Before Star Trek Beyond hit theaters earlier this summer, Paramount announced their plans for a fourth Kelvin Timeline film – bringing George Kirk actor Chris Hemsworth back to the Trek franchise.

Chris Pine was asked about his thoughts on this projected sequel concept this week by The Huffington Post.

HP: Kirk’s dad, George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), is reportedly coming back in the next “Star Trek” movie. What are your thoughts on running into your dad and how do you think that interaction will be?

PINE: It’s such a trip that, in the first one, Chris [Hemsworth] had such a small but super important part and he knocked it out of the park. He’s only on screen for so little time and he’s really emotionally the centerpiece of that film.

I’ve only really seen him a couple times since then strangely, so it would be fun to reunite with him. I was honestly quite happy where the end of that father-son storyline ended, but I’d be happy to work with Chris again. He’s a great actor and a really nice man.

We’re still a ways out from anything really moving forward on the Beyond sequel – there’s not even a targeted release date yet announced – so anything about the film is likely to be all speculative from the cast until there’s more announced.

Hopefully, it won’t be another three years.

  • scotchyscotchscotch

    I feel like Pine really embraced the Kirk role and came to a better understanding of how to play the character in Beyond. I remember reading his junkets for the STID marketing and in talking about a potential Star Trek 3 at the time, he was saying things like “I think we can go darker” and it just felt like he was riding the wave more than embracing it. All his interviews relating to Beyond have me feeling like he’s got his feet firmly on the ground now.

    • Bifash

      I’ve also heard Chris in interview state he’d really love in the next one to reallydelve into what it means to be explorers – exploring the what’s out there in Space, beyond the unknown, aside form all the actions and explosions.

      • Eric Cheung

        Oh I hope so. Maybe if the Kirks meet, George can say why he joined Starfleet, and tell him stories about what it meant to join a service for peaceful exploration.

    • Canine Turd Burglar

      It was the first time I was able to tolerate his Kirk and the first time I was watching something remotely resembling the character.

      Given the line in the first movie about the characters not being the same as their Prime Universe counterparts I have just treated them as different characters not unlike the casts of the spin off shows. But at the same time they have the same names, so I still like to see hints of who they should be. I feel that Pine totally lack the authority and confidence inspiring qualities of Shatner Kirk until now.

  • Pipe’sIDIC

    I want Nichelle Nichols to be in the next installment more than Hemsworth.

  • Bifash

    I certainly hope they do not wait another three years. I believe that the franchise lost traction by waiting four years between Trek 2009 and STID, only to have a story which was poorly met by fans ( and by having the crew STILL not “Out There” on their 5 year mission ).

    With BEYOND being well received mostly, but not being a box office hit in the USA, I wonder where they will go from here – will they want to wrap up this iteration of the Trek movies with a Number 4?

    • Canine Turd Burglar

      My only concern is that the box office doesn’t knee jerk them back to Into Darkness action mindlessness.

      • Bifash

        That would be my concern too. With the seeming absense of Lin, Pegg & Jung – who did a sterling job considering the time pressures involved in putting BEYOND together – I’d hate for them to go back to the tone of STID.

        • Ace Stephens

          I hope executives are smart enough to realize that STID’s wonkiness was part of the reason Beyond didn’t perform as well as they might have hoped…but they probably aren’t.

  • Eric Cheung

    Whatever happens, I just hope the movie goes beyond having a villain. After Into Darkness, I thought I wouldn’t go see Beyond in theaters, but I went because, from the beginning, it sounded like they corrected for the most egregious mistakes on both side of the camera.

    Please let it be a story that strikes the same tone and/or themes as any of the following: The Corbomite Maneuver, Errand of Mercy, Arena, Devil in the Dark, Journey to Babel, The Inner Light, The Visitor (in fact that would be an interesting template for George and Jim movie, like a reverse The Visitor where an anomaly presents an alternative childhood to Jim that he wishes to reclaim complete with time in Iowa and Tarsus IV), Far Beyond the Stars, ENT’s fourth season Vulcan and Andorian stories, or Star Trek IV. Most of those only had antagonists, not villains, and many of those found resolution without killing.

    While many of us complained about anomaly of the week episodes during the Berman Era, it occurs to me that those are better suited to the movie screen than to the TV screen, and could provide a welcome alternative to the constant rehashing of TWOK.

    • Bifash

      Some excellent thoughts raised.
      I’d defintiely want them to follow a path that does not chase the ‘summer blockbuster’ template. Yes, let these new TREK movies remain big in scope, and keep at its heart the sense of family and friendship that we finally got with Beyond, but give us a core science-fiction element. I’m happy to have the fast-paced action scenes around it, but let’s have a central focus that’s not about a villain or revenge.

    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

      The Wrath of Khan was excellent, but The Voyage Home is my favorite Star Trek movie, precisely because it DOESN’T have a villain … or the villain is the human greed and short-sightedness involved in hunting the whales to extinction.

      And we know this can even be profitable, because until the reboot movies came along, TVH made the most money of any Star Trek movie.

      • Eric Cheung

        Not only has it worked for Star Trek IV, but there has been a trend towards harder science fiction that doesn’t have real villains in the past few years. Europa Report, Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian, etc. Add to that, the movies I often cite as things I’d like to influence the writers: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, The Abyss, Tremors, Contact, Master and Commander.

        I think those could have been mined particularly well for the sense of ennui at the beginning of Beyond. Imagine a more episodic first half of the movie, gradually making way for the threads of the various adventures tying together in some mystery at the end, a bit like the TNG video game “A Final Unity.”

        • i totally agree with you, but could you explain how (of all the movies in the world) TREMORS fits into that list? 😀

          • Eric Cheung

            Sure. It wasn’t a movie I’d cite until recently, but when rewatching it, I realized it’s not unlike Star Trek, in that it’s a team of smart and diverse group of people using their myriad skill sets to solve problems.

          • cool! gotta rewatch it myself 🙂

      • Pedro Ferreira

        Yeah and The Final Frontier was great as well! Hey where’s everyone going…guys…guys?

      • (Roc) Wayne Alford

        What are you talking about KILLER SPACE WHALES !! destroying the earth that is a villian

    • M33

      I agree totally on the villain thing. It is really tired. Everyone uses Khan as the benchmark for Star Trek (which I never understood why since Khan was such a boring villain to me).
      The reality is they should be using ST4 as the benchmark since it made the most money adjusted for inflation.
      No villain.
      Great story.
      Fun to watch.
      Even TMP did not have a villain per se, but even V’ger was considered a villain, it was an epic voyage to that discovery, and best of all, the solution wasn’t KILLING OR BLOWING IT UP… the answer was TRANSCENDENCE.
      Brilliant science fiction as it should be.
      In today’s movies, they would have found a way blow up the ST4 probe instead of solve its mystery.

      • Jean Michel

        “In today’s movies, they would have found a way blow up the ST4 probe instead of solve its mystery.”

        LOL. You nailed it!

        “which I never understood why since Khan was such a boring villain to me”


      • Lyk

        Which Khan? JJ-Khan or Prime-Khan

        • M33

          I was referring to ST2 Khan. For a person who was supposed to be such a brilliant warlord, he didn’t come across as superior, only smug and arrogant. The TOS Khan was better in that he was far more cunning amd manipulative, as a totalitarian leader would be.
          Kelvin-Khan followed in that same cunning and manipulation from the TOS style, so I can give them credit for that.
          However, I find V’ger to be a far more interesting “villain” because it is complex and very alien.
          Most of what we see are very “human-like-motivations” from antagonists, which gets boring after a while.
          On that note, you should really watch RedLetterMedia’s video review of Nemesis where he hilariously deconstructs this whole issue (eg. Shinzon is Khan meets Dr. Evil).
          Aside from his occassionally unfunny violence-laced jokes, the review is spot on why this has got to stop.

    • The Chadwick

      Same, I agree with the villain aspect as well as the super weapon aspect. Its old and tired. Krall was no different than Nero, neither was their cause. Red matter no different than Krall’s ancient weapon. Its amazing the money people in Hollywood get paid for making the same damn shit over and over and over and over again. So what would they pay for something original that sells?

    • Geoffrey McCarthy

      Yeah this would be interesting. Nice to see Voyage Home getting some love here btw. One of my favourites too and it gets too much bashing imho.

  • Locutus

    “I was honestly quite happy where the end of that father-son storyline ended.”

    I have to agree with Pine there. They beat that drum pretty hard in the first two movies, and even a little more in the third. I think that is a storyline with which they should be done. It is time to move on to more exciting things like exploring the unknown! That said, Chris Hemsworth is a fine actor, so his presence should not really detract from the film.

    Maybe they should give it some “City on the Edge of Forever” vibe, where James Kirk must LET his father die again for some reason. That might be impactful.

    • Canine Turd Burglar

      I understand what you’re saying, but because of what you’re saying maybe the fourth movie needs to be just that…the movie where he stops comparing himself to his father and let’s go.

      • Locutus

        Possibly, but given that these Abrams adventures are so few and far between, I wish they’d have moved on a little sooner. Beyond hit upon the theme of Kirk having to discover his purpose for being out there (not just following his father’s footsteps) without having to do a whole other movie on the subject. Whatever he discovered (sense of adventure, sense of family) by the end of the movie, he seemed to have found his motivation to keep exploring.

        Then again, Beyond wasn’t exactly explicit about what all he discovered throughout his Krall encounter, so maybe George Kirk will help elucidate that.

