After months of anticipation, we finally got our first look at director Justin Lin’s STAR TREK BEYOND this morning, after leaked version of the German-language trailer made its way online this weekend.

Now that we’ve got a good look at the trailer, let’s break it down!


Starting off with the familiar faces of the Enterprise crew — though these shots are pretty clearly culled together from different points in the film — the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”, last heard in the opening moments of the 2009 Star Trek film, rocks us into the world of STAR TREK BEYOND.

Scotty taking inventory of the crew’s tech?
Note Scotty in the background behind Kirk in this image.
Sulu at the helm, with seatbelt on.
Chekov is tucked away in the other room to the left.
Note Spock’s flight jacket; the shoulder patch reads USS FRANKLIN.
Uhura watching the team.
We’re immediately tossed into at overwhelming attack on the Enterprise.
The port nacelle is blown clean off of the Enterprise.
Bye bye, warp drive.
A massive swarm severs the Enterprise saucer section from the drive section below.
A swarm of alien craft bombard the Enterprise, seemingly designed to penetrate a starship’s outer hull like Cullah’s Kazon shuttlecraft.
Breaching the hull.
One alien soldier fights a goldshirt — Kirk, pre-crash — on the Enterprise.

As the crew abandons the Enterprise, we see Kirk launch an escape pod right from the bridge, later watching the detached saucer section fall to the planet below.

About to give the abandon-ship order. That’s one high collar.
You can stop asking why there’s only one turbolift: the bridge has its own escape pods.
Kirk leaves the ship in gold.
The primary hull descends through the atmosphere.
And it seems that the saucer mostly survives the descent, as Kirk approaches the wreckage with the help of a mysterious alien…
…who seems to be part of the Enterprise crew as she arrives in a Starfleet escape pod.
Could this alien woman be Lydia Wilson?
Meanwhile Kirk and Chekov explore the interior of the downed vessel.
Hard to have a rip in the hull like that while still in orbit.
The wreckage also gives us our first look at these “swarm soldiers”.
Oh look, it’s G’Kar, back from “Beyond” the rim! (get it?)
The few escape pods that make it to the surface seem spread out in the wilderness: Chekov lands in the Squamish forest area…
…while Scotty donned an oxygen mask while strapping himself into a photon torpedo casing, only to end up teetering on the edge of a cliff.
This torpedo design was last seen holding some frozen dude.

McCoy and an injured Spock, however, end up at the Pitt River Quarries:




Sofia Boutella’s alien warrior gets to show off her skills:




Scotty connects some cables — to perhaps blow the stardrive section?
Chekov and Kirk get blasted through the air at Kent Hangar Field.

Most of the Enterprise crew, however, seem to have gone down with the ship as Sulu and Uhura are among the Starfleet refugees being herded together by the alien soldiers at the quarry.

The march of the saucer survivors.
Keenser’s separated from Scotty — hope the little guy can take care of himself.
Uhura and Sulu watch as the soldiers start something cruel…
…and they’re powerless to stop it.

Meanwhile, Sofia Boutella shows Simon Pegg something mysterious:


“…only on CBS All Access?!”

Some of the soldiers make it to a Federation outpost in Dubai, as Kirk takes aim:




Lastly, as Sofia Boutella fights off one of the soldiers…


Dom launches himself into the air via car crash, narrowly saving Letty from sudden death.





Wait. That’s not right.

Just kidding!

Kirk launches himself into the air via motorbike (also last seen in Trek ’09), and the pair beam away together.

Maybe he bought a new motorbike to replace his one from Iowa?
Space Motocross: the ultimate evolution of the wheeled arts.

1241 1961








While we don’t yet have a fully picture of the STAR TREK BEYOND storyline, this trailer gives us the first ideas of where the film will take us — but one interesting note here is that even though they were jettisoned from the writing team, it seems that Roberto Orci, JD Payne, and Patrick McKay are still receiving some kind of writing credit on the film.


We want to know what you think: sound off in the comments below!


