Fourteen years after its first – and only – disc release in the North America, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine returns from the Gamma Quadrant with a long-awaited second run on DVD, with all seven seasons hitting store shelves on February 7.

Currently listed for preorder at Amazon at an MSRP of $144.99, this is certainly expected to drop as we approach the February release – and will definitely be a more cost-effective buy than the original sets ever were. (As of this writing, the full-series collection from 2003 is priced over $329 at Amazon.)

For those of you in the USA who have waited to pick up the Deep Space Nine collection due to the high price point, this upcoming collection certainly seems to be a more affordable option. And assuming it follows the trend of CBS’s other recent DVD reissues, such as The Next Generation and Enterprise (due in January), the packaging is likely to be much more user-friendly and durable, too.

The original Deep Space Nine DVDs. (Image via eBay)

As with previous Trek reissues, we have no expectation of additional content or inclusion of the various Best Buy-exclusive bonus content issued with the 2003 DVDs – these are almost certainly to be repeated pressings of the same 2003 discs.

There’s no cover art yet available for this new set, but as soon as it’s made public we’ll make sure you get to see it right here – and hopefully, a follow-up Voyager set will follow later in 2017.

If you’re in the market for DS9 on DVD, you’ve waited long enough: preorder now at Amazon USA or Amazon Canada.

  • Martin

    Only 1 DVD release for DS9 in America, That’s shocking I cant even count how many times DS9 has been rereleased on DVD in the UK. 1st 2003 2nd 2007 3rd 2011 and 4th 2014

    • Yep, same for Voyager and Enterprise, though TAS and TNG have each had several releases.

    • Chris Benoit

      The DVD quality of the UK’s are bad VHS transfers and quite a few episodes are edited because of violence.

      • Roger Birks


        I did not realise uk versions all had edited scenes?

        Are we all children lol? UK certification in action I guess.

      • Tone

        That, and the fact that US TV picture quality prior to modern HD has always been questionable at best, including converting 30fps NTSC to 25fps PAL makes buying anything other than the original US version a bad idea.

        Mind you, the fact that some crazy asshat decided to smear the lens with Vaseline for all of DS9 and some of Voyager made the situation much worse.

  • Locutus

    I keep holding out for Deep Space Nine on blu-ray. Maybe Star Trek: Discovery will open up a better market to drop a blu-ray remaster of DS9. One can dream, right?

  • Mo

    Agreed; not a great package design.

    • Snap

      I don’t know, I think the package is the best of the DVD sets. The only part I’ve found could be an issue is the plastic slip, which could have some bad gluing and come apart on the upper or lower flaps.

      • Mo

        It’s a contender for the best-looking. But then you have to open it up. And put stuff back. And close it again. Decent design layout, but awful choice of materials.

        • Snap

          Of the DVD sets, I have only owned the original TNG and DS9 sets, the rest I have on Blu-ray though I have never picked up Voyager as I have been holding out for a Blu-ray release, which may or may never materialize.

          Between TNG and DS9, I would say the DS9 packaging wins out in every category except perhaps durability. It is incredibly easy to remove and replace discs into the DS9 package, whereas with the TNG sets there is the struggle just to get the digipak out so you can unfold it and get at the discs.

          I would definitely say repeated manipulation of the DS9 package would wear it out far quicker than the TNG package. I solved that issue long ago by putting all of the discs into a DVD wallet, which comfortably fit all of the discs for both with room to spare. But that particular situation was also motivated by a lack of space to keep all of the DVDs in their original packaging.

          I have no idea what the quality is like for the recent TNG DVD packages as I found them to be exceedingly pointless being released at the same time as the Blu-rays. They probably also helped contribute to lackluster Blu-ray sales by saying “Why pay $60-ish for a Blu-ray when you can get them on DVD for $20?” It was simply bad timing on CBS’s part, providing any type of competition for the Blu-ray project, especially if they’re going to use it as an excuse not to future proof DS9 and Voyager.

  • David James

    Shame at the lack of attention this show has gotten over the years. I’m in the middle of my first full rewatch, and the writing is SO much stronger and richer than I remembered.

    • RTF1138

      Its my first time watching and for the longest time i refused to watch it because i was a Babylon 5 fan. However going back and rewatching TOS and TNG i thought i’d give it a watch and OMG was i wrong DS9 is probably the best Star Trek show there is. I was so hoping for an announcement of Restored Blu-rays, but I guess that will never happen.

