Ever since the USS Franklin concept art debuted here at TrekCore back in January, fans have been curious to learn more about this new ship set to debut in STAR TREK BEYOND this summer.

Along with that, speculation over changes made to the Enterprise herself, most recently seen in May’s second theatrical trailer, have lead some to believe we’ve already seen some new version of that ship, based upon physical differences to the warp nacelles, engine struts, and other features.

Minor spoilers below!

Well, this month’s new Popular Mechanics answers some of those questions directly, featuring a cutaway view of not only the two Federation starships, but the alien Swarm vessels as well – those countless ships seen tearing the Enterprise to bits in the preview trailers.

Illustration by Kemp Remillard for Popular Mechanics.

This illustration reveals several new pieces of information about these ships. First, the one thing many have gravitated to are the Enterprise nacelle struts – they’ve clearly been altered since the ship’s debut, from 90-degree support structures to swept-back nacelle stands, giving the ship a more fluid design.

This was likely part of the post-battle restoration efforts made at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Enterprise, with straight nacelle struts, seen in “Into Darkness.”

In addition, it also confirms the rumors that the multitude of escape pods seen in the film’s trailers are, in fact, being referred to as “Kelvin pods,” in reference to the ill-fated ship briefly seen the opening of the 2009 Trek film – presumably because that ship appeared to have no escape pods around the bridge (leaving George Kirk without an escape from the doomed vessel), Starfleet now includes them after learning a lesson about crew survival.

A few “Kelvin pod” props on display at a recent HP Enterprise tech conference.

The Franklin also gets time in this spotlight (with a handy reference to motorcycle storage, perhaps where Kirk finds the two-wheeled vehicle), and we now have a estimate of where this ship fits in the Trek timeline.

The USS Franklin concept poster, revealed in January.

Detailed as “an early prototype ship that was the first to reach Warp 4,” this seemingly puts the Franklin just ahead of Jonathan Archer’s Enterprise NX-01, meaning this ship was launched sometime in the mid-to-late 2140’s.

The “Star Trek: Enterprise” era NX-01 and NX-Alpha ships, seen as models in “Into Darkness.”

Lastly, one of Krall’s Swarm ships also makes this artwork, here revealed to be one-man fighter craft clearly designed to penetrate the hull of a starship.

The Swarm ships shred the secondary hull.

Looks like we’ve just been given a lot more to talk about – and we know you Trek tech geeks are going to be digging over every detail in this artwork.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Tuskin38

    So, the Franklin Pre-dates the NX-01.


    Unless they changed the Warp Scale again, haha.

    • Newdivide1701

      That’s one thing I find curious as the warp scales, though official, have never truly been canonized. In fact they’ve been extremely liberal on them depending on the story. Such as the Enterprise’s achieving warp 8.4 allowed the ship to travel 990.7 lightyears in 11.337 solar hours. At that speed, the Voyager would take over 800 hours to reach the Alpha quadrant, or about a month to return. But that’s if they could maintain maximum warp. BUT it would take them 75 years to reach home and that’s assuming that’s Voyager’s maximum sustainable speed.

      Back onto what I wanted to say, even though it’s official that the TOS and TNG warp scales are different, who says they really were?

      My meaning is that after warp 6, the original Enterprise crew gets nervous. And warp 8, they are really worried. Imagined how many might have soiled themselves when Kirk ordered warp 9 on The Enterprise Incident. The Motion Picture had the Enterprise achieve warp 7 without batting an eyelash, indicating the engines are more state of the art — once they cleared up the engine problem. And we don’t know what speed they start to worry, as well as we don’t know what speed the Excelsior was at when Lojur said that she’ll fly apart while warping to Khitomer. “FLY HER APART,THEN!”

      And then of course the then state of the art Enterprise-D achieved warp 9.2 without any concern. Then finally warp 9.3 that takes them past the red line, and projection showing the Enterprise-D could match Q’s speed of warp 9.8, but at extreme risk. My thoughts is that if it were an Excelsior class starship, warp 9.8 would have definitely flew the Excelsior apart.

