Hot on the heels of the newly-released Blu-ray trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 7, CBS Home Entertainment has also given us a first look at the upcoming single-disc Blu-ray release of “All Good Things…”, the TNG series finale.


“All Good Things…” is cinematic in scope, and the trailer does a wonderful job at whetting our appetite for the remastered version. The three-nacelled, alternate-future Enterprise looks breathtaking here — just check out that decloaking scene!

We’ll have a full analysis of the trailer shot-by-shot further down the road — including full, uncompressed 1080p stills and video — but here’s a look at one particularly noticeable image: the contrast between CBS Digital’s presentation of McKinley Station (seen in this trailer through a shuttlecraft window) and the station’s Season 4 appearance in “Family” (remastered by the external team at Modern Video) — a definite improvement!

“Family” (Modern Video) “All Good Things…” (CBS Digital)

While the finale is already presented in its original, ninety-two-minute uncut form on the Season 7 set, this single disc release will sport a crop of exclusive bonus content, including an audio commentary with writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, a new behind-the-scenes documentary and almost seven minutes of deleted scenes.

AndronaSpeaking of deleted scenes, this trailer provides an early glimpse at the first Star Trek appearance of actress Martha Hackett — better known as Voyager villain Seska — who guested in “All Good Things…” as Androna, a Terrellian pilot who leads a fleet of ships to the Devron system to experience the anti-time anomaly’s healing effects.

The only other image of Androna ever released was in a 1997 issue of the UK’s Star Trek Magazine as part of an article covering cut footage and other deleted scenes (though her costume was auctioned off in a 2007 That’s A Wrap auction).

We’re expecting “All Good Things…” to hit shelves on December 2 in the US along with the full Season 7 release, and we’ll be sure to update you about international releases as further information becomes available.

Be on the lookout for host of articles featuring commentary, analysis, HD screencaps, and video downloads from “All Good Things…” in the coming weeks, along with our ongoing TNG Season 7 preview coverage.


Finally, here’s a look at the “All Good Things…” Blu-ray packaging artwork, featuring John de Lancie’s Q, ready to pass judgement on humanity:


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  • bgoo2

    Had always hoped they would’ve at least done this one in 16×9. Despite all the technical B.S…. one episode could’ve been produced in widescreen for the cinema of it.

    Start bashing my comment in 3….2…..

    • danielcw

      I was hoping for the same,
      but there is no “technical B.S”
      Without seeing the negatives, and having the input of some of the creatives, there is no way for us to know, whther a good widescreen representation is possible

      • Guest

        If it was not shot in widescreen, then a good widescreen representation is not possible. They’d have to lop off the top and bottom portions of the image to get a rectangular 16:9 aspect ratio from an image originally shot at a square 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning you’d be losing part of the original image which may be important. They would then have to stretch the image to fit the screen. Bad idea all around.

        • The Bandsaw Vigilante

          Agreed — just look at the recent “Simpsons” marathon on FXX if you want a horrifying example of artificial 4:3 cropping/stretching in action.

          • danielcw

            This isn’t about just cropping an image, or even stretching.

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            I was responding more to your first post, there (where you described the 4:3-to-16:9 cropping process in pretty good detail).

          • danielcw

            I never really talked about cropping, and defintely not in detail. you must have mistaken me for sombeody else

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            Woops, you’re right — was just looking above, and it was a guest-poster responding to you, but the “Guest” username is so miscolored on this site against the background as to be almost invisible when scrolling past (your name shows up in perfect white). Sorry about that.

        • danielcw

          “They’d have to lop off the top and bottom portions of the image to get a rectangular 16:9 aspect ratio from an image originally shot at a square 4:3 aspect ratio”

          The negatives they used have a wider aspect ratio than 4:3. Wether a good 16:9 image composition is possible is unknown to us, without watching the negatives.

    • archer9234

      I really never understand this. Just crop it yourself.

      • Guest

        So he can lose the top and bottom portions of the image? Seriously, who wants to look at a pan and scanned cropped image?

        • archer9234

          You’d lose them anyway. Go rewatch the s1 bonus. Naked Now’s shot is still cropped. With a only 5-10% increase in viewing area. The only difference if you cropped at home is you’d lose the text in some areas.

    • sr80

      Somewhere among the specials of the earlier seasons CBS demonstrated why they basically had to stay with 4:3. The material was filmed with that ratio in mind and thus there were often things like spotlights, other cameras or the film crew visible just slightly outside the picture. Going 16:9 would in many, many cases have meant to have to crop the picture because of that.
      I’m glad that stuck with the 4:3 original ratio.

      If they were to change something, I really wish they had decided to drop all the material of the smaller 3 foot model and replaced those shots either with shots of the larger (and way more elegantly looking) model or replaced them with appropriate CGI shots…

      • Justin Olson

        You mean the 4-foot model? Thing is, CBS Digital really didn’t have the budget to replace ALL of those shots with new CGI. The 4-foot model appears in 120 episodes!

