Four and a half years after the Star Trek television shows became part of the Amazon Instant Video catalog, the five live-action series now seem to on their way out.

Over the last view days, paid Amazon Prime subscribers have begun to see a countdown on the Trek collection, indicating that the shows will be removed from the streaming service on February 15.


While CBS extended their partnership agreement with Amazon back in early 2014, it seems that what may have been a two-year renewal of that contract is now coming to an end.

Netflix is trying to come to a deal to keep CBS and CW shows on their streaming service as well, all while rumors of an online, subscription-based version of The CW are brewing in Hollywood.


No matter what happens between Amazon, Netflix, or other streaming services, CBS is already branding their CBS All Access program as a home for Star Trek, as evidenced by one of their frequently-seen banner ads which are appearing online now.

With the forthcoming sixth live-action Trek series coming exclusively to the CBS All Access platform in 2017, it’s not too surprising that CBS may start to bring their entertainment holdings — including Star Trek — back home under their control.

There’s no indication yet that this pending removal will affect any purchased digital copies of the individual episodes, but we’ve reached out to Amazon for comment and will update this post once we hear back.


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  • Well, I want a refund in that case…

  • dup

    Get ready to pony up for CBS All Access…

    • Fat chance. I have no intention of subscribing to an individual service for each network or movie studio. Netflix/Amazon Prime or bust.

      • Hank Meadows

        Then you can say goodbye to Star Trek. It’s that simple.

      • The Bandsaw Vigilante

        What Hank said. At the very least, kiss goodbye any remaining future chance for getting any type of HD remaster for DS9/VOY, if CBS fails to gauge enough customer interest.

        • I did my part. I bought all 7 seasons of TNG on Blu-ray (including the the standalone two-parters and the “Next Level” sampler disc). And I have regularly streamed DS9 and Voyager on Netflix and Amazon Prime. CBS would be stupid not to eventually give those shows the HD treatment.

          • Zarm

            Likewise (minus 3 of the 2-parters). It’s very frustrating to fo something like that and then hear we won’t be getting more because of low sales…

        • grandadmiralbinks

          If that will generate more will to put DS9 and VOY to blu-ray, I’ll subscribe without a second thought, even if I’ll not watch a single episode (on streaming).

  • iMike

    Netflix … they’re on Netflix … and the last time I checked they are also on Hulu.

  • jackson roy kirk

    I was not to excited about CBS access at all, until now!! Glad I didn’t get Amazon Prime!!

  • Brian Thorn

    If you didn’t see this coming, you really haven’t been paying attention…

    • Zarm

      Did see it coming… still dreading it.

      This is why I prefer DVD collections…

      • BotanyCameos

        I own it all on DVD but I’m usually lazy to pull it all out and search for the disc with the episode I want, so Prime was an immensely convenient way to have it all one click away.

        I guess I’ll have to get CBS all access for that now… Or I’ll have to stop being lazy and just watch the DVDs.

        I plan to get it for the new series but it sucks to have to get it ahead of time for this.

        • Zarm

          Same here. My wife and I also enjoy Supergirl, and we keep waiting for them to pull that plug, too- ‘I know we’re going to get All Access NEXT year, but it would sure be a pain if we have to start getting it this year, too!’

      • grandadmiralbinks

        Exactly. Also, with DVD/blu-ray, you don’t even need internet. Once you buy it, the episode is ALWAYS there, in the palm of your hand. It’s a powerful feeling.

        • Zarm

          Yes! Exactly! Power, Grand Admiral- UNLIMITED POWER!!!! 😉 (Whoops, wrong franchise…)

          I get that we’re in an ‘access market’ rather than an ownership market nowadays, but I *always* prefer the hard-copy… so long as I can afford it.

          (Which makes me wonder; I assume the new Trek series will eventually come out on DVD/Blu-ray? I wonder if it will be higher-priced because they (rightly) assume that a lot of people will become familiar with it that way, rather than through the streaming service…)

          • grandadmiralbinks


  • danielcw

    So, this article only relates to Amazon in the U.S., right?
    Star Trek series on other services in other regions stay untouched as of now?

    • StalwartUK

      Don’t see any sign of them leaving Amazon Video in the UK anytime soon.

      • adam

        No series shows as free on Amazon Prime in the UK, they are all purchase options?

  • Zarm

    To quote another franchize, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

  • Christopher Greer


    Fine CBS, pull the Trek franchise from the services that people actually use. When you see piracy rates skyrocket, I don’t want to hear a single word of whining about it.

    • What did you do before they were available to stream? You know, less than five years ago?

      • Christopher Greer

        DVD/Blu Ray, which I’ll continue to use.

        Problem is the remaining two series, DS9 and Voyager are unlikely to get HD Remaster/Blu Ray releases. And my DVD copies are starting to wear, between heavy use and the fact that my DS9 collection went to Iraq with me a couple of times. So, I primarily use Netflix for those series.

        • Zarm

          For me, it’s just the cost of completing the sets. I still have the last 4 seasons of DS9, and all of Voyager, and it looks like they average about $20-$25 each. With two kids, I just don’t have that kinda spare cash. And we’re right in the middle of DS9, too- so hopefully it will stay with Hulu/Netflix for a while!

