After nearly three years, we’re just a few days away from the release of the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, along with “All Good Things,” the timeless series finale!

Download: 480p (36 MB) • 720p (92 MB) • 1080p (226 MB)

Download: 480p (32 MB) • 720p (85 MB) • 1080p (212 MB)

We hope to have our full reviews available in the next week or so — we are still waiting for our review copies of the Blu-ray sets to arrive — but in the meantime, we wanted to satisfy some of your TNG cravings in the meantime with the much-demanded downloads of the season trailers, and some of the best featured upgrades from the old standard definition masters!

1. “Descent, Part I”

Beverly Crusher leads the Enterprise into the corona of a distant star in “Descent, Part II,” and the murky view the starship is cleared up by a massive degree in the revitalized Blu-ray edition. The warp nacelles, deflector dish, and other shipboard lighting effects shine much more brightly in high definition!

2. “Attached”

Picard and Crusher’s escape from a deadly fireball in “Attached” sees some notable changes from the DVD release. While the fiery element has been recreated from scratch using new digital elements, the live-action footage of Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden seems to be a completely different take from the original version used in the broadcast master!

There could be a number of reasons for why this shot has been changed — the original film stock may have been damaged or lost sometime in the last two decades, or it may have been deemed unusable for some other technical reason. As there is no dialogue in this brief footage, it’s a fairly unnoticeable change.

This isn’t the first time a minor substitution has been made in non-speaking footage; another example can be seen in the first Borg visit to Engineering back in Season Two’s “Q Who.”

3. “Sub Rosa”

The massive storm in Caldos II’s upper atmosphere has been wonderfully rebuilt by Max Gabl and the rest of the CBS Digital team for “Sub Rosa.” One thing of note is that the storm is now spinning clockwise, the opposite of the original version which spun slowly counter-clockwise on DVD.

4. “Masks”

The ancient D’Arsay archive and surrounding icy comment was one of the earliest all-CGI effects used in Star Trek‘s television production, and the original elements created by Santa Barbara Studios has been faithfully duplicated by CBS Digital for “Masks.” The icy surface melts away with ease on Blu-ray!

5. “Eye of the Beholder”

Not only has the violent energy of the warp plasma stream been recreated for “Eye of the Beholder,” but CBS Digital has also rebuilt the original digital ceiling of the nacelle control room as well!

This subtle piece of computer-generated set extension is nearly invisible, even in the DVD release, but if you count the number of support struts in the upper section of the room in the above screenshots, the difference becomes clear.

6. “Emergence”

In an effort to save the ship from a newly-created life form in “Emergence,” the Enterprise fires an energy beam into the MacPherson Nebula — but it appears that the Enterprise itself is now a digital element!

The recreated starship has been showcased in a number of episodes since CBS Digital perfected the model for Season Five, and it seems that it’s been needed once again for this shot.

7. “All Good Things…”

The surface of primordial Earth has been restored to glory in the newly-composited “All Good Things,” showcasing the fiery lava against the now-visible ocean waves in the distant background.

Of course, the massive anti-time anomaly is the star of this shot, a wonderful combination of practical elements and digital wizardry which gives the object an added aura of wonder.

8. “All Good Things…”

The ancient volcano eruption has also been given a digital boost for Blu-ray, with a completely recreated eruption that takes the whole shot to the next level. This now feels like a truly dangerous event, rather than a tepid rupture in the distance.

9. “All Good Things…”

Beverly Picard’s Olympic-class USS Pasteur makes the leap to high definition, bringing out details in the much-loved medial ship that were never visible on DVD, like the tiny medical caduceus symbol on the aft hull hidden in standard-definition fuzz. The small starship’s final battle with the Klingons is a definite improvement in the rejuvenated footage!

*   *   *

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our video comparison of the TNG S7 trailer, showcasing these upgrades in action!

With prices as low as we expect them to get before the holiday season, now is the time to lock in your orders for Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Seven and “All Good Things” on Blu-ray — or if you have been waiting to pick up all seven seasons at once, preorder the region-free Blu-ray box set from the UK using our links below!


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  • archer9234

    I’ll be sticking around reading Trekcore forever. Even if DS9/VGR never get remastered. You guys proven your worth to ST fans. Hundred times over.

    • Thanks for the kind words — and don’t worry, we still have plenty in the pipeline!

