In a brief new interview with Den of Geek today, returning Star Trek favorite Nicholas Meyer spoke a bit about the upcoming 2017 Trek series, to which he will be joining showrunner Bryan Fuller as a writer and contributing producer.

About his role in the new show:

I can’t tell you anything! I know things. But if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get to write episodes. If I’m less lucky, I’ll just get to sit in that room with all those other clever people…. I’m waiting for them to tell me [when to go to work]!

I’m hoping the reason I was invited to do this was connected to — presumably — something I would have to offer. Whether that is the case, or whether it’s recognized when it happens remains to be seen. I’m not a silver bullet.

On the nature of the new series’ story opportunities:

I think it’s going to be a different ‘Star Trek.’ It will go in a different direction. And I think that is probably good.

Because the thing that mainly troubles me about ‘Star Trek’ is the fear of it being maybe re-treads of itself. And to the degree that I had any influence on the [franchise] at all was that at least while I was there, we were fooling around. And if you’re not fooling around, then things can become stale.

I think that Bryan [Fuller] — who is a very clever fellow — has ideas — some of which I’ve heard—that are innovative and different. Different is what got me interested.

Meyer did have one cryptic thing to say about the “taking-off point” of the new show’s narrative, but he cautious about any specifics:

The one thing I can relate to you is that ‘The Undiscovered Country’ — according to Bryan — is a real sort of taking off point, or touchstone for how I guess he’s thinking about the direction of the new show. I don’t want to be misquoted and I don’t want to misquote him, but he’s fond of that film. Let’s put it that way.

Of course, that last statement will surely set off an explosion of speculation and assumptions about the direction the new series may take — anything from filling in the sixty years between Star Trek VI and the launch of the Enteprise-D in “Encounter at Farpoint” — but Meyer was obviously being careful to stay ambiguous before anything solid has been set in place.


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  • Sone Mukherjee.

    Prime Kirk please.

  • Neil Kesler

    This is really good news , my 1st star trek movie in the theater was The Wrath of Khan , i was 5 years old and got hooked on star trek ever since.
    Nicl Meyer is a name that all star trek fans know very well , as i mentioned he directed TWOK, wrote TVH and helmed TUC. This being said I believe we will see our awesome sci fi series being restored to Mr Roddenberry’s legacy

    • Herman

      @Neil Kesler: 5 years old? OMG! Where is the youth welfare office when you need it?

      So, Star Trek 2017 will be “different”. Very astute…

  • scotchyscotchscotch

    I’ve seen this discussed in other forums but want to raise the question here…
    does “different direction” imply a whole new re-imagining like RDM’s BSG, or the same universe in a different format (procedurals have been discussed in forums, not that I’m advocating for that)?

    I didn’t interpret his comments as a BSG-esque re-imagining, but some people are. Just curious what my comrades here think.

    • Eric

      I don’t think it will be a reimagining like Ronald Moore’s BSG. The original BSG was never as iconic in our culture as Trek. Trek has real weight, even among those who know next-to-nothing about it.

      I also suspect that it will be set in the new timeline. Why wouldn’t CBS capitalize on the general popularity of the reboot? Sure, many diehard fans are critical, but they/we always will be. And we will watch Star Trek no matter what. So many people on these fan-pages say that they won’t watch an Abramverse show, but I don’t believe it.

      What they might do is set it after the TNG era series and make the question of timeline far less important. What I get from Meyer, and I have said this elsewhere, is that Fuller wants to deal with nitty gritty politics and use Star Trek as serious allegory. In that sense, I am guessing the tone will share alot with DS9 and TUC. At the same time, its been said by Moonves and Fuller (Kurtzman too?) that this show will be about exploration and strange new worlds.

      • Eric

        I also like the idea of setting the show in the same time and timeline as the rebooted show. It moves it closer to the current trend toward a cinematic universe. Actors from the movies, who would be to expensive to get as regulars, could come on as guest stars.

      • The Fox

        the reboots are not popular, and the poeple willing to pay for it hate the reboots.
        MErchandise is the property of bad robot, it doesnt sell.

        • The reboots are popular. They’ve earned plenty of money. I’m guessing that means that – notwithstanding the vocal minority online – most Trek fans are fine with both universes. But there’s no way this is going to be set in the JJ universe. That’s Paramount’s domain. CBS would be foolish to toss aside the 50 years of material it owns and set the new series in a universe controlled by Paramount and Bad Robot. I’m looking forward to being able to watch what happens in both universes.

          That said, I’m not interested in a continuation of The Undiscovered Country. I’ve seen enough of Klingon politics and society to last me a lifetime. I’d rather find out what happens to the galaxy after Romulus is destroyed.

          • The Fox

            inflation, ticket prices wprld wide, merchandise, all freely accessable information, less popular than you think, and when you shove $120 million worth of marketing down peoples thoats people are going to see it.

            It wont be post undiscovered country, my understanding is that it sounds like its going to be pre TOS.

