In today’s CBS first-quarter earnings conference call, CBS president Les Moonves made a few comments about 2017’s new Star Trek television series coming to the company’s All Access streaming service next year, including the first clarification on a release schedule.

[“Star Trek”] will be episodic, week by week. It won’t be the Netflix [way].

CBS All Access is the only place to get the entire ‘stack’ of CBS shows, and this January, we will begin streaming our first original series. All Access will be the home of the first original “Star Trek” series in eleven years.

[The premiere episode of] “Star Trek” will debut simultaneously on All Access and the CBS television network, with subsequent episodes exclusively on All Access.

We have one of the best creative teams behind this show, and we’re confident that its large, passionate fan base will lead to substantial, profitable subscriber growth.

Moonves also repeated his previous comments about the interest from other streaming providers.

Once again, every other streaming service was after “Star Trek.” We could have cashed in for a lot of money, selling it to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu… they were all very interested in it.

We know that “Star Trek” is a high-priced, quality product, and – knowing that we will have very strong international sales which we are already getting in – it’s important that we show everybody that All Access is a priority for us… and there are a lot of very rabid “Star Trek” fans who are going sign up for it.

This may come as a disappointment to those not planning to subscribe to CBS’s streaming service for any more time than needed, as many have commented in our comments (and around the web) about plans to simply subscribe, binge-watch, and cancel after the first season of the new series becomes available.

Additionally, this is the same kind of release schedule that Hulu has been following with its original series, including this spring’s 11.22.16 and the ongoing season of The Mindy Project.

In our opinion, however, this really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. CBS has repeatedly stated their goals to use Star Trek to anchor their All Access revenue stream, and aligning the release of the new show to a traditional broadcast and cable pattern – and it makes business sense that they’re working to avoid “binge and bail” viewing habits.

In addition, for those international markets which may end up showing the series on local television networks, a weekly release will keep the global rollout relatively on pace with US accessibility.

  • Danny Lavery

    I wonder how they’ll deal international distribution – this appies to USA only; presumably some regions could get Netflix/other online outlsets, other countries might buy for traditional TV channels?

    • MattR

      I would think that most of the international distribution could be standard TV channels, so they’d need to air weekly as well. I

  • jerr

    oh.. it will be the UPN of streaming 🙂

  • Gilbetron

    I think it’s really backwards and disappointing that at this point it looks like the new series will only be available on standard TV and have no streaming options outside of the U.S. Obviously this hasn’t been confirmed, but I can read between the lines. As a cord-cutter with no intention of ever watching standard TV again in my life, it sucks that I almost certainly won’t have access to a streaming option.

    • They have not announced ANY international release specifics yet. Keep in mind that many US network and cable shows (“Better Call Saul,” “The Good Wife,” “Orphan Black”) are streamed online internationally, so don’t count it out just yet.

      • Gilbetron

        Thanks for the reply. 🙂 I’m certainly hoping for the best at this point.

    • Harold Heretic

      I don’t understand what you’re saying. This show will *only* be available as a streaming option – their streaming product “CBS ALL ACCESS”. Except for the very first episode which will air .. .. over the air on CBS TV. Problem with their Streaming option is it is full of commercials you can’t skip, like you can with a DVR.

      • Gilbetron

        CBS All Access is only available in the United States, to U.S. residents. If you live anywhere else in the world, which I have to imagine is *at least* half of the fanbase, the show will be delivered some other way, almost certainly on a standard TV channel. But as TrekCore pointed out in the below comment, no international distribution deals have been announced yet, so this is a huge question mark. But one thing is certain: we will not access it on the CBS All Access streaming service.

        • Harold Heretic

          Ah, I see what you mean 😉

        • Robert Lundkvist

          “Standard TV channel” will suck. Than means that there will be a delay for abbout a year. Try staying away from spoilers for that amount of time in today’s pop culture global world… 🙁 With that being said, that is how I get the CW shows (Arrow, The Flash, etc,) right now. I have them on Netflix, but about 6 months after the US broadcast. It sucks getting updates on Youtube from the reviewers.

          • Snap

            That’s not necessarily true. The latest incarnation of Degrassi is offered internationally via Netflix but it is aired on Family in Canada. It’s a bit of an unusual example as Degrassi didn’t employ a weekly release schedule, rather new episodes were aired every weekday.

