In other Trek media news, Netflix has released a long-awaited offline viewing mode for many of their streaming titles, allowing users to download compressed versions of their catalog without an active data connection – and all six Star Trek television series have been included in their downloadable listings.

New updates released today for Android and iOS versions of the Netflix app have launched this functionality in the United States – and presumably other regions, though we’ve not tested outside of the USA.

The updated Android app, featuring the new Netflix video download option.

If you’re a regular visitor to TrekCore, you know we’re huge proponents of physical media – we love our remastered Blu-rays and the DVD editions of the other Trek selections, and of course Netflix doesn’t include the dozens of hours of bonus material or audio commentary tracks – but this will surely be a convenience for those of you wanting to binge on the Roddenberry universe without running up your mobile bill.


  • Newdivide1701

    Hurry up and get it to Canada already!!!!!

  • Csere Mihaly

    I can confirm this for Europe too.

  • prometheus59650

    Not bad video quality at all for the compression

  • Fctiger

    Wow trying it now. Netflix just got cooler if that was possible. 🙂

  • pittrek

    Is there a way how to find out in which country the “corrected” TNG episodes are available on Netflix?

  • Michael

    Can we get it uncompressed? Some of us have terabytes of storage you know

  • Cabo 5150

    Each to their own, but, ugh, 420MB for a 90 minute episode – I can’t see the A/V quality being close to even passably good enough – no matter how well/efficiently encoded.

    Ha ha, especially for the awful 480i DV edited versions of DS9/VOY – the best we’re currently able to watch those venerable shows in.

    • prometheus59650

      All my files now on my phone are less that 250MB.

      • Cabo 5150

        OK then – great!

        That’s fine, and again, each to thier own of course – but watching TV and/or movies on a minuscule phone screen (with massive compression to boot) is, for me, fairly ridiculous.

        • prometheus59650

          Indeed, to each their own. All I’m saying is that the files are relatively small and, for the screen sizes they’ll commonly be played on they look just fine.

          No, I commonly wouldn’t make a point of watching television on my phone, but it has its uses. For me, sometimes I’m fine just playing it for the audio track while I work at the computer. Harkens back to my childhood when I wanted something familiar in the background while I did homework, but didn’t want to keep being tempted to look up at the screen, so I had a bunch of episodes on cassette tape.

          So, if you’re going to be trapped in a backseat all day or are weird like me in that you don’t actually have a need to “watch” it per se, it’s fairly useful.

          But you’re right in that a phone isn’t going to be a first choice for most if they want to see a movie.

          • Cabo 5150

            Yes, you’re right about the ancillary uses!

            I hope I didn’t come over as rude – not my intention. I can be a bit of a “purist” when it comes to film and the best possible reproduction of it thereof!

            The BIG screen experience and all that.


          • prometheus59650

            Oh, it’s not a problem. I get you. I generally want my blus and my HD big screen to really watch a movie.

            We all have our AV quirks. I, for one, detest motion smoothing. “It’s a Wonderful Life” was never meant to look like it was shot on an HD hand cam a year ago.

            It’s a film. It should look like one.

          • prometheus59650

            Wrong spot.

        • Fctiger

          Yeah but most people don’t care about that stuff. They are just happy they can watch something on their lunch break, on the train ride to work or on the toilet lol. Sure having the best experience will always be the preference but Netflix is only giving us a benefit we didn’t have a day ago So don’t care what size it comes in, just happy I can watch it on my phone.

          • Cabo 5150