          • Inflation doesn’t matter. It matters if we’re talking about profitability, but not if we’re discussing popularity. “Into Darkness” was the highest-grossing Trek film of all time, even *adjusting for inflation*:

            All the marketing in the world won’t make people see what they don’t want to see. “Nemesis” (and countless other movies) proved that.

            I really don’t want it to be another pre-TOS show. Enterprise satisfied my appetite for that. But I’m sure I’ll watch it anyway, whatever it is. It’s been so long without a Trek series, it’ll have to be pretty awful to keep me from watching it.

          • The Fox

            wewll lets talk profitability should we…..

            You accept the domestic theatres get to keep 35% of the ticket sales and the international theatres get to keep 55%? (Exception is china, they get to keep 75%).
            Only grossed $232 million domestic, and $235 million internaltionally.
            Then on a budget of $190 million, and a marketing budget of an estimated $120 million.
            Do the math, profitabilty was sreally not that much.

          • robjoh

            So you’re saying it was more popular on dvd/br? Yeah,that sounds about right. lol

          • The Fox

            it well but not as well as expected.

          • Why do you keep talking about profitability? Their marketing budget and whatever cut the theaters took doesn’t detract from the fact it was the highest grossing Trek film even adjusting for inflation. Not only that, but it gets high marks on rottentomatoes and metacritic.

            It’s really odd to write “only” before the numbers $232 million and $235 million. A $467 million haul is a big hit, even in 2013. It may pale in comparison to Star Wars and Marvel’s movies, and it may be less than the overinflated projections of analysts and the studio, but compared to other Star Trek movies, it’s a great indicator of popularity.

            Whether they spent too much making it and marketing doesn’t change that.

            Again, I’m a Prime universe fan, above all. I just don’t think there’s any reason to pretend Abrams’ films weren’t popular.

          • The Fox

            Any person can tell you that Gross minues expenses is equal to profit.
            Your average movie needs to make 2.5 times its budget in order to make a profit.
            Fact is into darkness had the highest budget of all star trek films.
            In fact, TMP technically didnt make that much profit, TWOK did an dthhats becuase it had a far lower budget.

          • Any person can tell you we were talking about *popularity* (people going to see the film), not profit. Two different issues. A $10k indie film could earn $20 million. That would make it extremely profitable, not it wouldn’t make it popular. Conversely, Star Trek ID could cost around $370 million to create and market and earn over $465 million. That would make it extremely popular, even if it didn’t make it *as* profitable as most other Treks.

            Those of us who prefer the Prime universe don’t have to pretend Abrams’ universe isn’t popular too just to validate our own preference.

          • Locutus

            Assuming for the sake of speculation that what you say is true, perhaps they are pondering a Romulan War series. I could see Nick Meyer pitching in for some good “Balance of Terror” like stories. Still, I would rather it be set in movie universe or well past Nemesis. Pre-TOS would avoid bumping into JJ-Trek–a shared universe up to that point. Technically.

          • The Fox

            romulan war is enteprrise era. In canon happened to years after enteprrise was cancelled.

            No, thee series I would bet ius proabably a Robert April Captaincy or a Chris Pike Captaincy on the Enterprise. Alternativly I would say its post TMP or on the enterprise B, IT WILL be 23rd century and there are marketing reasons for this.
            1) most of the JJ audience who they are trying to win over HATE the TNG and ENT.
            2) It would return to where the franchise roots are.
            3) The ONLY way tehat people will watch this series will be if its the enteprirse as its the most recognizable name.

          • Captain Jon

            I don’t see them doing a Pike series or even a post-TMP series for some pretty big reasons.
            1) A Pike series would require casting a new actor to play Spock…they currently have one in the current film series.
            2) A post-TMP series would mean recasting everybody, all while the current film series is running. The new series would run alongside the film series which still has at least one more film with the nuTrek cast (Pine & Quinto are contracted for a 4th) so they would basically be competing with one another. Paramount may not own the TV rights, but I think they’d take some serious issue with that. It’s simply bad for business on either side.

          • The Fox

            its a four year arc, the cage is set 11 years before TOS, Spcok only served under pike for 11 years.
            a post TMP series would mean recasting everyone….. boo hoo.

            Its the last one, it was an OPTION only done so Pine and Quinto wouldnt walk.
            And Paramount and CBS are competing with each other, that is why everything is such a clusterf**k at the moment.

          • Gary Nugent

            The movies didn’t do that well after marketing expenses are factored in. Into Darkness made about 20% profit in the USA (better worldwide) which is why as I understand it, Paramount slashed the budget for Star Trek Beyond (Bad Robot pumping in a load of money to up the budget to match the previous 2 movies).

            My guess was one of the reasons CBS were going so hard in trying to shut Axanar down was because that movie would end up competing with the new series as they’d both be set in the same time period. Sounds like I might not have been too far off the mark.

          • The Fox

            paramount is behind the suit, not cbs. CBS want out this is clear in the complaint, which alec just announced paramount decided to amend as it kinda blowd up their case with the motion.

          • Christopher Roberts

            Post Enterprise, Pre Original Series would be my preference… and it makes a certain amount of sense. Such a Star Trek can be connected to everything.

