more expensive here…

          147,60 EUR (~190 USD) for all seasons, including shipping.

          • archer9234

            Yeah. It seems to be other countries get it lower more often then the US. My friend in Australia got Enterprise Season 4 BD on release day for 43$. The set barley ever reaches $60 in the US.

          • Chris915

            They don’t pay that much more… 1 USD is equal to 1.12 AUD.

      • MJ

        I am just reporting the price. Not sure why that makes me a downer?

    • pittrek

      The price is a bad joke. But I’m pretty sure the final price will be 50-60% of it

  • Stephen

    The box artwork is as dull and atrocious as ever – at least they are consistent.

  • Ricky

    So now that all boxes and cannisters have been opened did they actually find any missing footage from previous seasons that was hidden in a wrong cannister? And if so what happened to the missing footage of the already released seasons? Any plans to release it?

    • archer9234

      Seasons 1-3 canisters were long returned to storage. They probably won’t do anything to episodes. If they did find anything mixed up.

  • James

    RE: the whole widescreen debate. This is pretty interesting:

    The guy has stitched pan and scan shots to create widescreen shots, it’s quite pretty.

  • Patrick

    Pre-ordered! Is it December 2nd yet?

  • Black Knigth

    I’m expecting Voyager a lot more that DS9, but it seems am alone…

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