      A case of even though officially there are 2 different warp scales, in reality was there?

      Just like officially the USS Republic, NCC-1371, was a Constitution class starship, but no canon references confirming that in which the Republic could easily have been the same class as the Kelvin.

      And of course the ultimate maximum warp kept changing with Voyager confirming the ultimate maximum warp at warp 10 to All Good Things having warp 13+ earlier. Thus speculation of a third warp scale in which none have been canonized.

      • Tone

        Warp scales are canon and explained, you need to read the TNG tech manual.

        • Newdivide1701

          I have. In fact I’ve owned the book since I was 14. The problem is the canon warp scales are often changed especially with the Enterprise passing warp 10 on Where No One Has Gone Before, to the Enterprise achieving Warp 13 and even faster on All Good Things, yet with Treshold saying warp 10 is infinite.

  • Gary Neumann

    Love the art work. Curious about these changes on the Enterprise. The nacelles are clearly different this time around.

    • Tuskin38

      The nacelles seem the same to me, they just changed the pylons.

      • Gary Neumann

        They are slimmer than the ones from 09 and into darkness

    • Shadowknight1

      The pylons are swept back and, while it’s not immediately noticeable, the saucer phaser banks have been upgraded from 3 dorsal and 3 ventral to 6 dorsal and 6 ventral banks.

    • Botany Cameos

      The pylons seem to be that way already at the end of STID I think.
      They likely switched pylons after all the damage the Enterprise suffered.

  • Tim Lade

    Not for nothing, but wasn’t Kirk ejected from the Enterprise in the 2009 film in an escape pod to the planet where he was found by Spock?

    • Simon

      Escape pods after the Kelvin. Which predates the 2009 Enterprise.

      • Tim Lade

        Oh yes, I see what they meant now. I misread it above, I thought it meant that the Enterprise had no escape pods. My bad.

    • Well, some sort of landing pod – but it was ejected from the neck of the ship and had thruster control joysticks, so definitely something different than these new escape pods.

      • Tim Lade

        Yes I do agree they are a different breed of escape pod for sure. Obviously they have gotten the scheduled Stark Industries upgrade.

    • John Connell Broadbent

      That was the Enterprise, not the Kelvin.

  • Thomas Elkins

    If that’s canon accurate, then it looks like they’re confirming that outrageous claim the vessel is larger than a Galaxy Class. I don’t mind ships that big in this era, but I personally find it stupid that they just super sized the Constitution Class for no reason. Some visual evidence in the movies confirmed it was that big, but there was often contradictory visuals which made the ship look more like it should. I wonder if that means the CGI model for Beyond will be more size accurate?

    • Tuskin38

      I mean, the large size has been confirmed a few times by various production people.

      The only real hard evidence against the size is single shot in Into Darkness where you can see a corridor through a hull breach in the saucer

      • Mykeprime

        It’s never been bigger than the Galaxy, just longer. Ignoring the nacelles on both, It’s more akin to a Ambassador that’s lost weight.
        That Into Darkness shot was well explained in a good (but loooooong) TrekBBS discussion as being a effect of perspective and lens distortion. I think this image backs that up actually).

        I do think the ship was scaled down for the ‘shuttle takeoff – pan up to nacelle’ when it’s under construction in the first film. Likely to hit the desired ‘look’ for that shot. But every other time it’s seen I think it’s the official size.

    • mswood666

      God if you think thats large you should see how large they originally plained the Vengeance too be.

    • StClair

      No, they super-sized it for a very good and important reason:
      So they could say “ours is bigger”.

  • Leif Kelley

    Like the TOS nacelles on the Franklin!

    • mswood666

      It looks like a mix of NCC-1701 and the Intrepid style of Enterprise. In fact the ship itself looks like someone through the NX-01 and the Intrepid together in some ways. Which is interesting because we don’t know launch date or speed of the Intrepid class from Enterprise.