        • I completly agree with you, this storyline is overused, and it’s a bit funny, that even Pine said during the interviews – before they knew about Hemsworth I guess -, that in Beyond Kirk finally find his own motivations and step out of his father’s shadow. And just when we thought they let his father go, they bring him back. Not that it can’t be good, but as you said, in this limited amount of adventures, they should explore other aspects of Kirk.
          Bringing Hemsworth back seems rather a marketing strategy than a story idea, even Pegg said, that they don’t know yet how they’ll do it.

          • Bifash

            Perhaps there is one way to have Hemsworth back and yet have Jim Kirk step out from the legacy of his father – by having the Chris Hemsworth/George Kirk be an imposter and machination of some alien force. The crew could be bought in by the ruse for a time, only to have Jim Kirk uncover the fact that this “survivng” George Kirk is an imposter – it’d be like when Kirk uncovers ‘God’ in STAR TREK V to be a malevolent alien entity.

          • Yeah, but that would be so forced… I had a similar thought, like George would be only a hallucination during a traumatic event, but even nuJim was in several life threatening and eventually deadly event, so why now, maybe some torture (but you must keep it PG-13) or in a no-win scenario (wich he doesn’t belive in…) or some kind of projection to mess with his head.

          • Bifash

            Any angle they take to bring back Hemsworth may feel forced – it will be interesting to see what they have planned, or if this idea ( and indeed the movie itself ) come to fruition.
            On a seperate note, I’d love to see the Kirk-era crew take on the Borg – this is something where the massive scope of the JJ movies could really soar.

          • On the Borg: hell yeah! 😀 I don’t care, if it’s forced, I’d love to see that!

          • prometheus59650

            No Borg, please.

          • I know, I know, but I have this pervert dream to see them in a visually satisfying way. 😀
            But it won’t happen probably and that is right, of course.

          • prometheus59650


            If….and IF they were the soulless unreasoning machines they were conceived of.

            No pet “Hughs.” No greased up, horny, “queens.”

            No nothing but, “You’re meat to be used or destroyed. Kill or die. Let’s dance. “

          • Locutus

            Yeah, I smell marketing ploy too. Hemsworth has built quite a fanbase since 2009. They rolled out the announcement if Hemsworth’s return to help market and draw more attention to Beyond.

            On a side note, Hemsworth is gonna have to bulk-down bigtime to fit into his old Starfleet uniform. Did he use HGH and steroids or something?

    • Bifash

      Some time ago, over on Birth.Movies.Death, Devin Faraci wrote an interesting piece that tie into the premise of changing the entire fate of the Kelvin-verse. It’s an interesting read whether one agrees with it or not. I include a link here as it may raise some interesting discussions directly relating to the Trekcore article above:

      • Locutus

        Instead of having Jim Kirk go back in time to save his father, it would be much much more interesting to me if someone else (such as renegade Vulcans) went back in time to stop the temporal incursion and save Vulcan. Jim Kirk and company realize that despite the tragedy of the Nero incursion, their entire reality may be erased and realize the value in the universe that has come about as a result of the incursion. Despite the fact the fact that undoing the incursion means that his younger self would grow up alongside his father, Kirk has to let go of his father to save the reality he knows and has finally come to accept … by watching his father die again.

        That kind of story, however, kind of flies in the face of the temporal mechanics of Abrams universe, which suggests that the alternate reality sort of sprung into existence parallel to the Prime timeline so both coexist.

  • shannon

    They could always have them encounter the Talosians from The Cage

    • pittrek

      I am still surprised they didn’t re-make The Cage yet.

  • M33

    While I enjoy the actor Hemsworth, this really feels like Hollywood trying to figure out how they can cross over fandoms to rake in the big bucks by squeezing Thor into Star Trek (even if it is only the actor).
    It really didn’t work for Ghostbusters.
    Uncertain why they think this is a good idea here.
    Hopefully the writers would be smart enough to make it work properly.

    • Ace Stephens

      I don’t think Hemsworth is a big enough name marketing-wise to be a priority hire without a decent concept. His starring roles outside of Thor have largely underperformed so, while this helps slightly, the populace at large still essentially doesn’t know who he is enough (for all that many) to go see something just because he is in it.

  • I think we all know how George Kirk comes back …

  • CoolGeek

    Loved all three Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies so far, bringing back Hemsworths George Kirk and have him interact with his son who is practically the same age could be very powerful and dramatic if done right.Giving the two characters a chance to finally know each other during the course of an adventure and of course, to say goodbye.

  • Fiery Little One

    I keep trying to wrap my head around how they’ll do it. My first thought is, of course, time travel but I can’t think of why they would need it.

  • it’s STAR TREK XIV, not STAR TREK 4.

    • It’s the fourth Kelvin Timeline film.

      • Dwight Williams

        Fourteenth in the larger multiverse’s series, overall…

      • Jean Michel

        But “Star Trek 4” is ambiguous. “Star Trek XIV” or “Star Trek 14” is not.

      • yeah, but that would be like calling NEMESIS “STAR TREK 4” just because it’s the fourth TNG film. all of these 14 movies are in the same continuity. STAR TREK (2009) is NOT a “reboot”, as so many people incorrectly say. a reboot discards all previous continuity, and these “Kelvin” movies don’t. they’re simply happening in a parallel universe, just like the Mirror Universe. the continuity connection is there through Spock Prime. the chronological story of STAR TREK (2009) even begins in the Prime Universe! and Spock Prime tells younger Spock how they defeated Khan in their universe. and in BEYOND, there’s even a photo of the whole bridge crew from the Prime Universe. so this next movie is the 14th STAR TREK film in the same continuity.

        • Paramount/Bad Robot refer to the forthcoming sequel as the fourth Star Trek film starring this cast in the initial press release.

          Just as “Beyond” was widely referred to as “Star Trek 3” until an official title is announced, this next film will be “Trek 4” until a real name is established.

          • it’s correct to state that it will be the fourth STAR TREK film starring this cast.

            but it’s incorrect to call it STAR TREK 4. surely the distinction is obvious, isn’t it?

            NEMESIS was also the fourth STAR TREK film starring the TNG cast. but it wasn’t STAR TREK 4, it was STAR TREK 10.

          • btw, stating what was “widely” said or done is simply an argumentum ad populum and doesn’t say anything about the accuracy of said statement or action 😉

          • Xandercom

            Well they’re self serving ass hats who made a bit of money from the brand at the expense of the fandom which put them there. There will be no “Star Trek 4”.
            I understand you’re inherent requirement to be all smiles and thumbs up as you have a vested interest in more trek movies to report, but you’re becoming part of the problem.

            Wake up.

          • Rass

            You’re an idiot.

          • Harman eyes

            You’re stupid.

        • Dawn

          a continuity with more problems and continuity flaws than the last three series COMBINED

      • Dawn

        it wont be happening. cbs is merging with viacom and beyond has flopped

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      It’s Star Trek Four.


      • that makes no sense. it’s the 14th STAR TREK movie, and they are all connected by the same continuity. so it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to call it STAR TREK 4.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          I was joking! I agree with you.

  • The Chadwick

    Its far too early to talk about this. With Beyond’s lacklustre performance, who knows what that entails for the next movie or how much the budget might be cut and if the lower budget would warrant Hemsworth’s return. I agree with many people out there that Star Trek might do better with a lower budget, more focus on story, less on colossal CG sequences. I can’t remember which movie was recently discussed either on io9 or IGN, possibly the next Wolverine movie but there was mention that some new big blockbuster will focus less on huge (destroy many city blocks) CG battle scenes and more on a solid story….now we’re talking. Hollywood needs a rebirth, there is no more uniqueness anymore. Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Marvel movies, Star Trek…its all the same damn template. Who will break the cycle? Deadpool was a good movie, still the same temple but different enough that it stands apart. Proof that you can make an awesome movie with an 8 digit budget!

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      The 4th movie has been defacto green-lighted, and Hemsworth has a contract. In fact, I bet the movie starts shooting next year, and is out in 2018.

      You opinions are interesting, but they have nothing to do with this article, which is providing advance news of a movie that has already been green-lighted.,

      • Hemsworth has a contract for ST4? Link?

        He was awful in Ghostbusters.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle
          • SL

            That doesn’t say anything about a contract.

          • Fctiger

            No it doesn’t lol. And its odd Hemsworth has not said a single thing about even being in the next Star Trek film. I don’t think he’s personally said he’s even doing it which is really bizarre. My guess is his participation is a lot more ifffy than they are letting on just like the film itself is. Not to say he won’t do it but no I don’t think anyone has signed any contracts other than a few of the regulars that was reported last year.

    • Roger Birks

      Nemesis and Insurrection were arguably the last two films with the restrictive budgets. They were not very good in terms of box office business. Star Trek simply is getting dwarfed by the new Star Wars movies. It may be a wise decision to focus on the TV show next year and see how that goes. The movies can take am extended sabbatical. The tv show may even be the very thing that rejuvenates the movie franchise.

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Because marketing is where its at!

      You’ve got a great product but if you effed up the marketing, you lose. BIG TIME.

      Like what Paramount/CBS did with Beyond.

      Sucks that Beyond, the only Kelvin-verse movie that was a real delight and stayed true to Star Trek, got effed by Paramount. BIG TIME.

  • Geoffrey McCarthy

    I hope they also bring back Ben Cross as Sarek. I loved his take on the character in Trek ’09.

    Father’s Day on the Enterprise???

  • Binyamin Koretz

    Kirk dies and finds his father in the Nexus?
    or Kirk disobeys orders and violates the prime directive to save his father?
    or Kirk finds his father’s head in San Francisco or some planet suitable for motorcycle riding?
    or Kirk finds his father’s long-lost twin selling tribbles in a starbase bar?
    or …
    maybe something original would be nice for a change

  • Rene

    Let’s focus more on the question who will direct the next one? Justin Lin made ‘Beyond’ stand out above the rest. It’s in the Top 2 of all the Star Trek movies IMHO.
    What Lin understood, and Abrams doesn’t, is the look and feel of Star Trek. Storywise, actionwise and grapicswise. From the costumes, Kirk’s hair, the new uniforms, the dynamics between lead characters, the introduction of a very powerful female character, even the Franklin and the redesined 1701-A: Justlin Lin left nu-Trek much better than it was since 2009.

