Even though there were several different rumor-filled reports around the internet back in 2014 that William Shatner would be showing up in Star Trek 3 — then under the reins of former planned writer/director Roberto Orci — the former captain of the Enterprise firmly shut down any ideas that he’d be appearing in Justin Lin’s STAR TREK BEYOND.

An interview coming in this week’s SFX Magazine (online via GamesRadar), Shatner addresses this year’s upcoming film.

There was never a conversation. It would have been interesting to see what [the writers’] fertile imaginations could have done with somebody who is 20 years older than when [my version of] Captain Kirk died, and how they would have explained the difference in appearance.

But that never came up. I’m sure they must have thought of it one time or another, but I never had a substantial conversation about replaying the role.

While some may mourn the hopes that the original Captain Kirk would make another big-screen appearance after twenty-two years, it certainly seems proper that Chris Pine’s crew finally stand on their own for their third adventure.


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  • Mrplatitude

    I don’t think this should surprise anyone. Any talk of this possibility had stopped immediately after the creative team shuffle.

    • jerr

      and when he died

      • Victorinox

        The fact that Prime Kirk died has nothing to do with a potential appearance of Shatner in the JJVerse.

        A future/older JJKirk could look like Shatner.

        • OphidianJaguar

          My thoughts as well

        • jerr

          If It’s not the real Kirk, why bother? Unless it’s mirror universe Kirk from the future. That would be cool, but an old Pine would be.. meh.

        • Maya Quinto

          How would that even work, and would the entire story revolve around that?

          I suspect BobO & co’s script was something like that, which is why it was deemed “too Trek-y.” He may have tried to please the old-timer hardliners (“It ain’t Trek without the original cast”). I’m not a hardliner. I love the TOS crew but feel their time was in the ’80s – ’90s. Bringing TOS Spock into 2009 made for many strange plot devices and coinkydinks. Behold, Spock in an ice cave. Behold him witness the destruction of his home planet. Behold a weird time-travel, tired revenge plot with a villain. &c.

          Probably 90% of the audience didn’t even get it, and nor would they get the inclusion of Shatner in “Beyond.”. We old-timers are, believe it or not, a pretty small group when it comes to worldwide profitmaking. If movie Trek don’t bring the bucks, ain’t no Trek on the screen.

          At least it sent aome of the new viewers back to TOS.

          Maybe have surviving cast suit up in dignified Starleet garb and do a scene we would understand, feature it in a short feature before “Beyond,” and broadcast it on Sept 8, 2016. I don’t know exactly. We should be able to honor our original heroes but i think it was a bad idea to ctam TOS Spock into the new movies, it led to so many, well, just silly plot points. There was a better way, like traveling into an interphase or through a miniverse, that would’ve allowed the two crews to meet, as NuEnterpise is on her way to the first adventure.


          It’s all been expounded to death on Trekmovie. Some days I just prefer to be here on TrekCore. People seem more polite.

  • OphidianJaguar

    It is a 50th anniversary movie…they should have done some kind of involvement with the actors from this franchise, who are still alive….50 YEARS LATER!!

    Well….at the very least I hope this movie brings a positive message or some moral lesson and does right by the name ‘Star Trek’ and does well by the fans for a most honorable 50th.

    • iMike

      While I have been very excited to finally have a film with this cast standing on their own, without any recycled storylines, I can’t help but agree with you. This is Star Trek’s 50th! The new TV show won’t appear until 2017 (and to be honest I have higher hopes that the TV show will uphold Trek’s values in a better way because a movie still needs to sell in the box office world), so it would be great if the film somehow acknowledged Trek’s past without recycling old ideas. Personally, and I think it would have been cool (as a nod to the 50th anniversary), if past Trek actors from various incarnations just randomly popped up in non-speaking roles or even just as random extras.

    • pittrek

      I agree. The 25th anniversary movie had all of the actors (and elements) of the original show, plus one actor from the currently running show (Michael Dorn) and one actor from the show being currently in pre-production (Rene Auberjonois). It would be nice to have cameo appearances from actors from all previous shows, even if they’d play different roles.

  • M33

    Not surprised. It’s the same issue Doctor Who had with trying to find a way to include the much older actors who played the Doctor in the classic series into the 50th anniversary film with the modern actors. Instead, the producers found a way to include the classic actors in their own spin-off celebration movie “The Five(ish) Doctors” as fun alternative to celebrate the occasion.

    Frankly, the biggest 50th anniversary gift to all of us fans is the fact that WE ARE GETTING A NEW STAR TREK EPISODIC SERIES! And it’s filming this year!

  • Thomas

    No suprise. “Beyond” is a movie named Star Trek. But it’s not a Star Trek movie.