        This is why it was smart for CBS to stick with as much original material as possible (as well as to keep the original 4:3 framing). Every fan has their own individual pet ideas and idiosyncratic ways they would remaster the series if they were in control. Since you can’t possibly please everyone, it’s best to just stick with what worked originally.

        As they say, if it ain’t broke… ; )

        • Bjoernar Dohm

          I think he referred to the awful 2-foot model that in later seasons was only seen during warp jumps.

        • Stephen

          Sometimes I’m naughty and re-frame it on the TV to 14:9 – it looks nice. But I too would have liked just a little bit of the budget to have gone on doing one proper 16:9 HD episode, even if it meant getting creative to fill in the sides where lamp feet and Paramount crew might be visible.

          Still, I’m just delighted to have the whole series make it to HD.

    • Daniel Shock

      I agree. It would have been nice for the stand-alone releases to get a little something special… re-framed, new special effects…

      • Yotsuyasan

        I wouldn’t want it reframed, myself… But if they were insistent on doing a stand alone release, maybe make it an extended cut incorporating some or all of the deleted scenes or something? Anything but the same exact episode that is appearing in the season boxed set…

    • Bryce

      I always wanted, at the very least, an episode released with 16:9 to show what that would have looked like. Even if it’s not designed that way, it would have been nice. Or, not even an entire episode, but just a teaser or something. I wanted more technical bonus material, but I did understand that it probably wouldn’t happen.

      • trekcore

        While we don’t have a 16:9 example to show you, we have a load of exclusive technical bonus content from the guys at CBS Digital waiting in our archives to publish. Watch this space!

  • mjdavid

    @bgoo2:disqus – Not bashing at all, I agree with you I wish it were possible. I recently re-watched some of the Season One docs where they talk about 16×9 … I would be too afraid it would turn out bad. That being said, I agree with your desire to at least have the finale in widescreen.

  • mjdavid

    I was thinking I’d be a bit ambivalent about “… All Good Things” as the finale standalone disc, although I was certain it’s the one that would be chosen. I’m anxiously awaiting more information about this as it becomes available. Nearly seven minutes of deleted scenes will be a treat, although I am hoping since it’s the series finale they upped the budget about for the documentary and gave us a little more than just the 30 minutes the previous standalones received. There’s so much that can be discussed about the finale by cast and crew, the documentary deserves a good hour.

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      Agreed, re: what could be said in new interviews about the finale. Everyone was under incredible stress at the time, finishing up the TV series and going straight into the feature film, that any documentary produced on that time period would just have tons of candid honesty and juice. Stewart, for example, was right at wit’s end.

  • SpaceCadet

    Still think those deleted scenes should have also been included on the season 7 set.


  • pittrek

    Hooraaaaayyyyy 🙂

  • Yotsuyasan

    When they were doing this for two parters that were season finales / season openers, I thought, “I suppose that’s cool.” When they abandoned that and started just doing it for whichever two-parter within a season they thought would be most popular, I thought, “Kind of a waist, since both episodes are within the same season set anyway, but I suppose it could offer a marginally different viewing experience.”

    But this… This episode is already a feature length episode in the season box set (as that is how it was originally broadcast.) So there is literally no reason to get this other then the bonus features. (And hooray, I get to use “literally” properly there!) They should have stuck any “All Good Things…” features on the season box set, and chosen an actual two parter for this final “stand alone” disc.

    As it is, since I am a sucker for bonus features, I’ll likely pick this up eventually anyways. But I cannot help but think that this is rather a rip off! My only consolation would be if CBS makes enough money off of this bull to make them start thinking about DS9…

    • Daniel Shock

      The video bit rate might be higher on the individual disc… grasping at straws for you. 🙂

      • Yotsuyasan

        Tis quite the straw indeed, good sir.

        I’ll admit that is a possibility, but I doubt the difference (if there is one) would be significant to the average person’s eye.

    • William Avitt

      Yeah, I was hoping for Gambit as the stand-alone for this season. I have only bought the stand-alones on Blu-ray, I still have the seasons on their original DVD releases, and it bugs me that Gambit is split between 2 discs. I really wanted Gambit to be the stand-alone for season 7. Plus, like you said, All Good Things… is already a feature-length episode. This was really a missed opportunity.

  • archer9234

    I wouldn’t mind buying these versions. If they reissue them in one set. So all 5 discs are on a single box. For like 30$ or something.

    • mjdavid

      Wasn’t it explained that each season has a set budget for extras? That means the without the bonus disc we wouldn’t have the the extra bonus features.

      • The Bandsaw Vigilante

        Yup — and each of the standalone “movie” discs have their own separate, unique budget from those of the season BD sets, enabling additional content to be produced for those releases.

