STAR TREK: DISCOVERY showrunner Bryan Fuller released on Twitter today the first tease of alien prosthetics, an early hint of what non-human species the new series may contain.

At first glance, these unpainted stalks certainly appear to be quite similar to Andorian antennae, the hallmark feature of Trek‘s primary blue-skinned aliens – though they don’t seem to include the impressive animatronic circuitry that the Star Trek: Enterprise production team devised for Shran and his cohorts… at least, not at this stage in the design process.

Andorian antennae over the years. (Image via Memory Alpha.)

If this is in fact a hint towards Andorian involvement in the new series, that’s going to be of great interest to many Star Trek fans, as the Andorian components of Enterprise were some of the most popular alien explorations that series offered.

  • Tuskin38

    It is totally a Glommer

  • Fiery Little One

    I honestly can’t see how it wouldn’t be for an Andorian, personally.

    • GonzoI

      Yeah, nothing about it resembles Andorian at all. There’s none of the “joints” visible on every other Andorian, nor the bowl-shaped ends. With the leaf-like structures and the long, spindly nature, this seems more likely to be a new antennae-bearing species.

      • Fiery Little One

        I think you misread me. I’m sure that we’ll see at least one Andorian during the show’s run.

        • GonzoI

          We may see an Andorian, but probably not with this prosthetic.

      • Alessandro Tidu

        Point is they’re not likely to create “a new antennae-bearing species” when the Andorians got so popular during ENT and are the single most under-treated species of the Federation with the ever-changing design.

        They said they are going to “reimagine alien species” so after seeing this photo I guess it’s the Andorians who will receive the treatment for the N time and wear this…

        But you’re totally right, this has nothing to do with the Andorian antennae we saw all over trek. So I hope to be wrong…

  • GIBBS v2

    Andorian crew member confirmed! Shans grand daughter.

  • Salvador Nogueira

    Cool! It seems it is indeed going to be post-ENT, pre-TOS. Although disappointed at first, I’m warming up to this.

    • Still no confirmation of that!

      • Salvador Nogueira

        Yeah, I know. But it looks more and more like it. Could it be a post-VOY andorian? Sure! Could it be another race entirely? Hell, yes. But that’s not where the clues so far have been pointing…

        • Captain Nog

          It depends how you read into the clues. I feel they’re all pointing towards post Nemesis. But, it is all speculation at this point. Andorians could be present at any period, so doesn’t really act as a clue.

          • Salvador Nogueira

            I was thinking along those lines until Fuller said the registry number was a big clue to when it is set. There are two interpretations for this. Either it is pre-TOS or he’s playing with us.

          • Captain Nog

            I just feel that he may be being a bit more cryptic with his hint. Going with the theory of a Federation-Klingon collaboration, the registry number could be in honor of the Klingons by using the year this joint venture was launched on the Klingon calender, 1031 Year of Kahless, or about 2405 CE.

          • Salvador Nogueira

            He said it was a BIG clue. If this is a big clue under your speculation, I wonder if I would even notice a medium clue from Fuller. 😛

          • Fctiger

            I truly hope you’re right on that and its post Nemesis but I kind of agree with Salvador it is feeling a bit like a pre-TOS show.

    • SpaceCadet

      There’s no reason why it couldn’t be an Andorian from a post-TOS era. There’s been no indication either way.

      • Alessandro Tidu

        You mean pre-TOS. This is going to be the new Andorians. Sigh.

        • SpaceCadet

          Well, I said that before the big announcement came out. :o)

  • Locutus

    Shran please!!!

    Maybe it’s a “Birth of the Federation” vessel with a mixture of Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites, who set off on a joint mission of exploration and discovery after the species have come together. Plenty of good stories to be told on such a ship. Fits modern trend of international joint space ventures.

    • W Smith

      I think this is a good possibility, and a good direction. It’s a solid metaphor of working together for a good common goal that is being lost in today’s world of neo-tribalism.

      • Locutus

        I agree that it would send a good message. Seeing species overcome their differences and seek out new civilization to join in their commitment to the common good. With that mix of species, there would be plenty of conflict as the interspecies crew begin to meld, but that is a microcosm of the new UFP.

        ST: Enterprise only really showed humanity’s first steps onto the galactic stage. How the Federation expanded from its humble beginnings in ST: Enterprise to an alliance of 150 planets is a story worth telling. By TOS, the United Federation of Planets is already a given, but what about that expansion period when the founders had to sell their concept to new civilizations?

    • Fctiger

      I have to admit I hate another prequel but that sounds interesting. And it could be something similar to Voyager where we get a lot of conflict because none of these people really like or trust each other but learn to in time. Who knows but its not a bad idea.

    • Ed Lilli

      I really like this idea. I hope it’s something close to this.

    • Alessandro Tidu

      We know now it’s going to be 10 years before TOS so not this time. But I leave the vote to support the idea.

  • M33

    Is it just me, or does the name “Star Trek: Discovery” sound like a PBS educational program aimed at schools?

    • Binyamin Koretz

      You’ve listed one of my top 5 reasons why I hate the name.

  • jackson roy kirk

    I Say This Is Not Andorian

  • The green TNG holodeck Andorian was always the worst.

  • Mrplatitude

    Would love to see more Andorians.

    If it is in the rumored pre TOS era maybe they could bring back Shran!

    • Fctiger

      That would be the one positive of making it another prequel show is bringing back Shran. I’m sure everyone knows this here but he was suppose to be a full time member of the crew if Enterprise came back in the 5th season.

    • Darkthunder

      I would love for Shran to come back, at least in a cameo capacity similar to what was done in previous shows… McCoy handed over the reins to TNG, Picard to DS9, Quark to VOY, Cochrane to ENT.

      Preferably thou, if the new series is another prequel set before TOS (but after ENT), I’d like to see Shran finally added as one of the mains. Perhaps THE main (We haven’t had an Alien Federation Captain in the shows).

    • Alessandro Tidu

      Upvote for more Andorians in Star Trek. Shran’s Andorians. Not this.

  • Paulo Cesar Ceglia

    Clearly it´s JJ Abrams ears worried about the new tv series! 🙂

  • Harold Heretic

    It’s pretty obvious whose forehead that is…

    • M33

      Picard: “I am not amused!” – Episode 45 -Manhunt

  • The Chadwick

    Andorians, love em. I love how often Enterprise used them. Wish we saw more in Star Trek’s 50 years. I am also liking these new antennae the most as they have taken the best aspects of the incarnations over the years, long, slender and organic. Never liked the TOS version, no idea why they used it for Trek III when the TMP version was better, even though we never really saw it up close. Not going to bother with TNG, ugh. Enterprise got them right with the smaller size and more forward location. But these new ones, long like the admiral Andorian, taking cues from Enterprise but they do look more fluid and organic resembling an insect. If they add animatronics, they will look fantastic.

  • I don’t think they’re Andorian. I’m not even convinced they are antennae.

    • jackson roy kirk

      Exactly My Thought!!

  • Thomas W.

    Who says those things are ears oder antennas? Young minds, fresh ideas – be tolerant….

  • jackson roy kirk

    While I Really like STTMP I think they missed it on the Andorian Then.

  • Michael

    Obviously Aenar.