      • M33

        I love Star Trek, especially DS9, but Babylon 5 is amazing. I hated it before I ended up watching it from beginning to end. The first season is a bit shaky, but after that… wow!
        (except for the first half of season 5… oh, and the last movie… and skip the rangers movie and follow-up Crusade series).

        • RTF1138

          Granted it been like 10 years since the last time i watched Babylon 5 but i agree it starts off shaky and ends kind of shaky, but seasons 2 through 4 are really well written and acted.

          That’s another show that would be nearly impossible to convert to high-def because of the effects, but hopefully someday.

          • Tone

            They say that they have lost the camera negatives for the entire series…

          • RTF1138

            Oh that’s sad never heard that before.

          • The Bandsaw Vigilante

            The camera negatives are fine (stored in Warner Bros.’ vault, along with their feature films), it was the original CGI visual-effects files that were lost years ago, dumped out of computer memory at various points when both Foundation Imaging and Netter Digital respectively went out of business.

            Without those files onhand, the studio would basically have to redo all of the show’s VFX work completely from scratch again, but this would offer one definite benefit, as well:

            When B5 was originally broadcast on the PTEN Network (back in the ’90s), the live-action footage (with the actors) was shot on Super 35mm film stock, in a native 1.65:1 aspect ratio (the 16:9 telecine-conversion being done at 1.78:1); Babylon 5 was one of only two television series actually shooting in widescreen during the early/mid-’90s (the other was Lois & Clark).

            Straczynski being a very forward-looking guy, the intention was to “future-proof” the show against the day when widescreen televisions would become the norm (as they now are), and every episode except the two-hour pilot was shot in the widescreen format.

            However, the syndicated broadcast affiliates (i.e., the PTEN Network) only showed their content in “full-frame” (1.33:1 aspect ratio) format — meaning that the widescreen live-action masters had to be cropped in post-production to 1.33:1, with all the visual effects work being composed for this ratio, not for 1.78:1.

            Meaning that when the Sci-Fi Channel commissioned new widescreen broadcast masters in mid-2000 (subsequently used on the DVDs), they were able to take the original, on-set widescreen cinematographic compositions…but again, remember the file-dumping several years earlier? All that remained of Foundation Imaging’s now-lost visual effects work were second-gen (or, in some cases, third-gen) files, composed for 1.33:1, all in very low-resolution NTSC form.

            Which means, whenever you watch Babylon 5 on DVD now, you’re seeing the 1.78:1 widescreen aspect ratio for all of the live-action footage, but every single outer space shot is now masked with black bars to create an artificial 1.78:1 “frame.” Basically, you’re losing something like nearly a third of the image that you saw in the 4:3 ratio PTEN broadcasts (or thereabouts).

            This would be a situation that brand-new VFX work would solve — for the first time ever, shots composed specifically for the widescreen framing, uniform throughout, without masking or cropping of the image, and in full HD resolution, to boot.

            While I would greatly regret the loss of the pioneering work done by the late Ron Thornton’s team (arguably B5 is the series that led to shows like Star Trek finally making the plunge to full-CGI work), it’s truly a necessary evil in this instance if we ever want a proper, viable Blu-Ray release, though the benefits of new high-definition imagery would certainly lengthen the show’s appeal and lifespan for many years to come.

  • bbock

    This great show deserves better than this.

  • bbock

    I think I bought the original set at $80 per season, if I recall. Ouch.

  • scooternva

    I agree with Locutus, but I also doubt we will ever see DS9 on Blu-ray. Even as popular as Star Trek: The Next Generation is, the gorgeous 1080p remaster of that series was unprofitable for CBS Home Video. And as much as I love DS9 (personally, I think it’s the best of the four modern-era series), I also freely admit that it doesn’t have the mindshare of its predecessor.

    And that’s a BIG problem for remastering at 1080p. The bulk of seasons 6 and 7 were near 100% CGI for the visual effects, and even the preceding five seasons had diminishing degrees of practical effects. That’s a problem for remastering, because all of those expensive CGI space battles were rendered and mastered at a much lower 480i resolution. Even if the CGI models were still available (they’re not) it would be a massive effort to rerender all of those visual effects. Even the TNG remaster required creation and insertion of new CGI effects here and there when the original filmed elements weren’t avaiable–and again, the TNG project was a money loser.

    I’d love to be proven wrong and have ST:D goose the market for DS9 on Blu-ray like Locutus suggested, but it seems unlikely. I’ve got my seven seasons on DVD already (not to mention being able to see them on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), and that’s probably the best I can hope for.

