Bryan Fuller on What “Discovery” Means for STAR TREK


In a newly-released video, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY executive producer and showrunner Bryan Fuller speaks a bit about what “discovery” means to the world of Star Trek, and what influence it may have on the new series.

For those of you who cannot view the video (as it appears to be region-locked to the USA), here’s a transcript of Fuller’s comments.

Discovery is so intrinsic as a concept to the philosophy of “Star Trek,” and I felt like it was a beautiful way to acknowledge that spirit – and also, what “Star Trek” has provided for me is an inspiration on where we’re going as a species and a planet.

[“Star Trek”] has given so much hope for a better world because we need it in the world that we’re living today. We need curiosity and we need exploration and we need to find better versions of ourselves, and we need to discover better versions of ourselves.

Sounds like a good start!


  • Tone

    I love the concept for this show, I just prey they rethink the god awful worse than amature CGI, and the even worse ship design.

    I really hope the Discovery launch video is just CBS trolling us.

    • The CGI is still very early in development, and will likely be worked on right up until the last minute!

      • Jonathan

        Shouldn’t have released it in that state, it’s an incredibly poor animation, especially as it’s the only information they released so everyone is going to be going over every detail of it for clues. Compared to the other stuff coming out of Comic Con this looked like amateur hour.

        Even being told it was set in the prime timeline seems to have been an after thought.

        • voniatko

          Truly in this case no information is better than this. All they can talk about how ‘trekky’ it will be, we all know trek fans are not their target, they need to sell beyond thay (which is OK).

          But looking at this – trek fans hate it bcoz uts ugly, cgi purely sucks, this is in level of 90ties Babylon 5, maybe worse. New audiences will have their laugh and move on, as this is just embarassing.

          As usual, CBS, are we trying to SAVE money???

          • voniatko

            Just makes me more worried bcoz of that all streaming thing. Thats LOW COST. And that is what we are getting

          • kadajawi

            Bullshit. Streaming shows have similar or even higher budgets than regular shows. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black for example have roughly a 4 million dollar budget. The Grand Tour has a 4 million pound budget (as opposed to < 1 million pound that the predecessor show had on BBC), and we are talking about a show that doesn't have to build big sets, doesn't have any actors, …

            Yes, the Marvel shows have a relatively low budget (around 1-2 million AFAIK), but the quality is high.

            Netflix outspends regular TV networks.

            4 million dollar is about what Lost for example has cost. Cable dramas usually are around 2 million, broadcast dramas around 3 million.

            Basically: Streaming does not mean lo cost. Streaming services regularly spend more than regular TV stations on their shows.

          • Tone

            It’s safe to say that this CBS service is an unknown quantity at the moment. But my god this launch video is completely hideous in virtually every way. Maybe they used Unreal engine 3 and an Xbox One or something similar.

          • The Chadwick

            Nah, Marco Polo has never looked low budget. If you stream check it out, if not googl pics of Marco Polo

          • Cabo 5150

            voniatko, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict what we’ve seen so far is well below the quality of the eventual final product.

            Regardless of budget, I really don’t believe CBS would even consider producing a new iteration of Star Trek with FX so painfully shoddy in 2017.

          • kadajawi

            You haven’t watched B5 lately, have you? The CGI isn’t great, but it is better than THAT. A lot better than that. This is getting close to the ENT CGI…

            People just need to understand that this is not finished. By far not. Have you watched pre-viz from huge movie productions? It looks worse than this.

          • Tone

            You are right, I would say this animation was produced by a computer at least 4 years more modern than the Video Toasters and Amigas that rendered Babylon 5. But at least B5’s age gives it a reason to look the way it does.

      • Bifash

        I wish fans would operate with a filter in their brain and appreciate that things which are tests/teasers are no indication of actual content.

        • The Chadwick

          I agree. It’s one thing to bitch and complain but people are allowed to point out things they don’t like. I’m not fond of Mustangs, I would choose a Dodge Challenger. Same deal with the ship. Hated it at first, I don’t really like it not…but, it’s growing on me.

          • MJ

            This ship would not bother be half as much is they had presented in to me in a professional looking teaser, instead of looking like something I could have generated over the weekend myself on my pc.

        • Tone

          Why? And my next question is why are you even here, if you don’t respect the right to free speech and opinion?

          • danielcw

            Why do you think he does not respect that?

            And free speech does not mean, one can not criticise what you say.

            By the way: you don’t have a right of free speech here, because any content can be legally censored by the site owners or Discus.

        • MJ

          I wish CBS would exercise a filer on not releasing amateurism-level crap like this out to the public, and thus get all of us fans stressed out that this production is not going to turn out well.

          CBS and Fuller need the filter, not us fans.

