We’re ten months away from the launch of the 2017 Star Trek show on CBS All Access, but a first batch of preliminary photos have already leaked out from the production floor as CBS beings to lay the groundwork for the upcoming series.


TrekCore has now confirmed with CBS that these leaked photos (featured below, and on many other sites over the past week, ostensibly from a CBS lighting technician) are in fact, not from the upcoming “Star Trek” production, but from another unrelated project. 

Our apologies for featuring these incorrect images.

Taken by an on-set lighting technician at CBS Television City in Los Angeles whom we spoke to today, these photos emerged from the studio’s Stage 33:

green1 green2

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, these pre-production photos are from a promotional shoot for the new series, not for the series itself.

Shot over the course of eight long hours on Tuesday, we confirmed, the spacesuit-clad stand-in spent a lot of time in front of a rocky, barren landscape (in reality, the greenscreen wall shown above), testing out different looks for the promo spot.

This is not a confirmation that the 2017 series is actually going to be shooting principle photography in Los Angeles — another question we’re waiting to have answered — but it’s nice to see some forward motion from the production team.


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  • Nice to know that the new series is really happening!

  • Chris

    Green Screen! I hate green screen, why can’t they shoot it on a real alien planet!? I kid, I kid. Can not wait for the new show.

    • Locate Vulcan, and maybe they will. 🙂

    • freddyba

      Maybe it is a world with a green sky, just like the planets on TOS with various unusual colours like purple or red.

    • We have an alien world! It’s known as eastern Utah, Four-Corners, and Canyon Lands! (The real aliens live in Hildale, UT, and Colorado City, AZ!)

  • jerr

    that begs more questions and provides no answers… doh

  • Greg M

    I’m not sure how deep into the future this is, but I would think in the deep future, better space suits would be developed than the jacket heavy type suits. I saw the first picture and I thought they were remaking 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Dave

    Les won’t spend the money till he finds out how many are going to sign up. Keep waiting Les !!!!

    • Wes

      Ok then, by that logic the series will never be aired. Congratulations for killing the series.

      • Dave

        Not my fault that Les doesn’t like science fiction

    • Cody k Greenberg

      Except that he said a few days ago they’ve already paid for 60% of the expected production cost just in overseas distribution agreements.

  • TrekRules

    I am betting it is for a “history” shot kind of like the beginning of Enterprise – the suit looks too baggy even compared to the Enterprise spacesuits but if you want to show explorers that came before you, that would be a good fit. Something on the Martian Colonies maybe?

    • OphidianJaguar

      My thoughts exactly! I was thinking that the promo video might be a timeline of human spaceflight leading up to the time that the new show takes place. Or the first episode might even deal with an event that starts in the past and is continued or solved in the future where this show takes place. Like Transformers 3, the Apollo 11 crew finding the crashed Transformers ship in 1969 blah blah blah, fast forward and proceed.

  • mattyboy

    when is the time line going to be… also what dose this mean these pre-production photos are from a promotional shoot for the new series, not for the series itself. and last this show is not going to be set before enterprise please don’t do this…

    • OphidianJaguar

      When is the time line, we really have no idea yet, but there are some educated guesses we can make. Since CBS owns the TV series, their rocky relationship with Paramount and people like Bryan Fuller, Nick Meyer and Rod Roddenberry coming on board it will more than likely take place in the original universe and possible in the future post Nemesis. It might also take place between Enterprise B in Generations and Encounter at farpoint…but I doubt that. With todays advanced technology, makes sense to make it a 25th century for later show.

      Promo is like a teaser trailer. Think of the 2009 movie teaser trailer, a bunch of metal welders building the Enterprise, its a promotion and no imagery from that teaser trailer were in the movie. So these might be test shots for a promotional trailer but not end up in the TV show.

      And no I would not worry about it ending up as a pre Enterprise show. There are I think one of two possibilities. The first one being the use of the astronaut/cosmonaut might simply be for the promo, possibly showing clips of the advancement of human space flight (like Enterprise theme) leading up to the future where the show takes place. Or (B) the show (first episode only) might start off in the past during some event which is then continued in the future leading to the events of the new show.

      • groeneinkt

        How is it ‘more than likely’? We have no idea if they want to play in the sandbox Rick Berman left behind. I would say it’s just as likely that the show will be set in the new timeline. It’s completely unexplored outside of the movies, it isn’t as bogged down by pre-existing continuity and the redesigned look makes the original show’s period a viable setting again, as any story set in the original universe would have to deal with the sixties era design that wouldn’t be believable to a modern audience. Deep Space 9 only got away with its TOS episode by making the whole thing a joke essentially.
        Considering Fuller’s remarks in the past about wanting a show about the Reliant, I wouldn’t be surprised if the new show uses the updated design of the movies to explore the galaxy in the new mostly unknown 23rd century instead of jumping ahead to a post-Nemesis period.

  • Destructor1701

    That looks like a straight-up Russian Sokol spacesuit in use on Soyuz spacecraft today!

  • bytes

    I detect a “crack” in the timeline.