    I’m in favor of the return of Justin Lin to direct the 4th aswel. Let Abrams stick to producing, but keep the directing (and direction) of Trek in Justin’s much capable hands.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      I think it’s more likely that Simon Pegg directs this one.

      • Julian Glover

        That would be amazing.

      • I would like very much to see what Pegg would come up with if he was given complete creative control. There were moments here and there in Beyond that were absolutely fantastic. Given more time to write, and no mandate for blockbuster summer action nonsense, I think Pegg could do a really great film.

        Too bad Beyond wasn’t a smash hit, I was hoping to get back Pegg and Linn for another movie.

  • Aaron

    In some way I hope the next movie puts an end to the Kelvin-timeline. The first of the movies was fun, if not particularly “Star Treky,” Into Darkness was just weird…I don’t hate it like others do, but using Khan drastically overshadows what had the potential of being an interesting and timely story – the debate around using advanced torpedoes to kill an enemy of the state is very similar to the current debate around drone strikes, the Federation admiral looking for war is somewhat similar to various political talking heads calling for war/invasion against various sovereign nations, etc. Unfortunately, Khan became a major plot point, transporters can be used over light years, and then Kirk died…and things just unraveled. Star Trek Beyond was a LOT better – was the first of the Kelvin-timeline movies to actually feel like Star Trek. Chris Pine’s Kirk actually acted like Kirk, the crew finally clicked and acted like the crew of the flagship, etc.

    However, with a new TV show starting next year in the Prime-timeline, and movies only coming out every few years, it seems silly to maintain two distinct timelines that could very easily confuse more casual viewers. I think if Into Darkness had faired better with the fans (which probably would have translated into Beyond doing better at the box office), the Kelvin-timeline might have had good momentum – and the new TV show could have been based in the Kelvin-timeline (perhaps in the TNG era?). Alas, that did not happen, and I think the Kelvin-timeline has run its course.

    With the next movie bring back George Kirk, I could see them somehow undoing what happened in the first movie – and thus erasing the Kelvin-timeline. But we shall see!

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Yes, Kirk would have daddy issues again.

      Like Luke Skywalker.

      Maybe JJ Abrams really likes those daddy issues stories.

    • Fctiger

      I don’t know if having two timelines will be that hard but same time yes because Dsc will be placed 10 years before TOS there will be some comparisons. I wish they made Dsc farther in the future. It didn’t have to be after Voyager but having it after TUC like originally rumored would’ve been great since there is so much we don’t know about this period and not tie them down as much but whatever.

      As far as the KT movies if they are not done now they are probably near done at this point. My guess is they may still try and make one more but I just don’t see it going much farther at this point because the films were never big successes and with Beyond bombing I just dont see the next film doin all that much better unless they go BIG and do somelthing like bring back the Borg or a Q story would be cool. Or maybe a time travel story where they go back to the Eugenics wars (but yeah that whole Khan thing again they debacle in STID). Something ANYTHING to get people talking. Beyond was a nice story but a fairly weak and forgettable one end of the day and why Trek fans stopped caring.

  • Michael

    Hopefully this movie will conclude the foolish Kelvin timeline J.J. Verse “nUtrek” crap that tried to ruin Star Trek by turning it into cheap action films, and we can focus on TV shows that get back to what Star Trek is about – social commentary of the time.

    • Julian Glover

      I think that the reboot timeline is getting much better. If it continues from where it’s going it could really evolve Star Trek. I personally don’t want that series to end because the movie music is beautiful.

    • Berman and company were doing plenty to ruin Trek in the ’90s too. It’s a shame Paramount is not content to make Trek for Trekkies. They’re always trying to pander to the drooling masses that go to summer blockbusters. I wish HBO or AMC were put in charge of Trek. Here’s hoping CBS does decent work with STD.

      • Jus_Wonderin

        HBO or AMC!!! Yes!!!

  • Xandercom

    dear god. Just kill this movie spin off, please. Everyone’s made a bit of money, moved their careers forward, had their little spin on Trek, made the worst trek movie of all time.
    Bow out already. Big budget Enterprise MK2 has run it’s course.

  • Dawn

    There wont be a fourth one. I would bet my manhood and the soul of my first 3 children on it

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Not under Paramount but Alibaba!

      If Paramount can give license to Netdragon’s Captain Liu for his Enterprise inspired building in China, Alibaba will have the reins for the fourth movie.

      • Dawn

        no, the sale collapsed, cbs and viacom are merging and thats offical

        • Pipe’sIDIC

          I get that Paramount is under CBS but does it mean that with the merger Paramount will be dissolved?

          Dissolve the Paramount marketing dept first for that awful first trailer of Beyond. And then their press/media dept. for their effed up handling of the news for Beyond effing it up more. And then acquisitions dept who hired Orci.

          And the legal team who effed up on the timing of the Axanar case but… I think that timing was due to Star Trek Discovery because they have to clean up everything 6 months to a year before Disco is released. Right?

          • Dawn

            cbs and paramount are two seperate companies, paramount is owned by viacom. CBS will have control, the question of paramounts future is a topic i cant answer coz cbs also have a film division.

          • Dawn

            and whilst cbs continued the case against axanar, paramount institued it

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            CBS/Paramount really effed up Beyond.

            For Star Trek Disco.

            “What could it be, it’s a mirage
            You’re scheming on a thing – that’s SABOTAGE!”

            Again, I am so glad that Beyond is Beastie Trek.

          • Dawn

            paramount first, cbs had othr reasons for continuing it, on the basis that dsc was supposed to be set in the same time period
            jjtrek is dead.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            There is no JJ-trek. Its Kelvinverse.

            And before you say semantics, you yourself said Disco wants to link up with Beyond. So is that a way of saying, Disco will be the precedent timeline of Beyond/Kelvinverse?

            Is this REVERSE ENGINEERING? lol

          • Dawn

            its jjtrek no matter what you want to call it.
            dsc WANTED to have LINKS to the kelvin verse, the reason why they pushed it was becuase they have had to reevaluate things.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Dawn: “dsc WANTED to have LINKS to the kelvin verse, the reason why they pushed it was becuase they have had to reevaluate things.”


          • Dawn

            yes, and now the axanar lawsuit just fucked everything.

          • Pipe’sIDIC


            Axanar/Peters needed a reality check.

          • Dawn

            Well thats the thing. All the information i have been telling you are in the documents doscovered.
            Cbs and paramount just had the coury sony hack them

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Dawn: “Cbs and paramount just had the coury sony hack them”


          • Dawn

            the court just gave axanar everything which is the equivlent to a sony hack

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            You mean all will see the ‘big losses’ Paramount incurred with Star Trek and how fanfilms could have taken a big chunk of that profitability?

            Good job, Peters.

          • Dawn

            There is proof in terms of rule 11 that fan films are the only thing keeping the films alive as free marketing

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            There is proof? That’s reaching.

            Let’s wait and see when the proper litigation starts. See the double-edged sword that Peters and CBS unleashed.

            In the meantime, how’s Disco doing?

          • Dawn

            not well.
            The Lawsuit is causing shit. So much so, licensees are saying they want to licnese axanar instead of dsc

          • Pipe’sIDIC


            RIP fanfilms then for tv shows and movies.

            We may have to accept the Star Wars fanfilms guidelines forever. Lol

          • Dawn

            The gudlines wont last long

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Tell that to the Star Wars community.

            Rogue One… Star Wars fanfiction made canon.

            Is Disco going to be like Rogue One? Much better to have gotten ‘Horizon’ the awesome Star Trek fan film into a real Star Trek movie in the veins of Rogue One, Star Wars story.

          • Dawn

            The gulines are exactly that, gudlines.
            As for Rouge one, well, its the onl star wars movie disney has prodiced im perosnally interested in seeing as they have royally stuffed up the series and 7 was sjust crap

    • The Science Fiction Oracle


      The fourth movie has been essentially green-lighted — Hemsworth contract is signed, the story is done, and the actors are already talking about it.

      Pre-production will begin next year. I expect a release in 2018.

      • Dawn

        Fact. Paramount is bankrupt
        Fact, cbs has a tv series coming, which the CEO of the company has described as a competing franchise
        fact, cbs and viacom are merging

        the announcement was made 5 DAYS BEFORE the release of the movie. So no, there wont be a 4th movie, and if you think there will be you are either 1) stupid, 2) on drigs or 3) so desperate to prove you are right, that you seem to ignore things such as facts.

        • The Science Fiction Oracle

          No, just no. It’s laughable to think that a studio would not proceed with their advance planning for future movie releases just because of a corporate merger.

          The fourth movie is a done deal. Your conjecture and wishes that the movie should be cancelled are irrelevant.

          • Dawn

            lmao. they are mergingbecuase THEY ARE BANKRUPT.
            Paramount is bankrupt the wallstreet has been reporting this for months, Viacom is bankrupt, the wallstreet journal has been reporting this for months, AS HAS VARIETY, HOLLLYWOOD REPORTER, LA Times, New York Times and USA TODAY

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Again, you don’t really understand that this does not mean they are cancelling their release schedule.

            You go right ahead and keep pretending you understand how the business works — keep typing and posting all those links. It’s good to have a hobby.

