Award-winning mega-star Rihanna will be contributing a new song to the STAR TREK BEYOND soundtrack when the film releases this summer, as the news of the upcoming single arrived on the iTunes store last night.

Seen in the “Pop” section of the mobile iTunes app.

In addition, the cover art (in low resolution) has also made its way to the web, featuring the artist appearing as some kind of alien among the BEYOND teaser poster clouds (via Gaga Daily).


This is actually less of a surprise than it might seem, as Rihanna was one of the many Trek fans to appear on-camera at the May 20 fan event, talking about their love for the franchise (video by TrekNews):

This song will most likely appear during the film’s end credits, though we wouldn’t be shocked if Captain Kirk includes Rihanna in his historical music database next to the Beastie Boys.

UPDATE: The new single will arrive Monday, July 27.

Got something for y'all tomorrow. 🖖

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  • jonahkrautter

    WTF can be a good thing! Anything that introduces Star Trek to non-fans is alright by me.

  • Charles Baxter

    Oh dear me!!!! Modern music in a Star Trek movie ahhhhhhhhh the worlds going to end!

  • Drifter

    IIRC her new line of sunglasses drew inspiration from Geordi’s visor

  • Asela Atukorala

    It would be so much better if they got Bob Seger to do a Star Trek film song instead of this type of music. I know Bob’s 71, but it would be awesome to hear a new Rock song of his that sounds like Old Time Rock & Roll, Mainstreet, Hollywood Nights, Sunspot Baby, Even Now etc. Being a fan of both Bob Seger and Star Trek, I’d love to hear a Bob Seger song in a Star Trek film.

    • jonahkrautter

      You must be joking, right? Why in the hell would Bob Seger write a song for any Star Trek movie, let alone a JJverse one?

      • David Rothman

        Eh I mean, they used Magic Carpet Ride in First Contact…

        • Mike C.

          And Roy Orbison!

          • The Chadwick

            Haha drunk Cochrane dance

        • Guest

          It made sense for the Zephram Cochran character though, who was a 21st century alcoholic, who’s culture was just as alien to the Enterprise crew as the Vulcans were to them. It provided comic relief in an otherwise dark film, with the joke being that the Enterprise crew didn’t “get” rock music. Not sure who among Kirk’s crew would be listening to Rhianna though, and I’m even less sure about the aliens… As for Bob Seger, I’ve never listened to him personally, so I couldn’t comment on whether or not that would be appropriate.

      • MJ


    • Drifter

      This is the most old-man comment I’ve seen in my life

      • MJ

        No, that would be Slim Whitman doing a Star Trek soundtrack.

      • Orli

        You made me laugh so hard because you took the words out of my mouth.

    • Karl Smyth

      I always felt that Conway Twitty and Star Trek would be an awesome mix. I love the way they so seemlessly integrated him into “Family Guy” and I believe he’d do a fine job in the 24th Century.

    • MJ

      “Here I am, on a Trek again
      There I am, filming The Cage
      Here I go, travelering those stars again
      There I go, turn the page”

      It could work!

    • Orli

      I hope you get your wish one day, but I suspect not.

    • The Chadwick

      Yea they’ve done rock, in First Contact. They did Beastie Boys. Im not a Rihanna fan but I like this tune. Im 33, so im old enough to like the classics and young enough to love todays new sounds, I hope that never changes lol. I personally would want something more electric (futuristic and sci fi) which is more in tune with Star Trek. Just peruse through the iTunes electronic section under hot tracks, some really unique and cool sounds, not 71 year old Bob Seger, FYI I am a classic rock fan.

  • Gene’s Vision

    LOVE IT LOVE IT!! ! Rihianna is the Queen!!!

  • David Rothman

    “Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk!”

  • Cold Case Posse Supporter

    Why not David Bowie? His music was space themed a lot. They could have the Enterprise pick up Major Tom on its sensors floating in space.

    • Brian Thorn

      Just done in “The Martian”, so that might seem too much of a “me too”.

      • Cold Case Posse Supporter

        That was the song ‘Starman’.

        • Guest

          Might be a little on the nose. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy used a Bowie song, and I remember the early rumors that Paramount wanted Beyond to basically ape the feel of Guardians of the Galaxy, and using a Bowie song would just really beat you over the head with, “Hey, we’re totally copying this other very successful space movie cause we’re creatively bankrupt!”

          • Cold Case Posse Supporter

            I never saw Guardians of the Galaxy.

          • BotanyCameos

            It did not want Beyond to “ape” anything, that’s just the usual hater narrative.