          • Snap

            Even so, that’s an absolute bargain for a season’s worth of material. The lowest I could find the sets for when I picked up the DS9 sets was (Canadian funds and before tax) $99 and the voyager DVDs still cost roughly $55 (approx. $39 American).

          • Zarm

            Definitely a good price- just not one I (or a number of people these days, I’d expect) have the spare cash for, is all. Didn’t mean to make it sound like I was complaining about the price; I do agree with you.

        • Justin Olson


          You need to back up your discs ASAP. Just do what I did: rip all the episodes and movies you own to the MKV container format. I chose 720p w/5.1 DTS core for re-encoding the Blu-ray material (2.18GB per episode) and left all the DVD material at full original quality (pass through for both video and audio). Put it all on a 2TB USB travel drive (about $80).

          It will probably take a week or more for you to do all of this depending on the speed of your computer, but believe me it’s worth it.

          You can plug it into any Blu-ray player or Smart HDTV and play the content directly, or if you have a device like a Raspberry Pi, you can view the content (with downloadable metadata and artwork) in either Kodi Media Center itself or with a free program add-on like PsuedoTV Live that will simulate a cable/satellite program guide with channels. Basically, episodes will play randomly in different time slots on your own versions of NBC, UPN, or a generic syndicated station. You can even make your own custom Star Trek channel if you want.

          If you already own all the content on disc you owe it to yourself to protect your investment. And you certainly don’t need to pay an extra monthly fee just to access it conveniently whenever you like. Plus, how can you beat having it all on one tiny little drive which can fit in your pocket that you can easily take with you anywhere in the world?

        • grandadmiralbinks

          Also, blu-rays have a higher quality than HD streaming.

  • We all suspected this was coming, but it’s still bad news.

    On the other hand, maybe The Animated Series will get a bit more love now. 🙂

    • BotanyCameos

      I thought TAS was getting pulled too?

      • According to the article, it applies to “the five live-action series.” And if you look at the photograph, all of the Star Trek series EXCEPT The Animated Series have “Leaves Prime in 23 days” under them.

  • Two none

    This is the main reason that physical media survives! If you purchase the media on a streaming service, there are no guarantees that you will be able to watch your ‘purchase’ 3-5 years from now.

    • To be fair, this is only the Prime streaming option going away. It shouldn’t remove your purchases if you bought the episodes or seasons digitally on Amazon.

  • iMike

    Netflix probably has a lot more time remaining on their contract since they did just recently get TNG upgraded. Since DS9 and VOY do not exist in high-definition it’s unlikely CBS will remove Star Trek from Netflix (does it still stream on HuluPlus?) until CBS All Access is up and running. And who knows? We’re still a year out, Netflix just might pony up more cash to CBS to keep the shows. Keeping series like the live-action Trek shows is more in Netflix’s best interest than CBS’. And speaking of CBS All Access, I am curious to see what other programming they announce between now and their launch.

  • I am not Herbert

    …yep, netflix will be next =(

    …if they dump kurtzman, and go with Axanar, i’ll sign up for CBS All Access. =)

    …if they screw Axanar, they can kiss my Star Trek lovin’ @$$ goodbye =P

  • GIBBS v2

    Anyone else notice this? STNG looks consdierably better on Amazon Prime than is does on Netflix.

    • Amazon Prime is using the HD remasters; Netflix may not be doing so.

      • GIBBS v2

        I was almost shocked at what I was seeing. Example seams in uniforms. There is a seam (2) that runs down the front of Datas uniform that runs right under the badge. And Picard aged like 10 years right before my eyes. I loved every second it and now only have 20 days to take in the sights. (or buy the blurry I suppose)

        • Snap

          Those seams in that particular version of Data’s uniform could be seen in standard def as well. It was an early variant when they introduced those uniforms in season 3. Shortly afterwards he was wearing a uniform which didn’t have those particular seams.

          • GIBBS v2


      • iMike

        Netflix is using the TNG HD remasters, but I still don’t find the quality to be as good as my Blu-Rays.

        • grandadmiralbinks

          because streaming is never as good as physical media: in this case blu-ray.

    • Zarm

      DS9 is also a lot sharper on Hulu than Netflix; Netflix ii fuzzier, and has a strobing effect whenever the camera pans. Which is annoying, because Hulu also has commercial breaks and puts the first one in BEFORE the opening credits instead of after. ‘But as we say on Earth, c’est la vie.’

  • It’d be nice if CBSAA would put out a PS3/PS4 app already.

  • Zoidbert

    The problem I have with this is simple: when the owners pull the shows to start their own service, one major thing always gets left behind: closed captioning.

    Basically put, this pisses me off to no end.

  • James
  • Cyggie

    I’ll pass on their service. I’ve still got SG1, SGA, BSG, FS, FF and B5 on discs. I will not miss the ST universe much. Not interested at all in the direction of the JJTrek. Gene is rolling in his grave.

    • CoolGeek

      No one cares what Gene is doing in his grave.What is good and popular with a modern day audience is more important than a man who has been dead for 25 years.A man who it is important to remember was far from perfect and was actually a rather poor storyteller.Gene may have created Trek but it is others who truly made it fly.