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  • Thomas Elkins

    I think the movie looks fun. I guess this means I’m not be a “true” Star Trek fan? Hey, I grew up with and own the originals which I’ve watched many, many times so that kind of logic isn’t going to fly. Believe it or not but some of us can actually enjoy the old and the new.

    • Harry M.

      I think it looks fun, too.

    • Botany Cameos

      Hear, hear!

      Besides, enjoying both the old and the new just shows that we care about Trek as a whole, instead of only liking a bit of it and not caring whatever happens to the rest. It doesn’t get anymore true fan than that. 🙂

      It’s funny that the haters would dare claim anyone is “not a true fan” when they are the ones who have the most un-Trekkie behaviors possible. Aside from their frequent hoping the franchise would die, I’m still bitter about the time so many of the haters disturbed the memorial posts for Leonard Nimoy by spamming it with anti-reboot hatred. Of it all, that was the most clear proof that they have no respect and aren’t actual fans.

    • Sean

      It looks amazingly fun and I’m excited to see it.

    • scotchyscotchscotch

      Amen brother, I feel the exact same way.

    • John Bush

      Different strokes. I’m a purist, but they make the movies a certain way because they want to make money. I can’t fault them for it, and they are pretty entertaining. As whether you’re a “true” fan, your opinion is the only one that matters…

    • OphidianJaguar


    • Same here! 🙂

    • James

      Amen to that.
      I can still remember people lambasting TNG as total garbage when it came out in 1987! Now it’s considered to be a classic.

      • John Bush

        IMO, the original version of Trek was wonderful TV in the first season. Very good second season, and pretty uneven in the final season. Budget & Roddenberry’s frequent absences probably to blame. For me, the first season of TNG was fascinating but bad. Season 3 onward was generally very, very good. Definitely cancelled before it “jumped the shark.” Strangely, all incarnations of Trek, save TOS, seemed to be cancelled while they were still well-written–ENTERPRISE was actually very good in Season 4. Agree/disagree?

        • pafan

          TNG, DS9 & Voyager were not “cancelled” in the normal sense. Paramount considered 7 seasons to be sufficient for a return on their investment. I think TNG Season 7 showed a marked decline in quality over years 3-6.
          Enterprise was only picked up for a 4th season to create roughly 100 shows for the syndication package.

        • Credo

          If you should ask me which series i like the most, i would have a hard time making a choice…. I love everything Star Trek, every serie/movie/game has it good and bad. And for every new movie and from now on serie i get very excited. Even for a new season in Star Trek Online which i personally consider to be Canon xd i wish Enterprise wasn’t canceled though :/

    • GIBBS v2

      Beam me up! I love the cast and I the look of Nu Trek! I have had a great time watching these movies and a new Trek movie gets me even more excited for the new series and visa versa. LONG LIVE TREK IN ALL ITS FORMS & ITERATIONS! (Except that terrible video game from a couple years ago) But I take the good with the bad and love it all.

    • The Curious Quarian

      I never understand how “letting it die” with dignity is a bad thing when it comes to Trek? Some people are so desperate for new material claiming to be Star Trek that they’re willing to accept ANYTHING that can throw some nifty SFX and a few familiar catch phrases their way, and lie to themselves pretending it’s good or that it fits into what they originally fell in love with to rationalize their mixed feelings towards it… Compromising on the integrity of the material to simply maintain its existence is why I don’t have much respect for a lot of Star Trek “fans” these days… It would be like you surviving a zombie apocalypse and your family got bitten, died and turned into zombies and even though they’re dead and you know it, you still keep their reanimated corpses locked up in your basement because you just don’t want to live without them, even if it’s not really *them* anymore… This “Nu Trek” is the same way: at face value it merely echoes its past self, but doesn’t retain any of the deeper qualities that made it what it once was. Now, am I advocating for the total disavowing of the new stuff or any new takes on the franchise? Not really. The Abramsverse has it’s highlights and aspects I genuinely enjoy and in some cases wish the original Treks could have adopted before they faded into antiquity. Am I saying all the past stuff was A+ material? Nope. Far from it. But I’m not going to kid myself by pretending that, given the choice, I’d pick what Star Trek is now over a version that was more faithful to the original, should some other studio come up with one. I guess I just mean to say it’s rather upsetting that in order to keep “Star Trek” we had to sacrifice what set it apart from 90% of what’s already out there…

