Paramount UK’s Star Trek: Enterprise – The Full Journey Blu-ray collection, featuring all four seasons of the prequel series, is making its way to buyers this month, and we’ve got the first photos available of this 24-disc collection!



Inside the box itself, the set features one jumbo-sized, DVD-height plastic case, which contains all twenty-four Blu-ray discs, just like the double-cased “Full Journey” Next Generation box set.



Unlike the TNG set, however, there’s no printed booklet detailing the discs or the bonus features, merely the case insert behind the discs.


This collection is available from Amazon UK and other sellers, and a similar box set is also available from Amazon DE for German buyers.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray, this is the most cost-effective way to get your hands on the whole series, as this box set is much cheaper than the individual releases!

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Special thanks to reader Dan Martin for providing TrekCore these shots!


ent-box Order Star Trek: Enterprise
“Full Journey” Complete Series
Region-Free Blu-ray Box Set! 
  • Kaine Morrison

    Wish that they would have made the packaging the same as The Original Series!

    • The outside box design is the same design style, but really, the TOS set had cardboard sleeves which could damage the discs. These plastic cases are at least safer for the media to be stored in.

      • Kaine Morrison

        I have the UK Set of The Original Series.
        I’ve watched the episodes many times, and in Production Order and StarDate order, in full!
        NEVER once has a disk been scratched from removing it from the Cardboard pouch/sleeve!

        • StuUK

          You’re clearly very careful with your discs. Cardboard has shown itself up to being pretty abrasive and it can scuff the surface of the discs.
          My first negative encounter with this sort of thing was with the purchase of Star Trek Starfleet Academy: 5x CD-ROMs, cardboard sleeves (pretty artwork!), requires a lot of disc swapping if you played the game often, which I did… More than 15 years later, those discs are still in these 3rd party jewel cases I bought for them; I haven’t even picked the game up in years (except to try it out on my new PC last year (it still runs under Windows 7!)). – A friend of mine however bought his around the same time… Yep, the condition of his discs are pretty abysmal; miraculously they still play just fine.

          • Kaine Morrison

            That is COMPLETELY different!
            CD’s were very prone to scratches!

            Blu-Ray Disks have a coating on them that makes them very scratch resistant.
            The ONLY time I have bought a Blu-Ray and it had a scratch on it was the Chucky Boxed Set. That had a more standard case Disk HUB.

            Also, Blu-Ray DigiBooks and the The Original Series Cardboard Sleeves have a “film/coating” on the cardboard so as to help prevent scratching as well.

          • StuUK

            Yes, a digital disc in a cardboard sleeve… completely different.
            Well then I guess it’s your cardboard sleeves with it’s great lookin’ artwork that will bare the brunt of the abuse with extended usage thus reducing them to a tatty mess; unless you’re considerate of the possibility of course.
            If the Blu-ray discs are indeed coated with a film of magic protection, then great but that’s not to say that I’d treat them with any less care than my CD’s just because carelessness is apparently an option now with Blu-ray discs.
            I for one totally get why the cardboard sleeves haven’t been very well received.

          • Kaine Morrison

            Are you freaking kidding?
            Magic Coating?
            Go do some research you idiot!

          • StuUK

            Woah dude! Kaine!! Angry angry Kaine!!! – Put that effing fire out!
            Do I dare? – Yes I do dare! — I meant the term “Magic” to come across in it’s most flippant context. I confess that I was genuinely unaware that Blu-ray discs incorporated scratch resistant properties but hey, I can take your word for it. You should be happy that YOU have successfully elevated my knowledge (albeit in a next to insignificant way) for which I will forever be err… moderately thankf… greatf… satisfied that I now know and appreciate.
            But really mate, you need to find yourself a little perspective before losing your rag. We’re only talking about some discs and some cardboard. Consumers of this combination are broadly unimpressed; that at the end of the day is what CBS has had to deal with and it looks like they’ve been listening.

          • Cool it, you two.

          • StuUK

            I hear you… Something’s being taken waaay out of context here and I can’t tell where, what or why that is. I’m prepared to shake hands and put a full-stop on it if Kaine is.

        • pittrek

          Mine are EXTREMELY scratched, after being played I think 2 times.

      • Kaine Morrison

        Also, I have Many DigiBooked Blu-Rays. None of which have damaged any of the disks!

      • Andy Hamric

        Cardboard sleeves are just obnoxious in general. The are-they-going-to-scratch-my-discs argument aside, they are inconvenient in general (as was the accordion-style DVD case for the original US release of ST:TNG). Give me blu-ray style “pages” any day of the week!

      • pittrek

        Replace “could” with “did”. 2 of my TOS discs are dead already after being played twice – scratches and similar stuff all over the surface, the discs can’t be played or ripped 🙁 This packaging actually looks pretty good.

  • mjdavid

    I like that the UK discs are region free, so that those in the US waiting for boxed sets can now purchase. Hopefully there are plenty in the US who were waiting for these that are now purchasing them.

