Following last year’s fantastic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine collection, La-La Land has announced a new Star Trek: Enterprise soundtrack collection going on sale December 2!


La-La Land’s release, announced on their Facebook page  reads as follows:

La-La Land Records and CBS proudly present the original television soundtrack to STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, starring Scott Bakula, John Billingsley and Jolene Blalock. This stunning 4-CD collection showcases the powerful work of the notably talented composers who kept this prequel STAR TREK series at warp speed for four exciting seasons.

The music expertly runs the gambit from the bold and thrilling to the thoughtful and emotional – it’s essential science fiction music that touches the heart while it opens the mind. Disc One features the music of Dennis McCarthy, Disc Two showcases Jay Chattaway’s work, while Disc Three’s “Veterans and New Recruits” highlights a variety of composers as does Disc Four’s “Fan Favorites,” which includes music from such episodes as In A Mirror, Darkly, Parts I and II and “Regeneration” among others.

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall and mastered by James Nelson, this special release of 3000 Units includes a 36-Page Booklet featuring in-depth notes by writer Jeff Bond, with new comments from McCarthy, Chattaway and others.

The first 200 customers who purchase the cd directly through the La-La Land Records website will receive an autographed tray card signed by composers Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and John Frizzell at no extra charge. Quantities are limited and you are NOT guaranteed a signed copy.

Check out the track listing La-La Land has provided and see if your favorite episodes are represented!

DISC ONE: Music by Dennis McCarthy
* Music by Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner

1. Where My Heart Will Take Me (Main Title, Season One) (1:25)
Written by Diane Warren, performed by Russell Watson

Shockwave, Part I #026
2. Disaster (0:56)
3. Eulogy (1:43)
4. Daniels Arrives (3:02)
5. Hide and Seek (3:34)
6. No Return (3:41)
Recorded May 15, 2002 / Original Airdate: May 22, 2002

Shockwave, Part II #028
7. A Refresher (1:43)
8. Playing Possum (2:16)
9. The Captain (2:25)
10. Onward (0:23)
Recorded September 10, 2002 / Original Airdate: September 18, 2002

The Expanse #052
11. Florida Attack (0:47)
12. On the Team (2:12)
13. Now There Is One / Loop-de-Loop (5:02)
Recorded May 14, 2003 / Original Airdate: May 21, 2003

Impulse #057
14. Blocked Exit (2:57)
15. Paranoia (2:02)
Recorded October 1, 2003 / Original Airdate: October 8, 2003

Twilight #060
16. Armageddon (1:40)
17. Rip Van Winkle / Angst (2:05)
18. Showdown / Back to the Past (6:59)
Recorded October 1, 2003 / Original Airdate: October 8, 2003

Carpenter Street #063
19. Street Walkin’ (3:05)
Recorded November 19, 2003 / Original Airdate: November 26, 2003

Kir’Shara* #085
20. Kir’Shara Activated (3:29)
Recorded November 23, 2004 / Original Airdate: December 3, 2004

Countdown* #075
21. Re–Cap Enterprise 075 (1:32)
22. Ready to Fire (3:27)
23. Countdown Begins (1:10)
24. Hays Departs (1:34)
Recorded May 3, 2004 / Original Airdate: May 19, 2004

Storm Front, Part II* #078
25. Recap–Enterprise 078 (1:10)
26. Fight to the Death (3:06)
27. Stukas Coming / The Vortex (3:11)
28. Timeline Restored (1:19)
29. Home at Last (1:39)
Recorded September 23, 2004 / Original Airdate: October 15, 2004

30. Where My Heart Will Take Me (End Credits Instrumental) (1:03)

Total Time – Disc One: 70:52

DISC TWO: Music by Jay Chattaway

1. Where My Heart Will Take Me (Main Title, Season Three) (1:22)
Written by Diane Warren, performed by Russell Watson

Civilization #009
2. Old City (2:34)
3. Entering the Reactor / Reactor Surprise (3:13)
4. Memorable (0:29)
Recorded November 6, 2001 / Original Airdate: November 14, 2001

The Catwalk #038
5. Taking Back Enterprise / Capitan a Capitan / Core Is Down (7:43)
Recorded December 11, 2002 / Original Airdate: December 18, 2002

