JUNE 11 UPDATE: A selection of high-resolution photos of CBS/Paramount’s Star Trek booth at the Licensing Expo have been shared by Collider.


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As we exclusively revealed in March, CBS has settled on the above logo design to represent the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Now the logo is beginning to see active use in the world of Trek licensed products — and it looks like Paramount Pictures is on board for this logo use on the film franchise as well.

The logo first appeared on product artwork for both the Star Trek: The Original Series 2016 monthly calendar from Universe Publishing…


…but even more interesting is the logo’s appearance on the Star Trek 2016 Daily Calendar, also released by Universe Publishing, which contains a mix of both TV and Trek film content, co-licensed by both CBS and Paramount Pictures.


On top of that, CBS debuted a large Star Trek booth at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas today, featuring a massive rendering of the Trek 50 logo overseeing their displays, and a massive model of the Enterprise-A, another Paramount Pictures holding from the Trek films:

The Enterprise has touched down at licensing expo in Vegas

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Photo via The Licensing Awards on Twitter
Photo via Jim Hill Media on Twitter

Finally, the Expo booth also showcased a look at the six Captains of Star Trek — and a blurry Chris Pine is right in there with Janeway and Sisko, further softening the lines between CBS and Paramount’s stake in this display.

Photo via Steve Weintraub on Instagram

So if you’re still harboring any doubts about the golden delta being just a temporary design or placeholder, it looks like this new logo is here to stay.