With a quarter-century of Star Trek entries in its famous Keepsake Ornament catalog, Hallmark has once again announced an exclusive new ornament for this year’s holiday season, which will only available at a few select fan convention events in 2016.

Featuring dialogue and music directly from the original “Star Trek” TV Series, this Keepsake Ornament depicts the iconic starship as originally built and painted for special-effects filming. This is a repaint of a 2016 Keepsake Ornament celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

Available exclusively at Comic-Con International, July 21-24 in San Diego, Calif., and at New York Comic Con, Oct. 6-9, in New York City.

Hallmark will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by taking part in Star Trek: Mission New York, scheduled Sept. 2-4 in New York City. Two items are announced for that event:

– A Hallmark-branded exclusive ornament featuring Maxine, the star of Hallmark’s “Crabby Road” cartoons, dressed in her finest Star Trek cosplay. This ornament is a repainted version of one available this year in stores selling Hallmark-branded ornaments.

– The U.S.S. Enterprise Keepsake Ornament previously available at Comic-Con International.


This new Enterprise ornament joins the other three wide-release Keepsake Ornaments planned for 2016, which were announced at last summer’s San Diego Comic Con, which include Pavel Chekov, a gold-painted Enterprise commemorating the 5oth Anniversary of Star Trek, and Kirk’s encounter with the salt vampire (as seen in “The Man Trap”).


2016 is also special for the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament line, of course, because it’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of their first Trek ornament: naturally, 1991’s original Enterprise.


  • TrekRules

    Sure, only for the big events. I understand it is business but not everyone is able to go to the big events. How about selling them at a couple smaller events and try to build those up?

  • Guest

    I think this ornament is far better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYyyBXagx4A

  • dep1701

    The gold plated ( second ) pilot Enterprise available at Hallmark stores is gorgeous. They finally got the sculpt of the classic Enterprise right and the details are pretty spot on, down to the 8 round vents painted over the impulse engines. It’s so pretty, I’m going to keep one on display year round. One caveat; If you go to the store to get one, make sure you check the ornament out first before buying it. One of the two I got had wonky nacelles, as did three out of four others I checked out when I took it back to the shop for an exchange.