To you patient fans in North America, waiting for your chance to purchase all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation in one collection: your time has come!

CBS Home Entertainment’s new all-in-one, 41-disc package, first announced back in April, will finally make its way to store shelves next week.

While the UK and other territories around the world have had their own full-series collection since the end of 2014 – you can check out our review of the UK set over here – we know that many of you in the US and Canada have been holding out on purchasing any of TNG on Blu-ray until this set became available in North America.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: if you already own the seven season releases, there’s really no reason to buy this new collection.

These are identical Blu-ray discs as what were put out from 2012 to 2014, and do not include the minor VFX fixes that were corrected for the streaming release of the series last year. (And no, there have been no changes to the Season 2 discs either.)



This set also does not contain the five Next Generation standalone companion discs – feature-length releases of “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Redemption,” “Unification,” “Chain of Command,” and “All Good Things…” – those must still be purchased separately.



Like the UK release, this box set is packaged in two large, DVD-height plastic cases. The first four seasons are grouped into the first 23-disc case, with the latter three seasons in the other 18-disc package.

The removable disc spindles lift right out of the plastic cases, allowing you to flip through four Blu-ray discs at a time; the lining of the case artwork has a breakdown of each disc’s content. The discs themselves have no artwork, and are the same plain blue design as previous releases.




If you’ve been holding off on buying The Next Generation on Blu-ray, now’s the time you have been waiting for. The 41-disc set is a sure bet for anybody who hasn’t yet taken the leap to TNG in high definition – and it can be yours this week.


  • Mrplatitude

    Its a bummer that it doesn’t have the updated effects, but I suppose that would not have been as economical for CBS.

    • Joshua B.

      They’d already done the work for the streaming versions; producing new discs would’ve been a piece of cake. They were just being cheap, no two ways about it.

    • Greenspan

      They’ll come sooner or later in a double-dip fashion

    • If they had produced new discs for this, there would be a large outcry for a potentially VERY expensive disc replacement program for those who purchased the season sets.

      The remastering project barely made the money it did last time around, and they already had to replace some discs back in 2012 for S1 which was not a cheap fix.

      • MJ

        Trekcore Staff,

        I think you all get way too focused on whether the remastering was profitable or not in TERMS OF THE DISK SALES only. What you are missing is the long term continual sales of HD streaming, which will go on for many decades (and also cable, satellite, etc.)

        And this is why we will eventually see remastering of DS9 and Voyager — supported also by continuous cost reductions in the software and processes needed to update those two series. These are series that will be in demand for many years, and CBS will eventually decide that they need to modernize them for the long term.

        • Please believe us when we say we know what we’re talking about here.

          • MJ

            I hear you. But it’s not like CBS is going to say, “the initial sales of the discs aren’t really that important over the long term.” Of course they are going to say that it’s important that all fans buy this now. To say otherwise would be a horrible business marketing strategy.

          • Argh. I still don’t understand why reissuing DS9 and Voyager depends on sales of something that’s been repeatedly re-released several times since those two were.

          • Okay. Understand I do, but I hate that they’re using this as the metric. 🙁

          • Craig

            I really wish they would get it through their heads that we want DS9 not TNG. By judging sales on TNG proves nothing. I want to buy DS9 and VOY not TNG so to them me not buying TNG HD means I dont want DS9 or VOY HD. Dumb thinking.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Yeah I have to say that I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’. Every show in SD that is put on Netflix or other digital services will have to be upgraded in order to get people to buy it. Who wants to pay to see a Star Trek show online in SD on an HD TV? It’s not a want to convert old shows into HD, it’s a necessity for the future of digital services. Not just Star Trek but every show and movie in SD.

        • Kenneth Hammer

          I know that people are constantly mentioning cost of updating DS9 and VOY, but has anyone actually sat down and looked at what would be needed to update them? I mean, while I realize that Voyager would be really expensive, unlike Voyager DS9 would include a whole lot of “repeats”. What I mean by repeats is, while they may have 12 different Galaxy-class ships during a battle, isn’t the work simply to edit the name and registry and they are done with the ships themselves instead of having to build each new Galaxy-class from the framing up, with that being the case for other ships as well. Even in the battles during the Dominion War, with many ships, it’s still basically the special effects version of copy and past of a whole lot of ships, with the name and registry being the only alterations.

    • James Goss

      With video editing software, I updated the effects (and various errors) myself!

