As we reported late last week, Netflix has finally upgraded their Star Trek: The Next Generation streaming catalog — well, most of it, at least — to the high-definition masters restored for the last three years on Blu-ray.

One surprise that the online release brings with it is several mastering errors that were discovered after the Blu-ray discs hit store shelves. These are issues that aren’t big enough to warrant a full disc replacement program, like what happened with the Season One release in 2012, but are ‘simple enough’ to fix before shipping the HD versions of each episode to Netflix for digital release.


Okay, let’s get this out of the way first: these corrections did not “fix” TNG Season Two, which was restored for HD by HTV Illuminate in a manner that frankly pales in comparison to the CBS Digital seasons (1, 3, 5-7). “Correcting” the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation would take an immense volume of time, money, and effort to re-process, and as we’ve repeated several times over the last few years, that’s not going to happen.

Let’s take a look at what has been addressed, though, thanks to feedback from Trek fans.

1. “The Vengeance Factor”

Right after the opening credits, the Enterprise arrives at planet Acamar III — only to have the planet stop rotating while the ship is in orbit! On Netflix, Acamar III keeps on spinning.

2. “Brothers”

During Data’s takeover of the Enterprise, the Blu-rays show the aft bridge at red alert. What’s the problem? Due to the environmental issue on the bridge, the Enterprise was actually at BLUE alert during the rest of the scene! The Netflix edition of “Brothers” now corrects this with a color-corrected version of the same sequence.

3. “Imaginary Friend”

As Deanna leads Clara Sutter out of Ten Forward, a few glimpses of off-set bluescreen remain visible on Blu-ray. In the two years since Season Five was released, the FGC 47 nebula has taken its rightful place outside Ten Forward’s windows.

4. “Relics”

Once the Enterprise gets pulled inside the seemingly-inescapable Dyson Sphere, they’re locked away from the outside universe… but somehow there are stars visible behind the Dyson sun! For the Netflix mastering of “Relics,” these spots of light have been eliminated.


EDITOR’S NOTE from Adam:

Some further background information to complement this article – the senior team on the TNG Remastered project were VERY keen to create the definitive version of TNG in HD. There was the odd occasion when an error was brought to their attention after the season sets had been released, but they still wanted to correct them so future versions (including the HD streaming options) would be accurate.

While I was visiting CBS Digital in 2013, Season 3 had just shipped and I had been receiving a steady trickle of emails from our readers about the above error in “The Vengeance Factor”. Thankfully, I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to bring it to their attention.

The guys working there were pretty upset and nonplussed that the mistake had seeped through. After explaining the situation to one of the executives involved in TNG-R, he gave the authorisation to have it fixed for future versions. The artists at CBS Digital then pulled up the episode master on screen, confirmed the error, and got down to fixing it right there and then.

The staff at CBS Digital checked in on TrekCore pretty much daily while the remastering project was in full swing. As a result, they often knew about any mistakes they’d made as soon as our readers posted them here. Nevertheless, moving forward I continued to alert them when things such as the “Brothers” and “Imaginary Friend” errors were exposed and more often than not was told that they’d been fixed within 24 hours of my original communication.

Unfortunately, the nature of static discs and the fixed release date schedule made it impossible to roll out those corrections to Blu-ray consumers. The Season One disc replacement program cost CBS an awful lot of money, and their budget for TNG was already woefully stretched.

*   *   *

The most infamous Blu-ray compositing error, the “cut off” Enterprise shot from the end of “The Schizoid Man,” has not corrected, as CBS Digital was not involved with Season Two. Additionally, Geordi and Data’s beam-in from “11001001” — where their reflection is already on set waiting for them — has also remained unchanged..

Were there any other VFX errors you are hoping to see addressed in this “second pass” for Netflix? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Simon

    Excellent to see the work didn’t end when the BDs shipped!

  • Connor

    There’s still a similar beam-out reflection issue in Brothers towards the end when riker and worf transport to the planet… perhaps those are not simple to fix?

  • brermike

    The iTunes HD versions seem to be corrected as well!

  • M33

    Very cool to see Netflix going the extra mile! Was that their decision or CBSs to fix those errors? I would be very surprised if Netflix did it at their own expense without asking CBS to either help pay for the cost or a discount on the right to stream the show. Any idea?