      • spooky

        Is that a hint of things to come in the new year? If so… oh my! 😀

  • pittrek

    Great review, thanks a lot!

    Descent – f***ing amazing ! I love the HD pic !

    Attached – that’s weird, I thought that they always UPSCALE footage if they couldn’t find the original in time, this really surprised me. I’m not a fan of changing stuff so I don’t know if I like it or not, I’ll wait till I see it in motion. You say they used an alternate take in the Q Who episode? Could somebody post some SD/HD pics for that particular shot?

    Sub Rosa – was there any reason WHY they changed the planet? I mean not only it looks completely DIFFERENT than the original planet, but even the “storm” moves in the opposite direction? Is there any explanation for this?

    Masks – the original shot was a really fake looking CG shot, the new one is better, but still it’s clearly visible that it’s CG.

    Eye of the Beholder – is that the same frame? Because it looks like they forgot to add the force field to the HD version! Also I fail to see the reason why they changed the ceiling? Is that intentional or a mistake?

    Emergence – looks wonderful !

    Lava pit – in the original you could clearly see what is a matte painting and what’s the real set, the HD version integrates the elements in a much better way, another big improvement.

    The volcano – well, in the original Picard was very badly integrated to the background, and he’s still pretty badly integrated even in the new HD version.

    USS Pasteur – hm, is it CG or a real model? Looks very “plastic”, but in both shots. And the new version has more detail, so another improvement.

    • Regarding “Q Who,” the replaced shot in Engineering is detailed in the Ex Astris Scientia comparison breakdown, available here:

      We’ve updated the “Eye of the Beholder” shot to match frame-to-frame; the forcefield is intact. As for reasoning for the ceiling change, we don’t know.

      The shot of the Pasteur is the original modelwork. This is a shot in motion so it may have a bit of a soft edge to it.

      • pittrek

        Thanks for the info! I love this site more than the official one 🙂

    • archer9234

      The same thing happened with a stock shot of the ENT D in S4. They couldn’t locate the original elements. So they found a unused shot of the ENT D. But was re timed. And caused that blurring issue. Which was than replaced with the CGi ENT.

      They probably just took a another take of them running. Since it had no audio.How many people are gonna complain about it that hard. It’s either upscale the original. And be stuck with the original explosion. Or use take “2” in HD. For the ceiling. Probably mis measured the space. Didn’t have time. And said screw it, It’s fine.

  • Gregster

    I can hear the meteorologists crying foul on the storm recreation on Sub Rosa! The original effects folks got it right. A storm is typically a low-pressure system which ALWAYS rotates counter-clockwise. The storm in the new version is now a high-pressure system which should have brought fair weather to the area. I’m sure the CBS team meant well, but they got a little too far over their skis on this one.

    • Remember, though — it’s not Earth!

    • Chris915

      Well, even on Earth, storms rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

      • …and the storm is on the southern part of Caldos II — so clockwise may be correct after all!

        • Chris915

          Perhaps. lol 🙂

          • AdmiralK

            First time poster, long time Star Trek fan ( I watched various episodes of the first two seasons of TOS as they were broadcast on NBC ).
            Cyclonic controversies and other questions aside, looks to me like CBS has hit it out of the park once again… I have to wait for the season until the price comes down, but I’ve ordered “All Good Things…” to tide me over, lol.
            Keep it up TrekCore, you folks are doing a good thing here. ;=)

        • archer9234

          I’ll still complain about the veins missing from the HD planet :P.

    • spooky

      I’m sure the universe and nature have their own ideas about how storms behave, its not like meteorologists have been to every planet in the universe and said with a definitive answer… a story only rotates a certain way.

  • spooky

    Got this pre-ordered… I hope it gets her before Christmas

  • Eric Cheung

    The UK set now appears to have a release date of December 15.

  • FVDnz

    Can’t wait to complete the collection. Not long to go now! 🙂

    Now fingers crossed for DS9 and Voyager!!!

  • Ish Bugs

    awesome article..
    high quality cd duplication and replication

  • Patrick

    I dunno if this was already discussed, but I was watching one of the SD episodic promos for All Good Things, and I thought I saw something strange. I got a good laugh out of this little easter egg on the navigation screen. It was only there for a frame or two. I wish there was a higher-res version to see exactly what it says.

  • Chris

    Hi guys – do you know when teh full review of season 7 will be done?