      • Silverfox Jenkins

        Well said and I agree. Reminds me of Mad Max remake. Strip away the car crashes and desert and it really doesn’t have any of the components that made the originals great. I’ll still most likely check out the new Trek in theaters to support the franchise. Hollywood has no problem letting a movie/series die permanently if it doesn’t bring home the bacon. I’m looking forward to the next reboot and hoping one day it will.

    • Credo

      I am a die hard Prime Universe fan, and i enjoyed those first 2 reboots, but i think this one is going to be the best one. I like those new uniforms a lot. Based on the trailer, i think this will also bring us the best reboot story.

  • Botany Cameos

    That mid-air beaming is WAY cooler than the aerials from Fast and Furious. Nothing really in common other than grabbing for the hands. 🙂

    I don’t like the Enterprise being destroyed, but the trailer is looking interesting, especially the dynamic of Spock and Bones together/searching for Kirk who is stranded. Very TOS.

    Also, lots of potential with the whole theme of “The frontier pushes back” and how exploration is harmless for some but is invasion in the eyes of some. Same for Federation colonies… I look forward to seeing how they’ll treat that theme!

    • scotchyscotchscotch

      I think so too. We were all begging for new worlds, to see exploration, and it’s pretty clear that we are not only going to see new worlds/races, but the ramifications of exploration as well.

    • archer923

      Well, it’s the 3rd film. They had to steal something from Search For Spock. It’s destroying the Enterprise.

  • I guess they credited Orci and the others, because they “invented” this alternate universe. I wouldn’t think of too much in it, all news were about that the studio throw out the original script, and Pegg had to start it clear. Maybe very basic things or smaller ideas were used from the first one, but who knows.

    BTW, I loved the “only on CBS All Access” capture. 😀 😀

    This trailer gives us very little about the plot, it was really just an action-packed trailer, to get the attention – of the big crowd, who will watch it before SW. I found your retweet from Devin Faraci very interesting, which says “Expect a villain who challenges Federation philosophically.”

    • Ok, never mind my first paragraph, I just read on twitter, that they had to actually work on it and paid for it to appear as writers. Maybe they were involved at the first brainstorming sessions.

  • dsr_nyc

    Looks like it might be fun. Hate the new collars on the uniforms. The new transporter effect looks neat too. (The F&F reference in the article was hilarious btw.)

  • John Dough

    Could’ve done without the silly Fast and Furious gag.

    Strangely, I enjoyed the trailer more seeing pictures of it rather than as a trailer. Reminds me of Batman v Superman. The first teaser trailer for that was awfully underwhelming. I feel the same here, it’s about as un-Trek as you can get.

    • Just having a bit of fun!

      • jerr

        That was the second best part. The CBS streaming thing was the best gag!

      • OphidianJaguar

        The gag was jokes!

  • John Dough

    My own guess is that there was some row between Orci, Payne and McKay to get a credit for work they may already have done. There’s been a few cases recently where a writer has taken a film or studio to litigation to get a credit for something. There was a case I read about sometime this year and it *could* have been Michael Arndt getting a credit for The Force Awakens.

    • October_1985

      Orci explains it in the comments section of the trailer article on the Trekmovie, it seems more a case of regulations and such and no litigation or row involved.

  • I’m sure it will be entertaining, but it emphasises to me why we need a Trek show on TV. Let the movie be a fast paced, action spectacular, and the show can tackle things a bit more thoughtfully.

  • Spock’s ears look terrible! Why are the points nearly horizontal, instead of vertical? Is he wearing his racing ears?

    • Marshall Nabors

      First bad thing I noticed while stepping thru the trailer.

