At this afternoon’s panel for Eaglemoss’s The Official Starship Collection line of model Trek starships, several new additions were announced for the next several releases leading into 2017.

As expected, Eaglemoss’s Ben Robinson confirmed that STAR TREK BEYOND starship USS Franklin is on the way, along with Krall’s swarm ship. In addition, the company will be producing models of the 2009 Trek film’s Kobayashi Maru simulation Klingon Warbird, followed by Space Station K-7 (from “The Trouble With Tribbles”).

Also announced were a convention/subscriber-exclusive model of the SS Yorktown concept model, the USS Saratoga from DS9’s “Emissary,” a Suliban cell ship and ECS Horizon from Star Trek: Enterprise, the Titan and Aventine from the Trek novelist line, and the USS Kyushu from “The Best of Both Worlds.”

In addition, when the topic of starships for the new series – STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – was mentioned, Robinson said that “there are more [starships] than you think” potentially coming for the new show.

Lastly, Robinson shared a first look at Spock’s Jellyfish (from the 2009 Trek film), a prototype of the final model expected to be released around the end of 2016.

jellyfish4 jellyfish3 jellyfish2 jellyfish1

All you starship model collectors are sure to be fulfilled in the coming months! All of these ships discussed – and even more not covered in this recap – can be watched on Eaglemoss’s livestream video.