  • StuUK

    Like with the Next Gen Full Journey box set, I starved myself of the purchase of the Blu-ray releases of “Enterprise” banking on the possibility of them releasing a Full Journey set for this series too. Pre-ordered it on Amazon, received it, blasted most mornings of my bank holiday weekend watching the special features that I’ve been gagging to see for years! – My verdict? – Wow…
    Brannon Braga, who we’ve obviously seen over the years, here and there; fans know who this guy is but I’ve only ever seen him interviewed as a participant in an ensemble of interviewees, but in these special features for Enterprise he pretty much scores centre stage. I really appreciated his frankness and his objectivity regarding the shows decline; I always saw him as pretty closed but here he’s opened himself right up and grabbed ownership of all these factors he felt let the show down and my god, gives everything else that screwed the show over a bit of an ass kicking as well (mainly the studio); this guy is showing everyone his cards.
    The conversation between Berman and Braga was great (I could have sat through another hour of that). Berman is also pretty frank and doesn’t mute his distaste for the administration shift at the studio.
    John Billingsley comes across has clearly given the series a lot of reflection over the years offering some truly honest and sober opinions on how the show had evolved and presents himself as an articulate and very smart guy.
    Revelations? – We all knew that “Enterprise” was UPN’s biggest show, yes? (I didn’t actually☺) – Did anyone know that not everywhere in the States even gets UPN (about 80% coverage) and of those that do they would tend to put the show off for sporting events which is a common practice for network television!
    The ratings for “Enterprise” were on the decline right from the pilot, it can not be denied; but then so had the ratings on Voyager and DS9 and we all know they got their full seven seasons. But “Enterprise” was consistently scoring a million more viewers than “Battlestar Galactica” for the SyFy channel (I know BG is a good show although I’ve never seen it) and yet the powers that be pulled the plug on “Enterprise” anyway.
    The new administration at Paramount didn’t get the show at all but they wanted to meddle with everything, the most outrageous suggestion being: “You’ve got a café on the ship, let’s place a pop band in the corner” and a very telling measure of their combined intelligence when at a script discussion one of the board members asked: “Err, Rick… What’s a hull?” the discussion having just closed on a story that takes place on the ships hull!
    In my ignorance I always placed the blame for the cancellation of “Enterprise” squarely on reality television, being so bold as to say that had reality TV been around in 1987 that even the mighty Next Generation would have died; I still think that actually. But couple reality TV to a studio that had turned properly bizarre, not to mention the fact that a lot more competition had emerged by the noughties “Enterprise” never stood a chance.
    I would submit that if a new Trek show were to be given a green light that everyone involved needs to dissect the franchise, separate what works from what doesn’t be it story, production or business model perspectives; there’s a lot to learn from the “Enterprise” story. Paramount should start by calling up Berman and Braga cos they’ll tell them straight!
    Ooo… Err Sorry for writing so much. Congratulations though if you made it this far!☺

  • Robert Anthony

    Any extra special features for me to lament? (seeing as I already have all 4 seasons on Blu-ray and won’t be buying them again.)

    • Nope, just new packaging. If you have all four separate seasons, you’ve got everything included here.

      • Robert Anthony

        That’s excellent news! Thank you!

  • Moshe Z. Matitya

    Is there any information about whether there’s going to be an Australian edition of this? I am not a big fan of these sets that package all the discs from 4 seasons into a jumbo case. So I’m hoping that there will be an Australian version that packages each season in its own box, just like the Australian version of TNG: The Full Journey did.

    Any info on this would be much appreciated.

    • Not sure yet; the German release linked above looks like same separate-case format as the TNG set.

  • DaMac

    I don’t regret getting the normal American releases, I have already watched them a lot and I prefer the packaging. It kind of stinks this is SO much cheaper though. No wonder so many people waited on buying these sets. Maybe these selling well will be a vote toward DS9 on BD? We can only hope.

  • M.R. Bassano

    I read a comment on stating there is a problem with the English audio track on some of the episodes. Can anyone confirm that?

  • Petr Kropotkin

    For those interested, the collected set is due for release in Australia on July 1st., priced at AUS$168, or about US$130 (I’m afraid I don’t know what postage to the US would be) . If it’s like the Australian TNG boxed set, it will just have a slipcase with the individual series blu-rays inside (like the German version that’s been released). Here’s the link:

    • Petr Kropotkin

      Update: the price has dropped to AUS$149 now (June 26th.), and they have started shipping.

  • Moshe Z. Matitya

    TrekCore: Will you be carrying some photos of the Australian Enterprise set, like you did for the Australian TNG set?

    • Petr Kropotkin

      I’d be willing, but I’m overseas until mid-August and the Oz set has been delivered to my Oz address while I’m away. Perhaps someone else can do it.

      • Moshe Z. Matitya

        Doesn’t look like anyone else is doing it. 🙁
        If you could provide some photos after you get back home, I’d be much obliged.

        • Petr Kropotkin

          Righto, if nobody has posted any pics by the time I get back, I’ll do that.

          • Petr Kropotkin

            I’m back, and with the weak Oz dollar, the set now sells for US$110.

            The main difference from what I thought it would be is that the slipcase is
            not hard cardboard like the TNG Oz set; it’s a thin cardboard slipcase
            and flips open from the top (like a packet of cigarettes). The four
            seasons are in their individual cases, just like you would buy the
            individual seasons. I’ll contact the mods and see if I can post some
            photos to them; they should probably have their own thread.

          • Moshe Z. Matitya

            They should indeed.

          • Petr Kropotkin

            I’ve emailed the admin. some photos, so perhaps they’ll appear soon.

  • Andrea Manconi

    can u tell me which languages are on each season? some retailer says uk+de+fr+it some other uk+de+fr and some other uk+fr+de+jp

  • Sebastiaan

    Is it known which subtitles are available in this version? thank you in advance.