The music news just keeps on rolling this week! After two new music collections hit the market this week — La-La Land’s Next Generation: Volume 2 and Mondo’s Wrath of Khan vinyl set — we’ve now got even more reveals about 2016’s Star Trek music extravaganza!

As we mentioned the other day, La-La Land is in the midst of preparing a long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager score collection — the first all-Voyager collection since the 1995 “Caretaker” soundtrack! — and Film Score Monthly founder Lukas Kendall took to the FSM message boards to confirm that this four-disc release is expected to be up for sale by this summer.

“I am glad people were excited about La-La Land’s 3CD Collection Vol 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Coming this spring/summer is the long-awaited 4CD Collection for Star Trek: Voyager.”

Kendall, who we last spoke to in 2013 ahead of the expanded “Best of Both Worlds” release, also dropped another bombshell: La-La Land is also beginning to lay the groundwork for a Star Trek: 50th Anniversary soundtrack collection later in the year, and he’s looking for your requests!

“We have a “50th Anniversary” Star Trek collection that we’re going to do a little differently…because we’re TAKING REQUESTS!

This 50th Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the 50 years of the Star Trek franchise—including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.

This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this 50th Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.

So…if you have favorite scores and/or cues… be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!”

How about that for fan service! We’ve all had some favorite tracks seemingly ‘left out’ of the many previous Trek music collections, and now is your chance to make the case for this new set of scores!

The best way to make your voice heard is to post directly to the Film Score Monthly message board announcement thread — but feel free to continue to make the case for your must-hear music here in the comments below, because Lukas will be watching your feedback!


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  • Joe G

    Complete score to “Relics” and TNG main title from season 1 as heard on the show, not the album version in circulation since the Crescendo “Farpoint” release.

    Shared this with the Facebook group: Score Trek

    • A few “Relics” tracks were part of La-La Land’s TNG Vol 1:,_Volume_One

      • Mat Rowe

        TrekCore, can you confirm if the TNG theme on the newer Farpoint/Arsenal release is the exact same mix as the aired version (obvious by the loud/sharp strings)?

        • Mike Jones

          It’s the version previously released on the original Farpoint CD, not the actual one from the first season. I wonder if there is no master copy of that variation.

  • Daniel Martinez

    It’s from the JJverse so it may not be possible, but what about a full version of Awasoruk Jam (from Trek XI, the funk song in the bar scene right after Spock’s “Live long and prosper.”)?

    • Mat Rowe

      Damn straight!

  • Earl Green

    The score for the early Voyager episode “Emanations” was probably the best of the first season, maybe first two seasons. Any chance anything from this episode is already on the box set or could be included in the best-of?

  • Geeked beyond measure. Thrilled that they open the door to requests. I’m going to post this on the FSM board, but that seems to be down for the moment, so I’ll cross-post here just to make sure it gets seen 🙂

    Disclaimer: I know folks are going to call for full eps from Voyager (Scorpion, Dark Frontier, Equinox, Endgame) so I’ll leave those out and assume they make it onto the complete set. This list is meant to be gap-fillers only 😀

    TNG S04E03 – Brothers
    37:11 – : Data sings Abdul Abulbul Amir

    TNGS04E12 – The Wounded
    40:28 – 41:44: O’Brien and Maxwell sing “Minstrel Boy”

    DS9 S0326 – The Jem’Hadar
    37:50 – 42:32: Suicide run on the Odyssey

    DS9 S04E01 – Way of the Warrior
    1:04:09 – 1:08:12: Rescuing the Council

    DS9 S05E12 – The Begotten
    11:59 – 13:50: Odo introduces himself to the baby changeling
    29:52 – 30:30: The baby shows Odo his face
    38:00 – 41:42: Kirayoshi born, changeling dies, Odo takes flight

    DS9 S05E13 – For the Uniform
    21:20 – 27:09: Defiant departs under manual controls
    33:10 – 35:08: Edington gets away (again)
    40:05 – 44:40: What it takes to be a villain

    DS9 S06E04 – Behind the Lines
    39:11 – 42:27: Rom betrayed; Defiant successful

    DS9 S06E06 – Sacrifice of Angels

    The DS9 release pulled a few select pieces from the score, but there’s so much great stuff here that’s missing, particularly:

    11:57 – 13:50 : the Federation fleet engages the Dominion fleet
    23:09 – 28:22 : Quark and Ziyal free Kira and Rom, Odo saves Kira and Rom
    31:33 – 35:54 : Sisko faces the Prophets, pleads for their help
    41:45 – 44:15 : DS9 retaken, Sisko and Dukat (Ds9 disc 3, track 13 ends just before this)

    DS9 S06E26 – Tears of the Prophets
    25:50 – 26:24 : Off to War, goodbye to Jadzia
    26:29 – 30:00: Battle of Chin’Toka, part 1
    30:52 – 33:55: Dukat kills Dax, Sisko cut off from the Prophets
    34:00 – 36:19: Battle of Chin’Toka, part 2

    37:11 – 45:00: Jadzia dies, Sisko departs DS9

    DS9 S07E05 – Chrysalis
    16:38 – 19:00: Do Ray Mi

    DS9 S07E14 – Chimera
    41:51 – 44:03 – Odo becomes light

    DS9 S07E18 – Till Death Do Us Part
    38:00 – 41:10: Sisko and Kassidy are married

    DS9 S07E24 – Dogs of War
    43:10 – 44:05: The Emissary’s going to have a baby

    VOY S03E17 – Unity
    38:37 – 43:10: The collective controls Chakotay, the cube is destroyed

    VOY S03E22 – Real Life
    entire episode

    VOY S05E01 – Night
    29:55 – 31:32: Plea from the dark aliens
    37:24 – 40:27: Mutiny
    40:40 – 45:07: closing the vortex, full speed ahead

    VOY S05E10: Counterpoint
    Mauler, Symphony Number 1
    34:20 – 36:18: The Inspector Departs

    VOY S05E21: Someone to Watch Over Me
    17:09 – 18:50: The Doctor and Seven sing You Are My Sunshine

    VOY S06E07: Dragon’s Teeth
    Entire Episode

    • CaliburnCY

      That is a great list; you obviously put a lot of care into it!

      • Thanks! I probably spent way more time on it than I should have, but the fact that LLL is taking to requests got me too excited to stop myself 🙂

  • Zarm

    I’d love to hear the Badda Bing, Badda Boom score (assuming it isn’t already released), and the EMHs save the day bit from Message In A Bottle.

    Have we recieved all of the original trailer scores? I know they had the ones for VI on the complete release, but I could have sworn that at least First Contact had one, too. (Might’ve been tracked from another film, rather than original, though.)

    Lastly, the Holy Grail – and disappointment of the Star Trek IV complete release – the European prologue to Voyage Home.

    I gotta get me to those message boards…

  • archer923

    The animated series isn’t any option? I’d love to have the ridicules action cue when they run.

    • LLL is researching it, but there are a lot of both technical and licensing (legal) issues about TAS’s scores.

    • grandadmiralbinks

      I like those scores very much. But as far as I know, there was only 15 minutes of music recorded for TAS

  • Avery Draper

    I would feather have a DVD/BR of the current Musical tour…we have had music collections before, and the live music would be something kinda new?

    • jackson roy kirk

      That would be cool! I am not able to go to the tour, so Yes, A DVD/BR disc of the concerts would be Awesome!

      • I’m going to be able to go, actually. It’s coming to my town. Kind of wish I knew what the setlist was. Especially the TOS offering.

        There was a guy on the message boards who said he was conducting 20 of the concerts. He really got my curiosity up. I offered my services in the orchestra half jokingly, especially if he was conducting the one in my town.

