Rihanna “Sledgehammer” Video Released with STAR TREK BEYOND Imagery


The new music video for Rihanna’s “Sledgehammer” single, written by Sia, arrived this morning, featuring the singer surrounded by STAR TREK BEYOND imagery.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, this is the first music video to be filmed completed with IMAX cameras – and will hopefully be included on the inevitable Blu-ray release.

The Enterprise goes to warp.
Starbase Yorktown in the sky.
The Swarm ships pass overhead.
The Enterprise in space.
Approaching the bridge.
Close encounter.

It seems that this track is truly being integrated into the BEYOND marketing campaign much more than just its inclusion in this week’s new trailer – clearly a lot of money went into this.

How this song will be used in STAR TREK BEYOND itself has yet to be announced.

  • Ramon Urkiza

    I cant see the video from Chile, can you open it worldwide thanks

  • Is it wrong that I find this fantastic, that they successfully integrated Star Trek to the mainstream pop culture? I know, that’s a very anti-hipster thing to say, but I want to see more movies! 😀

    • MJ

      How dare you suggest that.


      • DS9 is King

        What’s wrong you don’t like these new Films.

        • Not sure you are not getting sarcasm or I’m not getting that you are being sarcastic here. 😀

          • MJ

            Yea, I mean I included the wink emoticon. How much more do I really need to spell it out for people…LOL…I mean come on people! :-))

          • 😀

        • MJ

          Relax, cupcake, and notice my wink. It was so obviously sarcasm.

          • DS9 is King

            So how much do you think this movie will do at the Box office I hope it does better then into Darkness it has to in order to get another sequel BTW I think they leaked a Picture of the new Enterprise at the end of the movie it looks cool it has three Warp Nacelles looks interesting.

    • Woody Lícia

      I think exactly like that! I really hope that Beyond become a massive blockbuster.

    • DS9 is King

      I know this movie soundtrack is great and it makes people want more of these movies.

      • If it brings in more people from wider audience, then we’ll get more movies. Fingers crossed.

        • DS9 is King

          Yes I really hope it does better as well and it does not flop, the Last movie had a Budget of 190 Million and it made 467 million worldwide and it was ok not great for the people at paramount cause they wanted more money of course it’s all corporate greed nowadays so I hear it was considered a failure by others , but now the Budget is back down to 150 million so it will be much easier to maker there money back so I am sure the movie will make it’s money back and then some but on the other hand who knows how much they had to pay Rihanna so since they had to pay her millions of dollars for this music vid they will have to make that much more to make a profit on the movie ok now I am a little worried.

      • John Connell Broadbent

        …except for that Beastie Boys crap.

  • Tzadik

    Well, it’s better than Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose,” LOL…

    • DS9 is King

      Seal’s Kiss from the Rose was Awesome.

      • prometheus59650

        It was and is.

        I love that song.

    • Raul

      Phew. I thought I was the only who thought these songs sound eerily similar.

  • Gene’s Vision

    Great shots of the big E, the Swarm and starbase Yorktown hanging in the sky. And the song is pretty good as well.

  • Credo

    More phasers!!! 😀

  • Eric Cheung

    Star Trek fans are notoriously wary of pop music mixing with Trek. But pop music was there from the very beginning. Roddenberry may have inserted lyrics into the theme for greed, but it resulted in renditions by none other than Nichelle Nichols and Jack Black. In fact, Nichols seemed to sing so much in the first season, the show was practically The OC. Walter Koenig was hired as much to capitalize on heartthrob Davy Jones as much as he was there to answer Pravda’s criticism that there weren’t any Russians on the Enterprise. But I think The Way to Eden startled fans into becoming much more conservative with their music. Yes, Shaun Cassidy would sing a version of Jerry Goldsmith’s score for TMP, and Group 87 would rearrange the score from TSFS, TVH had the Yellowjackets, and ST:FC had Steppenwolf and Roy Orbison, but for the most part, uses of more contemporary have been shunned, from the use of Beastie Boys in all three movies, to Russell Watson’s version of Diane Warren’s Rod Stewart song.

    As a movie-tie-in music video, this one is quite seamless. The opening visuals continue one of the poster’s aesthetics in evoking TMP, while the closing visuals evoke Who Mourns for Adonais? with Rihanna’s head filling in for Apollo’s giant hand in space. Otherwise, there are relatively few visuals from the film. The song is timeless and will likely age a lot more effectively than the now silly songs from Charles Napier’s Adam from The Way to Eden (even if those songs are fun to sing!).