North Star #061
6. Hangin’ Offense (1:01)
7. Gunfight / Final Fight (4:17)
8. New School (0:59)
Recorded November 5, 2003 / Original Airdate: November 11, 2003

Zero Hour #076
9. Sphere Builder On Board / Andorian Offensive / Sphere / Final Showdown (12:03)
10. My Captain (2:29)
Recorded May 13, 2004 / Original Airdate: May 26, 2004

Storm Front, Part I #077
11. Daniels’ Goodbye (2:50)
Recorded September 16, 2004 / Original Airdate: October 8, 2004

Awakening #084
12. Meet Surak (1:37)
13. Archer Remembers Cave / Vulcans On the Attack / Kir’shara (7:03)
Recorded November 17–18, 2004 / Original Airdate: November 26, 2004

Bound #093
14. Slave Girl Dance (2:07)
15. Kelby Under the Spell (1:20)
16. Captain Romantic / Disoriented Captain (4:00)
17. Harrad-Sar Attacks / Trip Foils Slave Girls (5:27)
Recorded March 15–16, 2005 / Original Airdate: April 15, 2005

Terra Prime #097
18. Five Seconds to Impact (2:02)
19. Her Name Is Elizabeth (1:19)
20. Archer’s Speech (1:49)
21. Grieving (2:22)
Recorded April 22, 2005 / Original Airdate: May 13, 2005

The Catwalk #038
22. Into the Sunset (0:32)
Recorded December 11, 2002 / Original Airdate: December 18, 2002

23. Where My Heart Will Take Me (End Credits Instrumental) (0:49)

Total Time – Disc Two: 70:59

DISC THREE: Veterans and New Recruits

1. Archer’s Theme (Unused Main Title) (1:24) (Dennis McCarthy)

Horizon #046 (Mark McKenzie)
2. Travis in Sweet Spot / Change of Course (1:37)
3. Up Your Alley (4:18)
4. Star Map (1:16)
5. We’re Under Attack (1:50)
6. Band of Brothers (3:33)
7. Never Better Sir (1:23)
Recorded April 2, 2003 / Original Airdate: April 16, 2003

Terra Nova #006 (David Bell)
8. Phaser Cuts Log (1:48)
Recorded October 16, 2001 / Original Airdate: October 24, 2001

Dear Doctor #013 (David Bell)
9. Doc’s First Installment / Phlox Needs a Friend (3:46)
Recorded October 16, 2001 / Original Airdate: October 24, 2001

The Andorian Incident #007 (Paul Baillargeon)
10. Sanctuary Interrupted (0:47)
11. Sensor Array (2:32)
Recorded October 23, 2001 / Original Airdate: October 31, 2001

Vox Sola #022 (Paul Baillargeon)
12. Force Field Ready / Take Me Home / Crew Released / Home of the Tendril (3:28)
Recorded April 17, 2002 / Original Airdate: May 1, 2002

First Flight #050 (Paul Baillargeon)
13. Prototype Crash (3:34)
14. See You Out There (1:41)
Recorded May 1, 2003 / Original Airdate: May 14, 2003

Proving Ground #065 (John Frizzell)
15. Recap (1:32)
16. Turning the Tables (4:12)
Recorded January 13, 2004 / Original Airdate: January 21, 2004

Silent Enemy #012 (Velton Ray Bunch)
17. First Encounter (2:03)
18. Taking Risks / Showdown (4:44)
19. Pineapple Cake (0:59)
Recorded December 11, 2001 / Original Airdate: January 16, 2002

Desert Crossing #024 (Velton Ray Bunch)
20. Warm Welcome (1:14)
21. Geskana Match / Archer Goes for Goal (2:52)
22. Trip’s Menu (1:23)
23. The Rescue (3:00)
24. Not Why We’re Here (0:59)
Recorded April 30, 2002 / Original Airdate: May 8, 2002

Similitude #062 (Velton Ray Bunch)
25. In Memoriam (0:43)
26. Warp Drive Test (3:08)
27. You Owe Me One (3:51)
Recorded November 12, 2003 / Original Airdate: November 19, 2003

The Augments #082 (Velton Ray Bunch)
28. Recap / Teaser–Enterprise 082 (1:51)
29. Pathogen Bomb (3:27)
30. Goodbye Doc (0:39)
Recorded November 4, 2004 / Original Airdate: November 12, 2004