    • As far as we know, these were corrected on CBS Digital’s side of things as the issues became known — after the discs had been released — in anticipation of a wide streaming distribution.

    • trekcore

      I’ve added some further information to the article, M33 (see editor’s note at the end). This should shed some more light on the issue for you.


    This makes me even more sad that Star Trek is not available on Netflix in Germany (last time i checked it wasn’t anyway).

    I think i noticed some green screens in engineering in the episode with that Traveler alien?

    • robjoh

      Just change your ip to US. ALL my sites are US,even though I live nowhere near there,lol! I do go over there a lot though,Comic Con,NYCC,Xmas,weekend trips,etc. Guess I prefer the US over this backwards country,lol.

    • John Morris

      Buy the Blu-Rays. Don’t be cheap. . Everybody these days wants everything either cheap or free.

  • Greenspan

    If I buy the blu-rays today, will I get the non corrected versions ?

    • The six issues addressed above are not corrected on the Blu-ray discs. These are all corrections made after the season discs were released. But don’t let that stop you from buying the Blu-rays! These are tiny, tiny issues over thousands of minutes of restored footage.

  • James Goss

    There are some errors I caught on the Blu-rays that have not been fixed.

    Unnatural Selection – Enterprise shot following opening credits is the wrong shot. It shows the Enterprise slowing to warp, but the Enterprise should be cruising at warp
    Offspring – for the opening shot, the lighting pass for the neck lighting is badly misaligned and wobbles
    Allegiance – there’s a shot of the Enterprise coming out of warp with a badly misaligned lighting pass for a warp nacelle.
    Hollow Pursuits – for some strange reason, the registry on the nacelle moves around on the far left edge of frame (at about 36:35)
    The Pegasus – at 26:10, the Warbird appears to freeze for a few frames on the viewscreen.

    • Mat Rowe

      The Offspring one is worse than you have described. It’s not just the neck. The entire window lighting of the ship is one pass, and it is misaligned. It moves up and down as the ship approaches. The deflector pass also wobbles, and the nacelle passes (both bussard collectors and the warp field grille) start to lag behind as the ship passes frame. One of the grille passes overlaps the neck of the ship. But this may all be a bigger issue: The shot starts with the model paused for a few seconds in the same spot as the starfield moves, and then it shifts unrealistically to the right as it approaches the camera. This shot is basically a mess.

      As for the Hollow Pursuits registry, all I can say is LOL.

      • James Goss

        I spent better part of a year editing the episodes myself to correct the errors, so those are all taken care of. My corrected season 2 looks great. 😉

        • Mat Rowe

          Love to see some HD screencaps/comparisons of your work on S2.

  • Kaine Morrison

    What about the Phaser being seen through the Hull of the Shuttlecraft?
    What about the Enterprise firing mistake?

    Ok, this is BULL!
    CBS NEEDS to offer replacement disks for the corrected episodes!
    We spent good hard earned money for each of these sets!

    • If you’re referring to the phaser/shuttlecraft shot in “Lower Decks,” that’s an identical recreation of the same shot on the SD versions and is not considered to be an error.

      If the “Enterprise firing mistake” is the energy beam from “Timescape,” that was also an intentional choice:

      • Kaine Morrison

        Doesn’t matter, they are still errors!

        And it is crap that the people who actually care about Video and Audio Quality get shafted, while the ones who don’t get a more accurate representation of the episodes.

        • Stockslivevan

          They’re just minor errors, nothing that spoils the whole package.

        • This project was a huge undertaking, one that many thought would never happen. So even though the Blu-rays aren’t perfect I am still very happy to have them!

