IDW Publishing has a lot on their Star Trek slate, from this month’s BOLDLY GO launch and the new ongoing WAYPOINT series, to the Star Trek / Green Lantern sequel series due for arrival in December.

Now, IDW has announced the next miniseries due for arrival in 2017: a crossover tale between the ALIENS film universe and the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation, titled “Acceptable Losses.”

October 28, 2016 – As announced today at the MCM London Comic Con, Captain Picard, Data, Worf, and the rest of the iconic Starfleet crew will soon come face-to-face with facehuggers in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION / ALIENS.

Just in time to celebrate The Next Generation’s 30th anniversary, the TNG crew of the Enterprise will take on the Aliens from the wildly popular movie franchise in the upcoming miniseries from IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics.

The story, written by regular Star Trek scribes Scott Tipton and David Tipton, will see these two giants of modern science fiction cross over for the first time. In addition to the Xenomorphs, it will feature familiar Star Trek alien races such as the Borg and the Romulans, each of which will play a vital role in the plot and be brought to life by artist J.K. Woodward, who will be re-teaming with the Tiptons after previously collaborating on the acclaimed Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever series.

“We’re beyond excited to team up with Dark Horse for this unique miniseries,” says IDW Editor Chris Cerasi. “With Scott and David writing and J.K. handling art, the blending of the Star Trek and Aliens worlds is guaranteed to be a fun, scary, thrill-a-minute ride!”

IDW has enjoyed a banner year with two well-received comic book series launches to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary with Boldy Go and Waypoint. Add to that great crossover success with DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern, which will receive a follow-up series this winter.

This spring, boldly go where no one can hear you scream for the crossover event of 2017.

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  • Locutus

    I don’t usually go for crossovers, but an Aliens/TNG crossover does pique my interest. Also, IDW and Dark Horse Comics are both excellent.

    • Thierry Soucie

      Same here. I’m looking forward to this one, hope it’s good!

  • SpaceCadet

    Oh Worf would love to battle the Aliens! Lol.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Page 2 of the comic, the Enterprise beams the Aliens into vacuum….credits listed…shortest IDW comic in history!

    • GIBBS v2

      Sensors can’t seem to lock on to the Xenomorph exoskeleton captain… Phasers seem to merely glance off of them sir!…

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        You know, that does sound like a typical TNG technobabble solution.

  • pittrek

    Well that sounds stupid.

  • Charlie Oakes

    I bet Brent Spiner will be pitching this as a movie starring and directed by himself.

    Oh and he’ll play Picard too because I don’t know if you know this – he can do an impression of

    Patrick Stewart. he likes to keep it quiet.

  • Jean Michel

    Bring on the Borg Xenomorph!

  • Roger Birks

    In a weird way… this really actually interests me!! And I don’t usually really look at comics. This is something I would consider having a look at.

  • Jamie

    First Dr Who then X-Men now Aliens, are times really that hard we have to continue with these crossovers? Of all the rich cultures in Star Trek cannon are we still getting disparate franchise crossovers?

    It seems like Star Trek is almost becoming a parody.
    What next, Star Trek Seasme Street, Star Trek Keeping Up with Kardashians?

    The merchandise side of Star Trek is slipping badly. Why is there no Enterprise Companion book and where are the Voyager & Enterprise NX technical manuals?

    Bobbleheads & weird comic crossovers seems to be the future.
    Sad times.

    • Ace Stephens

      It seems like Star Trek is almost becoming a parody.

      I don’t consider the comics to be the same continuity as the show/s. It’s just fun spinoff material.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    This kind of makes sense in that First Contact was Star Trek’s version of Aliens.

  • I like both franchises but don’t see the need to mix them. Just me.