Over at Yahoo! News, they are spilling some new secrets from a visit to the STAR TREK BEYOND set from earlier this summer — starting with our first comments on Sofia Boutella and her role in the upcoming film.

After revealing that her warrior character’s name is ‘Jaylah,’ some insight from her exhausting experience comes from director Justin Lin.

I put Sofia through hell in her intro fight, and we had to go take after take after take. It was four days of really pushing it. She was so pumped up and she just went for it. It looks great. I’m excited for that.


The BEYOND trailer showcased what seem to be the planned team-ups in the film: pairing Chekov and Kirk; Sulu and Uhura; Scotty with Jaylah; Spock with McCoy. As Zachary Quinto details, they’re going to have to find a way to save the day despite their disparate locations:

Circumstances dictate that we’re not all in this together. We have to divide in order to conquer. We’re off in unconventional pairings; there’s a real sense of scrambling to defeat our common enemy.


While the cast may seem to get in a lot of trouble in this new adventure, don’t let their headliner status keep you from thinking they will be safe and sound, as co-writer Simon Pegg explains.

This is a different reality, you know. Just because [William Shatner’s] Kirk and those guys lived until they were in their 70s, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this universe. All bets are off. We’ve started again. It’s nice to have that element of unpredictability.


As for that deadly cloud of destruction that hits the Enterprise in the early moments of the film? Let Zoe Saldana tell you about that:

The Swarm is what we’re calling it — it’s all these little ships moving in synchronicity like a school of fish in the ocean.


Lastly, Chris Pine talks about how this third film brings things full circle:

The first film was about establishing the characters. The second film was about taking it into a darker place, which was the in-vogue thing circa the ‘Batman’/’Dark Knight’ era.

For us ‘Beyond’ is re-establishing — especially in the 50th anniversary of the Enterprise — of the world of ‘Star Trek’, re-establishing why ‘Star Trek’ is uniquely its own beast. It’s funny, it’s got a total sense of humor.

…but when it comes to action and adventure, the captain lays it all out in a way that may not please some of you.

I can definitively say [‘Beyond’] has the most action out of any one we’ve done so far. People who like summer blockbusters and like shit blowing up will like this.

Hang on tight.


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  • scotchyscotchscotch

    Encouraging comments from the Captain (the first quote at least:))

  • Martin

    Beyond looks like the tv series ‘the 100’ which is a brilliant show.

  • The Spock-McCoy duo will be the most fun to watch, no doubt. Simon Pegg is a bit selfish to pair himself with The Woman, but at least not as conventional as it would be Kirk.
    This could go both wrong and right.

    Also, Pegg is pulling our strings with the potential death card, but I don’t think he’d play it out.

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    I looked up the trailer for First Contact after Beyond and there is an explosion almost every other shot.

    So there you go.

  • Visitor1982

    Awful, just awful. This is not Star Trek.

  • Martin Spence

    Well… we shall see… they did the same marketing tactic for Generations, for First Contact and for Insurrection. Nemesis was more a sad tale of our heros last mission together.

    We’re all rushing to judge this movie based on a one minute trailer that really… tells us almost nothing at all. I want more information on Star Trek Beyond before I decide whether or not I’m interested… So.. we shall see how this goes… besides… its showcased as Kirk’s story… AGAIN!

    • Maya Quinto

      I remember ALL the theorizing after the trailers for STID came out.


  • CoolGeek

    I love Star Trek and i love blockbuster action movies so im sure this film will be a great time at the flicks.Cant wait!

  • James

    Every single Trek film, with the exception of STIV has featured ‘shit blowing up’.

    It seems like some people want a chin-strokingly thoughtful film (on what subject, I’m not quite sure), but the closest Trek has come to that type of film is TMP – a film that even it’s most ardent of fans would surely concede is a little bit dull.

    Episodes like ‘The Measure of a Man’ or ‘Ethics’ – what I’d term the ‘GCSE balloon bubble debate episodes’ simply wouldn’t make for a good movie. The only two movies that really feature a social commentary are 4 (conservation message),6 (the fall of the soviet union) and Into Darkness (America loosing it’s moral values after 9/11).

    • Maya Quinto

      Yeah and look at the shitestorm the 9/11 allegory blew up among some fans …

      I really love your phrase “chin-strokingly thoughtful” because some fans revere that idea. And you’re absolutely right, that doesn’t sell many movie tickets.

      It would, however, work in long-form television. Picture McConaughey in “True Detective”!

    • Botany Cameos

      Agreed so much.

      And most of the haters tend to pretend that STID was all action and no message, which is ludicrous.

    • I’d say Insurrection has a social commentary… specifically about moving people against their will and such, for your own benefit.

  • erock9202

    I know Pegg likes to pull our leg with teases. However, I feel like Bones may be in the hot seat when it comes to the death card. We hardly see him in the trailer. He is in one clip. We don’t even see him in the beginning of the trailer when the crew is in the new/old ship. I’m worried guys…

    • Maya Quinto

      Nah, I doubt it. Karl is devoted to Trek, and McCoy’s a main character. My bet is Chekov, because even some fans have said he should be killed off, as being nearly extraneous. Not that I agree. Maybe it’ll be Keenser. That would please some others. Or, gods forbid, Uhura, because there’s been a lot of noise about her “replacing” McCoy (or, replacing Kirk in Spock’s “affections” — the less said about that, the better — talk about “too many misters, not enough sisters”).

      Maybe Pegg wants more freedom because he’s making more movies now, or maybe Urban’s agent urged him not to sign on for future movies as did Pine and Quinto because he may have been, insultingly, offered le$$.

      We won’t know until the spoilers or until we see the film.

    • Alan Light

      And Pine/Quinto are signed to a 4th movie. Not Karl….

      • madmadia85

        Zoe Saldana hadn’t signed for a 4th movie either, for the record, and she’s their third credited character. We only heard about Pine/Quinto because their agents work in the same agency and they are the main characters.

    • madmadia85

      you shouldn’t be. I think you see less of Bones because he usually has a more static role and they probably didn’t have more shots of him that really fit with the tone of this trailer. Notice you barely see Spock too. Wait for other trailers.