        • TH

          While I wholly agree with you that it frustrating to have errors in the final package, you have to learn to accept logistics. Virtually every single film or TV show has SOME production errors when they go out. A boom mic visible, a bit of greenscreen still showing, a reflection of the film crew…
          TNG itself has MORE of these errors in its original form. CBS did its best to correct a LOT of these errors on the original series, but in some cases they missed a few, and in a couple of cases, they actually introduced a few new ones.
          That’s life. This is not a nuclear bomb that damn well better be built absolutely perfect… it’s a piece of art that (under the George Lucas theory) can never be simply “finished”. At some point they merely have to decide it’s “good enough” and release it.
          We have to learn to live with the fact that the entire package is awesome and one “oops” shot in an episode doesn’t detract in any meaningful way from our ability to enjoy the episode as a whole.
          Kudos to them for fixing it and if there ever IS a release of a physical copy, one would expect these changes would already be lined up, but you have to understand why they won’t spend their entire profit margin from the sale of the discs to set up another replacement program just to fix the colour of an alert light, some stars that shouldn’t be there, or a single shot of a planet that isn’t spinning for a second. These are minor minor issues. If something was consistently wrong across all of the video, yes – but not for 6 moments.

      • Simon

        The TIMESCAPE error has bugged me since 1993! They fixed DARMOK…

    • trekcore

      Yeah, replacement disks aren’t an option. Please see my newly added editor’s note to the piece above.

  • Alex Huffman

    This gives me great hope that they will make a Blu-ray release of all 7 seasons with these errors fixed. If they’re doing it for Netflix, then they might as well do it for those of us who want the discs for even higher quality. They’re also seriously missing out on an opportunity if they don’t remaster DS9 and VOY too. I mean they even gave ENT the Blu-ray treatment…

    • Stryker412

      Enterprise was natively shot in HD from the beginning so there was no remaster needed.
      That being said, I would buy DS9 in a heartbeat!

      • TH

        TNG BD was apparently not as lucrative as they had hoped. Given that the scope of DS9 would be even larger (half the series used Digital CGI, much of the which would have to be recreated from scratch), and given that DS9’s popularity simply is less than TNGs, it has been said that a similar DS9 project is very unlikely at this point. Voyager is probably even more unlikely.
        I’d love to see the, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

        • mjdavid

          Unlikely yes, but CBS-D has likely made enough $$$ due to the Netflix deal they COULD potentially do it. I’m sure at this point they won’t, but they could.

          • danielcw

            Why do you think they made that much money through the Netflix deal?

      • pittrek

        Enterprise was shot on 35mm film exactly like every other Star Trek show, only season 4 was shot in HD

    • TH

      >This gives me great hope that they will make a Blu-ray release of all 7 seasons with these errors fixed.
      They have already released the Blurays in a compiled format as far as I know, and I assume as with most series, they are just re-packaging the same discs from the other seasons. It would make very little financial sense to do a re-release just for these errors – very few people are going to re-buy the series because of this, and very few people refused to buy it the first time simply because of these errors who would now buy it.
      If they sold out and decided to do a further run, it’s possible, but I suspect the cost of remastering the master discs themselves to replace the affected episodes is itself a somewhat high cost that they probably won’t consider worth it since they already have master discs produced.
      Maybe if the show ever goes 4K :-p (which I don’t expect to happen any time soon)

  • Adrian Dinca

    Easy solution in order to please blu-ray buyers would be to allow us to download these episodes for free. That would be neat form the part of CBS!

    • Alien Timetraveller

      Good Idea!

  • Alien Timetraveller

    Oh god… the amount of money I paid for these seasons sets…. Ugh. I never did get to see those stupid VAM features on the Season 3 set. I have the codes but they didn’t work!! I can deal with the other issues but the Schizoid Man cut off is VERY bad… and needed to be fixed immediately. It was not. If netflix gets a fix (and I don’t) I will not be supporting CBS by buying anything going forward. That’s a promise. Sorry!!

    • Zarm

      Look up in the feed- while it’s still there!

      • Alien Timetraveller

        Too late…!! =(

        • Zarm

          Hmmmmm. Is there any way to PM via disqus?

          • Mat Rowe

            I don’t think so, but no one says we can’t discuss this on any other location…

  • James

    Nice to see the love and care still being put into Star Trek. Such minor ‘fixes’ mean that I’m perfectly happy with my blu-ray discs. The only thing that is noticeable for me is the excessive DNR on TNG Season 2. I wish that DS9 would get the remaster treatment – even if they only remastered the ‘feature length’ episodes like Way of the Warrior and Emissary. Same with Voyager.

