TNG Remastered: “Eye of the Beholder” HD Comparison Video


After bright young lieutenant commits suicide aboard the Enterprise, Counselor Deanna Troi is called upon to investigate the man’s death – and while she’s digging into why Dan Kwan killed himself, Troi begins to receive flashes of a psychic vision which may reveal a murder from years in the past!

  • Tone

    Always thought the scale of the nacelle was way off. It is supposed to be half the length of the ship, and this makes it look short and stubby.

    Thanks for putting up all these fantastic comparison videos Trekcore!

  • JoeSmo

    I wonder why Voyager hasn’t been converted and made available in HD?

    Has it? Am I missing the boat? Will it be converted to 4K or has Star Trek

    reached it limitations in picture quality? Then we have 8K around the corner.

    • There are currently no plans to remaster either DS9 and Voyager for high definition due to high costs and lack of projected financial returns on what would be two very expensive projects.

      • JoeSmo

        Thanks for the prompt reply. I wonder IF a fan would be able

        to convert what’s available providing he/she knew how and

        had the hardware – software to accomplish such a task?