  • Captain Jon

    I don’t think we’ll get too many hints about the substance of the series from any of this just yet. Most likely these are just early promotional stuff which will feature generic space images and such. They did teaser trailers for DS9 back in ’92 that didn’t show any actual footage.

  • (Roc) Wayne Alford

    Engineer thinking “Just great my f-ing butt crack copied all over the internet!”

    • jackson roy kirk

      Bahahahahaha 🙂

  • Rod Jay
    • MattR

      And that was over a year ago and over 6 months before the new Star Trek show was even announced.

  • GIBBS v2


  • ralphpinheiro

    I see that Trek Brasilis hasn’t been quoted as the source. What a pity!

    • Hi Ralph, Trek Brasilis wasn’t quoted as the source because we spoke directly with the person who took these photos (as we mention in the article above). We cite the direct source of information where possible.

      • ralphpinheiro

        OK. I understood. We are always ready to help in the news. A partnership is always welcome.

      • ralphpinheiro

        I believe that guy was dismissed. If true, a shame.

  • Alex_L_H


  • Mekt_Ranzz

    It’s a “Soylent Green” screen.

  • Phil Putnam

    And behind this wall is the… plinko board? Studio 33 is better known as the “Bob Barker Studio”. Many a game show has been filmed here including “The Price is Right”. Everything I’ve read suggests this studio is pretty small so I don’t see anything permanent happening here.

  • ChefSWJR

    Has anyone read or heard which Star Trek canon the new series will be focused in? Before or after J.J’s reboot

    • Fallinguphill94

      CBS doesn’t have the intellectual property for “New Trek”. So it’s very very possible it won’t take place in that time line. My two theories are Chris Pike as captaI, or the voyages of a new crew after Voyager returns home.

  • Treadwell

    *Studio 33, not stage. There are only 8 stages/studios at Television City. Very doubtful the actual series will be produced there, it is geared for game shows, soap operas and, in days past, three-camera videotaped sitcoms. 🙂

  • Rana Rahman

    Come on Fuller & Meyer!! Deliver the goods!! I cannot wait!! 😀

  • David B Levinson

    They have a lot of stages and sets here in LA why go somewhere else. I’d love to see them shoot at Paramount 4 and 17 where we did DS9

    • bbock

      It’s a LOT cheaper to film in Vancouver. For one, the Canadian dollar is weak. Studios can pay in Canadian currency and save a bunch of cash. Second, union rules make shooting in Hollywood more expensive. Third, there’s tax credits in Canada. Fourth, during the Berman years, one of the things that kept Trek in Hollywood was that they had a production machine in place as well as a lot of set pieces and wardrobe they could draw from and it was all located in LA. But Paramount sold a bunch of it off. And presumably the new show would be creating anew. Still, I hope they do produce it in Los Angeles.

      • David B Levinson

        You’re absolutely right. As you probably know CBS owns the TV rights and Viacom owns the movie rights. The 2009 and 2013 films were shot mostly in Southern California and at the Paramount and Sony Studios. Star Trek Beyond was shot mostly in Vancouver. And yes since they could be starting entirely anew they could film anywhere. But they do have access to sound stages and crew IE makeup people who have Star Trek experience. Of course everything depends on the premise which has yet to be disclosed. I believe that will happen fast since they have have to start shooting by August or at the latest September to make a January airing date.

        • Brian Thorn

          I hope they stay in LA. Not that I’m anti-Canadians, but I’m sick and tired of the same actors popping up in pretty much every sci-fi show, over and over, because they’re all produced in Vancouver and Vancouver has a much smaller pool of actors to draw from than LA.

          • The Magic Christian

            But now they can paste weird stuff on their foreheads and you’ll never know.

      • The Magic Christian

        I remember reading years ago that all the Star Trek sets were packed up and sitting in a warehouse in Canada. But I would be really shocked if they’re going to film in LA.

  • neko_designer

    just hoping that this show wont have anything to do with the JJ-Verse

  • Zarm

    Man oh man oh man. Leaked set photos, false rumors, scrabbling at every little scrap of information… this takes me back. I haven’t followed a production with such anticipation since… well probably since they told us in 1996 that Star Wars was coming back. And after that disillusionment… 😉

    So hey- even if the photos are for the wrong photos, that’s part of the fun. Thanks for keeping us abreast of this, Trekcore. It’s fun to watch the unfolding saga!

  • Brian Thorn

    An unrelated science fiction series is still interesting. I wonder what it is?

    • Darkthunder

      Who said it’s science FICTION?

      • Brian Thorn

        You mean it’s a documentary about Apollo?

  • ralphpinheiro

    Maybe yes, maybe no.

  • Section31


    Is this fake or real?

    Teaser poster for Star Trek All Access:


  • Tony Clements

    If I oversaw the new Trek series, I’d make it during the era of the ST2 – 6 films right up until Wes’ dad is shown wearing the WoK uniform without the turtleneck and buckle. That way they can use TOS era ships, post TOS ships and pre NG ships too. I’m just burnt out on the NG/DS9/VOY era myself. There were other ships and captains other than Kirk and the Enterprise in TOS.