  • Eric

    Can’t wait for the super high-def version of this cutaway so we can see all ther particular details with clarity.

    • Botany Cameos

      I’m waiting for the Eagle Moss mini ship, and the accompanying gorgeous magazine with a bunch of cut-out prints! 😀

    • Tuskin38
      • Tone

        Thanks for the link! And just look at all those cans of Bud… It’s nice they keep them near Engineering, and that can be thirsty work!

        Oh, and “Deflector Disk” come on man…… Jeez

      • tronic307

        “Impulse thrust array”? I thought the impulse engines worked in conjunction with the deflector grid, otherwise the ship at could only travel forward at any appreciable impulse speed. Voyager supposedly used the two systems in conjunction with the structural integrity field while landed, otherwise the tiny landing struts would snap. In the TMP Enterprise the impulse deflection crystal sat at the top of the matter section of the warp core, tying the impulse, warp, and deflector systems together, while anti-matter came from the section below the reaction chamber. Also, the upper and lower domes on the primary hull are for observation? Hopefully it’s the kind of observation done in an observatory? Weren’t those domes supposed to be sensor arrays with the computer core connecting the two? I suppose the main computer core lies inside the atrium’s walls and in the “science area” in the secondary hull.

        This Enterprise has to be huge because there seems to be so much wasted space. It’s a great graphic but the tech terms are BS.

        • Tuskin38

          You see the Top observation dome from the inside in ‘Into Darkness’

  • Cold Case Posse Supporter

    So it looks like these swarm Soldiers are kamikaze suicide pilots. I thought those ships were automated weapons at first.

    • Junfu Cheng

      But in the shield protection, even armor hard, this tactic but also tantamount to suicide, shield of the gravitational field, the tiny craft before hitting the ship will explode herself!

  • Cold Case Posse Supporter

    So apparently the USS Franklin (who’s crew has been long dead) and crew made contact with the planet (pre-Enterprise NX-01 launch) and everything went horribly wrong and was never heard from again. But why does the Kirks Enterprise go there? Does Yorktowns commander send him there after receiving a tip or does the ship randomly pass by the planet and detects a civilization?

  • Mykeprime

    I don’t think the nacelles were swept back at the end of Into Darkness looking back at the scenes. Plus the nacelles look slimmer here. I don’t like it. Looks spindly and weird :S

    • One of my least favorite parts of the JJprise were the “ample” nacelles. To my eyes they looked cartoonishly large.

      • Mykeprime

        Fair enough, i liked them 🙂

        • ☺ I would certainly never tell you what you can and cannot like.

          One of the things that bugs me about the nacelle size is that they are pretty much the same size as the secondary hull, which looks odd to me.

      • zeeman1

        The whole point was that Enterprise had the most powerful warp engines in the fleet.

  • I’m a bit surprised the Franklin has a transporter, but I suppose if it’s only used for non-biomatter…

    • Mark Bernero

      It was most likely upgraded after the events in ENT Broken Bow. I wonder how long this ship was in service before its crash.

    • mswood666

      I would assume, just like ships today, when a new technology becomes standard your ships gets upgraded with it. With Archer’s Enterprise we saw it get upgrades after it was launched, seems like something that would happen to the rest of the fleet as well. now obviously there might be some technologies that couldn’t be upgraded, saw trying to put a warp five engine in the Fortunate as an example, even though that ships crew talks about needed to get upgraded to a warp 3 engine to remain viable.

    • Dave Mittner

      That was a strange oversight in the movie.
      One would think they’d have upgraded it during the events of ENT and into the formation of the Federation, but it seemed to still be pre-ENT technology that Scotty had to tweak to be safe for beaming people. They seemed to keep the Franklin’s weapons systems current.