            It wanted Beyond to be entertaining and vastly successful, like Guardians. No surprise there, every studio wants every movie to be a hit. It doesn’t mean that Trek would thematically lower itself to the simpler kind of fun that Guardians is.

            But of course, every time someone mentions that they hope something Trek will be enjoyable and successful, haters crawl out of their cesspools to spew bile about it. How dare people not want Trek to be boring, irrelevant and fail commercially so that it can remain known only of the people who pretend to be fans while cheering for the demise of the franchise, huh?

            TOS was fun and full of action. (It was like the new movies, never boring or pretentiously fake-intellectual like what haters usual demand be done). It had a message also, like new Trek does too, interspersed between the fun & action. Trek has always been so.
            It just happened to be in the style of the time period and with a far lesser budget, but don’t think for one second that if TOS was being made now it would be any different or any deeper than new Trek is.

          • Guest

            Wow. Lot’s of fallacious arguments there, buddy. First off, the studio said they wanted the film to be more like Guardians. That’s not my opinion, that was what was leaked back during preproduction. Believe it or don’t.

            “It doesn’t mean that Trek would thematically lower itself to the simpler kind of fun that Guardians is.”

            It already has with the last two Abrams films, which, IMO were not Trek at all, and were inferior to Guardians of the Galaxy anyway.

            “How dare people not want Trek to be boring, irrelevant and fail commercially so that it can remain known only of the people who pretend to be fans while cheering for the demise of the franchise, huh?”

            More than one fallacy to tackle here. Let’s break this down, shall we?

            1.) Dumbing down Trek to being a mindless action romp in space, devoid of any substantive ideas, moral quandaries, socio-political commentary, or anything even approaching being cerebral, is not necessary in order to make an enjoyable film that’s both entertaining and appeals to a broader audience. First Contact and Wrath of Khan already proved that. So has Christopher Nolan’s films. You don’t need to dumb down your movie for the mouth-breathers in order to make money, you simply need good, intelligent writing and direction, neither of which any of the Abramsverse trek films have had.

            The first two were poor-man’s Star Wars, giving Abrams his fix until he could finally make the real thing, and now we’ve got Beyond, which looks like it would be more appropriately titled ‘2 Trek 2 Furious’, if it weren’t the 3rd installment… You b**tch about Star Trek becoming irrelevant, but the Abrams films already are. If you really want to measure relevance in terms of box office and buzz, Into Darkness made significantly less than Star Trek (2009), and right now, pretty much no one outside of Star Trek fans are talking about Beyond, and even amongst devout fans, half of them seem non-too excited. And if you want to measure relevance in terms of influence, the original Trek series and films were highly influential in science fiction. Even George Lucas was influenced by it and stole things from it.

            What films are the Abramsverse movies influencing? None. If anything, they’re now being influenced by the things Trek used to influence, Star Wars for instance. Trek 2009 is basically A New Hope. And I already noted how the new film is rumored to be influenced by Guardians of the Galaxy, and judging by the trailer, and the director, I’d say the Fast and Furious franchise has influenced Beyond as well. Star Trek is no longer the leader with the Abramsverse, it’s now the follower, content to copy other franchise’s that are successful at the moment, while having no influence on sci-fi or pop culture going forward. Talk about irrelevant…

            2.) I love this delusion you live under, in which anyone who doesn’t like the Abrams films are fake fans praying for the death of the franchise. Got news for you, it was already dead for half a decade before Abrams came along. All Abrams and Paramount have done is reanimate its corpse with marionette strings and drag it through the mud. The true resurrection will likely come in 2017 with the new series, which many are looking forward to rather excitedly, myself included. So no one’s cheering for the demise of the franchise, we’re simply waiting for the resurrection of the real Trek, the one Paramount never gave us. I am clamoring for the death of the Abrams timeline though, of that you can rest assured, but not Star Trek. They’re two different things. Nice try with the false equivalence though.

            “TOS was fun and full of action. (It was like the new movies, never boring or pretentiously fake-intellectual like what haters usually demand be done).”

            What are we demanding be done that’s so unreasonable? TNG and Deep Space Nine balanced action, great storytelling, and intellectualism quite well. So did Wrath of Khan, First contact, and The Undiscovered Country. We’re simply asking for a return to that level of quality in storytelling, or better. That’s not unreasonable. You can have space battles and action, that’s not the problem, but they have to mean something and have substance to them. They have to be consequential, and they have to be character and story driven, not there merely for the sake of it in order to sell more tickets. The Abrams films provided empty action, and meaningless, hollow character “development” (if you can even call it that), of which only two characters got any.

            “It had a message also, like new Trek does too, interspersed between the fun & action.”