        • Binyamin Koretz

          50 million people paid to see Into Darkness in the theaters and millions more bought disks. If 5 million pay to see the new series – only 10% – everyone involved will pee in their pants.

          • The Fox

            50 million? hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
            1) ticket prices are different all over the world, even between west and east coast.
            2) you get people who see movies repeatidly, I know a guy who saw it 36 times.
            3) When Star Trek literally gets booed off screen, thats when you know……

          • robjoh

            Are you trying to make us believe that people pay money to go to a movie to just sit and boo at it the whole time? Yeah,maybe at your house. I saw both movies quite a few times,heard no booing,and everyone seemd to enjoy it. At least the way they talked about it while leaving the theater. So no,don’t believe a word you say. Troll somewhere else,lol!

          • The Fox

            No, Beyond got booed off screen at star wars.

            All the owned cinemas had to cut it, the rented cinemas are not allowed to alter the film reel in anyway.

          • At which theater? One occurrence is not a trend.

          • The Fox

            most in texas, flordia, new york, LA. All the film theates that are OWNED, not RENTED.

            hell it was removed in certain countries within 3 days. including my own

          • SpaceCadet

            It wasn’t booed in the theater I saw Star Wars in (premiere weekend). There wasn’t much reaction period but definitely no boos. I think Beyond will do as good at the box office as Into Darkness or maybe moderately less. I consider myself a big Trek ran who grew up to TNG but after the initial excitement of the 2009 reboot, and modest disappointment with Into Darkness (it was a seeviceable action movie), I feel kind of indifferent to Beyond but will probably see it more out of obligation as a fan than anything else. Now the new dramatic 2017 series I am much more excited about!

          • The Fox

            obviously the theatre you saw it at was rented.
            I made a point of this. The owned theatres can make alterations to the film. The rented ones cannot

          • SpaceCadet

            So what whether the theatre is rented or owned? My point is that no one in the theatre booed the trailer.

          • The Fox

            its a matter of ability, I am not involved in this, but this is what managers at AMC and other theatres said when asked.
            Rented cinemas cannot change the footage, they are not allowed too, owned ones can, and they did.

          • What are you talking about? Where did theaters “change the footage” to remove the STB trailer? We cannot find any evidence of this happening due to “audience booing.”

            As we said above, either show your proof or keep these baseless rumors to yourself, please. This may fly on the Facebook groups but we prefer to have factual discussions on our site.

          • The Fox

            apart of the footage is trailers.

            You obviously wont find evidence as you call it, not published, go ask theatre managers. it was cut by an estimated 40% of star wars theatres.

          • And how did you calculate this estimate, please?

          • The Fox

            amc theate owners.
            Colin, I am assume that is you, go be a journalist and do the research yourself instead of being an ass about it.
            I did, boo hoo if you dont believe it

          • Captain Jon

            LOL…nice man. Trash talking the website staff! That’ll make them more likely to listen to you.
            I’m sorry, but I gotta be honest with you. I’ve read a lot of what you’ve said for a long time with all this talk of “inside information” and I gotta call BS. There have been plenty of postings around the Internet that said the STB was being cancelled even while it was being filmed because Paramount didn’t approve a budget or they weren’t happy with the way things were going or some such business. Yet, I think there’s plenty of evidence to show that STB is on its way to hitting theaters this July.
            If you really do have this inside information, please share your sources. You keep saying “friends”. Ok…if you’re willing to name names, do it.
            As for the trailer being booed, I saw Star Wars twice in theaters, the second time almost a month after it debuted and neither time was it booed. And both times the trailer aired before the movie. And both theaters were owned, not rented.

          • The Fox

            you dear sir, are lying.
            No one said beyond wasnt going to hit in July. It will. Bad Robot had to pay for the budget, the court will back the arbitration order, go see Los Angeles Federal Court, look for the file, its there.
            September 2014. Paramount were sued by bad robot.

          • Captain Jon

            Wow, that’s a pretty shocking thing to say. Someone is getting pretty defensive to be saying something like that. It may not have been you who was saying Beyond was going to be canceled, but someone was saying their inside information was that it would be. Give me some time to look for it on one of these boards and I’ll come back with a quote…I’ll go do some research of my own.

            In the meantime, since you’re calling me a liar I will go ahead and say that you spout out BS and until YOU provide me with proof to back up your claims, YOU are the liar. Don’t give me links to financial info…give me links that prove you know people involved in the development of this show. Man up and prove the things you say.

          • Captain Jon

            BTW, I’d like to point out (if nobody else has by this point) that The Fox is a pretty poor handle to choose if you want to convince people you’re legit. In many cultures, the fox depicts trickery, mischievousness and cunning. Unfortunately on your part, the cunning is lacking.

          • robjoh

            I’m almost surprised he hasn’t been banned from this site,lol! I’ve read,and replied,to a lof if his comments,even when he was using other names,and I don’t believe a thing he says till he can come up with some proof. Like I said in a reply to him,I’ll stick with the facts. And calling you a liar?! Well,he’s really taking this too far,especially since he’s the only one doing the lying,lol!