31. Archer’s Theme (End Credits) (0:39) (Dennis McCarthy)

Total Time – Disc Three: 79:09

DISC FOUR: Fan Favorites

In a Mirror, Darkly, Parts I and II #094 (Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner)
1. First Contact Revisited (1:49) (Jerry Goldsmith, Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner)
2. Mirror Main Title From Enterprise (1:21)
3. Mutiny (3:53)
4. Dangerous Seduction (2:43)
5. Counter Attack (2:31)
6. Boarding the Defiant (2:23)
7. Tholian Web (2:08)
8. Abandon Enterprise (1:59)
9. Recap–Enterprise 095 (1:00)
10. Defiant Trapped / Defiant Fights Back (2:49)
11. T’Pol Interrogation (1:31)
12. Booby Trap (2:26)
13. Gorn to Die (2:53)
14. Defiant to the Rescue (2:14)
15. T’Pol Busted (2:05)
16. Phlox Sabotage (1:55)
17. Avenger Attacks (2:02)
18. Empress Hoshi (1:16)
Recorded March 30, 2005 / Original Airdates: April 22 and 29, 2005

Regeneration #049 (Brian Tyler)
19. Borg Crash Site / Borg Awakening (3:13)
20. Archer Tells Plan / Distress Call / Phlox Attacked (3:10)
21. Hive Mind / Borg Hunt / Dead in the Water (6:43)
22. Borg Attack / Borg Attack 2 (7:23)
23. Message in a Bottle / Postponed (0:58)
Recorded April 22, 2003 / Original Airdate: May 7, 2003

These Are The Voyages #098 (Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner)
24. Freeze Program / Enterprise D (0:59)
25. Narrow Escape (1:24)
26. Under Attack / Trip Hurt (4:28)
27. Trip’s Possessions / It Was Worthwhile (1:46)
28. Heroic / Trek Theme Montage (2:11) (Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry, Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner)
Recorded April 29, 2005 / Original Airdate: May 13, 2005

29. Archer’s Theme (End Credits) (Dennis McCarthy) / Paramount Studios Logo (0:51) (Lalo Schifrin)

Total Time – Disc Four: 76:51


There is no official page for this release at La-La Land’s main website at this time, but we’ll be sure to share a link for direct purchases as soon as it’s available next Tuesday.

  • archer9234

    Hey, at least they finally acknowledge Acher’s theme was the intended opening before that failure was picked after. I can finally get rid of my leaked Ent bootleg MP3’s.

    • Gilbetron

      Hmm, maybe it’s no longer available, but Cresendo did release a complete score for Caretaker back in the day. I know because I own it.

      • archer9234

        It’s not complete. Unless I didn’t see the full track lisiting. Voyagers departure music from DS9 isn’t in there. Nor is the cue during its unveiling during Paris’ flyby.

        • Gilbetron

          I’m sure you’re right. I suppose none of the soundtracks back in the day were truly complete. A dedicated disc of material was good enough for me in the case of “Caretaker,” but it’s interesting to note the absence of those two cues you mentioned, which as I recall were wonderful in the pilot.

          • archer9234

            Yeah. Voyager’s departure cue was the sole reason I wanted the caretaker soundtrack. And it ends up being omitted. I was really crushed.

    • danielcw

      “Hey, at least they finally acknowledge Acher’s Theme was the intended opening before that failure was picked after”

      I believe it was never hidden that it was composed as such.

      Same length aside I don’t think it fits the opening that well.
      If they had picked Archer’s Theme as the opening, I assume the opening would have been edited over designed differently.

      Besides, I don’t think it is a failure. I like the song, not to keen on the remix from season 3 🙂

      • archer9234

        It was ignored every time the opening was ever discussed. The CD didn’t say it. When B&B talked about it. They always brought up they had another song in mind, couldn’t pay for it. Went with Faith. Dennis never mentioned it when he was interviewed.

        And the new BD material never even made a feature about it. Till this CD, unless you actually had the Broken Bow soundtrack. Or heard that ultra rare promo video had of Archer saying “space the final frontier” where they actually used the theme. You wouldn’t of known.