  • James

    One documentary that I’ve always wanted to see (more than any other in fact) was ‘The Trek Not Taken’, which includes some really early CG tests. Does anyone out there know where I can get a hold of it – can’t find it on YouTube or other sites.

    Apparently, it was an exclusive just for Germany 🙁

    • It was also released with TNG S3 as an exclusive to Best Buy in the United States. We’ve got HD screencaps here:

      • Zarm

        But seems to be impossible to get there now (I tried). Which is a shame, because I’d really love to see it in motion…

        • Alien Timetraveller

          It didn’t work on release day either. The Enterprise season 1 code didn’t work any better. Waste of good paper.

    • Kurt Hugger

      I just posted a HD copy of “A trek Not taken” on Youtube (it’s still uploading and should be done in about 40 minutes). LINK REMOVED

      • James

        Thanks Kurt, you’ve really made my day 🙂
        It’s a wonderful little documentary – as a fan of VFX in general, it was really interesting to see. For me, that Enterprise-D model is a real work of art and I wish the model were available for public viewing like the TOS ship is. I’m such a fan of Andrew Probert’s design work.

        Actually, some of those CG renders were much better than I expected, though it was clearly the right choice to use miniatures back then. Once again, thanks for this! it was great to see.

        • Alien Timetraveller

          Man I love the 6-foot D. That is always gonna be the real Ent-D for me. Was sad they stopped using it in Season 3 (but understood the reasoning). There are some beautiful model shots on the BD’s. That’s half the reason I bought them. Its also why I was angry at not being able to watch THIS particular feature.

          • James

            Yeah, for me, this was the single most interesting little documentary. Shame it’s not longer. It’s also gone from YouTube.

            Maybe it’s on that season 1-7 complete voyages box set. I will check that out sometime.

      • Zarm

        Kurt, I’d given up hope on seeing this! Thanks so much!

    • Hi, the video link that was here has been removed. Please do not repost this link in our comments.

      • James

        ? I didn’t post any videos. However, message understood. I hope that one day I will have an opportunity see he footage on a future home media release.

    • idjets @ work

      This comment was deleted. Thanks for that!

    • Cosmoterran

      It’s now a free download on CinemaNow, as is “Shuttlepod One: Declassified,” although only in SD.

  • New Horizon

    While I think feeling upset and letdown by Season 2 is warranted, getting all in a huff over these minor errors is ridiculous. Nothing is perfect, absolutely nothing and the episodes were never going to perfectly match the originals. The original episodes had errors, some of which CBS fixed…and of course CBS had some of their own slip through but this was a herculean task. I think some folks just don’t have a firm grasp just how much work was involved in this restoration. Considering the time they had to do it and the sheer volume of film to sift through, restore and recomposite..the crew at CBS-Digital did an astounding job. Honestly, this is gold star work that should be applauded and encouraged. It’s the standard every company should aim for from now on.

    • Alien Timetraveller

      A few years ago I bought a new car from a dealership (not naming names). I drove it home and noticed there was a huge tear in the passenger side seat. I took it back and asked them how a brand new car could have a tear like that and you know what the Salesmen said to me? “Sir, Nothing is perfect..”

      • AdmNaismith

        The dealer should have replaced the seat.


        I’ve been watching S-2 on BBC America (the only season they are showing in HD, for some reason).
        I think the eps look stunning and have not noticed anything amiss. If CBS Digital want to keep futzing, have at it, but I would be happy to own these eps on disc.

        Now, about DS9…

  • archer9234

    I’m not surprised with S2. They’d have to pull a S3 stop. And basically pay for a 8th season to actually have fixed it back in 2012. As for the fixes here. Great. I don’t really care they’re stuck on Netflix. Most companies wouldn’t of even bothered. Shows how much CBS tried to reach perfection. Maybe a certain queen is hiding out in the 21 century.

    And other companies can’t even fix episode orders, and do minor menu graphic fixes to accommodate them. I’m looking at Universal and the Sliders DVD sets. Also, Paramount still not bothering with the DC of the movies.