          • The Fox

            you supposed to be journalists, go investigate.
            Also the reaction to the trailer by the people who were interested in seeing it was negative.

            And paramount being out of money….
            they selling off minority shares,



          • Locutus

            Ah, come on, Beyond did not get “booed off screen.” If it did where you saw it, it was probably Star Wars fans just goofing on Trek fans. Star Wars better than Star Trek and all that.

        • robjoh

          Actually they are popular,and the merch does sell,they’re just not making much of it. Get your facts straight at least. And yes,what TrekCoreStaff said,proof goes a long way towards what your fan fantasies are all about,lol.

          • The Fox

            no they are not popular. Well at least less popular than you would think.
            Now lets look at the merchnaidse of JJtrek shall we.
            The games, all flopped, JJ went far enough to blame the game for into darkness underpeforming.
            The books, cancelled after 4, citing lack of sales.
            The second book series, went unpulished.
            Playmates cancelled merchandise in 2013, its still in surplus and most of which you now have to import.
            IN FACT, the only piece of merchandise that does sell, is comics, and since IDW publish one compeditor every few years (I think the last prime thing they publushed other than archive stuff was in 2011), there really is no competition.

          • robjoh

            Yes,they are popular. Well at least more than you would think.
            And yes,let’s look at the merchandise. Crap doesn’t always sell,everyone knows that. But the good stuff actually did sell quite well,and a lot of it even sold out. JJ playing the blame game is no different than Lucas blaming Disney for the crap they make for SW.
            And comics are actually not the only piece of merch that sells. And IDW has a quite a few good Trek titles,amongst thier other great comics,and you think wrong that 2011 was the last prime thing,I bought the latest issue in January while in the US.

            So,your bubble of negativity doesn’t have all the facts I guess.

          • The Fox

            And yet most the merchandise you see is on discount, they not producing anything new, as its all still in surplus.
            And the comics have no competition,, cbs release a prime comic once every two years or so. I was wrong, i checked hat.
            Most of the stuff they release though is archive stuff. They release a photonovel but thats an unpopular format and not really a comic. Most people dont even know it exists.

          • robjoh

            Oh they know,people aren’t as stupid as you think. Most of the merch I see is sold out because it’s actually popular.

          • The Fox

            no not sold out. never sold out, not in stock, there is a differnece. Go look, speak with a manager at wallmart, go do some investigating.
            until then, dont give me that shit. Prime stuff sells, BR stuff does not.
            Actually, about a year ago, cbs started putting CBS Consumer products on most their merchandise becuase BR were putting TOS based ships on boxes. Go look. If it says CBS consumer products on it its selling if its not, its not. they stock it.

          • robjoh

            yes,sold out. Plain and simple. Don’t care what kinda shit you’re trying to convince people here. You really should do some investigating yourself.

          • The Fox

            lol i do, evidently you dont, perhaps ask a manager. and specifically ask when they got neew stock. Until then have a nice day

          • robjoh

            Well you obviously don’t,as it’s exactly what I do. That,and a few other things. But you keep on believing what you want,and I’ll stick to the facts I know. Have fun.

        • Captain Jon

          I’m a huge TNG and DS9 fan and I’m willing to pay for the series.
          And I (shock) enjoy the reboots! (gasps)
          Not everyone who is willing to pay for the new series hates the reboots.
          It’s nice to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy again but also not have to worry about having a pre-determined outcome. Anything can happen and I like that. If you’re going to tell Kirk, Spock and McCoy stories and have tension and drama, you kinda need to do it in a different timeline.

      • Zarm

        Ugh. The last thing we need is more politics in Trek. That’s my greatest fear- that in an era where red states and blue states are more divided than ever, Star Trek will throw its lot in specifically on one side* and, instead of telling stories with universal messages that both sides can be taught and reached by (as the best Trek of the past has), tell strongly partisan stories** that completely alienate one side, and leave only a preaching-to-the-choir audience of the politically like-minded watching the show.

        After all, what good is teaching about morality when the folks you want to reach/change the mind of have stopped watching? 🙂 So I am hoping for a subtler, less outright-political Trek- even though, in the current super-political, super-divisive culture, I don’t expect it.

        *Realistically, I think we all know which political side that would be. 😉

        **After reading Nick Meyers biography and seeing the strong leaning of his politics, the recent announcement has increased this concern.

  • Straw Man

    Kingons and Kingon politics were a pretty big part of The Undiscovered Country. If that’s the different direction, I say yes, please.

    • Simon

      We got more than enough Klingon politics with TNG & DS9.

      • Zarm

        And after what DS9 did to the Klingons, I don’t know if I want to see anyone else using them. The writers didn’t seem to understand a culture with a code of honor- how it isn’t malleable to fit the story needs, and how their standards don’t match contemporary 21st century standards- and as long as they don’t, the Klingons will continue to be weird, character-assassination versions of themselves who are all talk and no honor.

        • Straw Man

          Wasn’t that the point in DS9? That they were a culture in decay – “all talk and no honor”. The most “Klingon” Klingon grew up away from the empire and was raised by humans. In-universe explanation is this could have started with the destruction of Praxis.

