Back in January, La-La Land Records announced that new Star Trek soundtrack releases were being prepared for debut in 2016, and after long months of waiting, we finally have some idea of when they’ll be available!

On the Film Score Monthly message boards, LLL has revealed that a second volume of Star Trek: Enterprise score – following the four-disc 2014 “Volume One” collection – is projected for arrival by October, and is currently going through a final approval process.

Their Star Trek 50th Anniversary collection, for which producer Lukas Kendall was taking fan requests earlier this year, is expected to be out on approximately November 30 – and the long-awaited first Star Trek: Voyager collection, which fans have been eagerly anticipating, has been set for a January 2017 street date.

In the meantime, La-La Land still has copies available of their special 50th Anniversary die-cut vinyl release of the classic Star Trek theme, a limited run which debuted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.


Expect official announcements for these new releases shortly before their availability dates – and we’ll be sure to let you all know when the purchase windows open!

  • Sykes

    Damn, was hoping for a DS9 volume 2. Hopefully next time.

    • As mentioned in the article, the 50th anniversary set is due November 30.

      • Sykes

        Jeez, I must have been half asleep reading that. Thanks for the wake-up call. 🙂

    • SFSeries&Movies

      week or two ago I emailed La-La Land and asked them about DS9’s volume two, and the answer I got, literally: Definitely for 2017

  • prometheus59650

    Gotta get these.

    Stupid finite money.

  • Newdivide1701

    Will it include Sledgehammer?

    • Jamie

      Hopefully not! 😁

  • Jamie

    About time, it has been too long waiting for these.
    I will be picking them all up,.
    I have to echo the other sentiments, I was hoping for the Voyager set this year.
    Bring on the Enterprise 2nd set, the first was amazing!

  • jackson roy kirk

    I Loved Enterprise 1st volume! I actually liked it a tiny bit more than DS9. Please bring it all on!!! I will buy them all!!

  • Zarm

    Voyager bumped to 2017? Awww, man- that’s the one I’m looking most forward to! (Well, more time to save up, I guess…)

    • Daniel Henderson

      LaLaLand said on Facebook that Voyager was delayed because of several missing elements they’ve had to stop and track down. And since they mastered way more stuff than what could fit on ENT Vol 1, Vol 2 was fairly easy to put together and release.

      • Zarm

        Makes sense.