In a surprise reveal today at its own San Diego Comic Con panel, STAR TREK: THE RODDENBERRY VAULT, a years-long endeavor to recover lost and cut footage from the making of the original Star Trek series, debuted with never-before-seen clips from production of the series.

The source of the recovered material (to be released as part of an extended documentary) comes from hundreds of film reels of archived, unused Original Series footage – called the “Holy Grail” by Denise Okuda – which remained in Gene Roddenberry’s possession after the conclusion of filming on the classic series.

Mike and Denise Okuda spoke to the motivations behind the nine-year (!) project, starting from hints of cut scenes in the James Blish novelizations of the classic Trek episodes to occasional publicity photos that the pair had never seen before.

Producer Roger Lay, Jr., who worked on the Next Generation and Enterprise Blu-ray releases, also confirmed that a Blu-ray release of this recovered footage will be arriving before the end of 2016 – but the team has not yet finalized the documentary, and could not specify how many minutes of recovered footage will be included.

UPDATE: Here’s the full press release for the upcoming Blu-ray:


Details On New Blu-ray™ Release From CBS Home Entertainment
And Paramount Home Media Distribution Exclusively Revealed At
Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (July 23, 2016) – CBS Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Media Distribution and Roddenberry Entertainment announced today at Comic-Con International: San Diego that STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES – THE RODDENBERRY VAULT, a collector’s edition Blu-ray set, will be released later in 2016.

During the production of Star Trek: The Original Series, bits and pieces of episodic footage were left on the cutting room floor, then stored away in film cans for decades by the Gene Roddenberry Estate. Now, in celebration of the show’s 50th Anniversary, The Roddenberry Vault has finally been opened. Along with 12 of their favorite episodes, fans can see and own behind the scenes footage from the making of the series as well as alternate takes, deleted scenes, omitted dialogue, outtakes, and original visual FX elements.

STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES – THE RODDENBERRY VAULT Blu-ray set includes newly-produced special feature documentaries that incorporate the “Vault” materials and feature all-new interviews with cast and production personnel, including new insights from William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk), writers Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana, David Gerrold, & John D.F. Black, director Ralph Senensky, casting director Joseph D’Agosta, visual effects artist Richard Edlund, and more.

Also featured is an exploration into the series’ long-lasting appeal through interviews with some of Star Trek’s biggest fans including The Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady, The Simpsons writer/producer David Mirkin, Family Guy writer/producer David A. Goodman, NASA’s Bobak Ferdowsi, Bill Nye (The Science Guy), and many more.

The special feature documentaries are:

· Inside The Roddenberry Vault – A multi-part glimpse at classic episodes from new angles and perspectives.
· Star Trek: Revisiting A Classic – A look at life on the set during production.
· Strange New Worlds: Visualizing The Fantastic – An inside look at the groundbreaking work of the series’ designers and visual effects artists.

STAR TREK: THE RODDENBERRY VAULT includes 12 classic Star Trek episodes in high-definition Blu-ray chosen for their relevance to the Vault’s lost/unseen material:

· The Corbomite Maneuver
· Arena
· Space Seed
· This Side of Paradise
· The Devil in the Dark
· The City on the Edge of Forever
· Operation: Annihilate!
· Metamorphosis
· Who Mourns for Adonais?
· Mirror, Mirror
· The Trouble With Tribbles
· Return to Tomorrow

STAR TREK: THE RODDENBERRY VAULT Blu-ray set is executive produced by Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth. Special feature documentaries are produced by Roger Lay, Jr. and Michael and Denise Okuda.

The entire panel event was streamed live on the official Roddenberry Facebook page, embedded here for your convenience, with a video introduction to the film recovery project starting at the seven-minute mark.

We have no information yet on the timetable for release of this fantastic-sounding new Blu-ray, but as Lay reiterates at the end of the panel, this is a Fiftieth Anniversary production that WILL be out before the end of 2016.

As soon as we have more detail on this release, we’ll be sure to update you all!

The Roddenberry Vault
on Blu-ray!

The Roddenberry Vault
Blu-ray Steelbook!

  • Stuart Baird

    My god this has been a great week for Trek fans!!!! 😀

  • Well, that was unexpected. Great job to all involved!

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    That pic of the original Enterprise with that beautiful aztec pattern isn’t from Star Trek Remastered, is it?

    • Daren R. Dochterman

      No, it isn’t. It is my TOS Enterprise model used by CG Artist Mojo specifically for this image for A lenticular 3D image.

      • Bjoernar Dohm

        It’s beautiful! Much better than “Remastered”. (I wished they’d remaster it again.) Where do I find an HD version of it that I could use as a wallpaper?

    • We just grabbed the shot to make our own quick header image – the graphic above is not an official image for the project.

      • Bjoernar Dohm

        Well, it’s beautiful. Where do I find that image at that high a resolution?

  • Mo

    How nice.

  • Bshaw

    Good and surprising news. I hope the blu-ray will be made affordable to all, and not reside as a bonus disk on some expensive box set.

  • MJ

    So are these 12 episodes going to have added scenes then that we have never seen before?

    • John

      that’s what i wanna know.

    • MJ

      @ Trekcore

      Can you please weigh in on this?

  • Sykes

    I’m not sure how I feel about having to pay a “box set” price for all those episodes I already have just to get the new stuff. But let’s wait and see how it all plays out before I whine too much. 😉

  • Lance Falk

    If I’m buying these episodes AGAIN….. I Strongly suggest they record comprehensive commentary tracks with various involved parties both living and archival audio (ala the James Bond Films). Not only the surviving actors, writers and production people, but celebrity fans (Film-makers, SF writers, etc), series experts and historians. Really gather all the data in one place.