    • Methos6848

      Great catch! I hadn’t noticed this whilst watching the trailer, nor whilst reviewing the screencaps here. Yet, gear/techhead that I often am, I absolutely noticed the subtle differences with the phaser pistols. They’ve now got a rectangular/horizontal emitter nozzle; which still looks like it might have that swing-switch ‘kill/stun’ action…though that emitter nozzle reminds me more of the TMP/TWOK phasers rather than the TSFS/FF/TUC phasers that seemed to influence the phaser pistol design of the last two JJ films.

      For the record, aesthetically, I’m a TOS/TSFS guy, with the TSFS phaser being my all-time favorite design.

      That said, there’s plenty to be said in details and Spock’s ears seem to have been a sorely overlooked detail this go around!

    • Kaine Morrison

      Yup. Noticed straight away!

    • I am not Herbert

      heh! racing ears! ROFLMAO =D

  • Regarding the writers, note the difference in the use of “and” and “&.” Simon Pegg and Doug Jung worked together on it, so they get an ampersand (“&”). Orci, et al, worked together on their version so they get ampersands between them, but they did not collaborate with Pegg & Jung, thus the separation by “and.”

    That they are credited at all points to either: 1. some elements of Orci, et al’s script survived in Pegg’s or 2. contractual obligations or studio shenanigans force them to get credit. (See below.)

    This actually has come up before in Star Trek. On VI, Nimoy and Meyer got ampersands, while the studio-backed but ultimately useless writing duo of Konner & Rosenthal were separated from Nimoy & Meyer with an “and.” (More on that story here:

    • Captain Jon

      Not necessarily. Given that they were hired to write the movie and did their part, I think that Orci & company are entitled to be given writing credit even if no elements of their script were used. I could be wrong on that point but I thought that was a Writer’s Guild requirement or something like that. Pegg himself even said he didn’t see anything from Orci’s script so they likely completely discarded it and they’re only being given a courtesy credit.

      • Eric Cheung

        Yeah, that’s covered by the #2 point in Lords’ post.

      • John Hughes

        I’d love to see the original discarded script…even if it’s in a graphic novel form!

  • John Bush

    Looks like a typical action-packed Abrams Star Trek movie–Star Trek in name only, but probably a well-done action movie full of Transformers-style explosions and plot holes. Two hours of entertainment for some; two hours of “what could have been” for others. Looks like poor ol’ Enterprise still has some “made in China” shields. Not a movie I would stand in line for, but give them credit–they sell tickets. For those of you who haven’t seen it, check out the PRELUDE TO AXANAR short on YouTube.

    • DemosCat

      Shield maintenance was outsourced to a Ferengi company called Quark Tech with a Cardasian parts supplier.

    • pafan

      Agreed. This trailer didn’t exactly excite me. I also tire of the Enterprise being thrown over the shoulder like an empty beer can. STIII set a bad precedent.
      On some level, it will be entertaining. I hope………….

    • OphidianJaguar

      Prelude to Axanar is awesome, I was three times a donor (the prelude kickstarter, the Axanar kickstarter and the Axanar indiegogo) just received all my perks in the mail last week, including the blu-ray. I am looking forward to the Axanar film as well. For me, Axanar is true Star Trek. Although I like all Trek including the new movies and am very much looking forward to Beyond…im much more excited for Axanar than I am Beyond. I hope the new TV series will do Star Trek justice and continue the essence of Star Trek and not simply the name.

      • John Bush

        Axanar does look fantastic. Other than the Transformers style explosions that leave poor Enterprise looking like something made out of tin, the characters many of us came to appreciate are now reduced to caricatures. It’s obvious some of the folks here love the Abrams’ version, and it’s good someone is making a version of Trek that sells tickets. What I miss most in these movies is the over-emphasis on explosions and plot-holes, at the expense of a coherent story that concentrates on the crew. Scotty was never a clown jester in the series or movies, and McCoy was much more than a cranky old doctor spouting out one-liners. In one sense, I envy those who can enjoy the Abrams’ version of Trek w/o comparing it to the material it is based upon. Doesn’t mean they are not true fans or shallow–they just prefer the current incarnation. Ticket sales don’t lie.

      • Silverfox Jenkins

        Didn’t even know about these. Pretty awesome. Keeps the heart of Star Trek alive!