  • iMike

    Thanks for the in-depth look you guys are the best!!!! The price is pretty awesome; I paid around $65-$70 for each individual set on their individual release dates, so this is less than half the price.

    • Ronny

      It’s always the case. It’s never economical to buy the separate season sets.
      There are several shows that I’m holding off buying individual seasons for, waiting instead until they are done (South Park being one of them).

      • iMike

        I don’t mind having purchased the individual sets. I don’t think I could have waited anyway, too impatient like that lol!

      • MJ

        I agree 100%,

      • archer923

        What’s annoying. South Park remasters are done. But no BD sets for the earlier seasons still.

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    To you entitled, crybaby fans in North America, waiting for your chance to purchase all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation in one collection at half-price because CBS Home Video didn’t deign to offer unrealistic, Black Friday-level pricing at each season’s individual launch, thereby ensuring that we’ll never, ever put out DS9 and VOY on Blu-Ray: your time has come!

    …Fixed that for you.

  • MJ


    My posts here from two years ago:

    “Just wait like I am doing. 2 years from now you will be able to get the entire run on sale for $129 or so….I certainly don’t think it will be more than a two-year wait, following the Season 7 release, before you will start seeing sales of TNG Complete series blu-ray for approximately $150. That’s my firm opinion/prediction….Several of the seasons were initially priced by Amazon at the $80 level. But let’s say all seven seasons are priced at an average of $65 — that means it would cost $455 for the entire series…so about $500 including tax and shipping in many states….ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME! FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS !!!!!!!!”

    And pretty much no one, including Trekcore staff believed me — most thought I was nuts….here are some of the responses I got:

    Trekcore Staff: “It’s also been five years since the TOS sets were released. It will be a very, very long time until you see the TNG sets at the $20/each price point you are waiting for.”

    pittrek: “These are the cheapest Star Trek releases ever and you call them overpriced?”

    Justin Olson: “Well, you’re going to have to provide ample proof in order for us to be convinced of your argument!”

    mjdavid (no relation): “Massively overpriced? What exactly are you looking for? These sets debut for around $59 on release week … that’s cheap.”


    How would people like their crow served up? 😉 LOL

    • Justin Olson

      Hahaha! The proof has finally arrived, I guess. I have to admit, you definitely appear to have been vindicated, MJ. Congrats on your newfound prophet status and your, how should I put it… extreme frugality and patience?

      To tell you the truth, I think CBS saw the $10 million The X-Files Collector’s Set made this past December in the U.S. in its first week and figured, “Hey, why not? 50th anniversary, new Trek film coming out, maybe we can make some extra coin.” They probably also looked at how much the UK/AUS TNG box set made for them internationally and decided this was a move worth taking.

      Also, let it be known I paid quite a bit less than the $500 you mentioned (including the feature-length standalones which are not part of this release). Because the seasons were spread out over such a long period of time starting four years ago, I was able to take advantage of $25-$50 Best Buy gift cards on every season thanks to continuously accumulating credit card rewards points. I don’t think I paid more than $225-$250 for everything, and I didn’t have to wait a single hour longer than necessary to watch any of it! TNG is my favorite TV show ever, so this was not a hard decision to make.

      At the time, I was also trying to send a message to CBS that I wanted more Trek series on Blu-ray ASAP, which unfortunately was totally drowned out by the crickets coming from fans like you who, despite knowing how good and well-done the majority of the remastering was, deliberately held back from buying it. You had every right to make that choice, but it was not very helpful, to say the least.

      So, yeah!… thanks for that! Enjoy your (admittedly deserved) 15 minutes of gloating, and your severely discounted discs! 🙂

      • archer923

        Well, streaming services and broadcast sales also didn’t help green light ds9 and vgr remasters, either. The market itself for real remasters, if it requires a lot of work. Isn’t very viable.

      • MJ

        Thanks, Justin!

    • Snap

      There are sore losers and then there are sore winners. The constant need to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” in any thread about this just reeks of insecurity and a need for validation.

      It’s awesome that your decision to wait paid off, but much of what you have highlighted is true. When released, the blu-rays were the cheapest Star Trek releases we had seen for the material. I, personally, bought each season on release and I haven’t had a shred of “buyer’s remorse” even with this set coming out. For one thing, I feel the packaging for the individual seasons (especially with the slipcovers) is vastly superior to the complete set and just look great on the shelf along with the Classic Trek blu-rays.

