Paramount has released a new STAR TREK BEYOND photo to Empire Online today, featuring three of the upcoming film’s stars in a precarious situation.

Spock, Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), and McCoy in trouble. (Paramount Pictures)

While we’ve seen these characters in other official stills and in December’s teaser trailer, this is our first look at all three together on the surface of the planet central to the BEYOND story.

Since Spock is wearing his USS Franklin jacket in this image, it seems reasonable to concluded that this grouping takes place after the crew has convened at the new vessel, after the escape and landing from the downed Enterprise.

We’ll be sure to update our STAR TREK BEYOND image gallery with a high-quality version of this photo as soon as it’s been released.

  • Robert Anthony

    I recall in the first Abrams Trek movie, the Enterprise was built on Earth. I know it can remain under water, but does it have landing gear?

    • The Chadwick

      Frankly I don’t care for peoples arguments against the Enterprise going underwater. If a vessel can be built to withstand the vacuum of space and its negative temperatures it can withstand being submerged in water.

      • Robert Anthony

        I wasn’t trying to argue a thing. I was just curious if the Enterprise could land. ‘Seems pretty logical to me that any starship would be underseaworthy. : )

      • James

        How about Voyager flying through ‘fluidic space’ in Scorpion? or the underwater holo-ship in Insurrection? There was certainly precedent, never understood the criticism of that particular scene.

        • RA

          Because haters gonna hate, as they say.

  • Dartanion74

    According to the original re-fit designer of the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture – it DID in fact have landing gear -as a matter of fact there is a schematic on it somewhere. Whether or not that applies to the JJPrise is a matter of speculation.

    • The Chadwick

      I had no idea, cool. If they can build a starship with so many abilities, landing gear and the ability to land seems like small potatoes compared to faster than light travel. Logical.

    • Robert Anthony

      Thanks. This article just made me wonder.

      • ¡David Oakes! 

        Also the saucer can detach on every starfleet vessel but they never had the budget to film it until Encounter At Farpoint. Apparently they even make mention of detaching the saucer in a TOS episode but it cannot re-attach and is only used as a lifeboat.

        • It’s in “The Apple.” Kirk says, “Discard the warp drive nacelles if you have to, and crack out of there with the main section.”

  • cyclotis

    Has there been any word at all about what the “fan event” in Los Angeles is going to be where the freaking trailer for the movie is premiering?

    Was that just lazy CYA bologna from Paramount to try and placate crabby Trekkies who want to know more about the movie besides the fact that it has a dirt bike, an angry lizard played by Idris Elba, a Xindi skunk (?), and an exploding Enterprise in it?

  • Mady

    Reading the original article…since when Scotty is a main character at the level of the Holy Trinity? Is the empire magazine being just a bit sexist excluding Saldana (wasn’t she the third lead?) or should I take it as a hint of the tone of the movie?
    The general audience doesn’t consider Pegg and Urban a box office draw (they barely would watch the movie just for Pine and Quinto, and they are the protagonists) and ‘big hollywood’ names, so if that is a promotion tattict by Paramount and bad robot it makes no sense. Further, I don’t see someone like JJ, who revolutioned star wars a bit with its diverse casting and female main character, being like ‘oh let’s promote trek as a movie about guys only’.
    Neverthless, it’s safe to say that for the audience of these movies that will likely want to watch the sequel, if they start to actually promote it and build some hype, this trek itineration had as the big 3 Pine, Quinto, Saldana, which is the way this trek had been promoted too (comics included). The fact that many fans wanted to see more of Mccoy (Mccoy, not Scotty) was never mutually exclusive with Uhura’s role.
    Turning it into the story of four men, in terms of the iconic crew, is terribly backwards anyway, I don’t see any utility in that.
    I sure hope that the fact there seem to be more new female characters this round isn’t an attempt by Pegg&CO to try to make the audience not pay attention to the fact they maybe marginalized the female lead character of the crew to make the secondary male characters more relevant.

  • Mady

    The puzzling thing for me is this team preaching about making trek ‘new’ but for all their claims of innovation and doing things trek never did with these characters, it seems to me that they do nothing different, in terms of character dynamics, than the old movies did. And where the reboot DID new stuff, they seem to ignore those aspects in the name of tos nostalgia. The Spock/Bones banter itself, or them teaming up away from Kirk, as well as the ‘pair the spares’ stuff with other characters, is nothing new. In fact, it reminds me the character dynamics and structure of the old movies and some episodes. Funny thing is that JJ&CO DID change the status quo a bit (Uhura being the device for that, but it wasn’t the only aspect) even if it was the Kirk/Spock show.
    There isn’t such a thing like the ‘original trio’ in these movies because it makes little sense for this version of the characters as they also changed Kirk and Spock a bit, and to the extent they don’t have the same roles or the same exact dynamic with each other (yes, minus them copying twok scene), narrative vise, but they are more contemporary and not one-dimensional. Spock and Mccoy aren’t the Devil and Angel at Kirk’s sides either because this trek is not the Shatner’s show. Spock is the protagonist at Kirk’s level (some might argue the first movie is about Spock) and there were critics who even said they’d find it fitting if he was the hero of this trek instead of Kirk. Spock isn’t the hero’s sidekick Nimoy hated being being in tos, and this team or those who make articles about this movie, expect me to forget that and pretend the reboot is like tos with the same characters and the same relationship I feel insulted because I watched both these movies and tos and I noticed (and appreciated) the differences that make both itinerations valid on their own merits.

  • Why are Spock’s ears angled so far backward? Is he wearing his racing ears or something?

    Spock’s ears were vertical in TOS (see for an example), and they were almost vertical even in the first reboot movie (

    • None

      The make up on Quinto looks amateur at best! Ugly, just ugly! In the first movies he looked like a vulcan, here he looks like Quinto with Spock’s wig and ears. I don’t understand WHY

      • And he’s way too PINK; he doesn’t look like a man with green blood. I have to wonder if the makeup artist for Star Trek Beyond knows what a Vulcan is supposed to look like…