    • Just a few years ago people said TNG would never get remastered. Deep Space Nine (and Voyager) will eventually get the HD treatment. It’s inevitable.

      The question has to do whether they will get good remasters like [most of] TNG or lousy remastering (perhaps with upscaled CGI)?

    • Tone

      I don’t believe that the TNG remaster was not profitable. That is a lie. However it is possible that it was not profitable enough.

      The TNG remaster was never done solely for fans to buy it on Blu-Ray. It was aimed at online streaming services to bid lots of money for, which happened. The Blu-Ray release was simply meant as more icing on the cake.

      My thoughts are that they know that DS9 and Voyager will be significantly more expensive to remaster, so they are simply waiting for the price of the project to drop.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Actually some of the CGI for DS9 still exists, It looks terrific in HD.

  • TheRenegadeRebel .

    God I hope they changed those menus. That unstoppable intro was torture. Maybe also put a chapter right after the intro credits so you can easily skip it if you want. Cuz as it is you would skip part of the episode and instead have to manually fast forward. It’s the little things that make the difference.

  • Zarm

    FINALLY! I’m really more psyched about Voyager, especially as I don’t have any of the seasons yet, while I’ve already got three of DS9’s… but it will be great updating this collection, too. It’s not blu-ray, but it’s MUCH better than nothing (or, namely, than tracking down the high-priced older copies!)

    • I don’t own DS9 on DVD yet, so I suppose I’ll take the plunge…and do my part to encourage an HD remastering in the future.

      • Tone

        If you really think that, then good for you.

      • GIBBS v2


  • john chilton

    …waiting …waiting …for the BluRay (which will probably never come!)

  • Havenbull

    For CBS not to even address the fact that blu-ray is not forthcoming is a slap to the face to the fans… This DVD announcement is that same slap coming back with the other side of the hand… a double slap

    • Geoffry Woods

      Slapping fans in the face is all CBS knows how to do.

      • Tone

        But remember they did give us the mostly wonderful TNG-R!

    • Ace Stephens

      Is it so terrible to make the set available affordably to more casual fans or space-saving diehards (who don’t want to own every edition) or the like?

      As for DS9 Blu-rays, despite presumably minimal to no efforts currently, I highly doubt their official stance is that it isn’t forthcoming. They likely have no immediate plans but if Netflix or somebody came to them tomorrow offering to foot the bill or something like that (without gaining any rights aside from streaming rights for a length equal to the amount spent), odds are they’d go along with it or at least entertain something in that realm. So what you see as their refusal, I see as their intelligent business practices.

      I mean, imagine if they did announce that they weren’t to bother and dealt with the bad press, fan complaints, etc. just prior to the release of the new show…just to, months later, get an offer to remaster for Blu-ray and, soon after, announce that. Cynics (even some elated at the new Blu-ray news) would flip out upon the first (no Blu) announcement and then (after the Blu announcement) be here trashing them for jerking fans around (“I’m sure it was just to get fans to buy the new DVD set!”) and not knowing what they were doing – and CBS would be dealing with issues/complaints and undermining their upcoming iteration in the meantime!

      From what I can tell, there’s simply no logical reason to bother with that major hassle. Not from a business or even a fan-oriented perspective.

  • Alex Huffman

    The question is this: is the picture and sound going to be better quality than what’s currently available on Netflix? If not, then it’s an easy pass for me. Even if they just scanned the original film into 1080p and left the visuals as they were I’d be all over it.

    • Tone


      And even what you propose would be better than nothing, and would be no worse than watching Babylon 5. Even on DVD, the picture quality is incredibly blurry whenever there are any effects mixed with live action footage.

      • Alex Huffman

        But it would still clear up a lot of details on built-in effects like LCARS panels. The images are so blurry they’re unreadable half the time. You’d think they could just run the film through a scanner and call it a day.

        • Eric Cheung

          Except that, as with TNG, it was edited on video tape, so they can’t simply run the film through the scanner without completely re-cutting the entire episodes, and recreating the post-production effects.

  • Neil Kesler

    Finally got my 65 inch tv mounted on the wall hooked up with my blu ray, I totally agree that ds9 would look amazingly stunning in HD

  • pittrek

    Sorry CBS, the only Star Trek DS9 release I would buy would be a BD box set

    • The Bandsaw Vigilante

      …And this is basically what killed any chance of us ever getting DS9 on Blu-Ray.