    More text commentaries as well, those were wonderful and should be on every episode giving behind the scenes material and historical context (showing the connections between then current events and the episode in question “A Private Little War” = Vietnam for example.

    Also, isolated music Tracks.

    The Shatner/Nimoy intros from a few years back for the SF channel.

    I LOVED the previous feature of being able to toggle between original and remastered versions (if Only Lucas would do that with Star Wars!)

  • On one hand, I am pumped for this new material. On the other hand, I am annoyed it is being packaged with material I already own, undoubtedly making what could have been a single disc release of the documentary material and new footage into a multi (probably three or four) disc set. And thus, increasing the price of the set accordingly.

    I very much doubt the new material here will be of much interest to casual fans. Rather, it shall be the hardcore fan who wants it. The kind of fan who, undoubtedly, already owns the entire series. I’d guess some marketing genius at CBS said to him or herself, “No one will just buy a disc of supplementary materials, we need to throw some episodes on there to make them sell!” To which I would say, “Have you met a Trek fan?” Of course we’d buy a disc of supplementary material!

    I agree with Lance Falk. If you’re going to make us have to buy certain episodes again to get this new material, make it worth it and also include some episode dependent supplements such as commentaries and/or isolated music tracks.

    Alas, I am sure in the end, the episodes will only serve to take up disc space and, as I said, inflate the price. And, alas, I’ll probably suck it up and buy it. After all, have you met a Trek fan?


    • JSaTurn

      Perhaps the episodes are necessary to provide context? I work in the legal field and I also don’t think such materials can be used on their own, without episodes -because they would then not be treated as ‘bonus materials’ and their use would then be subject to different, prohibitively expensive, legal terms.

    • pittrek

      This should be added as a bonus disc to the 50th anniversary boxset.

  • They’ll have to create new master discs for the episodes since they won’t be able to just re-use the discs from the season sets. It will give them a chance to make some changes/additions. I am hopeful that with the Okudas and Lay involved we’ll get a great set of discs.

  • pittrek

    F*ck me what a day!
    YESSSSSSSSS ! Great news today! I hope they use as many clips as possible, this is what I’ve been waiting for since the 80’s !

  • pittrek

    Any idea if this will be added also to the big 50th anniversary box set released later or if it will be sold only separately?

  • Wow! It’s so exciting that there’s still something new to be seen from TOS! Excuse me while I go do the kind of dance that Snoopy does when his supper is coming. 🙂

  • DrDaystrom

    Of course I already own every single episode of every single ST show, movie, cartoon, comic strip, and comic book, not to mention dozens upon dozens of paperback and print adaptations, interviews, supplements, production notes, etc, etc…So now WHY should I get this, hmm?

    • BotanyCameos


      You must not care much about those episodes if you’re not interested enough in the additional material to buy a bluray.

      I’ve spent so many years moaning about the amazing tidbits they cut from Space Seed to make it fit within the episode length. Knowing that some of that footage still exists and will be available for purchase is such amazing news that I’d probably pay them any price they asked for it.

      • DrDaystrom

        We’ll see…

  • Zarm

    Return to Tomorrow?

    ANDROID BODIES? Are we getting android bodies scenes?!? That’s my TOS holy grail!!!

    VERY excited about this! (No surprise there- Star Wars deleted scenes were what got me to go blu-ray; I love extra material from my favorite eras!)

  • This picture of the Enterprise is absolutely gorgeous. Too bad she doesn’t look so good in the remastered episodes!

  • Stephen Disney

    The blooper reels?!?

    • Therese Bohn

      Wouldn’t it be great to see clean copies of the bloopers- and maybe more unearthed?

  • Marc

    Nice! Haven’t bought TOS on Bluray yet, as the DVDs were okay enough for me. But this is a perfect opportunity and reason to have a lot of my favorite episodes in HD plus the new insight via the Roddenberry vault. Great! 🙂

  • Kaine Morrison

    Any chance that this will be in the 50th set?
    It’d be ridiculous to get the 50th set and have to get this and have multiples of 13 episodes!

  • BotanyCameos

    I’ve been saying for years that I’d give a kidney to get to watch the deleted scenes from Space Seed (especially Khan and Kirk’s alternate confrontation with the whole explanation from Khan that got cut from the episode and that added so much to the plot, showing his mindset and how desperate Khan actually was– I suspect that the writers of STID read the Space Seed script and took some inspiration from it, actually), but I never actually believed the footage still existed somewhere.

    This is one of the most exciting Trek news ever and I’ll be counting the seconds until this is finally released.

  • Therese Bohn

    I’m curious as to ‘the cutting room floor’ bits. Now we all know that there was a deleted scene from “Elaan of Troyus” where Spock is asked to play his Vulcan harp for the Dohlman. The scene takes place in the recreation hall and Uhura asks about how to play the harp (which is odd since she clearly knew how in Season 1’s “The Conscience of the King”!) Here’s a link to images and the text of the scene:
    Unfortunately “Elaan… is not one of the episodes listed here. According to , there were fully filmed, but Deleted scenes from Elaan, Friday’s Child, Balance of Terror, The Corbonite Maneuver, Return to Tomorrow, The Savage Curtain and City on the Edge of Forever. There are short deleted scenes from I Mudd, Court Martial, Operation Annihilate, Catspaw, A Taste of Armageddon, and The Enemy Within. Then there are little snippets (that is extra angle footage for editors to incorporate) from Spectre of the Gun, Devil in the Dark, Galileo Seven, Doomsday Machine, This Side of Paradise, Errand of Mercy, Spock’s Brain, Mudd’s Women, and Conscience of the King.
    So now I’m wondering how much of the episodes listed will have full scenes as opposed to ‘snippets’.
    I would love to see the Elaan scene.