      • zeeman1

        Understood, but as a teaser for CBS’s flagship production it’s inexcusable. My nephew could do a better job in a weekend.

      • MJ

        That’s no excuse. This is suppose to be a big budget major new offering from CBS that will launch their new network….yet both teasers look embarrassingly unprofessional.

    • Wayne Booker

      It was test footage, nothing more. The show doesn’t even start filming until Sept I believe they said so there is plenty of time for all the effects etc to be brought up to standard

  • Jonathan

    Video unavailable… as if the ship wasn’t ugly enough this (I assume) geo-blocking is just the cherry on top…

    • Cabo 5150

      …and an utterly pointless geo-block at that.

      I understand why studio’s geo-block certain content/trailers, but there is *nothing* in this “heard it all before” “sound bites” clip that warrants it, unless it’s all part of some ridiculous “staggered” international drip-drip marketing strategy.

      However, I’m really looking forward to the show and love Bryan Fuller’s work!

  • Stuart Allan

    As this is on Netflix will it be in 4K?

    • That’s yet to be seen – Netflix is just the distributor internationally, not the producer of the show.

      • SFSeries&Movies

        Do you perhaps know if this will also be the case in other countries, like The Netherlands, that an episode will be available on Netflix 24hrs after broadcast on CBS access?

        • danielcw

          According to Netflix press release: yes

          • SFSeries&Movies

            Okay, thanks!

      • danielcw

        With some exceptions, Netflix does not actually produce or own any show, that is associated with them

  • Sykes

    Ugh. Enough with the geo-blocking already, CBS.

    • voniatko

      They release cr***p, then take it out. Remember those klingon ships sketches/concept art? Lol

    • Cabo 5150

      Sykes, I’m sure you probably already know, but it’s incredibly easy to by pass geo-blocking.

      It’s just the (relatively minor) hassle of *having* to do so!

      • The Chadwick

        I have no idea how to

        • Chris

          Go to the youtube link and replace the “tube”in the address to pak to find a mirror that isn’t geo blocked.

      • Muzer

        It’s promotional material. It’s basically advertising. If you had to go out of your way to watch an advert, would you?

        • Cabo 5150

          I’m not sure I’m on the same page with you here, Muzer!

          My response to Sykes was purely an advisory on the relative ease of skirting around geo-blocking.

          In answer to your question – yes, I would go out of my way to watch an advert if the subject matter was of sufficient interest.

          And make no mistake, Star Trek, *is* of more than a little passing interest to me!

        • Ace Stephens

          Why is one so eager to watch advertising then unless one is already sold on some aspect, in which case isn’t information itself regarding it, in some form, contextualized as a product? Therefore, doesn’t it cease being an ad contextually?

  • Newdivide1701

    At rate things are going, CBS is killing the old Trek faster than anyone else in history. Probably another reason why Beyond is kicking ass right now, because Bad Robot isn’t screwing with the fans.

    • That Man

      $58 Million isn’t exactly “kicking ass,” but whatever.

      • pittrek

        The movie wasn’t released in most of the world yet

        • Newdivide1701

          Not to mention it dominated the box office this weekend at a first place finish of $59.3 million plus the runner up, The Secret Life Of Pets, at $29.3 million, and Ghostbusters in third. That sounds like it’s kicking ass.

          • Scott Black

            Just as a frame of reference, remember that Nemesis made a total of 40 mil in its’ ENTIRE RUN. Beyond has bested that in its first weekend. The movie industry is so busy being disappointed because it’s not a mega cash cow blockbuster that it forgets that.

          • Muzer

            And if anyone’s wondering, this is still true even when you take inflation into account.

          • Ace Stephens

            But Nemesis cost maybe a third of Star Trek Beyond? So…how much constitutes profitability and success and all of this will differ.

          • Fctiger

            Still though Beyond is the third lowest opening and easily the second most expensive Trek ever. I almost doubt its going to break even with such a low opening.

  • pittrek

    “This video is not available”.
    Idiots. They are trying to promote the show GLOBALLY, so why are they region blocking promotional stuff?

    • Chris

      Replace the “tube”in the address to pak to find a mirror that isn’t geo blocked.

      • pittrek

        Thanks, I didn’t know that site.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      CBS All Access?

  • Bifash

    Another fan on Birth.Movies.Death pointed out how the Discovery looks like the Vulcan IDIC when viewed from below. I am really digging the MacQuarrie-esque design – very ‘sci-fi book art cover’ from the ’70s and ’80s.

  • Bifash

    Luckily the trailer is viewable on twitter, and on youtube via other channels.

  • CmdrR

    Beetlejuice wants his coat back.

  • I love the name of the ship and of the series; I think “Discovery” is a great name for both.

    I’m not thrilled with the way the ship looks, but maybe they’ll change it before it’s final, or maybe it’ll grow on me.