          • Zarm

            I might buy that, if Worf didn’t suffer the same thing. (I guess it may have been the intent, but if so, they had issues in execution; and no one seemed to act like the Klingons were behaving uncharacteristically- and during season 4 battles, expected dishonorable bully, raiding tactics). To me, his radical shifts of character suggested instead writers that didn’t *understand* an honor code, and thought that Worf should ‘loosen up’ by adapting to the station in total violation of that code.

            (I also tend to assume that because writers tend to do the same thing with religions on tv; they don’t actually understand the depth at which it actually operates in a devout person’s life, and write it more like a hobby- so my natural inclination is that writers don’t understand a way of life that they don’t live themselves. Since Worf/the Klingons show the same signs, I assume this is the same situation).

  • iamawild

    I’m fond of TUC too. Great movie.

    • Neil Kesler

      The movie has aged very well in almost 25 years since the premier theatrical release date.
      Not saying this since I’m a star trek fan but this movie was oscar worthy . Bill Shatner played his best role as Captain Kirk as well as his role in TWOK

  • spooky

    I hope the new series is a continuation of the prime universe. I could care less about the nu-trek verse.

    • The Fox

      it is. I have some friends involved behind the scenes.
      Basically Bad robot own their license to that universe and CBS and bad robot clash. (CNN backs this up about the license).
      The merchandise for the JJverse doesnt sell so thats a big factor.

      The series itself is set in the 23rd century.
      But the series is an absolute mess at the moment, and Kurtzman may be on the chopping block again as he and fuller are clashing.

      The fact is however, the people willing to pay for a series, are the ones who hate the jj movies so why else would they not do prime?

      • spooky

        Good… I hope that all ties to Bad Robot end soon.

        • The Fox

          Paramount are out of money, bad robot is one of the reasons.
          Subcontracting your compnay to the point where it is redudant is bad management.
          I have the links to viacom, and paramount stock on my PC at home, I will share them here later if you want. Paramount are in such a position that they are now selling a minority share in the compnay, and after Redstone dies, the rumor is viacom is going to sell the company as a whole, its badly managed its affairs.
          In fact, the compnay may end up selling off its franchises again, they did that in 09 I think it was, where they sold all their MCU rights as they needed a massive cash infusion. The MCU is now the 5th biggest franchise of all time.
          all of this can be backed up

          • Dartanion74

            I am going to have to agree with TrekCore Staff – your comments are basically rumor or things that are already known. Until there is a verified statement on Variety or another Hollywood source regarding Kurtzman, we have to take what you say with less than a grain of salt.

            You also continue to say things like “this can all be backed up” or “I have contacts working on the series” etc and as yet haven’t posted anything. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a reason we come to TrekCore for all this news – because they vet their sources… Do not be duped by a wannabe who wants us to believe he knows more than he does.

      • The Fox, we’ve seen your posts around the web on this subject with this username (and your others as well). Unless you can share any kind of proof with us of this (privately, of course), please refrain from these kinds of claims here in our comments. Thanks.

        • The Fox

          This is my only name. and I can back up everything I say mostly. All of which I am happy to share, CNN can back up the fact that the JJverse was designed for the movies.
          And Bryan fuller has been making these suggestions on twitter if you want this publically.
          Meyer said he would not work in the JJverse, and he dislikes the movieverse, see your own post some months ago.

          And then you see Les Monves Comments today…..

          • Your information here: “The series is an absolute mess at the moment, and Kurtzman may be on the chopping block again as he and fuller are clashing.”

            Every other person who has made similar statements (regarding ST Beyond, mostly) has refused to share proof of such claims. If you are willing to share your information on this, please let us know and we can discuss privately.

          • The Fox

            I have friends directly involved, I will reveal their names, but also you can pick things up if you follow certain people online who are known to be involved.

          • robjoh

            I have friends in high places too,but no way would I give up their names! Gee!

          • Cygnus-X1

            Please report back after The Fox has discussed his sources with you.

            This is potentially very exciting news. I’d feel worlds better about this series if Kurtzman were not involved. His involvement is really the only thing making me hesitate to subscribe to CBS All Access. Take Kurtzman out of the picture, and everything I’ve heard about this new series makes me optimistic.

          • robjoh

            You DO know that TrekCore can actually see all the names you post as,right? lol!

          • The Fox

            yes which is why i make no secret of who i am

      • Captain Jon

        How is Kurtzman on the chopping block “again”? He left STB very early in development on his own accord to work on other projects. It was Orci who got cut when Paramount didn’t like his vision for the movie.

        • The Fox

          he left the reboots for reasons, related to bad robot and its ethical business practices.
          He is on the chopping block due to massive fallout from him still being attached to a series, CBS is trying to market when the people who are MORE likely to pay for a series hate him.

          • BotanyCameos

            What a crock of lies. Your never stop making stuff up and trying to seem like an insider, “the fox”. It’s laughable.