  • CoolGeek

    ” Prepare to be ripped off as the epic two hour series finales extras are kept as a seperate release instead of being part of the season 7 blu ray set as they should be! ”

    • SpaceCadet

      I’m fundamentally opposed to these stand-alone releases and will never support them with my money! It’s one thing to have the full sets and the stand-alones have the same bonus material so people have a choice but to make all of that exclusive material solely on the stand-alone so that you feel forced to buy it is just wrong. Sheer corporate greed!

      • Yotsuyasan

        I didn’t mind the Best of Both Worlds or Reunion ones. At least those were a neat gimmick of combining two-parters that were spread across a between-season break. Unification and Chains of Command I thought were dumber, I’d have rather they stuck with combining the finales and openers.

        I have Best of Both Worlds and Reunion. I don’t have any of the others yet, but I suspect that (even if grumpy about it) I shall get them, eventually. (Of course, I still need to get seasons five and six eventually, too.)

        I suppose even if they had stuck to my preferences, that would have left nothing to release for Season Seven. And you know what? I’d have been fine with that. The first few seasons did fine without accompanying stand alone releases!

        I know there is the excuse that these stand alones help fund the special features, and that there wouldn’t be a budget for them otherwise. But I suspect if these stand-alones didn’t exist, some of the same documentary material would instead be covered instead in that season’s documentary, anyway. Deleted scenes already exist, and can’t be costing them that much to include. So that pretty much leaves commentary tracks. Are they really that expensive to produce that they wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise?

      • The Bandsaw Vigilante

        You also evidently have no idea how the industry works, with comments like that — the budget to produce the standalone “All Good Things…” Blu-Ray (and, indeed, all of the TNG standalone releases) is a totally separate amount from the money the studio allotted to produce the season-sets.

        Anything produced on the movie-disc version is essentially a completely-separate “project” from the VAM (value-added material) produced on the Season 7 set — put another way, there wasn’t any money in the budget to produce the Moore/Braga audio commentary track for the season-set at the time. However, when work began on the separate release, CBS gave them the funds to do so.

        The producers worked with what money they had, and sometimes two releases have completely bifurcated budgets attached to them. This is not “corporate greed,” as you seem to be implying.

  • I would love for CBS Home Video to continue to release the rest of the TNG two-part movies. One of the coolest things the UK and Europe got (that North America didn’t) was all ten TNG two-parters edited together as films in a “TNG DVD Movie Box”. The set included: Encounter at Farpoint, Best of Both Worlds, Redemption, Unification, Time’s Arrow, Chain of Command, Birthright, Descent, Gambit, and All Good Things. The DS9 pilot and “Journey’s End: The Saga of TNG” were also thrown in for good measure.

    I, for one, would really like to see blu-ray releases for Time’s Arrow, Birthright (so much extra footage there, you could do a branching episode, ala Measure of a Man), Descent, and Gambit. I’d even double-dip for Encounter at Farpoint (or triple-dip, if you count the TNG sampler) if Season 1 deleted scenes were included to sweeten the package (CBS Home Video wasn’t including deleted scenes back when TNG Season 1 came out on Blu).

    Who’s with me? Come on CBS Home Video, take my money! (and before anyone gets all upset, I’m a huge DS9 fan here and I *also* hope that gets released on blu too. Doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition!)

    • Data

      Yeah, I’m waiting for it too!!!!

  • Guest

    Not the exact same frame but the difference is pretty clear.

    • James G.

      Modern Video did a fine job. CBS-D was a tough act to follow, but everything MV did was leaps and bounds better than HTV.

    • Justin Olson

      PICARD: “Very amusing, Q… you’ve had your laugh. Now kindly make the rest of my shuttlecraft reappear. And bring Tasha’s frozen floating corpse back to life at once. She’s died quite enough, thank you.”

      Q’S VOICE: “My apologies, mon capitaine… it’s just an old habit. Doesn’t she look better this way?”

      PICARD: “Q…”

      Q’S VOICE: “Oh, all right…”

    • archer9234

      Yeah. CBS-D knows how to add to the elements. While MV did do a good job with what they had. They also got better as they went along.

  • archer9234

    A few people want to see how the show would look in WS. So here are worst case scenario images. Cause And Effect would be very hard to deal with. Main issues is they use a lot of close ups on the actors. And these effects are more restricted on framing. Remember, even with the extra area. It all can’t be used.

    The lens and lighting edges can’t be visible. So a 5% increase can only be added to these shots, if CBS did these. Second, the effect shots are completely stuck in 4:3. Unlike other shots where the starfields can be expanded to WS. These shaking starfields were physically shot with the 4:3 camera. Nearly every shot would have to be panned and scanned.

    Every shot I had to adjust to get the framing on the person/object. Data’s Poker shot fails no matter what. You cut his head off to see the cards. Or you cut the cards.

  • James

    If CBS is going to do all these special features only on standalone disks, can they please at least release them in the UK?

    Or at the very least to a mail order thing so they ship exact demand. It’s just ridiculous how there is no legitimate way for us to access this material (and have the box art fit with the rest of the sets)

    • You can order through our links; the costs of the individual discs should fall below UK import fee thresholds.