            There was a delay between the standard and Netflix releases, with all of the episodes of the season being released simultaneously on Netflix, but only on the date when the season finale would be airing on Family.

            Family also broadcasts some other streaming programs, though there is a delay it is significantly less than a year. With a property as big as Star Trek, I doubt there would be any worse delay between markets than there would be in a first run syndication model. Kind of like WWE SmackDown, where it is aired on Thursdays on USA, while in Canada on Sportsnet 360 it typically airs a day earlier on Wednesday.

            It would not surprise me if international markets were able to air the episodes the day they are added to All Access.

  • Harold Heretic

    I just really hope they offer a commercial free option by then. I currently subscribe to every streaming service that offers ad-free viewing including (HBONow, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime). I tried CBS and didn’t even mind the $6 bucks or whatever it was but the commercials were so annoying and a deal-breaker…. Now I never watch Late Show with Colbert or any of their other stuff any more – just not worth sitting through constant ads I can’t even FFWD through.

    • MattR

      They mentioned that an ad-free option may be a possibility.

      • Harold Heretic

        I hope it is in time. Or I may have to learn how that torrent stuff works.

  • Valethar

    Guess this will be the first Trek series I watch bootleg. I’m not adding yet another sub for this.

    • Zarm

      If you don’t want to pay for it, you don’t have to watch it. Those are both viable options. Theft is not.

  • Mat Rowe

    Speaking for the Australian market, currently our streaming service ‘Stan’ has all of the Trek series, so I’d put money on the new one showing up there. Netflix Australia is more or less a joke based on content (or lack thereof), so I doubt they’d get it.

    • Gilbetron

      So here’s a question (I’m from Canada, btw): will the new series appear on our streaming services live upon release, on a weekly basis? I hope so, but I sort of doubt that. More than likely, it would only be available on a third-party streaming site like Stan or Netflix or Crave (in Canada) once the season is finished. Which would be a bit of a bummer. Anyway, I figure since the show is likely going to be competing for eyeballs on standard TV in our countries (don’t know this for sure, it’s just conjecture), it probably won’t be available simultaneous on a streaming service.

      • The Chadwick

        Im in Canada as well, Hamilton Ontario. The international community might get it on cable as well as streaming. Unless CBS releases a specific CBS Streaming service/app up here for us, the show will more than likely be on the Space channel for cable or CraveTV streaming as Bell Media owns both, and those are the only places I can find Star Trek. So I am fairly certain Bell Media has distribution rights for Star Trek up here and will be on one if not both of those locations unless CBS has other plans. I wish Netflix and CraveTV would start adding episodic content weekly as it is released rather than waiting for an entire season to finish and who know when they would post it. Sometimes Netflix is fast at posting it, sometimes not. Regardless, I do not want to wait for the season to be finished before I can watch it on a streaming service as I no longer subscribe to cable. Another thing I am a little pissed about it I am using the previous generation Apple TV box for streaming which does not have an app store to purchase and add more apps like the most recent Apple TV does. If CBS does release All Access for Canada I would have to buy the new Apple TV, or another streaming device because I doubt my previous generation Apple TV will be receiving any updates.

    • The Chadwick

      One of our streaming services in Canada, CraveTV (owned by Bell Media) has all the Star Trek shows as well. Other streaming services like Shomi and Netflix do not have Star Trek.

    • Meh

      3 bucks a months for a dns and have the whole Netflix catalogue. Who in Australia actually only has access to the AU Netflix these days. Screw Geoblocking, it is not illegal to circumvent in AU not matter the terms of Netflix. .

  • Zarm

    I’m glad for the weekly schedule. It’s nice to have a program that lasts, and it builds anticipation.

    Plus, it’ll make weekly podcasting reviews easier to record that a binge-season. 😉

  • The Chadwick

    I hope the release announcements for the international community will be released shortly. I really want to know where I can access it up here in Canada. If we had CBS all access up here I would sign up in a heart beat. With regards to people complaining signing up for a streaming service, I look at it this way. My HD cable package with extras like HBO, NatGeo, ShowTime etc was about $100 CAD a month. Canceled that a year ago, now I subscribed to Netflix, CraveTV, and Shomi, $10 each, so $30 a month for a ton of HD TV and movie content. If we had CBS all access up here, the price would probably be comparable to other streaming services, $10 a month, bringing my total to $40 a month for four streaming service, still less than half of the cable package I was paying for. Since Bell Media has distribution rights for Star Trek up here through their Space channel and their CraveTV streaming service I hope that is how it will be distributed up here since I already subscribe to CraveTV. CraveTV is the only streaming service I know where Star Trek is in its own category lol, its literally the only show that has its own category. Represent!