  • hellion

    I really hated the JJ Enterprise for its unbalanced and disharmonious exterior design (don’t get me started about the interior). But with those “swept-back nacelle stands” it really starts to grow on me. And is it possible that they also reduced the diameter of the nacelles? In the comparison photo from Into Darkness the nacelles look as big as the engineering hull, with the bussard collectors having a similar diameter as the deflector dish. In comparison to that in the cutaway the nacelles look slimmer than main engineering. Opinions?

    • Darkthunder

      The big issue I have with the pylons (and this diagram only amplifies that criticism), is that the pylons GNDN (goes nowhere, does nothing). Where’s the conduits leading into the engine room, and more specifically the warpcore? Or does the JJverse transport the plasma and deuterium to-and-from the nacelles via the Transporter?

    • October_1985

      Yep, in that illustration the nacelles seen way smaller than the previous ones, specially the nodes. Along with the swept back struts it makes for a more balanced design. Im liking it.

  • John Darkwater

    The Swarm ships attack like the Magog

    • Newdivide1701

      Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Makes sense.

      • Darkthunder

        Does not. Two different universes.

  • Newdivide1701

    I think I speak for many that I wish there was a higher detailed cross section that could be displayed here.

  • James

    Fantastic. Hope we get an artwork book for this release.

  • jstimson

    Soooooo. The Franklin has a motorcycle on board? Guess that answers the question about where it came from. Now we need to know why a starship needs a motorcycle.

    • Dave Mac

      For precisely the same reason why a century later, a starship needed a dune buggy: plot convenience. As far as the in-universe explanation, I’m sure other more versed in lore could come up with a better answer.

      • jstimson

        Argh, that damn dune buggy. I think they used it to jump some sharks as well.

        But if I had to come up with a semi-plausible reason for it, the Franklin is an old ship and probably short on space. So for quick planet exploration a single surveyor could cover a lot of ground in a dirtbike and handle a lot of terrain.

    • Eagle Vision

      I don’t know why they would need one either, but I think it’s hilarous that they included it in this graphic.

      • mswood666

        Why lets think, I would assume that all this is based off of materials provided to them from the producers. Art department sketches, set pictures. So assume thats something they had either art or film references of, and thus included…

      • John Adcox

        Same reason the NX 01 needed a dog?

    • James

      Same reason Picard had a saddle. Captains hobby?

      • Xandercom

        Every serious rider has their own saddle.

    • Kerry Hanson

      Picard had a saddle (TNG) and an ATV (Nemesis).

      • jstimson

        Picard also had a massive starship to store things. My personal justification for it though is that it may be an effective means of transportation on a planets surface. Assuming of course that the Franklin is able to normally get the bike down to the surface by transporter. Guess we’ll find out in a month what’s going on (or not).

  • Section31

    Wait, USS Franklin? I mean “USS”? That “USS” prefix wasn`t used in that timeframe. Even Enterprise was just called “Enterprise” Without “USS”.

    • James

      It’s possible that the Franklin was commissioned previous to the NX-01, but didn’t encounter the Swarm until after the formation of the Federation. Therefore, she could have been given a Federation registry and U.S.S. prefix subsequently. So the ship could have already been several decades old when she was lost.

      • Section31

        Sounds plausible. Wilst we’re at it: Why do the tips of the warp nacelles glow blue instead of red? Although upgrades? 😉

        • James

          I’ll bite! A quick google search reveals pages on Reddit and the TrekBBS with loads of theories. I picked and chose and came up with this:

          The red glow is from the Bussard Ramscoop, an emergency system to collect interstellar hydrogen (see Insurrection).

          The blue glow is the plasma from the warp engines inside the warp coils.

          Maybe the TOS ships without a blue glow have enclosed nacelles so that we can’t see the glow from the plasma.

    • sw gs

      In episode where Trip needs to go on rope between Columbia and Enterprise (i don’t remember name of episode) there is cleary stating on screen next to mission table that both ships has prefix of U.S.S. But later it was called mistake of graphic team.

    • Dwight Williams

      The prefix should be UES for “United Earth Ship”. Easier to trademark and defend that in court.

