STAR TREK: DISCOVERY showrunner Bryan Fuller released on Twitter today the first tease of alien prosthetics, an early hint of what non-human species the new series may contain.

At first glance, these unpainted stalks certainly appear to be quite similar to Andorian antennae, the hallmark feature of Trek‘s primary blue-skinned aliens – though they don’t seem to include the impressive animatronic circuitry that the Star Trek: Enterprise production team devised for Shran and his cohorts… at least, not at this stage in the design process.

Andorian antennae over the years. (Image via Memory Alpha.)

If this is in fact a hint towards Andorian involvement in the new series, that’s going to be of great interest to many Star Trek fans, as the Andorian components of Enterprise were some of the most popular alien explorations that series offered.