    • Gilbetron

      Totally agree with you. I get a bit irritated by all the complainers in the States who are pissed about having to pay for All-Access… I’m thinking, $10/month for just a few months per year, for a *brand new Star Trek series*? It’ll cost more when it come out on Blu-ray, and of course cable in almost any form is way more than even 3-4 streaming services. Anyway, yeah, I’m with you. I’d sign up for CBS All Access in a hot minute, had I the option.

      • MJ

        Agreed. And as a US Citizen. I’d like to apologize for all the spoiled whiners in our country.

  • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho


    • Zarm


      • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho

        In Star Trek universe there are no money.

        • Zarm

          Yet there is ownership. In the future, just as in the present, taking what does not belong to one without permission is illegal.

          • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho

            There are no personal property in Star Trek. The cultural knowledge belongs to everyone. However, I do not take anything, I just copy. There are a lot of difference.

          • Zarm

            There is indeed personal property in Star Trek. Willie Mays baseball cards are bought and sold. The Enterprise belongs to Starfleet and is stolen. Picard owns a Ressikan flute, Mintakan tapestry, and numerous other items. Starfleet officers own medals, momentos, clothing raquetball paddles, personal holograms, african mask collections, baseballs… and that’s just within Starfleet; outside of it, commerce continues throughout the galaxy.

            Regardless, this is the real world- a world in which the TV show in question is owned by someone else, and by law, does not belong to you. A world in which ‘copying’ (taking a copy) of something that does not belong to you is, by law, a crime. If you don’t like the price of something, it is absolutely your right not to pay that price- but if you choose not to pay it, you don’t get the merchandise that price is attached to. That’s the way it works. And even when just ‘copying’ something digitally, that’s still stealing (or ‘pirating’ if you want to maintain that stealing requires depriving the original owner of an object. In this case, however, you are still depriving that original owner of the money required to access their product for an additional person). The issue is not that you are depriving the original owner of the master copy- the issue is that you are obtaining something that is legally offered ONLY by paying the agreed-upon price, but you are doing so without obtaining that price. I would maintain that morally, that is still wrong, and still depriving the owner of something- but even if you would not agree with that moral standard, *legally* it is still a crime.

          • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho
          • Zarm

            Not sure what that’s intended to say, but if it’s a rebuttal… this is still the same Picard who has personal possessions in his ready room. 🙂

        • Uhura offered to pay ten credits for a tribble in “The Trouble With Tribbles” (but Jones gave it to her, so she’d advertise his merchandise). Harry Mudd told the women with him that they wanted to marry miners because the miners were RICH in “Mudd’s Women.” Kirk told several different crew members at various times that they’d “earned their pay for the week.” Maybe some of the later Treks didn’t have money, but money existed in TOS.

        • pittrek

          Wrong. Federation doesn’t use money internally but they still use something like money for business with other words.

      • pittrek

        Not stealing, but still illegal in most countries. And quite dumb to promote torrents on a public website like trekcore.

  • Mrplatitude

    I might try and wait until they are all out and then subscribe and watch them all in a month so I don’t have to pay for multiple months. I already pay for Netflix, I can’t justify to myself paying for another platform. But if the buzz is good I might be too tempted to wait!

    • GIBBS v2

      That is exactly why they are spacing them out to avoid the one-monthers.

  • Mike

    Here in New Zealand Star Trek TNG and DS9 are running on the Zone channel part of SKY Satilite service so I will bet the new series will either be on the Zone or maybe TV3 free to air (TV3/MediaWorks have run Star Trek in the past)

  • Carson

    I’ll have fun torrenting it. I’m not paying for something that is only available on browsers with only one original series. Fuck this. I’d rather it had gone to Netflix and them do something worth while with it.