  • John Wells

    As others have said, there’s loads of full-episode scores from countless Voyager episodes I’d love to hear, but I’m guessing they’ll be on the full compilation set coming-out. Here are the individual tracks I’d love to have on the 50th Anniversary set. TOS and TNG I can’t think of any as so much of it is already available. I’m more interested in unreleased stuff.
    DS9: “Broken Link”, when the Defiant is leaving DS9 to take Odo back to his homeworld.
    “Valiant”, loads of great music from this episode but I’d pick the montage of Red Squad preparing to take on the Jem’Hadar Dreadnought and the music from the actual battle and subsequent “Abandon Ship” scene.
    “One Little Ship”, when the crew of the Runabout are over the Defiant and you get that great zoom out as we see the Runabout’s still shrunk.
    “It’s Only A Paper Moon”, when Nog breaks down and tells Vic why he won’t leave the Holosuite.
    Voyager: “Unity”, when Voyager comes across the disabled Borg Cube and when Chakotay discovers Riley and the others are ex-Borg (both times the composer re-uses that familiar electronic Borg sting from “Star Trek: First Contact”).
    “The Gift”, when Kes evolves and pushes Voyager closer to Earth.
    (As I said above, I’d also love all the music from “Scorpion”, “Dark Frontier” and “Endgame” but guess these will be on the bigger set!)
    Enterprise: “Similitude”, when Sim is about to die and he’s saying goodbye to everyone. There’s a great father/son moment between him and Phlox which is just heart-breaking.
    “Azati Prime”, when the NX-01 is getting the crap kicked out of it at the end of the episode. This music is incredibly pulse-pounding and really sells the hopelessness and desperation of the scene!

  • Give me a Spock Vulcan lyre, hippie chick outerspace bicycle rim duet and the accompanying hippie numbers from that episode is a Trek soundtrack I want. I’m serious. It would SOUND!

    • GWB

      That’s a late highlight of the TOS box set. We reach.

      • Uh huh, it starts to chime. Soonest, like he said. That’s real NOW.

  • Adam Hegarty

    Loud As A Whisper has a lovely cue by Ron Jones where Riva is demonstrating his sign language to Troi

    • grandadmiralbinks

      For that amazing soundtrack, you need to buy the Ron Jones Project. It’s expensive but TOTALLY worth it. Believe me.

      • jackson roy kirk

        YES!! I agree! The Ron Jones Project is 14 CD’s of Musical Bliss!!!!

        • grandadmiralbinks

          I mean really, it’s THAT awesome. At first I was really sceptical, but when the box arrived and I started listening to it….my god. The sound quality is absolutely unbeliavable. And especially the music from season 1 is, ironicaly, probably the best from the whole series (both from Jones and McCarthy). When I listen to Jones’ score of Lonely Among Us it gives me one of the best musical (deep space) sci-fi experiences I have ever encountered.

  • Joe G

    How about the score Horner composed for the Star Trek Adventure theme park ride. Also, curious if about the version of Genesis Countdown hear in TWOK with the extra blaster beam throughout.

  • grubenolp

    I’m sitting here, thrilled beyond belief about this opportunity. Obviously, there is no point in listing any TOS cues, thanks to the complete score which is worth every dime.
    No Netflix here, so I had to estimate the timecodes by re-calculating the PAL-version to an approximate NTSC-timecode. OK, here goes nothing…

    TNG S01
    Main Title (television mix)

    ~ 32:30 – Crusher and Picard campfire talk
    ~ 42:00 – Crusher and Picard final scene

    TNG S07E25/26 – ALL GOOD THINGS…
    unreleased cues

    ~ 44:40 – End Credits (Season 1 short version)

    ~ 6:45 – Main Titles (“pulsing” version was only used in this episode)

    DS9 S04E03 – THE VISITOR
    ~ 44:35 – End Credits (Season 4 short version)

    S05E25 – IN THE CARDS
    ~ 31:40 – Klingon opera

    ~ 1:40 – Attack fleet prepares to engage the Klingons

    ~ 26:50 – Federation Anthem

    ~ 1:18:45 – The Way You Look Tonight (television mix without the sax solo)

    S01E15 – JETREL
    ~ 23:50 – Neelix remembers metreon cascade aftermath

    VOY S07E25/26 – ENDGAME
    “just anything” 😉

    ~ 43:25 – End Credits (version was only used in this episode)

    ~ 38:00 – Enterprise gets hit hard (’til the cliffhanger)

    ~ 41:55 – End Credits

    Technical and legal issues aside, antything from TAS would be great, as well as complete scores from TNG’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “Unification” and “Relics”, but that’s wishful thinking, too.

  • Nathan J Bessell

    From enterprise season 3 the battle of azati prime please

    • Nathan Bessell

      And attack on the moon base

  • Ted

    So why no word on this? It’s September already.

  • Jamie

    I know they just mentioned recently that the set would be released in October, that is way off the spring/summer timeframe given at the start of the year.
    It would have been nice to have these spread more evenly across the last 6 or 7 months.