Just a week after announcing their new Star Trek: The Next Generation soundtrack set — going on sale January 12 — La-La Land has also finally confirmed that their long-rumored Star Trek: Voyager soundtrack collection is also in the pipeline.


Announced on their Facebook page, La-La Land’s Voyager news is the second of multiple Star Trek soundtrack releases we’re expecting to see from the company this year, including another rumored Enterprise collection (following up on their 2014 set) and an additional Deep Space Nine release.

Producer Ford Thaxton, who we interviewed in 2013 about the first La-La Land Deep Space Nine Collection, fueled the fires about a possible DS9: Volume II set:


With all soundtrack releases, we likely won’t know specific release schedules or track listings until just before the sets go up for order — but stay tuned to TrekCore and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as we learn more!


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  • archer923

    Thank you. I need my Voyager.

  • jackson roy kirk

    YES!!!! I have saved money for this!!!! I am down with all those Soundtracks!! I Love You La La Land!!

  • grandadmiralbinks

    My wishes have been fulfilled!

  • Zarm

    At long last! I really hope they have the Scorpion soundtrack on there. And Dark Frontier.

    • James

      For the Dark Frontier track you can get the iconic opening bit from Worf kills Gowron on the DS9 set

  • James

    Thank goodness, I finished Scorpion last night and I’m always amazed by the soundtrack!

  • Huzzah! That’s more like it!

  • Nodar

    Finally! Thank you! Voyager needs some lovin’ every now and then too.

  • grandadmiralbinks

    I will buy a possible DS9 vol. 2 without hesitation. In my opinion, DS9 has the best music. I cannot get enough of the 2013 Collection.

  • Christopher Vogt

    Anyone here any news on a release date?

  • Christopher Vogt

    An update guys.. i emailed La La Land yesterday. ST: Voyager’s collection is due out January 2017. Can’t wait. Hope Scorpion is on it.