  • Daniel Broadway

    If you look at the weathering on that rendering of the Franklin, you will see the hull shape and weathering looks exactly like this set photo..


    So the Franklin definitely crashes at Yorktown.

  • TheRenegadeRebel .

    So if the Franklin was produced before th NX01 than what was it’s mission? NX01 was eath’s first ship to travle to other solar systems. That’s why it was such a big deal and why the Vulcans were accused of holding back the program. I am very confussed in regards to how the Franklin fits into history. Am I missing something here?

    • Darkthunder

      Retroactive tampering with canon… The Franklin doesn’t belong in Archer’s timeline. It was added after the fact, by writers who apparently don’t know jack.

      • TheRenegadeRebel .

        I’m wondering if it was perhaps never launched pre-Nx01. Maybe it was made obsolite fefore it’s launch. Henry Archer worked on the warp 5 engine for decades and this ship is what? <10 years older. Maybe it was a competing design with less ambition (Warp 4 engine). Maybe the Vulcans convinced Starfleet they would need at least warp 5 capability to effectivly accomplish their mission. Maybe it was lauched years later insome rudimentary compacity. I NEED TO KNOW!!!

        • mswood666

          Or maybe we only see a tiny amount of the information that would actually exist about any time frame a series is set in or near. I mean seriously. Just because we only saw four active earth starlet ships in enterprise that it means there wasn’t anything else? Did you assume that because we only saw active constitution class ships in TOS that there were no other designs or those ships we saw were the entire fleet? I mean seriously.

      • Tony

        Just like Enterprise retroactively tampered with canon in so many ways – first contact with Klingons, shadowy Vulcan shenanigans in early seasons, first encounter with Borg, NX-01 not appearing in the rec-dec of ST:TMP or among Picard’s Enterprise replicas in the ready rooms, Archer basically forming the Federation (you’d think that would have come up once or twice in the prior hundreds of episodes), etc., etc., etc. Beyond is hardly the first show to do this.

        • mswood666

          Not really i mean in the 600 plus episodes of trek and films nothing is stating as to what caused the Federation to form. Nothing. No mention of any presidents of the Federation except any one current in any specific event. Almost no historical references of any kind were given about general data from the Federation, unless it referenced any specific episode that was being shown. that is actually the nature of tv.

          I mean you can make the same claim about how come we didn’t see any of the future ships shown in the wall of the motion picture or some references to them in the 78 episodes of Trek that happened before? Because it wasn’t necessary or important in any way shape of form to the story that they were telling.

        • “Regeneration” is the completion of a paradoxical loop.

      • mswood666

        Wrong on so many counts. As shown nothing contradicts anything shown or spoken on Enterprise.

    • mswood666

      No The NX-01 wasn’t earth’s first ship to travel to other star systems, have no idea where you got that from, earth even had other colonies shown and mentioned on enterprise long before the NX launched.

      We know there was as a warp three engine, and we knew of the long development of the warp 5 engine, no reason that they also didn’t have a warp 4 engine development as well. If they are anything like Earth technology companies today you generally have more then one development cycle getting some level of work done at the same time.

      The only other reference we have is from some of the first dialogue with Archer and Trip string the ship was scheduled for warp 4.5 next Thursday (after saying she is fast). So it is absolutely possible that they had another ship or series of ships that could manage warp 4, no violation of anything stated or shown on screen.

      • TheRenegadeRebel .

        But what about the big Vulcan pubplot? Wasn’t it stated that they delayed humanity’s efforts to join galactic society? Suval even tried to stop the NX01 lauch because “humanity is not ready”. Starfleet had zero first hand knowledge of anything beyond their solar system. All of their intel came from the borrowed Vulcan database and Topol. No species was familiar with humanity and I’m pretty sure it is blatently stated that the NX01 is the first Starfleet Starship to launch.