  • Zenstrive

    It’s more like Star Fast & Trek Furious….

    • vincanss

      Let’s hope it does that sort of business then!

  • Clinton

    I think it will be a fun ride. Happily, it seems like a lot of other people here think so, too. And any substantial proof of how “Trek” it is is yet to be revealed. A teaser can only do so much.

  • Mrplatitude

    The writer’s guild tends to credit first writers on films, even if their work goes mostly unused. According to Pegg he never even saw the Orci and Co’s original script.

    As for the trailer, it looks fun! No Earth, lots of aliens, I’m excited.

    • cyclotis

      Isn’t the attack on that city on Earth?

      • Kaine Morrison

        Seems that way.
        Looks like Dubai is standing in for San Francisco.

        • BotanyCameos

          I was under the impression it was a Federation colony elsewhere? So maybe a situation like when they made a colony too close to unexplored areas in TOS and the Gorn destroyed it.

          No way to know for sure just yet, though.

  • Marshall Nabors

    Like the Kirk hair. Love the “new” transporter effect. Hope they changed the blasters back into phasers. Those better not be Klingons.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Ha, I liked the same things as well. Pine with the Kirk style hair and the new transporter effect is WAAAY better. Never cared for the swirls of light, much prefer the sparkle sparkle, more akin to classic trek.

      • Marshall Nabors

        yeah… something always bothered me about the 2009 transporter and now I know… Spock’s getting a SWIRLY!!!

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I liked the callback to Star Trek V.

  • Philip Eventide

    I don’t think it was a good trailer. However the more I look watch it, I notice how TOS the story seems. Enterprise crew gets captured by unknown race, Enterprise severely damaged with no help coming, Kirk and spock escape. Our Captain has to rescue crewmembers and other aliens who are being held against their will. I don’t understand how anyone can says its not Star Trek. We have seen this plot on virtually every show. I think we are literally going to see a TOS episode with a multi million dollar budget.

  • Alex Blais

    Sofia Boutella’s character, what race is that? Have they ever appeared in any ST serie?

    • Kaine Morrison

      No idea.
      If it has appeared before, it looks vastly different that what it originally had.
      Look at what they did to the Gorn.
      Completely unrecognizable!

  • Captain Jon

    I can’t remember which article it was in but I’m pretty sure I predicted several months ago when we saw that crashed starship that the Enterprise would crash and they would likely use time travel to save her. Guess we’ll see if the time travel aspect turns out. It would definitely be a way of bringing Shatner aboard for the 50th anniversary celebration!

  • William Peck

    I’m going to be open minded as always. I just think its funny that “Into Darkness” borrowed so much from the “Wrath of Khan”. Now we maybe looking at the destruction of the Enterprise (if this is the case), just like in the “Search for Spock”. lol

  • Vincent Perkins

    Dont know what to think of this, I liked the new movies, but felt the Trek sprit (if you can call it that) was getting sidelined to make it more a sci fi action flick and this trailer makes it seem they pulled Trek even more that way. I think it slightly more annoying when you see Star Wars trailers and how close to the source material them seem to be heading and it really feel like its going to be a new Star wars film, but this just feel Fast & Furious in space.

  • Section31

    Does Spock have red blood now?

  • Eric Cheung

    It does finally seem at least less villain-focused than the past three films. It looks a bit more like it’s shooting for something along the lines of Insurrection or Star Trek V, in that we do get to see an alien civilization and some kind of revolt perhaps, but hopefully better realized than in those films. It looks lighter and a bit more problem-solving than villain-killing, so it looks promising. I’m cautiously optimistic that this might finally feel a bit more like TV Trek, but with movie Trek action and over-sized emotion. I noticed that Orci, McKay, and Payne are still credited, so I wonder how much of their script is still there. I’d guess possibly the rough story or at least the premise, but possibly less.

    It seems like most of the complaints are about the music and the action. I don’t mind either. I welcome action. What I don’t want is violence, death, and villains. Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian all had action without violence, destruction, and apocalypse. Are we sure the ship being destroyed isn’t the Yorktown, as reported before? The registry number isn’t visible, and the crew could very well be on that ship.