            For me, I will be “looking for you” on this website in few months when we get news of pre-production or early planning on the new movie, and will be expecting a mea culpa from you.

          • Dawn

            yeah, lets use business sense here.
            The movie flopped. Yes, its flopped, see link above. Hell it couldnt even make its PRODUCTION BUDGET domestically.
            they dont have a release schedule, they dont have a license. CBS wont renew it becuase they will want to build their own brand for the next 3 years, by which point, this will be dead and burried and forgotten.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Keep typing — come on, give me 10 more posts — drink another Red Bull !!

            I will be checking back with you when the movie enters pre-production next year. Count on it.

          • Dawn


            The movie wont be enterping pre production there wont be a movie.

            What makes you think there will be?

            It doesnt even have a release date.

            Terminator trilogy, BOTH had a release date, CANCELLED!!!
            Fant4stic 2 had a released date, CANCELLED.

            Inhumans had a released date, CANCELLED.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Keep posting….lol

          • Dawn

            keep lying to youself, do some reading before you claim shit you have no idea what you talking about.

            But i did ask you a question. what makes you think they will be making a 4th one?

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            I am not interested in having further discussions with you on this topic – you are way too emotional and prolific.

            Take a chill pill

          • Dawn

            i am not emotional. im thinking like a businessman.
            Why throw good money after bad?

          • Dawn: learn how to use the edit button on your posts, and please stop flooding the comments section with post after post on the same thing, haranguing other posters who want to see another film.

            You’ve made your position very clear over and over and over again, and there’s no need to start these arguments on every Kelvin Timeline news post.

          • Dawn

            i wasnt i was pointing out a fact, and asking him a legitmate question.
            I ask you the same on the baisis that you carry on like there will be, and deny the fact that the announcement was made a week before the films release (even dated by your own article)

          • No one denies that the TREK 4 announcement was made before the BEYOND release. We had people at the press conference where Abrams first mentioned it, and then posted our coverage of the press release upon Paramount’s announcement.

            Until the studio changes their tune on moving forward with another film – despite their current financial issues – there is no evidence that the film’s been cancelled. Twenty posts in a row claiming so does not proof make.

          • Dawn

            yeah they already did stop short of saying it was a flop. Now with the merger happening it becomes increasingly more unlikely on the basis of “competing franchises” as monoves called it.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Did CBS underhandedly ‘sabotage’ Star Trek Beyond for Star Trek Discovery?

            It seems that way?

            Well, then, I am so glad Lin-Pegg-Jung used Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ in the movie.

            So poetic.

          • Dawn

            no, CBS pushed discovery becuase beyond has sabotaged discovery and cbs needs distance and are not happy. Apparnelty Les freaked the hell out, as he thought anything witht the name star trek on would be a moneymaker. now he has seen the flop, and the memoes internally he is in a panic, apparently discussing the cancellation of the show was also discussed.

            now CBS will have to accept paramount coz of the majority of th eboard, and the 12.5 billion in debt

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            You should own a shit factory, because you are just so good at just making shit up.

          • Dawn

            says the man who said roberto orci would write and direct beyond

          • Dawn and The Science Fiction Oracle: This is not Facebook. If you want to squabble back and forth like this, take it off site please.

            This is the last warning to both of you.

          • DC Forever

            If you are going to make wildly suspect claims like this, in which you infer to have knowledge of Les Moonvie’s thinking/decisions within his inner circle, the you’d better be able to provide a source (internet link) to substantiate all of this?

            If you can’t source this, then you are obviously just making this all up.

          • Dawn

            i do have information tying directly to cbs, and much of it can be picked up online especially if you reading wall street journal, variety, and are following certain things.

          • Eskay

            DC Forever asked you for a link to a source to substantiate some pretty far out claims you are making about CBS. You are not providing one link or source.

            You just flunked the bullcrap filter, son.

          • Dawn

            ive got many.
            i pointed him in the right direction coz they have virtually everything.
            Frankly dude i dont care about his opinion. He can believe what he wants, its wrong, but hey, this is supposed to be a free society.

          • DC Forever

            In other words, you still haven’t provide NOT EVEN ONE source or link for your outrageous claims of having inside CBS info.

            LOL — that is just pathetic. Busted !

          • Dawn

            i said go look at wall street journal they have been covering this for months.



            Then look at the axanar suit, cbs are the second plaintiff not the first, now in law you put the first plaintiff as the person primarily going for you, now i communicate a lot with a lot of people at axanar, this information i have is coming from them.

            I have plenty of other sources in writing and in direct communication with me

          • DC Forever

            These links provide NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER about your claims about Les Moonvies. You said:

            “no, CBS pushed discovery becuase beyond has sabotaged discovery and cbs needs distance and are not happy. Apparnelty Les freaked the hell out, as he thought anything witht the name star trek on would be a moneymaker. now he has seen the flop, and the memoes internally he is in a panic, apparently discussing the cancellation of the show was also discussed.”


            No more of “trust me, I have inside info” nonsense. PROVE IT OR SHUT UP.

          • Dawn

            Go look u not incapable i know what i know if you dont want to believe what i do say well thats your problem. I frankly have better things to do thanl go find dozens of articles over a few months

          • Eskay

            DC Forever exposed your fabrication. There are no such articles that show that Moonvies inner circle was actually saying/thinking that you claimed. Such sources do not exist. You made them up.

          • Dawn

            there is no fabrication, if you want to go ook it up be my guest.
            if you dont, well be nieve, i dont have time to baby you when you clearly have google

          • Eskay

            I did that extensively two days ago when you first made this outrageous claim. There is NOTHING on the Internet that substantates your claims on Moonvies – NOTHING.

            And the fact that you are now relying on this lame excuse that you can’t be bothered to produce a real source just highlights here that you are now lying about this.

            This is so lame.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Yea, I think we all checked extensively. There is not one shred of evidence that proves this supposed inside thinking of CBS Execs. This is obviously made up conjecture. (Trekcore, I am just stating the facts here…I apologize for using bad language in my other post).

          • DC Forever

            I’ve concluded that Dawn has simply made this all up, and is not in full misdirection mode to try to hide here lie.

          • DC Forever

            Yea, plus Dawn is wasting everybody’s time here by sending all of us on wild goose chases just so that he can save face and cover up his untruthful nonsense.

          • Dawn
          • DC Forever

            Nice try — I have scoured the web and there is nothing that supports your weird claims that Les freaked out on Beyond, blah, blah, blah.

            Stop making stuff up.

          • Dawn
          • DC Forever

            This is simply an opinion piece about what a merger would mean for Star Trek. Once again, as in all of your links, there is noting to source your outlandish statement of:

            “no, CBS pushed discovery becuase beyond has sabotaged discovery and cbs needs distance and are not happy. Apparnelty Les freaked the hell out, as he thought anything witht the name star trek on would be a moneymaker. now he has seen the flop, and the memoes internally he is in a panic, apparently discussing the cancellation of the show was also discussed.”

            The above statement of yours, which claims inside knowledge of what Moonvies and CBS Execs are doing and thinking, is not verified — you can’t provide a source that confirms this. This is simply “your guess” about what they might be thinking. Come on, just admit it?

          • Dawn

            thats not really an opinion piece, thats someone who knows the economics behind it.

            I do know insider people. I will not give you their names, but there are articles all over the web that allude to or str8 up sya what i hav been saying. go look

          • DC Forever

            No, you do not know insiders, nor are their ANY sources in the web that verify you preposterous original info on Moonvies actual thinking and actions.

            You are just an anonymous poster who is making this up as you along, and when caught in a lie, you start claiming you have insider info.


          • Dawn
          • Eskay

            There is nothing In this article that confirms your specific comments about Moonvies in regards to Beyond and Discovery. Nothing.

            Would it really be so hard for you to admit here: “Hey Everyone, my original comments on what Moonvies is thinking on Star Trek are what I would imagine he is thinking based on what we are learning from these links I have provided to all of you”

            That would be intellectually honest from you, and you wouldn’t have to make those unprovable claims about inside info, which frankly, based on your track record here, no one seems to believe.

          • DC Forever

            Exactly, Eskay. You said it all.

          • Dawn

            well i do know, if you dont believe thats fine, but dont call me a liar beacause you cant prove that i am wrong.

          • Eskay

            Oh, I am calling you a liar. You never been able to back up your outrageous claim of supposed inside knowledge of what Moonvies and his inner circle are doing. You throw out links about the merger that do not provide any corroboration of the Moonvies comments you made. It’s a complete fabrication, and you’ve wasted my time here.

            LIAR !!!

          • DC Forever

            Agreed. I am faced with no alternative but to also call Dawn a liar here.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Beyond was the better one, story-wise and stayed true to Star trek so NOW it ‘sabotaged’ Disco? Lol

            Its so funny especially you said Fuller was treating Beyond like dirt before Beyond was even released. Lol

            And flop? That was Into Darkness which effed up Beyond as well. But of course, CBS/Paramount won’t admit it especially they offered Cumberbatch the Khan role on a silver platter. Lol

            Let’s not forget the marketing, media, Orci-18 scripts! trainwrecks they did with Beyond. Lol

            Aaaand the no money/support from Paramount for promotions/marketing for Beyond which you retracted because they had some control over it. Lol

            Until the 2nd trailer and the latter stuff which were with Alibaba.

            But, but Mr. Moonves thinks its Beyond sabotaging Disco. Lololololollll

            I am just so proud that Beyond had Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’.

            And as they are competing franchises as Mr. Moonves has said, they won’t be able to touch and use whatever was in Beyond. Score!