  • TrekRules

    I think the problem though is that the re-imaginings that people want to do go very much against what Trek is about. Trek was the hopeful future, the place where humanity grew-up and was trying to be better than they were before. That’s what everyone seems to forget. Look at JJ’s films – Kirk is mad at Spock in the second film for not lying on a report. That’s not what Trek is about. I get they want to go a little darker because it is sometimes constraining but if you change it too much, then it really isn’t Trek anymore. I like what Meyers did with his Trek films but I am still concerned that they are going to push it too far and it won’t be Trek much like the latest movies are not Trek.

    • Eric


      I think you really run into dramatic problems, as Roddenberry did himself, if the central characters as too close to perfect. You write all the drama right out them! Drama requires conflict, and the best kind, the most poignant and human kind of conflict is internal.

      Roddenberry was a visionary, but he was still human and his vision needed all those other writers to make it great. TNG did not hit its stride until after he was too ill to be directly involved. Then they could focus on serious character development. Which meant internal conflict; flaws!

      That being said, as visually stunning as the Abramverse Trek is, they really missed some steps in character development. Casting was on point. But Spock’s story arch has been the only one that I haven’t liked. Toooo emotional. Kirk on the other hand, I totally believe that a Jim Kirk who didn’t grow up with his father would have lied with a quickness to get what he wanted. In fact, I believe that Kirk-prime would have lied!

      I think they screwed up the Into Darkness/Wrath of Khan thing. It was a serious mistake. It would have been far better to reimagine and expand on the original “Space Seed” story. They got greedy, and I think that they all know that it was a mistake. Even Nicholas Meyer has alluded to this.

      But back to my original response to TrekRules, I think that trekkies are notorious for painting Trek into a corner by not allowing the franchise to branch out. The heart of Trek is a positive outlook on our future. But that doesn’t have to mean that human beings have to be perfect and without their own internal problems.

      • Eric Cheung

        I think there are different kinds of personal conflict. Conflict can be motivated not by self-interest, but by conflicting ideas on how to meet a common goal. I think it would be good for Trek to have that kind of nuanced conflict, rather than a conflict of good versus evil, or a conflict between two selfish interests.

      • Captain Jon

        I agree with you. I think drama is necessary, including interpersonal drama. In fact, TOS thrived off of the constant bickering between Spock and McCoy with Kirk caught in the middle! TNG never had any of that! I love TNG, but my biggest complaint is that the characters were nearly flawless and always got along, except in a couple instances. And in those instances, you have some incredible writing, acting and more importantly drama!
        1) The Measure of a Man: Riker goes out of his way to try to win the case that Data is a thing, causing tension with Picard and subsequently guilt towards Data.
        2) The Best of Both Worlds: Shelby’s presence kept Riker on his toes and the tension was great.
        3) The Pegasus: Again, Riker who clashes with Picard because he’s keeping secrets from him.
        4) ST: First Contact: The great scene where Worf challenges Picard’s judgment with regards to destroying the Enterprise.
        These were incredible scenes and interactions and proved what a gold mine some conflict between the TNG characters was like! It’s too bad we didn’t get a little more of this. I’m not saying they need to be fighting all the time, but a little tension provides good drama and is realistic. Not everybody should be on the same side of an issue and when they’re not, they should clash.
        Also, Nicholas Meyer brought some darkness to the universe, especially in TUC. Yet, he stayed true to Star Trek because it was about overcoming our personal demons and doing what was right. In the end, Kirk and crew overcame their feelings of prejudice to save the day. Isn’t that a much more important message than, “Our heroes are so perfect, they’ll automatically just do what’s right no matter what.”

  • Eric

    I Worte this in the original post on Meyer, but it really belongs here:

    “If Nicholas Meyer was your parents’ Star Trek, then your parents’ Star Trek was awesome” — This is true.

    However, there was only one clear moment in Nicholas Meyer’s scripts that I did not like. For comic relief, in The Undiscovered Country, he has Uhura, a seasoned communications officer, need an ancient, old book to speak Klingon. I always thought this was a failure of imagination from the original series. Uhura should have been a linguist and polyglot from the beginning. Happily, that was corrected in the 2009 reboot.

    Many others complained about the fact that Meyer had the primary characters in TUC say blatantly racist things. Nichelle Nichols, the black woman who played Uhura, expressed her displeasure with this. That, I think, given her generation, is to be expected. Humans in Star Trek were supposed to be past such things. I think Nicholas Meyer got that right. Even if I was uncomfortable hearing it, we needed these characters to still be human, that is, biased and blind to their own prejudice. So bring it on, Nick!

    Just don’t make them stupid.

  • Chris R

    Nicholas Meyer wrote one of the greatest science fiction films ever. The better let this guy write multiple fucking episodes

  • jurassicbond

    I love Nicholas Meyer as a director and a writer. Heck, my favorite Star Trek film is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country! I look forward to seeing what he does with this project! It sounds to be off to a great start and I’m going to be a great pleasure having a new Trek on television after so long!

  • jurassicbond

    Star Trek VI is my all-time favorite Trek film and it’s nice to read that Fuller enjoys the film a great deal as well!

