The music news just keeps on rolling this week! After two new music collections hit the market this week — La-La Land’s Next Generation: Volume 2 and Mondo’s Wrath of Khan vinyl set — we’ve now got even more reveals about 2016’s Star Trek music extravaganza!

As we mentioned the other day, La-La Land is in the midst of preparing a long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager score collection — the first all-Voyager collection since the 1995 “Caretaker” soundtrack! — and Film Score Monthly founder Lukas Kendall took to the FSM message boards to confirm that this four-disc release is expected to be up for sale by this summer.

“I am glad people were excited about La-La Land’s 3CD Collection Vol 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Coming this spring/summer is the long-awaited 4CD Collection for Star Trek: Voyager.”

Kendall, who we last spoke to in 2013 ahead of the expanded “Best of Both Worlds” release, also dropped another bombshell: La-La Land is also beginning to lay the groundwork for a Star Trek: 50th Anniversary soundtrack collection later in the year, and he’s looking for your requests!

“We have a “50th Anniversary” Star Trek collection that we’re going to do a little differently…because we’re TAKING REQUESTS!

This 50th Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the 50 years of the Star Trek franchise—including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.

This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this 50th Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.

So…if you have favorite scores and/or cues… be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!”

How about that for fan service! We’ve all had some favorite tracks seemingly ‘left out’ of the many previous Trek music collections, and now is your chance to make the case for this new set of scores!

The best way to make your voice heard is to post directly to the Film Score Monthly message board announcement thread — but feel free to continue to make the case for your must-hear music here in the comments below, because Lukas will be watching your feedback!


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