            What could it be, it’s a mirage
            You’re scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage – Beastie Trek

          • Dawn

            there WERE elements of discovery linked to the reboots its been re-evaluated, things like uniforms were similar, there were elements that this series was going to allude to but…..
            still no casting announcements either now.
            star wars imo also played a role, people are getting a star wars anually they dont need subsiuste crap of a contaimnated franchise to suplement what disney is giving them.
            the second trailer was seen by no one, but wwas heavily marketed in asia.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            “there WERE elements of discovery linked to the reboots its been re-evaluated, things like uniforms were similar, there were elements that this series was going to allude to but….. ”

            Why? Disco is before TOS and AOS, whatever they do won’t really affect AOS as it is an alternate timeline. As they said its precedent of the TOS so AOS won’t matter to them. Wasn’t that their premise? Now they are changing their tune? lol

            They want to tie up with Beyond’s events? lol What? They want Yorktown? Franklin? Altamid? Krall? Balthazar Edison? Enterprise?

            And they want Beyond’s uniforms now? lol The federation beings as well?

            They should have Pine, Quinto, Saldana and the core cast of Beyond for Disco with Jaylah as the mouthpiece then.

            And why not, altogether get Lin-Pegg-Jung, visual effects people, Michael Giacchino,in Discovery as well.

            Now that would certainly tie up the universes.

            “the second trailer was seen by no one, but wwas heavily marketed in asia.”

            Cause Paramount and CBS gave no support for Beyond in the US. And news outlets are saying marketing was at 100 – 120 mil WHICH IS BALONEY! for what they constitute as marketing. lol

            I’d likely believe that 60 – 80 million dollars WORLDWIDE budget for the marketing rather than the balloon 100 -120 mil.

            “Star Wars imo also played a role, people are getting a star wars anually”

            Then Paramount/CBS should have bought Star Wars instead of wanting to turn Star Trek into Star Wars with Kirk Skywalker and Darth Khan.

            They should have sold Star Trek back to Roddenberry’s son and let him affiliate himself with people and productions that really love Star Trek! Like Lin and Pegg.

            You’re scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage – Beastie Trek

          • Dawn

            no, the le;vinverse as a whole. so for example unvforms for command may be blue for example.
            i will tell you why paramount gae no money to beyond in the US. The trailer was horribly recived and ther was no hype for the movie, they have not been doing well, they are unpopular amongst trekkies despite what the media and trolls will tell you, you go to a con where they actually got to, well in a room that caters to 500 in chicargo, 5 people were present. I do believe that marketingg was probably higher than 80 becuase there was a MASSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN in Asia, after it flopped in america, the studio put huge amounts into marketing in Asia so it would make money.
            cbs is not an issue, paramount is bankrupt as out 15 movies released per a year, only 2 at most are breaking even this is why they are merging, prooblme comes, cbs will have to take on VIACOM’s 12.5 billion debt

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            “no, the le;vinverse as a whole. so for example unvforms for command may be blue for example.”

            LOL at that reasoning. Colors of the uniforms? BALONEY! How many iterations of Star Trek already WITH DIFFERENT UNIFORMS? DIFFERENT COLORS? DIFFERENT CUTS?

            I tell you, I think they want Balthazar Edison. And the Franklin which looks sooo much better than their first Disco ship treatment. And the transwarp. And Yorktown.

            Also, if Beyond was so much a flop, why would CBS want their Disco be linked to that? They are of competing franchises, remember? Plus its supposed to be a flop, why would Disco of precedent time before Beyond, subjugate themselves to include Beyond and its uniforms?

            So lol at your/their reasoning. Grasping for straws?

            “i will tell you why paramount gae no money to beyond in the US. The trailer was horribly recived and ther was no hype for the movie,”

            The awful FIRST TRAILER WITH PARAMOUNT/CBS stamp because THEY DO HAVE CONTROL UNTIL THE LATER TRAILERS with Alibaba and the other investors.


            Smells like sabotage already. LOL

            “they have not been doing well, they are unpopular amongst trekkies despite what the media and trolls will tell you, you go to a con where they actually got to, well in a room that caters to 500 in chicargo, 5 people were present.”

            You got receipts for that? Who was the organizer of the Con? Who were the promoters? Was it sanctioned by Paramount/CBs? Which location in Chicago? How much were the tickets? When was it held? Was it only a day or two affair? What were the activities? Was it only merchandise selling? Show screening? Were there give-aways and tokens? Did they have the stars of Star Trek for that shindig? Was it Peters? Only Peters?

            “I do believe that marketingg was probably higher than 80 becuase there was a MASSIVE MARKETING CAMPAIGN in Asia, after it flopped in america, the studio put huge amounts into marketing in Asia so it would make money.”

            Now, you retracting again. When will Paramount/CBS admit they effed up the first marketing/promotion for Beyond? But then we don’t need Paramount/CBS to admit it, the first trailer will be forever ONLINE, a testament to horrible marketing that hurt a great product.

            And the Asian marketing reasoning. NEWSFLASH, the US dollar is around 7 Chinese Yuan. 40 million dollars is around 270 million Yuan.

            If you like, here’s a comparison of the cost of living in China and US:

            “cbs is not an issue, paramount is bankrupt as out 15 movies released per a year, only 2 at most are breaking even this is why they are merging, prooblme comes, cbs will have to take on VIACOM’s 12.5 billion debt”

            Paramount and CBS are both the issue. Actually their recruitment and talent retention as well. lol

          • Dawn

            As i said therw WERE SUPPOSED to influences. They dont want dsc to be linked this is the real reason it has been delayed.
            Paramount not cbs. These are two seperate companies. Paramount
            It was creation i think i dont know i dont care about which con it was. JJ trek merchandise does not sell. It was all pn discount before into darkness and playmates cancelled everything else and its all still in surplus.
            Paramount will never admit anything they will rather lie to you they will just let t die.
            And i am very aware, putting into perspective how much marketing was done in asia and it still flopped.
            Paramount is the issue cbs is in a panic trying to rescue its own thing. Cbs cannot be blamed for this stuff up paramount can. Welcome to the movie business where two competing companies have two competing agendas

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Again with the reasoning. Supposed to be influences? Lol

            The time period after your time is not your influencer. B
            You are the influencer of the future. Not the other way around.

            By logic, Beyond (uniforms, because colors are a major issue according to Disco lol) should not affect Disco dresses as Disco is at an earlier time than Beyond.

            So my guess, Disco wants the USS Franklin, Yorktown and possibly Edison and his crew.

            The playmates line stopped in 2010-2011. In the time for Into Darkness.

            By logic, competing companies always have different agendas.

            But really, CBS wants to save Paramount. Should have thought of that before they had their tv people dissed the Paramount/movie side.

            Seriously, overhaul/fire Paramount’s marketing, media, acquisition/retention and management departments.

          • Dawn

            listen, i dont entirely disagree with you but this was supposed to be an attempt to work in conjunction with paramount, thats no longer hapopening because jjtrek is dead
            tthe toymakers who make jjtrek toys 1 is domestic the rest are primarliy in germnay.
            cbs dont want to save paramount, cbs is pissed. national amusements is forcing it.
            80 million +, a frined of mine who works in the industry, primarily with WB said that it was closer to 100+ but i cant confirm that.
            paramount are bankrupt there is no hiding it, they have been investigated and this is why cbs is being forced to merge with viacom. viacom own paramount, nickalodian and mtv and various others networks. they all bankrupt. this is business

          • Fctiger

            Will you STOP saying they are ‘competing franchises’, no they are not, CBS owns the ENTIRE Star Trek property. What you’re getting confused on is that they have licensed Paramount to make the movies. Its only ‘competing’ in the sense of one thing: merchandise. And thats because Paramount keeps the merchandising from the movies while CBS keeps merchandising from the shows. But since Beyond ‘merchandising’ was nothing more than a few T-shirts you can find at selected Targets thats not even an issue anymore.

            The Kelvinverse merchandise was strong in the first film but has whittled away since which is another reason why these movies may be done since its merchandise that really makes the money these days. Ask the folks from Star Wars about that. Its also the REAL reason Abrams bailed on Star Trek for Star Wars because he wanted CBS to stop using the old characters likeness for his new characters and they laughed in his face over it. The merchandise is sadly laughable for Beyond.

            I seriously doubt the new show wants much to do with Beyond since as stated its in an alternate universe so it wouldn’t have much of an effect on it. But its not a contest either, Star Trek is one brand owned by one corporation. Its too bad the film flopped but it did flop.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Fctiger, you should direct your thoughts to Dawn who has made statements about competing franchises: CBS for Star Trek TV vs Paramount for Star Trek movies.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Again, Dawn, Disco is supposed to be pre-TOS, the AOS shouldn’t have any influences on THE predecessor of TOS.

            So CBS reasoning is illogical.

          • Dawn


            Look, there are far too many inconsistencies in the kelvinverse for it to be related to prime, the type of links we are talking about are things such as uniforms and variopus technologies. Beyond has flopped, its done, jjtrek as a whole is dead and those plans to have included jjtrek elements have been shtcanned

          • Fctiger

            No matter what happens with these movies from this point on I don’t see Discovery would suddenly change course and placed in the Kelvinverse when A. Majority of Trek fans want a return to Prime universe which CBS is KEENLY aware of and B. Yeah Beyond flopped. Now if Beyond did well REALLY well like $600+ million then I can see the incentive to do it.

            But the problem with Beyond is it looks like Trek fans has given up on this product and why it did so poorly even given a decent rating on RT and being a big milestone year for the franchise. It still couldnt get enough of them out to care.

            And for the record I’m not a ‘hater’ of the KT or Beyond. I saw Beyond twice, both times on IMAX and I consider it the best of the three but you still have to call a spade a spade. It simply did very poorly in the theater and that calls into question long term. Maybe it will sell a lot of DVDS and justify another one but AT THE MOMENT its a turkey and I don’t blame Paramount one bit if they decided not to make anymore and I WANT to see another one, but I’m not screaming fanboy about it either.