  • Visitor1982

    Well, The Undiscovered Country is my all time favourite Star Trek movie, so anything the new series connects to is this movie is wonderful.

    • GIBBS v2

      2nd for me. All the characters are firing on all cylinders, they look like they are having a great time, the film moves at a brisk pace and has a fantastic bad guy. Not to mention that amazing opening sequence.

  • Brian

    I will be so disappointed if the new series takes place in yhe 60 years Star Trek VI and TNG. I want it to take place after Star Trek Nemesis that way they wont have rewrite history to tell stories.

    • Zarm

      Good writers wouldn’t have to do that in order to fit within the time period- but yeah, the point is taken. Hopefully we can get something a little more continuity respectful than Enterprise and 2009 (which still had its issues* with the ‘pre-Narada’ continuity).

      *Unless you subscribe to a very complex theory of time travel wherein some future event in the JJ-verse, like their version of Picard and co in First Contact, was altered by the altered timeline and thus when they went back to the past, changed things back then, so the instant the Narada came through and changed the timeline, the changed past leading up to that moment, created by people from the changed future, sprung into existence. 🙂

      • Eric

        Look at it the way I do, which explains so many differences in the continuity. Spock did not travel back in time, he just ended in one of the millions of mirror universes (TNG made that fact cannon) that had already diverged a lot from the prime universe. So he screwed that one up instead of touching our beloved prime universe. Conflicts resolved 😉

        • Locutus

          Yeah, except Romulus done exploded in Spock Prime’s origin universe, which was supposed to be the TNG/post-Nemesis universe. They have that to deal with … or ignore if they set it post-Nemesis.

        • Zarm

          Interesting take. I mean, I took 2009’s explanation to be that he CREATED an alternate timeline (or, more accurately, the Narada did), so Prime remained untouched either way- but I’d never considered the possibility that what we saw wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be the Prime timeline’s past, but rather an already-divergeant quantum reality. Works for me…

      • Captain Jon

        You’re right, good writers wouldn’t need to rewrite the history to make it fit with what they’re doing. But nevertheless, they will still be constrained by what they could tell because the destination by series end is preordained by TNG.
        TNG could do so much with its universe because it took place so far after TOS (who were still making movies) without having to worry about stepping on anybody’s toes. In fact, TNG helped pave the way for TUC which would explain why the Klingons and the Federation would start the road to peace.
        I say, jump to the 25th century. They won’t be constrained by canon because a lot can change and they’ll have a lot more freedom and can go anywhere they want with it. Besides, a post-Romulus Romulan Empire might be interesting to see.

  • Zarm

    He might also mean ‘taking off point’ in tone or style; ie a cold war setting, a recent peace with a bitter enemy that some are struggling to accept, etc.

    Mind you, a show set in the TOS movie era is EXACTLY what I’d love to see (provided they had more restraint than Enterprise in keeping technological and species continuity)- but I suspect this is a more spiritual and less literal sense being cryptically referenced here.

    • Eric Cheung

      I just assumed it was about tone and style. There’s no clue what time period or setting the show will feature.

      It would be a very odd choice for it to be a literal continuation of the Khitomer Accords and then what, the break between the Klingons and Romulans and the period of Romulan silence?

      There are two things that I think TUC would have as influencing factors on the new series: politics and the murder mystery. Bryan Fuller’s past shows, including his DS9 episodes, feature murder and mystery in high proportion. So, I imagine that might be what Fuller meant. I assume this may translate to intrigue and spycraft in the new series, themes Meyer seems quite attached to as well.

      Fuller has also said he wants the show to bring back some of the fun that Trek has lost. So I assume this may mean some of the quirky humor that is a trademark of his.

  • GIBBS v2

    Cold War Trek with Klingons sounds great.

    Along with a new crew and Federation ship I hope we get some excellent bad guys. I want to know for example a Klingon ship and it’s crew just as well and understand their motivations. I want a bigger cast and a bigger world. Game of Thrones in space!

    • DemosCat

      Game of Thrones in space with new species!

      • GIBBS v2


        I would love a new species but how do they introduce a new race into the timeline, give them all kinds of importance and weight and then just forget about them.

  • Alan

    I’m absolutely all in favour of seeing a show set in those years between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation!!! The late 23rd century and early 24th century are gold mines just waiting to be dug in to!!!

    Yes, a TOS-Movie era show is something I would very much like to see!!! I just hope the new show doesn’t go over all the same old ground and recycle the same old ideas that the other shows have covered which is something I felt was happening quite a lot in Voyager and Enterprise. I don’t want a case of *yawn* “New Ship. New Crew. Old, rehashed idea”.

    • iMike

      I know they’re not considered “cannon” but I feel like Pocket Books has covered the Lost Era (the time between TUC and TNG) as much as its covered post-Nemesis 24th Century. If we’re going to get a show set in the Prime Universe I would like to see something set perhaps late 26th century, that way the writers at least have a couple hundred years of unwritten history to lay down without having to constantly check the Trek encyclopedia.