  • David B Dornburg

    “… and there are a lot of very rabid “Star Trek” fans who are going sign up for it.”
    Or not.
    I’ll see it, but not at his beck & call and not at his pricing.
    One day, TV Exec’s will actually get a clue as to how the Internet works.

  • The Fox

    terrible idea

  • Matt

    I would happily pay CBS for access to Star Trek, however there is no UK web site to get access to the show.

    • Hauke Fischer

      You can be 100% certain a UK TV station will carry it. Question is how long is the delay.

  • Craig Skinner

    Game of Thrones is available in the UK as a simulcast on Sky Atlantic (at 2am..). They also repeat it the next day.

    I’m saying they’ll do the same for the new Star Trek and yes it’s behind a pay wall but it’s still immediate access. If Sky are interested, and they’ve broadcast most of the modern Star Trek series I imagine they’ll look look to broadcast it as soon as possible after the US.

  • Carol

    A lot of the USA fan base seem to be against CBS solely airing this new series. If it isn’t available in other countries, isn’t CBS shooting itself in the foot? Maybe they will offer other networks the show after airing their 1st season – especially if they don’t get subscribers they’re anticipating. We’ll just have to wait and see and I will definitely have to wait.

    • Darkthunder

      If the show isn’t available outside the US until after the 1st season has aired, piracy will be rampant. There would be no profit in actually making the show available outside the US, if piracy has taken hold long before it begins “airing” in Europe and elsewhere.

    • pittrek

      Well in the original press release few months ago they claimed it will be sold to various TV networks outside the USA.

  • It costs a LOT of money to make a TV series, and I’m happy to pay CBS for reviving Star Trek … provided that the series they make is actually GOOD.

    Stealing the series is the fastest way to get it cancelled. Television networks are not charities, and if the series doesn’t make money, it will die. Those of you planning to steal it, please think about the larger picture.

    (I don’t intend to debate this point, so people who intend to steal the show needn’t bother to reply to me.)

    • pittrek

      Well if by “stealing” you mean “downloading unauthorised copies” I agree, but I just have to hope there will be a legal way how to watch it outside the USA

      • Zarm

        I’m curious (honestly; impassioned as I am, it probably sounds more like trying to start a fight, but that’s the trouble with no ‘tone of voice’ on the internet)- what do you see as the difference? Is it (as I alluded below) that there is no physical object being deprived from the owner?

        • pittrek

          As I wrote elsewhere – both are illegal and quite immoral. What do I see as a difference? Short version – stealing means person A owns object O, person B takes it without a permission, and now person A has nothing. Copying however means that both person A and person B will end up with identical looking objects.

          • Zarm

            Gotcha. So it’s sort of ‘in both, person B takes what doesn’t belong to them- but with stealing, person A loses the original, whereas with copying, person A retains the original’?

      • I think we can trust CBS’s desire to earn money in international markets to ensure that there will be a legal way to watch outside the US. 🙂

        • pittrek

          I definitely hope so, I’d love to watch it LEGALLY 🙂

    • Wendy Marcisofsky

      I absolutely do NOT condone stealing intellectual content and would never do that but on the other side, I would like to see this broadcast in the same way the rest of the series did and CBS needs to keep in mind, 50 years since TOS and a lot of those fans are dying off. In order to gain new fans, they need to broadcast in a manner that “oldies” will watch and not feel like we are being gouged.

    • Lord Testkill

      They just want people to stream it on internet…
      Outside the US there is no way of watching it legaly (not on TV or netflix)

      i'(m not promoting it, its just reality)

      • CBS has promised that the new series WILL come to international markets; they just haven’t announced HOW yet. Don’t worry — they want your money, so they’ll find a way to get the show to you. 🙂

  • brith brennin

    Give me back my rabbit ears!! Personally I think everything that Berman had his hands involved with was junk. I expect this to be the’s just money tree for CBS

  • jackson roy kirk

    I will wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray season to come out.

    • Binyamin Koretz

      As an expat without a cable subscription, I just hope they make it available on dvd or blu ray within a reasonable amount of time, since that’s the only way I can view it. And not like Amazon who (so far) doesn’t offer their series on disc.