            Please, explain to me the deep message and substance of the Abrams films, and how they are just as good as the best Trek had to offer back in the day. I’ll wait…

    • …or Peter Schilling’s MAJOR TOM!

  • Eric Cheung

    I don’t know how long either of these songs will be up, but I found two songs on YouTube claiming to be Sledgehammer.

    One is a piano instrumental:

    The other is a more ethereal electronic instrumental:

  • Locutus

    Better Rihanna than Beastie Boyz. That’s cool that she likes Star Trek. I’d like to see her as a Klingon!

  • MJ

    It comes during the Uhura-Spock Love scene, and the money line is, “you gonna get more of my green love, bitch”. 😉

  • Sykes

    So, what’s the bet this song is the one Kirk plays on the Franklin, as hinted at in the first trailer?

    • Sykes

      Now that I’ve heard it I’m thinking maybe not so much. And that’s even assuming Kirk plays a song at all. The teaser uses a lot of disparate footage to make that little moment play out.

  • SpaceCadet

    Haha! Awesome! Such a surprise but in a great way. And nice to hear she’s a fan.

  • LJ

    Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer gets my vote.

  • DamienL

    Kind of weird in the sense this is pretty unusual for Star Trek — but I’ll pass judgement until we know more 😉

    • Orli

      Well if its the song the video is linked to, its really beautiful.

  • Brian Thorn

    I hope it’s better than “A Star Beyond Time”. (Look it up.)

  • Mrplatitude

    Hard to judge a song that hasn’t been release yet, but cool artwork!

  • M33

    Contemporary music and singers never fit Star Trek. When its used, in the end it always feels dated. Star Trek, at its best, should feel timeless, accessible to every generation.

    • Guest

      I thought it worked in First Contact and The Voyage Home, but mainly because those were time travel stories. Otherwise, you kind of have to pic timeless classical or jazz pieces. Vic Fontaine in DS9 worked for instance, as did the classical music Picard and Data listened to. But yeah, contemporary top 40 pop bulls**t like Rhianna will stick out like a sore thumb in a Trek movie even today, and it’ll only age like milk.

  • Newdivide1701

    You want to hear something funny, if not downright stupid? Someone comment years ago that there is no way in hell that the Beastie Boys music could survive into the 23rd century.

    Yet Mozart, Beethoven, even Gilbert and Sullivan all survived well into the 24th century. Movies from Paramount survived into the 22nd century. Books by Milton, poems by Coleridge survived in the 23rd century. Melville’s and Doyle’s works survived the 24th.

    And let’s not forget about Shakespeare, which has been an influence on Star Trek as much as baseball. Just as Ben Sisko.

    Yet, this one poster says despite all of this, he’s sceptical that the Beastie Boys would survive.

    Talk about limited, one dimensional thinking.

  • The Chadwick

    Hard to believe that Rihanna is a Star Trek fan. I can believe she is a fan of the new movies.

  • Perhaps used during the party at the end of the movie. Also, just bought my tickets! 😀

  • Guest

    God, I really hate Paramount… I was never particularly comfortable with ‘Sabotage’ being featured in these new films, and I’m a huge Beastie Boys fan, it’s just not appropriate for a Star Trek film to me. Rhianna though? This is just bulls**t. Might as well have just gotten Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, or some other cookie cutter, disposable pop act. I’d rather sit through another round of Zephram Cochran dancing to Oobie Doobie than this. At least that made sense for his character and provided some much needed comic relief. Not sure what the point of a Rhianna single in a Star Trek movie would be other than shameless cross-promotion. I’d be willing to bet in only shows up in the after credits anyway.

    • TommyHawk

      You know.. you’re acting like this is a new thing… it’s not.

      • cetrata

        Top 40 pop songs in star trek are definitely new. And this will stick out like a sore thumb.

      • Guest

        For Trek it is. Name a contemporary, top-40 radio pop hit by a huge mainstream pop artist like Rhianna in a Trek movie.

  • spooky

    The band Muse has spacey themed music… it would appeal to the youngin’s who enjoy to this form of Trek now!

  • Michael M

    Yup. The “Star Trek” we all knew and loved is officially dead. This new shit is simply in-name-only generic summer action movie crap.

    • BotanyCameos

      It’s funny how you come here just to post your hatred without even reading anything.

      You must really have nothing in your life to have such hatred for a long time beloved franchise being still fresh and enjoyed by everyone…

  • Martin

    They might put this track in the scene when the crew salvage the USS Franklin, “Is that music” – says scotty, Don’t forget that ship is quite old, they are on the bridge or someone’s quarters kirk finds that motorbike and some 21st century classical music.