      Now, it’s just time for the people who have been holding out to put their money where their mouth is and support this release. Otherwise all of the gloating will simply be trolling.

      • MJ

        I plead guilty for enjoying being proven right. Relax, dude. 🙂

        • Nick

          Congratulations, you want a cookie for that?

          • Salacious Crumb

            i like chocolate chips.

          • MJ



    • We’re glad this price has dropped for all fans – but really the only reason it’s happened is because the physical-media market has fallen off a cliff. Also: it’s been four and a half years since these releases started, which has also waned their price value.

      Remember that the DS9 and VOY DVD sets are still extremely costly, even over a DECADE after their release – so yes, those who waited for these Blu-rays will save money, but the facts behind all those counterarguments from two years ago are still valid.

      • MJ

        Well, I have another prediction for you….

        DS9 and VOY will eventually be converted for HD, as they will want to preserve and enhance the long-term streaming value of these properties. They will put them on Blu-Ray as well, but that will be a secondary nice market. My prediction is around 2020 for this to start taking place.

        And the redoing of the special effects and remastering will continue to come down in price.

        So I predict that DS9 and Voyager remastered will be available in HD Strreaming (and eventually Blu-Ray discs) in the early 2020’s.

        • Snap

          I hope you’re right. I would love to see the entire Star Trek franchise preserved in HD so they can be enjoyed at the highest possibly quality for another 50 years, and beyond.

          I believe there will always be a market for physical media but with it becoming more of a niche market in favour of streaming, prices will therefore need to increase for studios to recoup the cost of production with lowered sales expectations. Nevertheless, provided I have the funds to spare, should these products materialize, I will not hesitate to support them upon release.

        • Kenneth Hammer

          The question becomes, if/when they remaster DS9 and VOY, would they scan and do the special effects at 1080P, or 4K? Doing it at 1080P may be cheaper in the short term, I simply don’t know, but just going ahead and doing it at 4K may be the smarter decision in the longer run to ease costs and other issues later on down the road.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Thats funny – moral of story = based on their future predictions dont ask trekcore staff for any stock pix.

    • iMike

      “mjdavid” is me … and again I stand by my comment. I never paid more than $70 for any of the TNG or ENT Blu-Rays. Considering how expensive the original DVD sets were upon initial release, and considering the work that went into this (not to mention all the new special features that were filmed), again how can you call these sets overpriced? Also – if sales had held then we would already be well into DS9 and VOY, so there’s that. As for your all caps statement about $500.00 … Perhaps you feel the many people who worked on remastering TNG aren’t worth roughly $70 per set? What exactly are you getting at with your inflammatory post?

      As for your predictions and your question about how I would like my crow served? … Only someone who actually seeks praise would compose a post as disgusting as yours. So how would I like my crow served? From anyone other than you.

      Have a pleasant evening.

      • MJ
      • DC Forever

        Whoa, you are way too sensitive and angry. MJ’s prediction was correct.

        • MJ

          iMike must learn to govern his passions, or they will be his undoing.


          • iMike

            And some must learn to govern their ego.

  • Maxx

    Just picked up this blu ray box set at for 40%off plus another 10% with coupon code “Orca”.

    Sale brings it to $126 and then when you type in the coupon code “Orca”
    at checkout, you get another 10% off to bring it to $117 with shipping.

    Not a bad deal


    • MJ


      • Salacious Crumb

        Its only $99.99 at best buy.

  • Alright Trek fans, it’s time to pony up so we can get DS9 and Voyager on Blu-ray. Get buyin’!

    • Sadly, the ship has sailed on those HD projects. Our hope now is that CBS Home Entertainment might at least reissue DS9/VOY on DVD since their last releases were back in the early 2000’s.

      • archer923

        I hope so. The DS9 and VGR US DVD boxes break really easily.

      • MJ

        I mentioned this below (and provide my reasoning there) — I think this will be revisited in several years, and we will have DS9 and Voyager in HD by the early 2020’s.

        • Craig

          TrekCore would know.. They have talked with CBS about the project. I hate that they are not going to do DS9 and VOY. I LOVE DS9 and out of all the ST series DS9 would benefit the most. It has the most interesting sets than any other. I watch DS9 and VOY much more than any other series. I don’t even bother watching TNG. Just to boring for me. I wish they would realize they would sell way more DS9 HD than TNG. They would most definitely make their money back. I would definitely buy DS9 on bluray.. and I don’t even have a bluray player. And Voyager.. come on. The only two series that are left in SD and they just happen to be the best. Fucking criminal.

