Revealed at last Thursday’s Hallmark Keepsake Ornament retrospective panel at the STLV convention, our first look at 2017’s holiday releases came in the form of the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond.


The Starship-class vessel, discovered crashed on Altamid in this summer’s new Trek film, will join the fleet of Hallmark ornaments released since 1991, and will very likely include internal lighting, and possibly an audio clip from the film – Jaylah’s “You take my house and make it fly!” would be a nice choice.

For other models of the Franklin, you can look forward to the Amazon-exclusive Blu-ray release of Star Trek Beyond, or save up for the forthcoming QMx 1/350-scale model which debuted at San Diego Comic Com:


Star Trek Beyond
on Blu-ray!

Star Trek Beyond
on 3D Blu-ray!

Star Trek Beyond
on 4K Blu-ray!

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Is it just me, or is anyone else almost still reminded more of the Loknar-class frigate from the ’80s FASA roleplaying game, than the ENT NX-class, with this ship?

    • CaptainDonovin

      Had the same thought about the Loknar.

    • Melllvar

      It bears no similarity whatsoever.

      • Darkthunder

        Really? NO SIMILARITY whatsoever? So it doesn’t have:

        – A round saucer
        – Pylons that extend out the back, and upwards
        – Nacelles above the saucer height

        The similarities are definitely there. This being the “alternate universe” take on the Loknar Class.

  • GIBBS v2

    I prefer this design over the Discovery.

    • Eric Cheung

      Interestingly I noticed both the Discovery and the Franklin have that ridged indented ring in the dorsal saucer section.

  • CmdrR

    So, Kirk & stars save the rest of the surviving crew. Um, where are those folks for the rest of the movie? We see one dead husk in the shadows. Shouldn’t there be hundreds of Enterprise alum on the Franklin when it crashes on Yorktown?

    • jonahkrautter

      Uh, they evacuated the Franklin when it crashes. That’s how Edison gets out. He’s seen in a (modern) Starfleet uniform exiting with the remainder of the Enterprise crew.

      • CmdrR

        Yes, but we never see the hundreds of E crewmen ON the Franklin. It should have been ridiculously crowded! Kinda my point.

        • DamienL

          I assumed most of them didn’t make it.

          • CmdrR

            We saw long lines on Altamid. We saw Scotty beaming them over “twenty at a time.” I assume there were a lot of survivors.

  • Admiral SnackBar

    Nice! Hallmark ornaments: the bane of my wallet’s existence.

  • Fiery Little One

    This is good news, I liked that old rust bucket.