  • jackson roy kirk

    The ship looks like a concept design that was rejected for Phase II / STTMP

    • Tone

      Now we at least know why is was rejected!

  • Trent

    Now we know why they went after Axanar so strongly ,….their ships looked right , this ship looks like crap.

  • Who knew Trek fans were such a doom and gloom bunch. I still have high hopes for Discovery, early days and all. They still have that great team of behind the scenes people put together. Bryan Fuller has an excellent track record and is obviously a big Trek fan. One short promo of an early rendering of the ship is not enough to lower my spirits.

    • Xandercom

      An early rendering?! No amount of re-rending and post production will make that wedge of cheese look anything more than terrible.

      • GIBBS v2

        Lol! The USS Wisconsin!

    • MJ

      There are “early renderings”, and then there is amateurish-level looking crap. This is in the latter category. Early renderings on a MAJOR project like this can be presented a hell of a lot more professionally than this embarrassing misfire.

      This is a pre-marketing disaster from my POV — now I am extremely skeptical of this new series.

  • Also, I love that the words Star Trek are featured so prominently in the logo. A nice change from when they eliminated them from Enterprise at the start.

  • In an interview with Trekmovie, Heather Kadin says she thought that Bryan Fuller was going to mention that the current CGI is certainly not the finished product and also had this to say when asked whether the Ralph McQuarrie design influenced the design: [it was] to a point where we legally can’t comment on it until we figure out some things.

  • MJ

    Just watched this interview, plus the other ones over at Trekmovie. What I find worrisome is that they are all talking primarily about a positive view for humanity, changing lives, social justice….I agree with all of that, but it’s disturbing to me that they may be repeating the same formula here that GR tried when TNG rolled out — and which ended up with those two incredible boring initial seasons. If just one of them had said, “our first priority is to create great science fiction drama,” then I would feel a lot better about this.

    Unfortunately I am getting a “Berman 2.0” vibe out of all of this.

  • MR-AMF

    Man. Every time I come back to these Star Trek chat groups I always think things will be more positive. Y’all are getting a brand new TV series and the most recent of the new movies has been well received by critics and audiences. And yet, for all you are given, there’s always some small thing to bitch about until you’re greener than an Orion slave girl. Trekcore took the transcript from the video and posted it for you to read. So what if you can’t see the “talking head” for a minute. Nothing really to get as upset as some people are getting about it.

    It seems most people hate the design of the Discovery. I get that it’s a subjective opinion but I just wanted to mention several instances when the initial reaction was bad but the final result ended up being well liked. Let’s run down a short list.

    Heath Ledger as the Joker
    Daniel Craig as James Bond
    Justin Lin for Star Trek Beyond
    Ben Afleck as Batman

    These are just some that came to mind-oh wait, I forgot about STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

    Let’s just have patience and try to be more optimistic.

    • MJ

      You are comparing advance announcements of actors to the inexplicably shabbily done teasers from CBS that look unprofessional and amateurish. That’s comparing apples to oranges.

      • MR-AMF

        No. I’m comparing initial backlash in general. My final example was TNG as a whole when it first came out. Sorry. The fruits are the same my friend.

        • MJ

          Well let me put it to you differently then. Did they do an elementary school level unprofessional looking job on their press releases and social media to announce those actors (tons of typos, photo pasted wrong, different font sizes, twitter announcement botched, etc), or did their studios make the announcements in a professionally done press release and also nailed the social media announcements?

          • MR-AMF

            Yes, if the info was released in an unprofessional manner I would say shame on the studio. I would not say that it meant the decision to cast said actor was bad before I saw the performance. People are making false correlations saying “the design sucks therefore the show sucks.” That’s the attitude I’m trying to combat by saying be patient and wait.

            Yes, I have already admitted that the CGI in this promotion looks bad. I am not saying this means the show will be. Many people are.

          • MJ

            OK, I get your POV. For my part, I have lost a bit of confidence for now in this effort. But will I buy the CBS first season and watch every episode?Yes!

  • New Horizon

    If the final design of the ship hasn’t been locked yet…why would they even show it? Sneak peek of a proto-type? It’s a very poor first step in terms of inspiring potential fans. The render looks far worse than CGI in most of the fan films out there these days. I truly expected to see something more along the lines of the current movies. This didn’t even come close…it looks like CGI from ten years ago. 🙁 What were they thinking?

  • Fctiger

    Is it just me or does Fuller elongate the hell out of his words lol. Everything is soooooooooo drawn out in his speech. Not a big deal just kind of funny. Never heard him speak until now.

  • Cygnus-X1

    I really hope that the “discovery” aspect of the show includes thought-provoking science-fiction concepts in addition to the humanity that Fuller is here indicating.