    • TH

      >Shows how much CBS tried to reach perfection. Maybe a certain queen is hiding out in the 21 century.
      Most of the errors being corrected are digital effects issues and are relatively easy to fix – as the post says, most were fixed within 24 hours. I think it’s the team at CBS Digital in charge of the project that really care – and if the old seasons needed fixing while CBS was already paying them to be there, why not spend an hour fixing a minor bug so that if they ever DID use the remastered copies again, they’d be even better. I would be more curious if now that the seasons are all out and no one is working on them anymore (i.e. no more budget for the project) if they are still pulling up old episodes and doing fixes.
      Either way, it wouldn’t have cost much to CBS to make minor fixes in the masters – it’s only if the fixes have to be pushed out to consumers that it starts costing real money.
      Don’t get me wrong – kudos to the guys behind the project for not just declaring the work done and washing their hands of it, but I don’t think this shows a huge investment on CBS’s part. Also, since CBS Digital is effectively in-house, it doesn’t necessarily require them to call the original production house and have them do fixes- they already employ the people doing the work (I wonder if CBS Digital has all the files and whatnot needed to do anything they want to the even-number seasons even though those were done by outside companies. I’d hope CBS would request copies of all the work files so they could do their own fixes later on.

      • archer9234

        Companies are really lazy. We’re talking about fixing episode order on Sliders. It just takes them to reopen the DVD project files. Go to any wiki, and put them in order. Then go back to the menu’s and retype the ep titles per disc. Then relink each button. Something simpler than what TNG’s quick fixes are. And they can’t do it. 5 re-issues. Universal can’t do it even once. No editing, No re-encoding. Just menu and file reorganization. So I’ll be always be surprised when one company goes that one step more.

  • Zarm

    That one missing contact-flash in The Bonding. It’s a silly little thing, but knowing it’s there has always irked me. 🙂

    Ugh, though. I kinda wish the Blu-rays I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on were the definitive editions. Glad to have these fixes, but… sure wish they were purchasable on disc.

    • Alien Timetraveller

      Amen bro…

  • Mark Benjamin David

    S4 ep17 Night Terrors: hmmm, this appears to be fixed on the version Netflix is now streaming… there is a sound issue with the blu-rays, there are sound effects missing in some cases, the most obvious when Commander Riker walks through his quarters and turns around, there is nothing heard on the blu-rays (or volume was accidentally turned way down in the mix), but, there should be creaking type sounds…nice it’s fixed for streaming! …I have only S1-S5 blu-rays, so, I’ll be checking out S6 & S7 on Netflix until I can get those seasons on blu. I’m starting with S5 ep26 Time’s Arrow Pt1. 🙂

    …I’m guessing, if it’s streaming on Netflix, it should be available on iTunes & elsewhere? I still want the blu-rays for the higher quality and especially the special features, though.

    • trekcore

      Yes, this was another one I alerted CBS about when they were working on the show. -Adam

      • Mark Benjamin David

        I’m glad you caught it, it was a little disappointing on the BD, but, they did such a great job overall, not going to make a big deal out of it, I mean, I hope they are changing the masters so another run of the BDs will be fixed, but, not sure how the process works.

    • James Goss

      Good to know. But I think the scene still works without the sound, since it’s all in his head 😉

  • Guest

    I’m impressed with TNG-R, but I’m not completely satisfied:

    1.) If 4k is the maximum resolution of 35mm, then why didn’t CBS Digital have a company with a 4k scanner scan the original camera negatives at 4k? That way they wouldn’t have to re-remaster TNG again when they want to release a 4k version.

    2.) If I remember correctly, the upscaled footage in We’ll Always Have Paris was due to an original camera negative being damaged around the time of its cleaning. There’s also upscaled footage in episodes such as Power Play and The First Duty, which are very noticeable to me. I think if CBS would’ve tried a little harder, they probably would’ve found it the original camera negatives for those scenes like they did for Sins Of The Father.

    3.) Speaking of Sins Of The Father, I noticed that the remastering of it and The Inner Light are of lesser quality than the episodes that were remastered after the Blu-Ray sampler. Someone also mentioned the aspect ratio is a bit off in Sins Of The Father.

    4.) I know I’ll sound like a nitpicker for this, but why couldn’t they have recreated TNG-R’s starfields identically to the original versions? I’m 100% for correcting visual/FX errors (I also think they could’ve and should’ve digitally erased Crusher’s wristwatch from the season one episode it appeared in and digitally corrected Geordi’s uniform at the end of Yesterday’s Enterprise.