  • MJ

    Does anyone else get the impression that with this song she is moving into an Adele type of sound?

    This could easily be an Adele song — my opinion, anyway. And I love Adele.

    • Yes, it’s quite dramatic, emotionally rich and reaching for epic. It’s not my favorite kind of music, but I can appreciate it.
      I think it would be nice during the end credits. I can’t imagine it in the film however, but I don’t think it would be integrated that much.

      • John Connell Broadbent

        They integrated it quite well into the third trailer.

  • Cabo 5150

    Love the track – and now a very cool video to accompany it.

    If anyone had outlined a proposal for a Rihanna track and video promo for Star Trek a few months ago – I would’ve immediately cried “bad idea” on paper.

    But here it is, and it works beautifully with Trek, and is a quality production all round.

    Bravo to all concerned I say.

    • Yeah, probably that was the reason to choosing to surprise us rather then announce her cooperation earlier.

  • prometheus59650

    I LOVE those last shots of the E bathed in light.

  • Awesome video and song.

  • iamawild

    I’m very old school with my music….ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton…. If you asked me 6 months ago what I thought of Rihanna doing a track for Star Trek I would have said it would never work. This is really great work, both the music and the video. Very well done.

  • bytes


  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    Okay – My mind has been changed – the new trailer and this video have just sold Lin-Trek to me. Soooo pretty at the end….like prometheus59650 said about the ship and those colours…gorgeous.

  • Chuckt43

    I like the image titled “close encounter” above.

  • This song, and the music video, are simply incredible. I especially love how the vid’s warp style echoes the early TOS film warp effects. The song itself is beautiful, haunting and sounds almost like a Bond movie song but written for Star Trek instead (in other words, a very good thing).

    Rihanna is a huge Star Trek fan, and it seems not a novelty one but the same kind the core fan base is. Whether you like Rihanna as an artist otherwise or not, this is an incredible occurrence, and she’s paid a wonderful tribute to Star Trek.

    I would highly encourage everyone here to tweet her and thank her for her honoring Star Trek so much. That includes the site admins.

    Also be sure to check out my review/analysis vids for Sledgehammer on YouTube (forgive their amateurishness but I’m just starting out in making YouTube vids)


  • Joseph

    I like it.

    I admit seeing Rihanna’s face in space at the end made me think this video could serve as a cool origin story for Nagilum, the alien from TNG’s 2nd Season.

  • John Connell Broadbent

    I forsee an Oscar for Rihanna.

    • BigMountainFudgeCake

      HMMMM That would be a Grammy

      • John Connell Broadbent

        No, FudgeCake. A song from a MOVIE SOUNDTRACK is eligible to be nominated for an Oscar. If the song is released as a single (which it obviously has been) or appears on an album, it would ALSO be eligible to be nominated for a Grammy.

        • BigMountainFudgeCake

          Wrong John. The song must be an original composition written specifically for the movie to be eligible for an Oscar, not simply appear on the soundtrack. The Rhianna track was not written specifically for Beyond, it was written years ago.

          • John Connell Broadbent

            Pardon me. I didn’t know that. Not being a Rihanna fan, I’m not familiar with her music and have never heard this song until now.

  • John Connell Broadbent

    My ONLY criticism of the song is something I learned in music class when I was in 3rd grade: It’s “YOU” not “CHEW”!

  • MJ

    “On Wednesday, the singer was in Manchester, U.K. during the European leg of her “Anti” world tour. According to the Manchester Evening News, dozens of fans were waiting outside the Emirates Old Trafford stadium—an outdoor venue—when it started pouring hours ahead of the show. To show gratitude for her loyal fans, the Grammy-winner sent out 20 boxes of pizza—some of which were even signed by the “Work” singer herself.”

  • MJ


    .@POTUS we hope this new @rihanna track gets your green blooded heart thumping. #LLAP 🖖🏼

    • startrekker1701


  • AdmNaismith

    I still don’t understand what this has to do with the movie.
    The song itself was written 2 years ago, and the visuals are just pieces of the trailer laid over some random choreography.

    Where is the actual connection between the the movie and this music?