          • Dawn

            Dsc was never set in the kelvinverse it had influences however.
            The kt movies themselves are as dead as anton yelchin.

          • Fctiger

            Yeah I know that. I’m only saying I don’t see them changing to that UNLESS Beyond was a huge hit of utter proportions because its pretty obvious Dsc was always meant to be in the prime universe.

            As far as the KT movies being ‘dead’ it is funny I been having this argument with another poster who you been having as well and to make this clear I guess I’m in the middle. I don’t think they are completely dead yet but no I don’t think its a guarantee a fourth one is getting made now.

            My guess is they are probably very hesitant to make another one which I can’t blame them but probably will wait to see how well it does in the home market before they decide. So I’m smack in the middle lol although yes I’m more towards dead at this point unless the film does big in the home market.

            Or they could make another one as a swan song as a final goodbye like they did with Nemesis to wrap it up but probably on a much cheaper budget. I guess we’ll see.

          • Dawn

            no, cbs never owned the rights and the profits from prime are 50x more than jjtrek.
            They are as dead as anton yelchin.
            the merger is going to be concluded by thanksgiving cbs wont compete against itself

          • Fctiger

            Again all could be true but until that actually happens its speculation. The films could be dead I agree obviously but its just as wrong to say are dead as it is to say its guaranteed to happen. There isn’t word in any direction yet but no won’t be shocked if they don’t make another.

          • Fctiger

            UH OH!!!!! Crazy I JUST happened to be on and big shake up is happening on Discovery. Bryan Fuller is now OUT as show runner of Discovery. This landed just thirty minutes ago. So it seems Beyond is not the only Star Trek production with a rocky start lol. Should’ve known something was up once they delayed it 4 months.

          • Dawn

            told you.

            I know shit

          • Fctiger

            I havent read all your posts here. Were you also saying Bryan Fuller was losing his job as show runner? Because if so yeah you do know shit lol. This hit just 10 mins ago on It could be reported other places before that of course but the fact Trekcore hasn’t reported it yet means it just probably been reported.

          • Dawn

            Ah ok i see your problem here
            I have direct access to the studio via friends who have told me shit. Series is a mess and now they have to start from scratch

          • Fctiger

            Wow if true that wouldn’t surprise me for the obvious reasons. Once the show was pushed back that was a HUGE alarm bell. Now with this news even more so.

            I hope Discovery works out obviously, especially since I don’t think we are going to get anymore of the KT films (but no that isn’t final either way of course) so yeah I WANT this to work. But same time I HATED that ship like most people did and the premise sounded interesting but it just lacked. No one really wants to see a prequel, especially one to TOS…again.

            Now I don’t suspect all of this will change but if you’re right and they are starting from scratch then thats good because maybe they did hear the fans and wasn’t thrilled with what we heard. So fingers crossed.

          • Dawn

            no kelvin timeline films, HOWEVER from what i am told, cancellation is probable if nothing comes out in the next 2 weeks that is a home run, and there are alternate options which i actually dont want to see those happen and if even a hint happens, it could kill the deal.

          • Fctiger

            Ok a bit confused. What is being cancelled in two weeks the show or the KT sequel? And what alternate options? I’m not asking in terms of specifics I mean are you talking about possible storyline or premise for the show or film?

          • Dawn

            possibly both, confirmed kelvin timeline.
            i dont want to get into the alternates for variosu reasos, but all i can say, i have just been informed that all the major licnesees had a meeting with monoves yesterday, before this all came out, and every single licensee walked out. the pilot is done, or at least half done, its shit. Thats not a test audience, thats the lienceses. I.e. Pocket books, IDW, Playmates and Eaglemoss are among them

          • Fctiger

            Wow you mean they BOTH can be cancelled??? Wow that would truly suck lol. I want another movie and obviously the show but I’m a realist. The film didn’t flop that badly but yes it did flop and its the third film. That doesn’t bold well IMO. The show sounds like it is having a lot of growing pains.

            And no I wasn’t trying to ask what are the actual story lines so much as I’m asking is that what you mean by ‘alternate options’? What I’m asking is are the options just about changing the premise or is about other things like handing the show over to Netflix, another delay, putting it on the network etc? But it sounds like you mean different story options. If so that would be GREAT IMO for people aren’t thrilled with the premise. But I doubt its going to be a major change given the small time they would have to change it but would love to be proven wrong. 😉

          • Dawn

            no it flopped. 35% of domestic gross is the theatres, whilst 55% of the international gross is the theatres, but then one must include marketing which was 80 million+. It flopped.

            MAY CHANGE THE PREMISE, MAY CANCEL discovery. The Licensees are throwing their weight around and cbs is unhappy.

            So, ask me Next week, coz then I will have a clearer idea

          • Fctiger

            LOL I know it flopped. I have said that many times here. My point is it didn’t flop to the point its impossible of making money down the line. Thats what I mean. I dont know if it will but thats probably the big sticking point if another sequel will get made but wont be shocked if you’re right and one doesn’t happen.

            As for Dis wow they may just outright cancel it? Thats nuts. We heard about this since 2014. Again I hope things work out but yeah the way things are going its been a lot of red flags on it especially if CBS can’t work it out with all the other stakeholders. Kind of crazy when a few months ago Mooves was bragging how they already made money off the show before shooting a single frame first. Now its coming back to bite him in the ass with all the delays and issues with it.

          • Dawn

            he said that to stockholers. And at the time they were happy, HOWVEVER, filming is supposed to start soon, they just hired 2 new showrunners who dont know anything about trek.
            now they f-ed up so bad on so many aspects, they may have to scrap most of it and rebegin which puts the series back into the negative

          • Harberts and Berg have been on the “Discovery” team for several months – they were not ‘just hired.’

          • Dawn

            really? oh well, still does not negate the issue

          • Fctiger

            Actually this just hit me and I know you probably don’t know everything so this is more rhetorical and ‘thinking out loud’ but I wonder if CBS can’t make Discovery work will they just do what everyone wanted them to do in the first place and just license it to Netflix or something.

            Again probably thinking waaaay too far ahead but yeah a lot of people are worried like yourself this show may just get cancelled but if so maybe or hopefully they are considering having Netflix, Amazon, whoever license it and make it and CBS just collect a check. Hopefully it works out but I imagine thats still an option, especially since Netflix has made this huge deal for this show.

          • Dawn

            well, the answer is no becuase the ida is to launch all access. The problem is really making discovery work as a series. they have market research that said this period is the nly period that will do well, but its 6 years out of dte and the mood of the fans has changed, whilst the not thinking like netflix and amazon here, where they had an established audience before they launched indepnednet contnt, and all access not only doesnt have that, but they trying to make this as a series to appeal to everyone not just trek fans, but really it means nothing to large segments of the fan base.

          • Fctiger

            No I think you misunderstood me (or I maybe I misunderstood you lol) but if you are saying Discovery may just get cancelled I’m saying just license it to all the others that Moonves was bragging about wanting to make it like Nextflix, Amazon, Hulu, whatever.

            But are you saying that even if they cancel Discovery the plan is to still make a Trek show? If so, OK, well thats a bit different. There is one guy I argued with on the Disc page who believes the whole thing will just get changed completely and it sounds like that is what you’re suggesting but not a guarantee. If so I would be fine with that but yeah I rather have some Trek than no Trek. I dont want to lose both the films and the show although I know there will be more of both in the future down the road.

          • Dawn

            I suspect it will change in form.
            To me I think they may cancel it and do another show, get some competent people in, fire everyone involved and go back to market research becuase the research they did is 6 years out of date.

            Whilst there is merit to the idea of just changingasthetics, to me this screams Ghostbusters unless they wake up and do something drastic

          • Fctiger

            Ok I see now. I don’t pretend to know anything about the production other than what gets posted online about it but if they are really having serious problems it may be a good idea to cancel and go back to the drawing boards. I’m going to give the show a chance no matter what but the prequel idea honestly don’t really interest me and that ship was just butt ugly. I’m more on board if they can at least change that.

            Will be interesting to see what they do by next month since its reported they are suppose to start shooting then. If they delay that I suspect thats a bad bad sign. Thanks again.

          • Dawn

            I honestly dont know if they going to start production. There are some major problems, especially now that fuller has left

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Dawn: “Look, there are far too many inconsistencies in the kelvinverse for it to be related to prime, the type of links we are talking about are things such as uniforms and variopus technologies.”

            Illogical reasoning just because of colors, uniforms. Again iterations of Star Trek have different uniforms. They want the cool uniforms AOS Kirk and Chekov rocked. And probably Franklin’s jumpsuit.

            Various technologies: USS FRANKLIN. Nuff said.

            Maybe they want the boombox as well.

          • Dawn

            USS kelvin had a distinctly different uniform and enterprise and tos shared color codes for divisions. The cut of the unoform also matters becuase its we have seen the uniform of this time frame.
            The franklin will not be in it, beyond was the final straw they pushed it so they cam fox EVERYTHING WITH ANY relation to ANYTHING in the kelvinverse. That means No Franklin, No similar unofrm colors and nothing else with any link.
            From a business persepctive this actually makes a lot of sense becuse the costumes and merchandise on that film franchise have failed to sell

          • Fctiger

            Will you stop with lame conspiracy theories. CBS owns ALL of Star Trek, including Beyond. They only license Paramount to make the films but CBS has the sole ownership of the brand. Why in the hell would they want it to flop? And they spent $120 marketing the film, just poorly.