      Unfortunately, CBS pays the most attention to how individual seasons sell, and TNG’s seasons sold like crap, with way too many people who waited and waited for the TNG BD box-set, instead of buying the individual seasons when it actually mattered.

      • pittrek

        You’re talking to the wrong person, I bought TNG on Blu-ray twice, both the standard box sets and the German steelbooks

  • Michael

    DVD in 2016? Lol
    We want blu-ray remastered in the TNG style. Or even 4K.

    • Tone

      When you put it like that, it really does seem embarrassing! And it is, for the record.

    • Snap

      Or, at the very least, Blu-ray shovelware so we can at least have the durability of Blu-ray over the susceptibility for scratching of DVD.

  • M33

    Thank God!
    I have the old release set, but since you cant buy it brand new from the company, I cant get replacements for my badly encoded discs that skip.
    This is great!

    • At this point, based on the other re-releases, we expect just that – new pressings of the 2003 discs.

      • M33

        So newly-made discs of the same digital material, right? Does that mean the encoding process for them is the same or would it be better checked over (since we are talking 13 years of technological advancement to correct for snaffus)?

        • Tone

          Most likely a direct digital copy of the original discs, probably made with much cheaper materials and packaging.

          Maybe they might use dual layer discs to even further cut back on costs compared to the original.

  • Hey Trek Core, perhaps you can encourage readers to write CBS and request HD remastering for DS9 (and Voyager)? To whom shall we write?

  • Thomas W.

    Doesn’t make sence if they didn’t try to improve the picture quality, at least the colors and the contrast. I think even a new scan of the original video tape with modern technique could improve the quality because the old DVDs look as a bad copies of old VHS cassettes.

    • Tone

      That would cost money. They won’t spend money on old Star Trek.

      • Thomas W.

        That little improvement would work nearly automatically. They wouldn’t have to search und scan thousands of negatives and recut the scenes. They only had to hand over the whole videostuff to a computer to use modern possibilities of remastering and refreshing colors. And they could improve the compression. I think DS9 isn’t even published on DVD9, is it? Perhaps an upscale to HD would help too. The “Tribbles”-episode on the TOS bluray looks a little (not much) better than the DVD.

        Three men could do a whole season in less than a week. All I want is a little better quality than this VHS style we have to content us for 20 years.

        I wonder how they transferred all 240 “Friends” episodes to bluray. It’s in 16:9 ratio and in brilliant HD and has been published in a complete box in a very short time.

        • Tone

          Friends was shot on film, and as it had no video effects to deal with, was very simple to remaster.

          • Thomas W.

            DS9, like every ST series, was shot on film, too. And they had to recut every “Friends” episode, too. I understand that it is to expensive to renew all the special effects for DS9. But I can’t understand why they fob us off with this 20 year old VHS material.

    • pittrek

      Well, because they are. The DVDs if I remember correctly used the same video master as the VHS releases

  • Give us Blu Ray damnit!

    • Kirksdeadjim

      Never going to happen.

      • human8

        Never say never 🙂

  • Eric Cheung

    We were told to buy the blu rays to encourage DS9 on blu ray. I think I’ve done my part at this point. I’ve bought all the blu rays (TOS/TNG Full Journey/the first ten movies/ENT), except for TAS (which I already own on DVD) and the JJ movies (though I have 2009 on DVD, I’m waiting for the series to run its course and for a compendium edition that consolidates everything).

    We’ve also been told that TNG-R hasn’t been profitable. That’s probably true, but without the numbers, how can we just take that narrative at face value?

    As of 1/17/2015, when this comment was made: by poster Maxwell Everett the numbers were as follows:

    Next Level: 22,820 units / $342,066
    Season 1: 36,110 units / $2,712,563
    Season 2: N/A
    Season 3: 16,060 units / $963,439
    The Best of Both Worlds: 16,254 units / $245,594*
    Season 4: 12,405 units / $755,850
    Redemption: 9,428 units / $127,183
    Season 5: 7,235 units / $434,028*
    Unification: N/A
    Season 6: 9,183 units / $568,705
    Chain of Command: N/A
    Season 7: N/A
    All Good Things: N/A
    TOTAL: $6,149,428


    Season 5: 13,152 units / $802,104 (after 18 weeks)
    The Best of Both Worlds: $547,342 (after unknown number of weeks)

    TOTAL: $6,819,252

    Robert Meyer Burnett said that every episode took $70,000 to remaster, and that DS9 would cost more: That would come to $12,460,000.