        • mswood666

          Yes and No. The Vulcan did to things that were mentioned specifically, with doling technology making it slower for humans to advance into interstellar space. and using diplomacy, as a more advance race to pressure projects to go at a slower pace then might have occurred if there were no Vulcans there. Of course, you can also make the argument that if humanity never meet the Vulcan’s initially they wouldn’t have made the push so hard to go further into space.

          • TheRenegadeRebel .

            My point was that if Starfleet already had a warp 4 starship(s) out there it would be a moot point. Where is the logic in advising patience and delaying the launch of the NX01 if starfleet had already sent ships out to explore?

          • locke896

            Actually they said in the movie that it was the first deep space vessel and it was capable of warp 4. They even said the captain was a Mako and when they were disbanded he became captain of the ship. It came after the NX-01.

          • Elrigh

            Not to forget that the Franklin is meant to be a FEDERATION SHIP and Edison hates the Federation because they made Peace with the Xindi. War with Xindi: 2153. Birth of the Federation 2161. What a Bullshit.

          • Dave Mittner

            Starfleet was incorporated into the Federation upon its founding, meaning all Starfleet vessels became Federation vessels. This included the older Franklin, which Edison took command of when the MACOs didn’t survive Starfleet’s transition into the Federation.

          • Dave Mittner

            The ship had been around for a while before he got command of it. It’s age isn’t apparent just in its warp speed but also by the fact its transporter systems was pre-NX-01, as well.

        • mswood666

          And nope NX-01 was not the first Starfleet ship launched. The only thing we have solid info on is that its the first warp 5 ship that was launched by Starfleet. You could make an argument that its the first long term & long range mission away from Earth, but we know of at least 5 of the Intrepid Style ships and two other types of Starfleet warp capable ships shown on Enterprise.

  • publiusr

    Thanks for this. I love the starships.

  • Gary

    Not the first cutaway of the NuTrek Enterprise I’ve seen. Check out http://www.michaelwileyart.com/portfolio/newenterprisecutaway.htm

  • Mark Bernero

    I think its crazy that it took from 2063 to @ 2141 to reach warp 2 and took very little time afterwards to get to warp 3,4 and 5!

    • SciFiBrony

      Yeah but look at the time between the wheel and the Model T and then from that to race cars

    • Brian Thorn

      That’s how the speed of sound was broken, too.
      First flight: 1903. First to exceed Mach 1: 1947. Mach 2: 1951. Mach 3: 1956. Mach 4, 5, and 6: all in 1961.

    • zeeman1

      So you’ve basically ignored the history of scientific/military invention.

  • Phyfell

    Nothing beats the TMP-era Enterprise refit for sheer perfection in both aesthetics and functionality; a perfect starship design, if ever there was one.

    • Tony

      So true; the design of that ship was elegant and all the parts were perfectly proportioned to one another. The only very minor negative for me was that the nacelles were so static and largely lifeless; it would have been nice if they had some animation to them ala the rotating lights in the front of the original nacelles.

    • Charlie Oakes

      Yes. The Motion Picture Enterprise is easily the best looking spaceship of all time.
      My next favourite Enterprise after that is the E.
      My least favourite is easily the C. It looks like a fat Galaxy Class.

      JJ-prise is somewhere in the middle. A pretty good middle ground between the TOS ship and TMP ship.

    • KnightInExile

      Yes, the TMP/A is the best Enterprise starship design because it looks great from all angles. For Star Trek lore, it makes sense, but as a real life starship it is a poor design from an aero-engineering perspective, especially with those flimsy warp nacelles pylons and neck section. In TWoK, the Reliant nearly cut the Enterprise in two when it fired directly on the neck section. It makes more sense to have a more compact design for a starship.

      However, there is a better alternative to building a more realistic Enterprise, check out this vid:


      Personally, I think it looks even cooler than the TMP/A.

  • Junfu Cheng

    How is the Swarm ships penetrating the shield of the Enterprise?Armor hard but also impossible ah! Shield of gravitational field will penetrate all material, let the ship in before the collision ship explode herself!

