STAR TREK BEYOND made its UK debut in London today, where the entire cast joined director Justin Lin on a brilliant white carpet under England’s cloudy skies.

Thanks to Facebook Live, Paramount UK was able to live-stream the entire pre-premiere event with interviews with everyone from Chris Pine to Idris Elba, available here to watch at your leisure:

The gloomy weather held off just long enough for all the starts to make their way through the throngs of media – including our team, who was on-site for the big event, thanks to Paramount UK!

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

We’ll have our own white-carpet photos and interview videos for you in the next day or so – they’re still in subspace! – but in the meantime, you can check out Paramount’s official gallery of photos from today’s event in our media gallery.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Nice !

  • Charlie Oakes

    Alex Zane is a total ball sack though.

    • Bifash

      And yet he keeps being hired for these Premieres. He clearly is doing something right.

      • Charlie Oakes

        Let’s hope those 2 Youtubers never present anything again ever.

  • madmadia85

    Needs Zoe Saldana.

    • BotanyCameos

      She’s been working on something, I think for another movie. She probably couldn’t attend due to that.

      I think she’s going to the big premiere in San Diego though, isn’t she? The international ones are just the appetizer before the SDCC one. 🙂

      • startrekker1701

        Once it’s premiered, it’s premiered. The big one should be first.

  • DS9 is King

    New Star Trek Rules the Kelvin timeline kicks Ass

  • dsr_nyc

    Who’s that woman next to Pine? Where’s Saldana?

    • Saldana was not in attendance. The woman is Lydia Wilson, cast last August:

      • Bifash

        I was wondering who she was ( as I’d missed her interview segment, if she had one ) during the live broadcast.
        So no Alice Even then – wonder why they ditched her?

        • Captain Jon

          I think I remember at some point Pegg saying they tried to fit her in but that they couldn’t find a good way to get her involved in the plot. Something like that…I can’t remember exactly what I read.

        • The chemistry was terrible between her and Kirk, personally I think it’s the better she was left out. Although I liked the character individualy, but somehow didn’t fit in the cast.

  • Aaron

    Is there still an embargo on early reviews?

    • All media review embargoes are in place through July 20.

  • Binyamin Koretz

    Must be something wrong with my screen. Quinto’s suit looks purple.

  • Charlie Oakes

    Those two YouTube guys were properly cringing. It’s like they just arrived having never seen anything called Star Trek.

  • Briggsie

    i went to the premiere last night, and they were all lovely and spent time with the fans who couldn’t get in.

  • mateoenfuego

    Who’s the woman second from right (next to Chris)?

    • startrekker1701

      Wondering that too