    How much did the special features cost? Let’s round up the total for the project to $15,000,000? Maybe DS9 would cost $20,000,000?

    I figure, based on the chart above, plugging in conservative guesses that the N/As would be about 9,000 units, at $60 for the season sets and $15 for the two-parter releases, I’d clock guess it made $8,304,252.

    On the one hand, that would mean they’d need another $11.7 million just to make DS9 break even numbers (they’d need more than that because DS9 probably wouldn’t sell as well, so they’d need numbers that would convince them they could at least break even in the short term for DS9), but on the other, these were early numbers, that don’t include subsequent weeks, nor does it include the various Full Journey releases.

    The chances of DS9 getting remastered are slim, but the TNG-Remastered Full Journey is way down in price, so it can’t hurt as much to buy that. Streaming DS9 also can’t hurt.

    Maybe the only other purchase that would do anything is purchasing Ira Stephen Behr’s documentary, when and if that happens. Maybe if the writers started to sell commentaries, even as a subscription, on iTunes that might gauge interest too?

    • Tone

      Please think for yourself.

      1.) They are of course going to tell you to buy all Star Trek dvds and blu rays, because $$$

      2.) TNG remastered was done with the goal of making star treks biggest grossing segment continue to be profitable now that we are in the HD streaming era.

      3.) Sales to the public were just icing on the cake.

      4.) those numbers are BS, and also out of date. We also don’t know if those are world wide figures or not.

      5.) Netflix alone have paid many millions for the streaming rights to Star Trek, and other streaming services world wide have done the same.

      6.) when Netflix’s rights run out, there will be yet another bidding war for Star Trek across all the big streaming services.

      Now add all this up, and it’s a hell of a lot more than what was paid for the TOS and TNG remastering combined.

      • Eric Cheung

        I know the numbers are out of date. I can’t find any newer numbers. But it’s not just about whether or not they make back their money, it’s about whether or not they do it in a timeframe satisfactory to their expectations to warrant keeping the same team around to work on DS9.

        My numbers are deliberately conservative, to guess at what the low end of what they could have made. I would guess that they’ve made more than what I’ve estimated, but it still was obviously not enough for them to start the DS9 remastering project. Either that, or they simply don’t want to.

        I’ve thought for myself in that I haven’t bought blu rays that I wouldn’t have otherwise bought. I’m a fan of TOS/TNG/ENT and the movies, so I simply bought them either at a timeframe when I could afford them, or when the whole series was available at once. I’m not buying TAS, for example, because the higher res, isn’t worth the lack of new special features.

        I will say that I’ll probably be in a position to buy the season sets as they come out, should they ever decide to do so for DS9. And I’ll try to do so because I don’t want to risk low numbers discouraging completion of the project. But that’s my decision, and everyone else will have to decide what they could and would do.

        • Tone

          To be honest, I don’t expect CBS or Paramount, or anyone corporately connected (that includes the usual collection of people previously connected to Star Trek productions) to Star Trek to tell the truth regarding profit numbers.

          Those stories regarding remastering DS9 if us fans were all good little paying robots, were nothing other than a response to this site implying that we actually had some kind of say with the CBS corporate types, simply to try to make even more money from those sitting on the fence, and also to those complaining/worrying about the future of the TNG remastering project after the backlash from the Season 2 release.

          The only reason they have not gone ahead with the DS9 remaster yet is they decided to wait until the Netflix rights are due for renewal, to hit them with an even more valuable collection of Trek, that they should have to expect to pay even more money for. Also another consideration they have taken is that at the time of the TNG project, to would have been very much more expensive to remaster DS9 and Voyager, due to the heavy use of CGI. However the cost of producing passable CGI at 1080p is dropping in light of the new 4K standard.

          I also expect the popularity of Discovery will also be a factor to take in. Remember that Netflix paid CBS enough to cover the production costs of that show, which are very high compared to the costs of remastering both DS9 and VOY.

          This should also make you think about just how much Netflix must have paid for the rights for all the previous Trek series!

          • Eric Cheung

            I hope you’re right.

            It was two years from when the third season of TOS was released on blu ray to when the TNG remastered project was announced, two and a half since the last TOS-R episode aired on syndicated television.

            TNG-R seemed impossible before that announcement but, if the timetable is the same, then maybe we can expect some kind of announcement some time next year.

            But even if they get the go-ahead, it’s an even more daunting project than TNG.