    I hope that even if there is an antagonist “this is where the frontier pushes back” that he and Kirk meet halfway and learn about each other like in the best of Trek.

  • Zarm

    …Well, I liked the new transporter effect. That’s cool. and the Spock/McCoy bit was funny.

  • I am not Herbert

    …looks like nu-kirk wants to be Captain America (or bucky?) =P

  • Holy smokes! Nice trailer breakdown! How do you think Abrams will do with Star Wars? Is it a better match than Trek? An article and poll:

  • Okay, everybody can calm down now. Justin Lin participated in a roundtable conversation, and he said the right things. I’m sure TrekCore will cover it soon.

    Until that, a few things to mention:
    – Orci and his team wasn’t involved in the new script and they didn’t reuse a bit of it
    – they politely ignore STID
    – regarding the F&F comparisons, when he saw, the motorcycle part in the trailer, he was like: “aw shit”
    – Idris Elba’s character will challenge Kirk’s and the Federation’s ideals
    – Spock and Uhura, erm… no idea, but he won’t make a big deal about it, I guess

    He also talked a lot about his motivations, his relationship with Star Trek, and he thinks that philosophy and humanity is a very important part of ST. Let’s hope, he could put his thoughts properly in the movie!

  • LibsAreWrong

    Star Trek was ruined by liberals. JJ and Orca.

    • What? Are JJ and Orci liberals? What do you base that on? Just the “anyone in the entertainment industry is a liberal” line of thought?

      • LibsAreWrong

        Blow me. You know what I speak of. Don’t act like the retard you are.

  • LibsAreWrong

    At least Kirk has his hair parted on the right side this movie. The sideburns are still wrong.

  • The trailer unfortunately feels like “been there, done that” during most of its running time. Obviously they can only show so much during a trailer. There wasn’t a “A-Ha!” or “Wow!” moment in it for me. That worries me when I figure they’re trying to wow us. But it’s just a trailer in the end, they often have a completely different pace and tone compared to the movie. Fingers crossed!

  • Another thought. It’s fascinating to me that with Star Wars, J.J. is embracing the backstory and making a sequel, but with Star Trek it was all about discarding what had come before as unnecessary baggage. I’ll admit, I find that slightly offensive, and I know that is probably an over-reaction, but there it is. I enjoyed Star Trek 2009, disliked Darkness, and in the end basically look at these movies as being akin to the Shatner-verse of books. It’s J.J.’s remaking of Trek into something he would have actually enjoyed as a kid (which I think speaks more to J.J.’s nature than to Star Trek’s).

  • Greg Tait

    I love star trek – all of them… Some people just want the same thing over and over… I can’t wait to see it..

  • Luke

    PLEASE BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(((((((((((( Otherwise the future of trek could hang in the balance :///

  • iamawild

    The shot of Kirk with the dark sunglasses on reminds me of the photograph of the ‘time-travelling hipster’ from the 1940’s:

  • Charles W. Rollins

    Where is Shatner? Orci’s script had Nimoy and Shatner in a very good role, essential to the story. Where is Shatner now? If he is not in it, then I will not see it. I mean for goodness sakes, this is supposed to be a 50th Anniversary celebration film. No Shatner? They just lost my ticket money and I may not even get the DVD.

  • Susan Dietz

    I can’t wait for this film. It looks like fun. I don’t understand people who go crazy over what’s in the first trailer. This is just to get our attention (and those at the Star Wars premiere) for the 50th anniversary film next year. I’m a Trekker from way back and, while reticent when JJ Abrams was going to reboot Trek, I fell in love with the film and the actors who played my favorite characters. (Loved Into Darkness as well.) So, I can’t wait until July 2016 when Beyond is released.

  • Nathan Kaiser

    I wonder what NuTrek NCC-1701-A will look like 🙂

  • Matrix

    This was a great read. Very funny.

  • A.j. Catalano

    I was very happy to see my oxygen mask I designed and built get a lot of screen time.