    • Captain Jon

      Sorry, I gotta disagree with you. I think they’d be limited in what they could do because it’d be a prequel to the TNG-era which would mean a certain status quo needs to be maintained by the end of the series. Look at the sins of ENT…a catastrophic event takes place in the pre-Federation days that is never once referenced in any of the other series that chronologically follow. They encounter the Ferengi but because they’re never identified (convenient), they don’t know who they are. The Suliban…what happened to them? All the other new species that were encountered by are nowhere to be found in the other series which take place later.
      Also, if you start running into species who are already established (first contact with the Cardassians, for example) or providing stories that explain why certain things are they way they are in TNG, you risk it seeming like fan fiction. Example: the introduction of Arik Soong and him deciding (out of no where) to study robotics…the unnecessary explanation of why Klingons in TOS are different from everywhere else (Worf’s awkward “It is a long story” from DS9 is perfect).
      I hope it’s a reference to the style and tone Nicholas Meyer used in ST6 then an actual storytelling starting point. Still, Fuller has proven his talent and Meyer is a genius so I’m optimistic.

    • I feel like I’ve seen enough of that era, just in the few flashbacks we were treated to in VOY and TNG. We’ve seen the Enterprise C, we know Tasha Yar’s a concubine on Romulus, we know Tuvok’s getting bored on the Excelsior, Picard’s sitting in an orchard dreaming of joining the academy, Romulus has turned inward and the Federation won’t hear from them again till TNG, Data’s “dad” is preparing to build him, Worf’s grandpa is making speeches, Guinan’s puttering around somewhere, possibly playing Yoda to young Picard (since she knows they’re destined to one day be important to one another, which she found out while hanging out with Mark Twain)…

      I feel like that’s all I really need to know about the late 23rd and early 24th Centuries.

  • GIBBS v2

    Sensors detecting an Admiral Sulu cameo!

    • DemosCat

      Oooooh my!

  • jackson roy kirk

    Woow…. Do I smell a Shatner Role somewhere???

  • Captain Jon

    I’m hoping he means Star Trek VI is a jumping off point as in the tone and style of the series. To be honest, I’m not too excited about the thought of a series set between the end of ST6 and TNG.
    Even though it’s a sequel to the original series and the first six movies, it’s also a prequel to everything 24th century. That means there’s only so much that they can do without violating the canon. Yes, a good writer doesn’t need to worry about such things because they can come up with original material on their own, but how many new species can they introduce without fans saying “Why aren’t they in TNG/DS9 or VOY?” It’s the Suliban problem, a species who’s fate was left unanswered.
    I think that the best thing for them to do would be to jump ahead 50 years after the end of Nemesis. They won’t be restrained by canon or mythology because so much could have changed in that time. Example, in ST4 the Klingons are still enemies of the Federation, but when TNG starts they’re allies because it takes place almost a century later. It was something that we could buy into without an explanation because so much time had passed. There’s no telling where every species will be in the mid-25th century, how the politics will have changed and everything especially if Romulus is gone, something that I think is a goldmine for storytelling potential.
    As for the technology, don’t get crazy and make it too far advanced. You can make some reason why they’re not as advanced as you would think. A brutal war or a “Great Depression”-type event that set the Federation back in their development.
    I’m excited for the next series, especially with Meyer aboard but I just hope this isn’t an early-24th century series. I think they’ll be limited with what they can do and it will only hinder the storytelling potential. They should jump ahead from the TNG-era, not be burdened by mythology because they can reshape it how they see fit.
    Regardless, I’ll be tuning in! Or streaming in???

    • iMike

      Agreed. I would almost prefer going 200 years further in the Prime universe to the late 26th century so that the writers could create a couple hundred more years of Federation history without being stuck within established constraints. But you bring up an interesting point about Romulus; if we skip ahead to say only the mid-25th century as you suggest then the writers can still have some wiggle room and explore the impact Romulus’ destruction had on the Prime universe canvas. It could provide some interesting stories between the Federation (especially Vulcan) and the surviving Romulans scattered around the quadrant.

      • Captain Jon

        That’s something that I find fascinating about storytelling in the 25th century…what happens to the Romulans? I think there’s so much potential there.
        1) What do the Romulans themselves do? Do they try to find a new homeworld? Do they seek to make peace with the other powers?
        2) Do the Vulcans reach out to their cousins and push for Reunification? What would that mean for the Federation? Does Vulcan stay in the Federation if they go through with Reunification?
        3) Do the Klingons try to take advantage of the situation and try to conquer what’s left? If so, what does the Federation do? Do they risk war with the Klingons to protect the Romulans?
        I just think there’s so much that can be explored. My dream series would be one that:
        1) Maintains the hope and positive outlook for the future of TOS and TNG.
        2) Isn’t afraid to tackle the dark themes and questions posed by DS9, showing that even in the darkest of times, Humanity still rises to the challenge and stays true to their beliefs.
        3) Is always in a constant state of change, never sticking to the status quo and takes risks.
        I mean, I really think you could blend the best of both TNG and DS9 into an incredible series. You just need to have the balls to take the chance.