Award-winning STAR TREK BEYOND composer Michael Giacchino, who will be bringing a live orchestra to the outdoor San Diego Comic Con premiere on Wednesday evening, released some previews of the new movie score on social media today.

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For those of you attending the SDCC premiere – sounds like you’re in for a treat.


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  • Captain Jon

    Wow! Sounds Giacchino brought his A-game for this one! I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

  • One element of Kelvin Trek I’ve always enjoyed is Giacchino’s music. This score sounds like it’ll be great.

  • Scott Mcc

    Sounds great and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  • Shane

    What has been really frustrating for me is that the score is being released 7 days after the film. I have always loved getting the score prior to the feature to pump my excitement up.

  • Donny Pearson


  • Carter

    TrekCore, do you know if there will be an extended version of the soundtrack (as done with the two previous films), and if so – when it’ll be released? Not really interested in dropping $20 for an abridged CD if they’re planning to release a lengthier version for $27 a month later . . .

    • Captain Jon

      They’ve been releasing the extended version about a year later. That’s what they did with Trek 09 and STID.

  • Julian Glover

    I hope either Giacchino or Brian Tyler does the scores for Star Trek Discovery.