            No Beyond flopped because it put that first horrible trailer which did it no favors and they waited waaaaaay too long to put out a second trailer. By then it was just too late. People had made up their minds by then and yes STID may had something to do with it too since it rubbed a lot of the original fans the wrong way.

            But why this conspiracy theory is lame is because when you are selling a BRAND you want it ALL to be successful. Thats what makes a brand a good brand. The last thing CBS wanted to see was Beyond flopping because now it means people might be put off on Trek in general. Discovery only got green lit because of the success of the first two films. If those flopped I doubt there would be another TV show now.

            So please stop with this silliness. CBS makes money off the ENTIRE brand. Beyond was a decent film but not a great one and I think fans needed to be convinced it was great and many just no longer care about these movies sadly. Hopefully a fourth one will get made but not holding my breath.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Again, Fctiger direct your line of questioning to Dawn who says he has information on competing franchises.

          • Fctiger

            OK fine but it you sounds you were saying it as well and the point is they aren’t. Its all the same brand just made by separate companies yes but under the same corporate entity. Its not like Star Trek is under two seperate movie studios like Disney and WB that would be competing like the X Men movies Fox makes and the Spider-Man movies Sony makes but thats apples and oranges what is going on with Trek.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Fctiger, X-Men and Spiderman are different. They maybe all Marvel but they did not originate from the same comics. Same creator, sure. But both Xmen and Spiderman storylines are not tied to each other unless the creator decides to have a cross-universe event.

            If you want a better example, let’s do the Arrow’s Suicide Squad and the SS movie. Still under the same company WB but of different departments. What happened to Arrow’s SS and possible spin-off then?

            And Fctiger, I’m just asking Dawn about what He KNOWS on CBS and Paramount and how they effed up big time Star Trek Beyond.

          • Fctiger

            OK fine and WB/DC is a better example but they aren’t in competition of each other just the same. There is the movie division and the TV division. I dont see the movie guys trying to sabotage Arrow and Supergirl, they all work under one umbrella. I think they lost SS on TV to make them a bigger splash for the movies. But its not like they did that for Arrow to fail lol. It just made better business sense to make them as movie characters. But that said they also introduced Superman on Supergirl and the TV Flash is still there when the movie Flash shows up next year so its not like they are forbidden to have two of the same characters.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            They already ‘separated’ what SS is to be shown on TV Arrow so that it won’t be a conflict to the SS movie.

          • Fctiger

            Yeah I know, but obviously they decided they just wanted SS on the big screen. Why who knows and and as I said this doesn’t seem to be some big mandate between the shows and films since we know we have two Flash and Superman just showed up on Supergirl so its not like this is a mandate to keep characters separate from shows and films.But for whatever reason seem it was important to have SS in one place.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Maybe, you should stop thinking that Paramount/CBS has the same management organization like Time Warner/WB.

            They are not the same.

          • Fctiger

            I never claimed they did lol.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            And yet …

          • Fctiger

            And yet what? All I said is the basic reality the brand is under one corporate entity and there is no ‘competition’ meaning one is trying to outdo the other. It basically sound like since Beyond bombed CBS wants less tie in to do with that film with Discovery and since they been pretty much treated as two separate entities from day one its not much of an issue.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Fctiger, your basic reality is just basic, in theory. It doesn’t apply to the real world.

            For example, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe sometime in 2000s. They have software products that were ‘competing’ and voila, Macromedia Freehand, a more popular, much better graphic/illustration/layout tool was discontinued in favor of Adobe Illustrator.

            That’s not all, GoLive was also phased out in favor of Macromedia Dreamweaver.

            So even if the products are part or owned by the same corporate company, these can still be discontinued or ‘retired’.

            Again, though, I do not have much information on CBS/Paramount and their competing franchises which is where Dawn and his expertise come in, but I think I got the gist of how companies view ‘competing franchises’. (Although, affiliates and subsidiaries, I do not know.)

            It made me wonder because really, Star Trek is still Star Trek, right? Same brand, different versions. Like Adobe Photoshop. But as Dawn said, its TV vs Movie so in a sense, its Illustrator vs Freehand. Adobe’s home-grown product is Illustrator and they just acquired Freehand, kinda like Illustrator is Star Trek TV while Freehand is Star Trek movie.

            Also CBS/Fuller and Co. had been hammering us with the fact, long before Beyond was ever written (by Pegg-Jung) and filmed, that the new Star Trek TV show WILL BE FAR AWAY FROM THE KELVINVERSE. IT WILL NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE KELVINVERSE.

            WE ALREADY KNOW THAT. Some even said ‘Hail, Hallelujah!’ Some had even swore off the ST movies because Into Darkness was a rip-off, because JJ is a hack, gasp. F&F Trek! and, and we got the ST Tv, where it should belonged.



            Now they’re PR statements are all over the place, talking about being not connected to Kelvinverse, set before TOS, no to AOS, and then wanting inspiration/influence from Beyond, technology/uniform colors from Beyond, etc. and what the heck, let’s move to April-May 2017, BFuller is out, and they haven’t even hired any actors for DISCO!

            I mean, come on. Stop looking for someone to blame. Stop looking for scapegoats. Captain Kirk never blamed anyone for his love life nor all the chaos in his life. Neither did Picard nor Sisko.

            Disco people SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE with pre-production and casting already.

          • Fctiger

            LOL this is a really bizarre rant. Look the movie people have their vision of Star Trek the TV people have theirs, thats mostly what its about end of the day. Yes I agree I don’t think there is any ‘competition’ its just more these guys want to do their thing and the others want to do theirs. The movie guys thought remaking Kirk and Spock was the better idea to win over both old and new fans and it seemed like a good idea at the time after the first film did OK (yes it was just OK, for all the hype the film still barely broke even at the BO). STID was more successful but still a bit disappointing considering the budget for it and yes Beyond just flopped.

            Again IF Beyond was a huge out of the box hit they may change somewhat but as you alluded to even before the film came out the first press release on Discovery made it clear as day the show would have nothing to do with that movie which told me straight away the show was moving back to the prime universe and doing its own thing.

            I think the TV people see Star Trek as trying to appeal to the old guard and going back to basics. Now that might bite them in the butt too as the old guard is getting yeah, old. Trek has to appeal to younger people too. It cant just be people who grew up with TOS. So we’ll see.

            And with Dsc issues now there may be changes but I doubt any of it has to do with Beyond. They are separate things that literally exists in two different universes.

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            Here we go again…


          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            “Until the studio changes their tune on moving forward with another film – despite their current financial issues – there is no evidence that the film’s been cancelled. Twenty posts in a row claiming so does not proof make.”

            Agreed. Trekcore. And they are now doing a major marketing TV campaign for just the iTunes streaming. Plus the actors are starting to talk now about the next movie.

            There is ZERO evidence that the next movie has been cancelled. Anyone saying different here is using subjective conjecture only — and repeating those personal opinions and dubious associated errata over and over doesn’t magically turn it into factually objective information.

          • Dawn

            i did however ask you a legitimate question, why are you so convinced there will be a 4th movie?

          • Dawn

            becuase actors contracts have expired, actors have now other careers, studio is going away and a competing franchise by the new owner in the EXACT SAME TIME PERIOD is now being done.

          • Dawn

            the question you got to be asking yourself, is why do you think a 4th movie will be made?
            Becuase they announce it is not an excuse. Its an announcement, it means jack shit.
            Star trek The beginning, was ACTIVE PRE PRODUCTION, script, director, producers, cancelled

          • Dawn
          • Dawn
          • Dawn

            here are the numbers internationally.

            Now, lets be smart here. 55% of the international gross belongs to the thatres. 35% of the domestic gross belongs to the theatres, thats a flop in any form of accounting

          • Fctiger

            No offense man but I have to agree with Dawn. Sure a fourth movie COULD happen but saying that before the film opened that it was a ‘done deal’ is pretty naive. There have been dozens of films that were promised sequels before the film opened and bomb that never made another one.

            We can look at this summer with Ghostbusters. That film was already planned a sequel before fhe film bombed and Sony pulled back on it weeks later. Here is an even better one: Terminator 6. Thats a Paramount film that had TWO films planned, both with actual premiere dates, one in 2018 and the other a year later. Well T5 underperformed (it actually made money) and that was pulled. And the scary part is T5 cost less than Beyond and made $100 million more and still got its movies cancelled.

            So no its not a ‘done deal’ until a camera rolls. Until then it can be pulled at any time. Now do I think a fourth will happen, maybe, but I can’t be shocked if it won’t at this point. And my guess is even if they squeeze out one more that will be it anyway unless there is some turnaround in BO but I’m guessing these films are not going to ever get to STID again and that was considered a disappointment by the studio.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Except that Hemsworth is signed, they have a story done, and possibly a script even, and the actors are continuing to talk about the next movie. I am not saying it’s conclusive, but I am saying that I am certainly expecting it, and in fact I am expecting to hear news of the pre-production getting into gear early next year, and hear about a 2018 release date as well.

            The 30-post clown here claimed Pararmount was broke, but yet here I am watching ESPN Sports Center for the past week, and I keep seeing commercials of Beyond available on iTunes. That’s a weird kind of “bankruptcy” (which is not true, but those were his false words) where they spend significant dollars pushing a movie for just streaming on Itunes on the expensive ESPN prime time show?

          • Fctiger

            Dude none of that means ANYTHING until cameras roll. Before Terminator Genisys bombed they had all the actors signed up for three films. They had actual premiere dates when the movies were coming out and was already working on the drafts for the other two films. And Terminator Genisys made more money than Beyond by $100 million not to mention it was cheaper to make.