    • Fritz

      Unfortunately looking more and more to be the case

      • TrekRules

        People shouldn’t be surprised though – the last 2 films were Star Trek in name only, why should a third suddenly be different?

        • Rass

          That’s also stupid.

    • CoolGeek
      • Fritz

        Correct. Hate this decision

    • Rass

      That’s stupid.

      • Fritz

        I did not write the post on Beyond yet my name is attatched. However not including Shatner is stupid

  • Newdivide1701

    I think it’s time for the crew of JJ’s Star Trek to stand on their own 2 feet, 50th anniversary or not.

    • GIBBS v2

      Agreed. Old Spock was a distraction (more so in Darkness). Here is old spock just chilling on an ice planet in an ice cav.. OH Hello young Kirk fancy meeting you here…

      • Maya Quinto

        SO many parts of both movies could’ve been so much better. Like eliminate all the remarkable coinkydinks, have a less ACTION-ORIENTED and more cerebral exploration-type flick with action as part of it, not 90% of it.But this moviemaking is not in JJ’s wheelhouse.

        Still, I like the new cast, relationships and humor.

    • iamawild

      I think that I would have no problem if Shatner were in it, but not necessarily as Kirk. Perhaps as Kirk/Pine’s Grandfather, or some other similar character? I like Shatner, he was a great part of what make Trek the franchise we all love. I think that he could have been respectfully written into the film without being overly pandering such as what Into Darkness was.

  • Fritz

    This is another huge mistake. Another lost opportunity. Leave Shatner out add one more Justin Lin stunt scene.

  • Good. He doesn’t need to be in a movie that’s not Star Trek anyway.

    • Rass

      That’s stupid.

      • It’s not stupid. JJ didn’t or doesn’t make Trek films. And Shatner doesn’t need to be a part of that. Or, I don’t want him to be in it. I loved Nimoy but Shatner was Trek to me.

        • Muzer

          JJ isn’t making this one, you plonker.

          • I know that. He producing though.

    • Maya Quinto


  • Jean Michel

    To h*** with Shatner. He had his chance in ST2009 and he refused, didn’t he?

    • Rass
      • Maya Quinto

        Yeah well, I think his wanting a “meaningful role” shut down the nice holoscene that BobO had written for him.

        But apparently he never even saw that scene and didn’t pass an audition with a fake script (because JJ cannot bear for the least little detail from a movie in development to escape), an audition done, presumably, for JJ.

      • Jean Michel

        Hmm. I was pretty sure he had said something in an interview that he wouldn’t want to star as a “recording” anyway.

  • CaptainJon

    I’ll believe it when I don’t see it! If the Enterprise is essentially destroyed, I can imagine some time travel involved to bring her back and possibly save any crew who die. That could involve an aged Kirk played by William Shatner. That’s my theory anyway…this is just a red herring! Remember how many times they said it was Harrison, not Khan? Only I think this would be a worthwhile surprise!

  • Darkthunder

    “No Shatner in Star Trek Beyond”

    GOOD! Sorry, but his time has long since passed. Not that his presence in the film would do much to improve it. Still looks too much like “Star Trek Fast and the Furious”.

  • Newdivide1701

    The more and more I look into Star Trek ranging from research to my own experiences all the way from childhood to adulthood, the comments about Star Trek both positive and negative, I can say with assurance that JJ got it right.

    What makes Star Trek different from most other space operas is that of exploration. Not just of space, but us as well. We are seeing ourselves from a unique point of view. This can range from the concrete as racism was on Let This Be Your Last Battlefield” and politics on The Undiscovered Country, to the abstract as fighting for entertainment like Arena to First Contact being the retelling of Moby Dick.

    But even then Star Trek was built upon its unique blend of characters and the forces that bind them. Plus their level of diversity with none greater than Mr. Spock on an Earth ship, or Data being Pinnochio as he learns about humanity in his quest of becoming human.

    Star Trek wasn’t simply there just to send hidden messages, but bring forth a world we want to live in if we wanted it bad enough. A world where poverty, disease and war were gone from Earth 60 years after the last world war that wiped out 600 million people. Because we said enough, let’s try peace.

    There will always be those who intend to do us harm, but we risk awakening those demons within ourselves.

    Those are not just the philosophy of Star Trek, but the words spoken by Captain Kirk at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness, the same words the haters missed because they were too busy being distracted by a plot that was streamlined with the action, where the action ranging from a space jump to an eye roll telling us a thousand words, where the need the thousand words to help them interpret what an alert audience can find by a simple gaze, like the crew of the a Enterprise-D did on the episode Allegence.

    The thing JJ did wrong was not dumbing it down for the purists.

  • james braselton

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