    .), but I think this starfield issue kind of goes into George Lucas territory.

    Slightly OT, but if anyone wants to see a really, really bad and inconsistent remastering full of laziness and upscaling, they should check the iTunes Store’s version of “Family Matters” (1989-1998).

    • jh389

      1) It’s been stated they didn’t have the budget for 4k remastering

      2) I’m really irked by you saying “I think if CBS would’ve tried a little harder”. You have no idea how much work went into finding all the film reels they actually did find.

      3) and 4) No comment on this OTT nonsense.

    • pittrek

      1) 4K is not the maximum resolution of 35mm. Working in 4K instead of 1080p means dealing with more visual information, the result would either take more time to finish, or would be much more expensive, or both.

      2) The footage was upscaled because they did have deadlines for delivering the final product, which means deadlines for finding all elements. If they didn’t find elements for an effects shot, they re-did it in CG, if they didn’t find the film elements for a live action shot, they upscaled the D1 master tape

      3) I didn’t notice any aspect ratio problems, but the Bluray shows more information on the sides than the DVD. Lesser quality? Well, define “lesser quality”.

      • archer9234

        He means Sins overscan frame mistake. The framing was zoomed up to match the Overscan visual area on CRT TV’s. And cut off the full frame extra area, when you disable that. It was never fixed in any version of the remaster.

      • John Morris

        Yes, 35mm maximum resolution is 4k. Whenever they have tried to scan at 8k or 6k it was pointless. not only did they get no more resolution but the picture got worse. It’s been proven.

    • archer9234

      The star fields are ILM star fields stitched together. So it’s authenticate. Just not in the original order. To do that. You’re asking someone to sit at a monitor and COUNT each one and place them back in. For each individual shot. Some shots have the original fields. But 99% it’s the stitched new ones.

    • Roman Cernjak

      one more upscaled shot – Second Chances, the shot with the two Rikers just after the opening credits. i think this is the only VFX shot with the rikers overlapping, others using splitscreen or simple editing with stand-ins. however i believe there have been multiple times in the series where actors interacted with one another, such as on the holodeck. why should this be any different, and in season 6?
      another nitpick thats probably a bit harder to fix – moving actors when they should be dead or frozen – the scientist woman in Who Watches The Watchers, Starfleet people and Romulans in Timescape, and various Holodeck characters in frozen programs.

      also, something which i dont know if its possible – all the hourlong episodes stitched together, with the extra scenes… maybe some of those were never meant to be viewed as 90-minute episodes. the thing is, the episodes were cut for time as there was a limit on broadcast length of each episode, and they had to make room for first episode end credits, the first episode recap and the second episode opening credits.
      in the stitched version, there is an extra scene somewhere in the episode (such as the lovely goodbye between picard and obrien in ds9’s Emissary)

  • Another Guest

    I should have brought this up long ago- in “Hide and Q”, when Q is an “Aldebaran Serpent”, the spinning lights orbiting the three snake heads freeze for half a second before cutting back to the bridge crew. The glitch is still there in the Netflix version.

  • TrekRules

    Honestly, these are minor issues. I watched Imaginary Friend not that long ago and never saw the bluescreen. I give CBS credit for fixing them but other than maybe the blue alert from Brothers, nothing was really that distracting – they could have left it as is. Did i read here that originally it was filmed as red alert and that in post they decided to change it to blue so they had to digitally alter the footage for that? I thought that was the reason why the dvd has blue but the blu-ray was red – since they changed it instead of refilming, the dvd was correct but they didn’t realize it with the blu-ray and just used the original footage.

    • trekcore

      Yes, the Blue Alert was done in post

  • spooky

    I’m glad they brought TNG to the HD market, even with these small errors. I still enjoy them, I won’t be bothering with the Netflix and iTunes re-releases. As for DS9 and Voyager, I live in hope that there will be an announcement in the future, if not then that is a shame.