  • Timothy J Ritchie

    If you watch the new HP Enterprise commercial it has images of Star Trek computer graphics and pictures of the Enterprise with the new swept back nacelle pylons. You have to watch in slow motion but looks like they have made some changes… Also one image looks like a new Enterprise A maybe???


    • Marco

      There are some ortographic views of the new Enterprise in this, but all the live action material is from the previous two movies. I would love a new E at the end of Beyond, it would catch the spirit and mood of Star Trek going forward in a very stylistic and easy way (like in Star Trek IV, obviously).
      Just don’t make them ride into the sunset with the USS Franklin, lol.

    • Tone

      480p Video in 2016??? What could HP’s servers not handle anything better than 1970’s TV?

  • Mark S. Hiles Sr.

    What is the idea behind the motorcycle on the franklin shown in the ship spectacular?

  • Jason Binzer

    i’m hoping the Franklin is one of the “warp 7 beauties” that lieutenant reed mentions in the series finale of entperprise (“these are the voyages” @ about 37:45)

    • tronic307

      This. Franklin should have been a warp 7 ship. Warp 4 doesn’t make sense if it’s a post-2161 vessel but the uniforms have modern starfleet insignia. Looks like something from after Enterprise. Warp scale must have changed two centuries early in this timeline.

      • Dave Mittner

        The ship predated the NX-01 and was in service during the events of ENT, probably just out doing boring trade route patrols or something. It seems it had its weapons systems kept up to date until its disappearance, but for some reason they never updated its transporter systems. Once the Federation was formed and Starfleet was integrated into, the MACOs were disbanded and Edison took command of the older ship.

        It works.

  • Josh

    Need to rereview when this was during Enterprise time the Federation didn’t exist, no uniform insignia. Plus this sight does call it a federation ship. Her decals resemble TMP not Enterprise though if NX 01 was refitted she looked TOS in decals

  • Mark Naccarato

    OK, I just saw “Star Trek Beyond” on opening day and I loved it, but only because I am able to come to grips with the fact that the JJ team really doesn’t give a damn about Trek’s canon and chronology.

    The story says that the Franklin (NX-238 if I remember correctly) is the first warp four ship. Since Archer’s NX-01 is the first warp 5 ship, there are contradictory messages about the numbering of the ships of the line during the period. The story also says that Captain Edison was a MACO commander who found himself out of a job when the MACO’s were disbanded because of the formation of the peaceful Federation. It’s also mentioned that Edison was “given a ship” (the Franklin). Do the math and it’s obvious none of this holds up under any scrutiny. If the writers had any sense they would have sent it all to the Okudas and the following changes would have been made:

    The USS Franklin is Starfleet’s first warp SIX ship which was built during the Romulan War and managed to survive the conflict. After the war, when the Federation is formed, the MACO’s are disbanded and the Franklin is assigned a new captain – former MACO commander Balthazar Edison. Edison leads the Franklin on an expedition into the frontier and he and his crew are never heard from again.

    See? Easy peasey. I love that NuTrek continues to reference ENT, but in the films’ own reality, ENT and all of its trappings must conform to what we’ve seen in the episodes of that series since it pre-dates the creation of the Kelvinverse.

    Anyway, continuity errors aside, “Star Trek Beyond” was IMHO the best of the Kelvinverse films.

    • Dave Mittner

      Uhm. It works perfectly fine.

      The Franklin was a Starfleet ship commissioned prior to the NX-01 and was in service during the events of that show and into the formation of the Enterprise. When the Federation formed Starfleet was integrated into it. At this time ships could easily have had their designations changed to a new standard, and it was after the formation that Edison was given command of the ship.

  • Pablo Ledesma

    Just can’t like the JJ-prise, it just sucks sooo bad. All the “retro” designs from the JJ-movies are awesome, then the JJ-prise just….sucks….

  • ali syed

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    So if the Franklin was produced before the NX01 than what was it’s
    mission? NX01 was eath’s first ship to travel to other solar systems