JUNE 11 UPDATE: A selection of high-resolution photos of CBS/Paramount’s Star Trek booth at the Licensing Expo have been shared by Collider.


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As we exclusively revealed in March, CBS has settled on the above logo design to represent the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. Now the logo is beginning to see active use in the world of Trek licensed products — and it looks like Paramount Pictures is on board for this logo use on the film franchise as well.

The logo first appeared on product artwork for both the Star Trek: The Original Series 2016 monthly calendar from Universe Publishing…


…but even more interesting is the logo’s appearance on the Star Trek 2016 Daily Calendar, also released by Universe Publishing, which contains a mix of both TV and Trek film content, co-licensed by both CBS and Paramount Pictures.


On top of that, CBS debuted a large Star Trek booth at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas today, featuring a massive rendering of the Trek 50 logo overseeing their displays, and a massive model of the Enterprise-A, another Paramount Pictures holding from the Trek films:

The Enterprise has touched down at licensing expo in Vegas

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Photo via The Licensing Awards on Twitter
Photo via Jim Hill Media on Twitter

Finally, the Expo booth also showcased a look at the six Captains of Star Trek — and a blurry Chris Pine is right in there with Janeway and Sisko, further softening the lines between CBS and Paramount’s stake in this display.

Photo via Steve Weintraub on Instagram

So if you’re still harboring any doubts about the golden delta being just a temporary design or placeholder, it looks like this new logo is here to stay.

  • Patrick Hayes

    No pictures on the Page a Day Calender? Third year I’m not buying it.

  • Zarm

    Not to embody a nerd cliche, but… the saucer section on that Enterprise-A is a travesty. 🙂

    • Jon1701

      It looks a lot like the phase ii enterprise retrofitted to look like the constitution refit. The lip of the saucer matches the model from the original TMP poster, as does the torpedo tubes.


      I don’t have the source to hand but there is something like this happening in the back of my brain. Not sure if anyone else can weigh in with the details.

      • Zarm

        Wow- nice catch!

    • jstimson

      Damned if I can find it, but this appears to be a massive model of the Enterprise built out of sytrofoam and a steel beam skeleton. I watched a video on the making of it not more than a week ago, and this thing is just huge. Think I can re-find the video? Of course not. But seriously, this thing is around 15 feet long, give or take.

  • Darkthunder

    So, we’re down to just about 1 year before “Trek 13”, which also happens to be due for release during Trek’s 50th anniversary. And absolutely no news, teasers or anything as of yet.

    Anyone else think the next movie will be a steaming pile of Targ manure?

    • Campe

      There is news. The film is going to start shooting in about three weeks in Toronto.

      And yeah, the new movie could be total crap. It could also be a smaller, tighter film than we’ve seen in the last two installments. I am cautiously optimistic it will be the later.

      But remember a little Trek film that was just as rushed back in 1982? Didn’t look all that great, but damn did it stay in fans’ minds for… well… about 33 years… at least. At the end of August 1981, Nick Meyer wrote three drafts of Wrath of Khan after mainly discarding two other versions of the script in a little over a month. He shot the film over twelve weeks starting in November of 1981 and the film was released in June 1982. That’s a tighter production schedule than this one has.

      • Darkthunder

        Well, when I’ve heard things about this movie like:

        “Make it less Trek”

        And as you said, supposedly scheduled to begin shooting in 3 weeks, without a completed (and) approved script yet. It gives me considerable pause. This movie, being that it’s suppose to be out during Trek 50th, should be a lot more heavily advertised and prioritized by the higher ups at Paramount.

        • Campe

          In all fairness we don’t know if the script has been approved yet or not. It might be. Unfortunately, they lost a lot of time with Orci. I don’t know for sure but I would imagine if filming starts briefly and Lin is in Toronto prepping and Pegg and Jung were “forced to create,” there was at the very least an outline that the higher ups felt confident enough with to roll with to get the ball moving.

          Or it will be a mitigated disaster. The truth is we just don’t know what is going on. And I’m still optimistic. I have faith in Lin and Pegg but I will admit time is against them on this one. At the same time, I don’t blame Paramount for keeping this under wraps until filming starts. If that’s July or September, it makes sense to me with the woes this production has faced.

      • Is it confirmed that filming will take place in Toronto?

        • Campe

          Vancouver. My mistake. It would appear, if you scroll down to the project “Washington” it shows a film directed by Lin, EPed by Bad Robot’s Jeffrey Chernov (who also EPed the first two of the reboots) and is scheduled for production from the end of June to October. The fact that Lin has spoken of Trek and it’s his next production, it seems like it’s happening.


      • iamawild
        • Campe

          You are correct. My mistake. That would explain why I couldn’t find any info on the shoot in Toronto.

    • iamawild

      My feeling is that the 50th should be a steak, lobster and champagne affair. This is feeling more like a trip through the drive through for a burger, fries and a coke.

  • Campe

    Hmmmm… So all 12 movies are included in that day calendar that was licensed by CBS and Paramount? … Hmmmm… And I swear I see Chris Pine’s mug on that display as well… Hmmmm…..

  • OphidianJaguar

    Sweet! I am glad CBS and Paramount can at least agree on the 50th logo.

  • OphidianJaguar

    I love the six captains images, and including all the ships (including the Defiant instead of DS9). I would buy those in poster form.

  • OphidianJaguar

    Many pics at the link below. Including more Star Trek booth pics with clear shots of both captain displays as a ton of other cool stuff from the licencing expo.


  • Matineer

    Nice display, but kind of disappointed they’re not really celebrating the 50th anniversary of TOS — that is the important milestone here, not the spinoffs. I understand the company, CBS, sees it as a “franchise” — one whole property to market — but this really has little to do with 1966-1969 Trek. The displays — pictures from the net? — are they suggesting that this merchandise should be repopped? I’m sure there will be some good stuff produced, but CBS had an opportunity to do something — maybe a TV movie — to really celebrate the show that began it all. Even a retro merchandising deal — maybe Re-Remco — might have been interesting. I’ll be satisfied seeing the TOS actors celebrate the show via conventions and media interviews.

  • OphidianJaguar

    I would love to get my hands on some of those 50th anniversary pamphlets.

  • jklein

    Has anyone seen an “Into Darkness” script anywhere on line?

  • Michael Spadaro

    I’m surprised they wen’t with the A and not the E.