    • John Morris

      I just read an article on that. I would give you the link but I don’t want to depress you, and Star Trek fans like ourselves deserve some hope. In a nutshell in would cost $20 million per show. That would mean $40 million for Voyager and DS9. There are no future plans to bring out these shows on HD according to CBS. But, if Star Trek Discovery (we get to watch on the Space Channel for free in Canada.) Is a success we may see CBS changing their minds. And of course the price for HD restoration will drop. What is $20 million now may well be $5 million ten years from now.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      Live long and prosper…

  • Eodeon

    It is certainly good that Netflix is paying such an attention to detail when Star Trek is concerned and that they strive to correct many issues overlooked before. It can never be perfect, I agree with that, but every little bit of improvement counts and there are lots of fans who are going to appreciate it.

  • Jan

    What I want is the show in 4k and 3d and all 2 parters as feature length presentation!

  • Jan

    Fix the sometimes vertical squished Enterprise of season 2

  • GIBBS v2

    This is awesome news! I had put off viewing STNG on netflix simply because the image quality was so bad I could’t stand to look at it.

  • pittrek

    It’s not fair for us who live in a country where we don’t have Netflix 🙁

  • Davey

    I Like That We who don’t have A HD TV’s or A Blue Ray Players yet, get a chance to see The Update Episodes on Netflix Website and Netflix App on TV but I one Big Complaint about Episodes Theme self All The Episode are NOT in Full Frame. I’m A Old School kinda Guy like to watch Star Trek and my other shows and movies in full frame I Know other will get a HDTV and blu-ray but had not updated yet. Some of The Episodes are in Full Frame Season 7 Episodes are all in full frame and the latter half of season 6 are but Season 1-6 are in this new box screen/frame that makes the screen small on my tv. Dose anybody know how to fix this? Will Netflix make the full frame again soon?

    • Matt Littledyke

      No the episodes are in full frame it’s just that it appears not to be because it was never filmed in widescreen format. When you see it full screen in standard definition it is stretched to fit the widescreen screen but it is not full screen as televisions that were around when it was first on air were not widescreen they didn’t exist until much later on. So the reason the picture looks like a box is because that is how it was originally filmed if they tried to make it full screen you would end up getting all the production equipment on screen. It just was never filmed to be in widescreen so what you see is the way it was always meant to be sort of a reverse widescreen effect with the black bars at the left and right of the screen rather than the top and bottom.

      • Davey

        Well, I Don’t own a Blu ray copy or player so I cant watch the documentary and if you go and watch season 7 on netflix it’s full frame and it fits my old sd tv screen but if i watch a season 4/5 it’s not fitting my screen at all so i don’t think it’s sd full frame at all

        • PatrickBatman

          Davey youtube:
          Why ST:TNG remastered Blu-Rays are not widescreen

        • John Morris

          Full frame means 1.33:1 ratio. As in your old T.V. But all the Treks on disk are 1.33:1 ratio except Enterprise. A special wide screen version of the original Trek was done for broadcast and streaming but on DVD/Blu-Ray it appears in it’s original 1.33:1 ratio.

    • John Morris

      WTF! Are you one of those Ware Panther backward hicks from Tru-Blood? Get an HD TV and a Blu-Ray player. They are dirt cheap. No argument.

      Star Trek TNG wasn’t filmed in a wide screen 1.85:1 ratio. It was filmed in T.V.’s old 1.33:1 ratio (it is actually 1.37:1 ). Those bars at the side are normal. Simple solution:Just hit the wide button on your HD T.V. or you can set your Blu-Ray player to 16:9 wide. Same thing, but it does it automatically. Now you will lose some picture but only a little bit at the top and the bottom. It’s not near the same thing as pan and scan (Going from a 1.85:1 wide picture to a shrunk ass 1.33:1 picture you got now.) With the old pan and scan you lost lost a lot of the picture.

      Just take that old boxy 1.33:1 Blu-Ray Star Trek TNG and hit wide….

  • Thomas Elkins

    I’ve been watching TNG remastered on Netflix, but when I reach “All Good Things…” the episode is the non-remastered version. Why do they have every single episode except the series finale remastered on here?

  • JaffaKree

    Would be nice if they fixed everything and release the show in 4K blurays – INSTANT BUY!