        I beg to differ about it not working with the current edit. I timed it. All the beats hit the cuts at the right point. The fade at the start was extended due to the faith song. Trim that bit out. Mix the warp sfx in. Get the last beat to hit as the warp flash goes on, It works. I put the song with the opening myself.

        I actually wanted to give the video to trekcore to feature it along with the TNG alt opening. Which did actually say unused alternate opening on the CD. And some alternate music cues. I remixed with the shows. They never replied back to me… Anyway, here’s the ENT alt opening.

        • danielcw

          I remember knowing that Archer’s Theme was intended as the show’s theme back in 2002 or 2003. I learned it from a friend, and I will ask him how he knew back then.

          Your edit is good, but IMHO it does show, that not all beats match.
          And more importantly, in my opinion the opening video does not match the music of Archer’s Theme, nor provide a contrast.
          But that is just my opinion, I can not prove it or show it in any way.

          The promo you mention did it better, but was pretty boring to me.

          • archer9234

            It would of been nice to see, in a bonus feature, what the alt theme was cut too. They might of had a different intro bit. Maybe no Earth shot. Who knows.

          • Mike C.

            Like that so much better.

        • SFSeries&Movies

          Like the alt opening

  • Jonny Foster

    Nice to know Archer’s Theme was meant to be the opening.

    • archer9234

      I remember finding that out back when I bought the original CD for the pilot. I notice that track had to same timing to the opening. Overlayed it. Bingo.

  • Gilbetron

    Wow! I find this hugely surprising, and also very exciting. I will order it on Tuesday for sure. Say what you will about Enterprise as a series, I always thought the music was fantastic. It has a different and more percussive style when compared to the other Star Trek spinoffs. A great track listing. It’s about time the Enterprise composers got their work showcased.

  • SFSeries&Movies

    Will purchase this one also next Tuesday! Recently I asked LaLaLand by mail if there was any Star Trek soundtrack on the horizon and they indeed told me Enterprise was on the verge of being released…well they were not kidding! 🙂

  • David

    This news is music to my ears. Finally I can get rid of my bootleg Enterprise music!

    • archer9234

      Actually, don’t get rid of it all. Not all the tracks from the bootlegs like from Silent enemy are in the CD set.

  • Jamie

    This is going to be epic. I still find it amazing that Brian Tyler did some scoring work for Star Trek, I love his soundtracks they are very powerful and energetic, great to run to.
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope we get the same treat in the form of a STAR TREK VOYAGER complete 7 season soundtrack the same as was done with TNG and DS9 and now Enterprise.

    My one gripe with the DS9 collection was the lack of “Swing DS9 theme” by Jay Chattaway from “Badda Bing Badda Bang”, as the crew strut down the Promenade on their way to Vic’s in the Holosuite. I really haven’t forgiven the album producers for not including that it is such a cool piece of music.

    I’m going to say WHEN we get a Voyager collection as it has to happen, if it doesn’t feature a substantial amount of music from Scorpion Parts 1 and 2 with that creepy theme again by Jay Chattaway for Species 8472 as Harry, Tuvok and Chakotay run from the approaching Species 8472 intruder I will again be REALLY disappointed.

    Other requests if anyone from La La Land isreading this, music from “Rise” “Future’s End Pts 1&2” “One” “Someone to Watch Over Me” are all essentials and the scores that quickly spring to mind. I’m sure there are many others.


    • Ric


      “Equinox” “Night” “Endgame” “The Chute”
      “The Void” “Pathfinder” “Displaced” “Manuevers” “Tuvix”


      “Basics – part 2” “Workforce” “Alliances”

      From DAVID BELL

      “Dark Frontier” “Fair Haven” “Flashback”

      Would be additional highlights from VOY for me 🙂

  • James

    Is there any chance of getting a response from La La Land as to why the Azati Prime battle music (one of the more iconic tracks of the series IMO) wasn’t included?

    IMDB says that Chattaway composed the music for that episode, is it a case of it’s been thrown in with the ‘Zero Hour’ 12 minute track or has this been overlooked (possibility of digital download?)

    Link to scene in question:

    • archer9234

      It’s not gonna carry every cue you want. Just hope another volume is made that will have Azati Prime’s tracks.

  • Matt Littledyke

    is there an mp3 version of this

  • Audrey Fischer

    hurry, perfect timing for a Christmas gift for a special friend.