    • Eskay

      What a moronic comment. So every movie that uses classical music or old pop music songs in it you don’t understand then? REALLY???

      It was adapted for this movie and video. Like, duh. This is done all the time. Huh???

      Come on super slueth. This is not rocket science. LOL

      • AdmNaismith

        You haven’t explained what any of this has to do with the movie.
        I still see two random and disparate entities slammed together creating less that the sum of the parts.

        • James

          The music complements the trailer in the same way that other music is used in trailers to evoke a tone. It seems to me that the lyrics match Kirks narrative in the story, however, sometimes a tune is just there to sound good and complement imagery.

          • AdmNaismith

            OK, this rather answers my question.
            I didn’t know Kirk had a narrative in these movies, the story-telling is so disjointed. If Rihanna helps that along, I guess that’s for the good.

            I was afraid I was looking at a cynical marketing ploy, smashing together two entities as disparate ad Legos and Tinker Toys. But, I guess showing Rihanna with a spaceship was all anyone needed.

          • James

            Well, it surely is a marketing ploy, but Star Trek wouldn’t be unique into that regard, nor is it without precedent. Check out the Argo buggy, which literally makes no sense when you have shuttles. That is a cynical marketing ploy.

            I am surprised that you are unable to see Kirk’s narrative in these new films. If you were being facetious because you dislike the films, then there is no need to read further.

            Kirk’s narrative is to do with living up to his fathers legacy and dealing with the burden of command. It’s to recognise that instinctive emotional actions are not always the right ones. We saw Kirk in the prime universe struggle with the burden of command in times of stress during TOS season 1.

            “Why me Bones? I look around that bridge and see the men waiting for me to make the next move. And Bones, what if I’m wrong?”

            We see a bit of that narrative in STID, where Kirk opens up to Spock that he is unsure of the correct course of action to take. kirks narrative is very strong in STID, he looses his father figure, who has been urging him to be more mature and thoughtful.

            This loss propels Kirk to act irrationally in the hope of revenge. This is analogous to America’s response to 9/11. By the end of the movie, Kirk realises that he has lost perspective following the terrorist attack on earth and he rededicates himself to peaceful exploration. In the course of the film, he confronts his fear of death, directly alluded to in ST09 by sacrificing himself to save the ship. By the end of the film, we feel that Kirk is less reckless, more mature and a better leader than the raw instinctive Kirk of ST09.

            I’m interested that you feel the story telling is disjointed in the new movies, please could you elaborate on this point. They are fast paced movies, so I can see that by moving quickly from event to event might mean that it’s hard for the audience to keep up, is this what you refer to?

          • AdmNaismith

            No, I was just as taken aback by the Argo and the Steppenwolf tunes as I am by Rihanna here.
            The dance mix of ‘The Theme to STIII’ was odd but reasonably inoffensive (I don’t think anyone but the soundtrack nerds noticed it).

            I appreciate the recap- it is helpful.

            As for the rest, I find these Nu-movies so physically difficult to watch, that following any story or character arcs is fairly out of the question. I’ve seen plenty of Hollywood blockbusters in my time, but these just defy watchability, or indeed, belief.

          • James

            Ah well. I’m sorry that they aren’t your cup of tea (earl Grey hot). Hopefully you enjoy the new TV show! If not, the old stuff will always be there.

          • AdmNaismith

            True enough…

        • MJ

          The music complements the trailer seamlessly and moves me as a Star Trek fan. So how it came together is immaterial to me. It works, and if I didn’t know the history, I’d swear that song was wrote for this movie.

          It’s called “adapted music”, dude. Not sure what your weird issue is here?

        • BigMountainFudgeCake

          Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man

  • Doctor Mordrid

    No problem with Rihanna or the new JJ movies(aside from the fact i’d rather be in the prime universe) but this song is woeful, there is no melody, no hook just yet another boring durge with swelling wall of sound music and juvenile affirmation lyrics. Truly poor. It wouldn’t , like the vast majority of today’s music have made album filler status in the 60s/70s.

  • startrekker1701

    For the love of God I hope that is not the warp effect in Beyond!

    • BigMountainFudgeCake

      It’s a throwback to the Motion Picture. You should have known that.

      • startrekker1701

        Hopefully a throwback just for the video and not in the film?!

  • Shanahan

    Great song. Great video. Looking forward to the film.