  • iMike

    I don’t get all the complaints. Yes, it’s very easy to say “I don’t want to pay for another streaming service,” but let’s get real: it’s $6 a month. Many of us pay almost that much a day to our favorite coffee house, so we’re going to bitch and moan about paying for All Access for a few months? One upon a time Netflix had a very anemic streaming catalogue and no one thought it would overcome the popularity of their DVD mail-order service.

    The new series will likely have at most 13 episodes per season, maybe 18 (but not likely) so it’s not like people who are upset about All Access have to pay for more than a few months.

    Star Trek has never been a cheap show to produce … during the eighteen years from the beginning from TNG to the end of ENT, Star Trek was expensive. Even if you adjust for inflation, Star Trek will still be very expensive to produce. A studio is paying good money to produce this series. Actors, directors, writers, and various production staff are all being paid to bring Star Trek back to a television format (where it belongs, IMO) to entertain us all.

    To those disparaging CBS for using Star Trek as a springboard for All Access … if you were running a business and you had the opportunity use one of your most very popular products as a cornerstone to expand your brand, would you really say no?

    **** On a separate note … the show won’t be the first All Access exclusive show … ‘Supergirl’ debuted on CBS network television, but also moved to exclusively All Access immediately after.

    • “Supergirl” has been airing on the CBS broadcast network all season.

      • Zarm

        In addition to that broadcasting, the most recent 3-5 episodes are available online, for free. All Access just gives you the full backlog of episodes.

  • pittrek

    As an European guy, I have to ask – do they still plan to sell it to “normal” TVs outside the USA?

  • Going forward we will be moderating pro-piracy comments regarding the new series or CBS All Access.

    • VERY glad to hear this!

    • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho

      What you are doing is called censorship. We have the right to discuss what we want.

  • Wendy Marcisofsky

    I won’t watch and we are true “Trekkies” …old enough to have watch TOS. Everything is about $ $ $ $ and if they think they will get enough out of soaking us for more $ $ $ through a streaming subscription; I hope they are WRONG. Living in greater Las Vegas, the casinos just started charging for parking and I hope it backfires just like every single thing having to be a revenue stream. Advertisers pay for public networks and since we pay almost $200/mo already for TV/internet, guess I’ll just wait for these to come out on DVD or something but I won’t pay to watch streamed content.

  • David Emanuel De Souza Coelho

    The blog has deleted my comment. What shame! This is censorship. Only because I have said: torrent. Yes, I love P2P. I will download every episode of new Star Trek by torrent.

  • Anthony Cynor

    If it is a pay for show they can keep it. I will buy it on DVD but online is to variable in quality plus you still get stuck with commercials, logos , popups etc all over the screen while trying to watch. I can tolerate that on broadcast but just barely. Thumbs down on this plan!

  • GIBBS v2

    I am not grooving on the idea of paying for access only to watch commercials, thats like double dipping. If Netflix suddenly added commercials half the user based was disappear over night.

  • Zarm

    Per, “In the U.S., a special premiere episode will air on the CBS Television Network and all subsequent first-run episodes will be available exclusively on CBS All Access. The series will also be available on television stations and platforms in other countries around the world.”

    So, non-US viewers are definitely not going to be left out in the cold. (Not that we haven’t heard that, but always good to have it reiterated!)

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Episodic? Week by week? Could it mean it won’t be yet another unnecessarily seralised show like everything else on TV at the moment and it’ll be like the previous ST series? Count me in.

  • TAP

    They are making a huge mistake by not broadcasting on the CBS television network. Huge. It will mean Trek Death on TV as we know it. What’s the point after that? How many will REALLY pay CBS, just to see Trek? No new fans will. it will be Course 180, Mark 10.

  • Terry

    It’s disgusting that I already pay for CBS (I’m a Comcast Cable subscriber), but they want me to sign up for a monthly service to get ONE show.

  • Matthew David Cooper

    I see a lot of comments about illegal downloading, but not much useful information. Why won’t CBS allow other countries to subscribe to CBS all access? Surely that’s more money in their pockets. It’s like they’re saying that Star Trek, a franchise loved across the world, should only be seen by Americans. Obviously, there will be a UK DVD release, but I don’t like buying things blind. The internet is destroying television, the same way that it’s destroying small business with online shopping. I feel victimised for being British, and not wanting to sit in front of a computer 24 hours a day.

  • John Hannan

    Is CBS all access only online or can I get it on my TV through my cable provider?