    • John Morris

      Nope. 4k is catching on and it will become the dominant format within 5 years. Does it seem like everyone is buying 4k TV? Think about it – ever one now has a HD T.V. but the sales of Star Trek TNG were disappointing. So why would a new format that has only 10 percent penetration into the market be an instant buy? Believe it or not there are people out there (I know some of them) who are still stuck on DVD. One man even complained that the image looked too good. I have a friend who thought Blu-Ray had disappeared. What movies are out now in 4k (at $30 a pop)? Big bugdet action movies. The big money is in re-releases. Gone With The Wind in 4k.

      No screw that: Voyager and DS9 remastered in 4k.

  • Data

    Rascals: Fix the Classroom 7/8 mistake.
    Code of Honor: Fix/Cut 1 sec. where picard crazy is ripping up his mouth when he enters the turbolift whith the awayteam by leaving the bridge.

  • Data

    Reframe the scene in “Who watches the watchers” where the woman on sickbay just died and one still can see her breathing, because her belly is appearing in and out the frame edge.

  • bcarr112281

    I was just watching “Sarek” on Netflix (episode 3.23). A blue screen is visible behind Picard during the scene in his ready room, at around 23:00:

    • bossk

      I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder!

  • David Molinarolo

    My biggest problem with the TNG-R project was the inconsistent rendering of some of the live-action VFX. Specifically the Transporter Beam effects. In one or more of the seasons, may have been 2 and 4, it’s as if they were still in fuzzy SD. But other than that, I found the overall project to be pretty satisfactory.

  • Paul

    Another beam in and beam out error in the Blu-Ray 11001001, I’m not sure if anyone mentioned it:
    -About 35 mins into the episode, when Picard and Riker beam out of the transport room, take a look at the red-alert flasher on the top left. It wasn’t handled well in the dissolve. The original version was perfect.
    -Similar issue when they beam into the bridge at 35 mins. Watch the Red-Alert flashers; they aren’t flashing at the beginning, then as they materialize, the flashers start flashing. The original version was corrrect.

    Looks like these, and the previously mentioned Geordi/Data beam-ins were botched. If they can get these simple things right in the 1980s, why can’t they do it right now?

    Hopefully, they can fix these progessively in Netflix versions.

    • PatrickBatman

      Because CBS Digital had to cut from the negative and look through tons and tons of tape. They were also really pressed for time. So before they could do all the “post” vfx they had to find the episodes and then specific takes with every place that needed these effects and then give it to their effect guy by then he didnt have much time. If the people at CBS digital didn’t have bosses and schedules, as fans as well they would of taken their sweet time on it because they love the series as much if not more than we do.

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    Still hoping against hope that one day CBS will get around to upgrading DS9 and Voyager, as well. In an age of 8k releases, standard definition is just inacceptable.

    • John Morris

      Man I am out of touch. What 8k releases? I know there are a few 8k monitors out there, but most people still own 1080P HD monitors. Only a few stations can broadcast in 4k. All the 4k material out there on television is either sports, news, talk shows, and the small amount of new shows being shot in 4k. The 8k you are referring to is the pseudo 8k demos that are circulating around the web. 8k will never catch on with consumers. Why? The maximum resolution of 35mm camera negative is 4k. At the most. That is what makes 4k so incredible. But 8k scans of a 35mm film will not yield anymore resolution. Years ago they tried scanning at 8k and it made the film look worse. Don’t get caught in the numbers game. Most directors hate shooting in HD. Why? Too much depth of feild. Some directors will actually fill the indoor sets with smoke to lower the depth of feild. This was done frequently on the show, “Stargate Atlantis.” And some are refusing to shoot in 4k for similar reasons. 1080p is fine. With DVD the picture was good but you always felt something was missing. Just my opinion but an upconverted 480p DS9 DVD set to wide screen looks damn good. But at $20 million dollar price tag, it will be a cold day in Hell before CBS pays for the restoration of DS9. 525 NTSC can look good when you are looking at professional tansfer to DVD. DS9 was shot very dark and a SD transmission or compressed web streaming will never do it justice. If you don’t own the series on disk, buy it. Trust me, DS9 will look way better upconverted on your TV. then on Netflix.

  • Kenneth Hammer

    With iTunes having the TNG Seasons in HD, are they the corrected versions like on Netflix, or are they the Blu-ray Disk Versions?