            Again it doesn’t mean it won’t get made but there is no guarantee it will at this point now either. The truth of the matter is Paramount has been DEAD SILENT on the sequel since this film came out. Yeah they talked about it before it came but now zilch.

            I get it you want another film, we all do, but I think the writing is on the wall with these movies now. They never been big hits and now this one flopped. The cast is only going to get more expensive (Pine got $6 million for Beyond compared to $600 thousand for the first one and about $2 million for STID) and I dont think the next film is going to fare all that much better sadly. I think these movies hit their peak with STID and that was considered a disappointment.

            They may eek out one more on a muuuuuch lower budget and call it a day but I wouldn’t be shocked the pulled the plug on the movies and just focus on Discovery for awhile. Maybe if thats successful they may make a movie out of that but yes thats a lot of big ifs.

          • DC Forever

            It’s not dead silent – the actors are already talking about the next movie – Pine would not be commenting on this if the studio told him the movie was off.

            This article actually disproves your point.

          • Fctiger

            Dude its dead silent. Stop pretending other wise. Someone asked an actor in an interview about working with Hemsworth and all he said is it would be great. Stop reading into anything more than that. Pine clearly doesn’t know a damn thing or he wouldve said more like ‘yeah we’re shooting it. they are thinking of making it at this time for this premiere date. I read the script and its amazing.” Pine probably knows about as much as we do which is to say nothing.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Actually, since the next movie has already been announced, and Hemsworth has been signed, the onus is on YOU to provide any contrary evidence. Saying we don’t have new information is not a counterfactual. The only actual information we have was that the next movie was a go, and Hemsworth has been signed; and anecdotally, we now have an interview with Pine who does noting to suggest the movie is still not a go.

            Either provide real evidence that the movie is on hold, or please drop your silly whining about how the movie may not be made. You have ZERO real evidence to change what we do know on this — FACT!

          • Fctiger

            What is wrong with you man? You keep SAYING this as if we haven’t heard it lol. Dude, I will say it AGAIN that you will IGNORE AGAIN.

            FACT: Terminator Genesyis was announced for TWO sequels before the film came out. FACT: Paramount already had actual premiere dates: May 19th 2017 for T6 and June 29th 2018. FACT: All the actors from T5 had already signed on for all three films. FACT: Genesyis under performed badly and did not meet expectations. FACT: Paramount then quietly pulled the films from their premiere date EVEN THOUGH they have not only announced the film and even gave specific premiere dates they even announced a TV show to run between the films to pull off a Marvel style universe.

            Also FACT; Terminator Genesys actually MADE money in theaters unlike Beyond which flopped. Not only that it managed to make $100 million more than Beyond did and yet it cost $40 million less to make than Beyond did. Paramount had no problems pulling those films. None.

            And here is something for you since you want to be SO pigheaded about it.

            Amazing Spider Man ALSO announced two sequels and yes also had premiere dates: 2016 for ASM 3 and 2018 for ASM 4. ASM 2 literally made twice the money Beyond did btw.

            Ghostbusters ALSO announced a sequel: That was pulled after the movie flopped. Guess what, Hemsworth was signed on to that too. 😉

            Stop sounding so naive and childish. You want to keep ignoring basic facts and like so many try to tell yourself just because a producer said they are making another movie automatically means they are making another movie. I just showed you how that is far, far from the case when the film they are making the sequel from ends up being a big disappointment as Beyond sadly turned out to be.

            And the other fact is that everyone has been dead silent since they announced it. Again Abrams can be found weekly giving you an update about one Star Wars project after another. Hell he’s still talking about TFA. And yet the man has remained utterly silent on the next Trek film. Not a word about it anywhere in the last three months.

            So you guys can keep saying over and over again they already announced it like that actually means anything but it means NOTHING until there is a script, budget and a shooting date. Until all that happens it means jack all.

            And stop buying into the PR because “Hemsworth is already signed” as if that means anything. Until they cut the guy a check it means absolutely nothing. All it means is they have him if they decide to shoot the film. If they don’t then they simply cut him loose which is done all the time. You have any idea the hundreds of productions where you have actors signed on for stuff that just gets cancelled? Great one comes to mind is Nic Cage playing Superman out of all people back in the 90s. He got as far as doing test screenings with the suit. Guess what, movie got cancelled, he moved on.

            And you guys talk like having Hemsworth is a make or break proposition, a guy who has had flop after flop if he’s not appearing in a movie that has Marvel in the title. Again they had him for the Ghostbusters sequel too.

            Stop regurgitating PR because you badly want to see another film. Thats all it is until a script is done and a budget is set with actors on board. At the moment there has been no talk of any of that and I suspect there won’t be until Beyond makes a profit if then.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            ” I’m saying there is zero proof it is still going forward and thats for a simple reason, they clearly are keeping dead quiet about it because they are probably in a holding position.”

            This is intellectually dishonest. On my side I have the original announcement and the signing of Hemsworth — proven facts that I can cite with past public statements. Your position is all conjecture — it’s like you are saying, “trust me, it’s probably in a holding pattern based on other movies like Terminator.” This is completely your own opinion, which is based on no publicly available information that confirms it. FACT.

          • Fctiger

            They signed the guy BEFORE IT FLOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Are you seriously acting this dense??? Show me ONE proof the film is NOT on hold by, you know, actual development man? Thats the problem you can’t because there is NO active development. None. Your problem is you keep buying the PR man and thats ALL it is, PR. But nothing and I mean nothing has progressed on anything. All parties have been silent. How many interviews has Abrams given in the last 2 months? He is currently in Japan literally right now promoting Beyond. I have seen a few interviews, he has not said a PEEP about a sequel, nothing. No one anywhere has mentioned it since July. Seriously why do you think that is?

            Do you know when they started talking about the sequel to STID? One month after STID opened. Bob Orci was already openly talking about the next movie, trying to get it open for 2016, etc because STID was already on its way to being a hit. Not a big one but at least make money.

            And of course we have that movie today: Beyond, a movie that made $130 million less than STID with the same budget. Yeah Paramount can’t wait to get another going any day now.

            But OK fair enough if we hear nothing 6 months after this movie opened then yeah the writing is definitely on the wall lol.

            And I’ll say it ONE MORE TIME, I’m not saying there won’t be a sequel but there isn’t a guarantee either at this point and by the sheer sounds of silence kind of tells you that.

            And no matter what if they manage to make another one the budget is going to be waaaaaay lower as this one should’ve been. And I’m not saying we will never get anymore Trek films, just probably go back to the drawing board and come up with something else in a few years time, thats all. Chances are if we actually do get a fourth film and that bombs too these films are done for good.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Well said!

          • Fctiger

            LOL nothing well said about it. An interviewer asked him about working with Hemsworth, he said he’s happy of the career he had called him a nice man and will be happy to work with him again. Wow, that translate to the next film is set in stone. LOL, its PR fluff, thats it. You guys know it but in deep denial about it. You know what would make news? When he and Hemsworth planned to be on set to shoot Star Trek 4. Nothing like that came out of his mouth unfortunately.

          • Dawn
          • Dawn
          • Dawn

            furthermore, lets not forget the jjverse merchandise shall we which doesnt help.
            Book series: Cancelled after 4 for LAck of Sales from the Target Audience
            Second Book Series: Paid for by the way, Cancelled, for estimated lack of sales.
            Toys/ models: On discount BEFORE THE SECOND MOVIE WAS EVEN OUT.
            No no no, home media for beyond, RUSHED, Why rush it? Becuase they desperately need this to BREAK EVEN

      • Dawn

        and the 3 movie contract has expired, cbs wont renew anyway until 2020, by which point,if the numbers of beyond are any indication, they cant justify a sequel becuase union rules demand higher salaries and this one has not made enough to even bullshit success.

  • Pipe’sIDIC

    Maybe Kirk will meet his George Kirk as Georgia Kirk.

    Gender-bending like in the comics.

  • Vger64

    Wouldn’t surprise me if ST4 is cancelled

  • CoolGeek

    Trekcore can we please have some proper moderating on these boards? The trolls that are on here ( You know who they are ) bashing anything Kelvin timeline related are ruining any decent discussions on the franchise.Nothing wrong with not liking the new trek as we all have our opinions but these idiots who are hijacking the discussion boards with their hatred are getting really tiresome.

    Loved Beyond by the way and looking forward to the next movie!

    • Gene’s Vision

      Never fails. It’s a comfortable bet that the same committed band of fanatics will appear to do their “work”. They’re boring as hell.

  • Fctiger

    I liked Beyond but it did basically bomb. It could make its money back eventually but my guess is they are not holding themselves to another movie until that happens and by how much. Beyond shouldve hit it out of the park being the 50th anniversary, good reviews in a summer of bad ones, had a decent summer date and yet couldnt deliver.

    Pine is giving the company line and he obviously wants to do another one but even in his remarks its vague as hell and probably for a reason.

    And no offence to Hemsworth but the guy is BO poison at this point. This idea bringing him back is going to get fans excited is overestimating his appeal. I liked him as George Kirk but it was 10 mins and anything that isn’t a Thor film has been a bomb for this guy. His latest being Ghostbusters. I dont think its ‘him’ but same time he doesn’t seem to make any difference either.

    If they do go with a fourth one I recommend they have a bigger storyline thats just more about bringing him back. Include him but don’t let him be the focus because I dont see it being anymore of a draw than Beyond was with Idris Elba.

  • startrekker1701

    The idea of having Hemsworth back as Kirk Snr just does nothing for me at all – from the second it was announced.

  • tandy299

    Although I agree with the sentiment: ‘hopefully, it won’t be another 3 years’, I think that if they take 3 years to make a great movie like Beyond, it WILL be worth the wait. Better longer and better, than sooner and worse.