Our Final Smithsonian Video: Museum Maintenance Magic


In this, our final interview filmed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, conservator Malcolm Collum discusses the new display case for the classic USS Enterprise filming model, and some secret access built into the revitalized starship for future maintenance as needed.

This concludes our two-year coverage of the Enterprise renovation – stay tuned for the Smithsonian Channel’s documentary special, Building Star Trek, airing on September 4, and previewing at the Mission: New York convention this Labor Day weekend.


Our special thanks to Dr. Margaret Weitekamp, Malcolm Collum, April O’Conner, and Nick Partridge from the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum for all the generous access provided to our team throughout the project, and to Kelly Phillips and Kevin Phillips for their photography support.

  • Tone

    Thanks TrekCore

  • Michael

    Some good stuff here.

  • GIBBS v2

    Must touch… Big models make me feel like a kid again.

    This has been a great series. Now lets see the TNG model get the same treatment! Probably sitting in some rich dudes private collection.

    UPDATE: Googled it, I can’t believe it but the Model only went for a half a million dollars. Seems like a bargain for such a cultural icon.

  • Promoboy

    Went to DC to the see the Big E’s new look. Sadly, the lights were not operating the day I got there– a power outage, according to Smithsonian security. Just my luck. However, even with the lights off, she
    looked beautiful. Congrats to all who helped restore the mighty starship.

  • Mo

    Splendid work.

  • Jeff Van Zilen

    @ 1:20 what is that thing on the bottom of the sensor dome with the red light?

    • scooternva

      It’s the phaser bank emitter. And yes, it’s canon–you just couldn’t see it in most shots of the 11′ miniature because of the cinematography and limits of visual effects of the day. (If you look very closely at the technical manual that Scotty is reading in the Rec Room during “The Trouble With Tribbles” (when Kirk asks him if he ever relaxes and Scotty says “I *am* relaxing!”), he’s studying a diagram of this very thing.)

  • Tallguy

    Wow. Trekcore, thanks so much for all of your coverage. It’s been a great journey.