      • They can’t leave DS9 and Voyager relegated to SD forever. It’ll be upgraded someday.

        • MJ


    • Kaine Morrison

      I already bought the seasons and the standalone titles as they came out!

  • Mat Rowe

    Once again, Dr Crusher is underrepresented in an official product, just like the Pop! Vinyl set. Poor form.

    • iMike

      It’s so frustrating. I do love Marina Sirtis, but this really only speaks to how Gates and her character were underrepresented throughout the series and subsequent films.

  • Joe

    I bought all single seasons on both dvd and blu ray. If this would have had the fixed episodes I would have bought it again! I also will buy it again when it comes out in UHD/4k and 3D, which will happen some day, cause it’s MUCH easier to do now, because they have the time-codes now and also can use the new cgi by just adapting them them to 4k resolution, they don’t have to create them new.

    • The film was only rescanned to 1080p. It would need to be rescanned all over again and rebuilt for 4K – wouldn’t hold your breath for that.

      • Joe

        Right, but this time the rescanning will be almost all they’ll have to do! The scenes will be put together automatically and the effects don’t have to be build again, which both is saving A LOT of money and time compared to the first remastering!

      • Guh. Why did they do that?

      • Craig

        What? Really? I could have sworn they said in promo material that they scanned the original film to 4k. I really seem to remember seeing that.

  • Philip Grom

    I can’t believe Best Buy really is going to be selling this for $99… Averages to about $14 bucks a season… I was on the fence, but with that price, man, not sure I can pass that up.

    • Mat Rowe

      May I ask why you were on the fence about it? Was it a price thing or did you not feel the upgrade in quality was worth it? I HOPE it was the former.

      • Philip Grom

        Just a price thing— For now, Amazon is still showing the price to be about $200 bucks, and that’s just too damn high in my book right now. Already got to enjoy the remasters on Netflix and Amazon prime streaming so I know how great they look, etc.

        • Robin Persaud

          Respectfully – the blu-ray blows away the Netflix and Amazon streaming options (am watching on a 70 inch UHD set). You owe it to yourself to view TNG on blu – it is AMAZING.

  • Jacob Grantz

    So, if I wanna buy the individual season sets (hopefully for a lowered price) am I running the risk of not having the corrected season 1 discs? Is Paramount (or whomever) still offering to replace any discs this long after they first started the program?

    • Well, any Season 1 set sold new these days should have those discs already corrected. The ‘fixed’ sets have a yellow UPC code on the back of the package, instead of the standard white UPC.

      • Craig

        Good info to know about the UPC code color.

  • FriendofSonic

    I think I am going to try to sell off my individual releases and go for the megaset, and try to show my support for the HD restoration of other series. Boat has probably sailed on that, but I can dream. Thanks Trekcore for a review of the packaging– that was my number one fear. The plastic cases are ginormous but seem to be sturdy, so that is a relief.

  • pittrek

    Way too ugly.

  • Philip Grom

    Best Buy is all sold out online, and showing all the stores near me as sold out for the $99 price of this set– luckily, called one of their stores and they have one left… I’m still debating, but gosh, not sure this will ever be this cheap, and in a week it’ll shoot back up to retail regardless of whether or not they replenish their stock.

  • RWH

    Is this version in Full Screen Format and not Widescreen? I found this to be a HUGE disappointment when I received my UK version around Christmas. I can’t find anything to confirm the aspect ratio for this version? Can you help answer this?

    • noliving

      Widescreen would lead to cropping of the image.

    • Craig

      There is no such thing as widescreen TNG. It was shot in 4:3 ratio and never with widescreen in mind. If they expanded the viewing area it would reveal ends of set pieces, lighting rigs etc… Stuff that should not be seen on screen. Also they would have to crop the top and bottom a little bit also to make it 16:9. A few years ago when this HD conversion project was in full production they gave examples of what would happen if they made the HD release widescreen. The information is out there man.

  • Thad63

    I got all the regular DVD sets when they first came out, including the bonus discs from Best Buy on 4-7. Are the contents of those bonus discs on the new Blu-ray complete collection? And if so, is there any reason to keep the old sets?

  • Peter

    What’s the difference between this and ASIN: B00NQXC2YU?

  • Liz Doss

    So I’m a little confused…. the stand alone companions were still part of the series, just as two part episodes…so are those still part of the set, they’re just not spliced together into one long episode?