          • Tone

            I really hope so, as I would dearly love to see DS9 as nature intended 😉

  • tenleftfingers

    I love what this guy is doing with his own Star Trek DVDs – converting them to widescreen. Have a look (~2 minute video and needs fullscreen to see)

    • Eric Cheung

      Eh, the composition is perfect in the original framing. It gets compromised here. I’d rather have pillar bars or letter-boxing than pan-and-scan, or stretched images. Maybe if the original footage could be found in widescreen and determined to be composed to work for both a widescreen and 4:3 composition (as opposed to the TNG footage which revealed lighting equipment and set edges when in widescreen), then it might work better. For example, Broken Bow was composed to work in both aspect ratios because they weren’t sure if they could convince the network to air it in 16:9.

    • Snap

      I don’t really like it. It’s as bad as taking a widescreen movie and butchering it to fit a 4:3 screen. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to crop a 4:3 picture in order to create a widescreen image. Unlike Babylon 5, Star Trek wasn’t filmed with a widescreen release in mind until Enterprise.

      If people who undertake such a project don’t have a problem with cropping the picture so it will fit their 16:9 TVs then it’s really not my place to tell them they’re wrong for wanting their copies in widescreen. I, personally, want my own copies to be presented as the shows were originally produced and intended to be seen.

      That is, however, an incredible (and impressive) amount of work put into the project.

  • Jamie

    What about Ira Behr’s DS9 documentary? That is more exciting news than a re-release of DS9 on DVD.

    I bought all the seasons of TNG, DS9, VOY & 1st season of ENT on vhs tapes, then all the DVDS of every series and finally TNG on Bluray.
    I wont be buying anymore DVDs, remastered DS9 and VOY on Bluray with full behind the scenes bonus features is what I’d be interested in.

  • GIBBS v2

    DVD? Ha! Good luck with that. This won’t sell and they will say, “see, no demand for DS9.”


  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Saw the link-image with the show’s logo on the main page, saw “FEBRUARY 2017,” and I thoughtANDITHOUGHT….but, no.

    Fucking DVD.

  • MetalElf

    I thought this was the best of all the Star Trek Series! I have the season sets on dvd already. I am NOT going to buy it again unless it’s on Blu-ray. That’s the bottom line. Maybe I will never get what I want. But, I am the customer …and I don’t have to shop where I am not important. If I want to watch DS9 on dvd, I will watch the ones I already purchased.

  • Kirksdeadjim

    DS9 was by far the worst Star Trek series.It was the only one i didnt like.Not interested in DVD’s or Blu ray.

  • Robert Anthony

    I’m tempted to buy these, but my original DS9 box sets are still in good playing condition. Their packaging is another (bulky, broken, crappy) sad story. I applaud anything that brings awareness to DS9 because at least it will be available again and not insanely expensive, but I’m still hoping beyond hope that they will remaster DS9 and Voyager for BluRay. #hopehopehope

    If Voyager is next on DVD, I’ll likely buy the first two seasons simply because my original discs have suffered significant degradation and about 6 episodes are unwatchable.

  • Don

    What? on DVD. If they want my money it needs to be on Blu Ray, not DVD.

  • Vger64

    I have my 2003 set.. I got it years ago on eBay for $110.00 Brand New!! I don’t need another newly packaged DVD set. I would buy a remastered Blu-Ray though.

  • spooky

    I like the big TNG Blu-ray box that the three big plastic Blu-ray cases fit into but I can’t stand the plastic cases themselves and how they did that. I would have preferred had they just made it to fit the individual season sets that came out but with new artwork on each season to compliment the artwork on the box.
    I would totally re-purchase DS9 on DVD if they did it that way and if it were significantly cheaper than the DVDs ever were and still are.

  • Ian Fleming

    Remastering DS9 and Voyager in HD would make them future proof. Forget physical sales of plastic discs, it’s television sales to broadcasters and/or streaming sites that CBS should be concentrating on. Televisions are getting bigger and the picture resolution is getting sharper and sharper all the time. We will soon get to a point where future generations will not be willing to sit through an episode of either of those two shows because the SD picture on a 50″+ TV will be near unwatchable. CBS need to think of the future of their assets. Speculate to accumulate.

  • Bob

    I own all the DVD sets from the star trek empire and this series is the only one that gets watched and rewatched on a regular bases. Two of my four kids who were both born during the DS9 TV run are hard fans of this series too. Its crap that it has never been marketed as much as the others and its crap its not on bluray.

  • maxwell

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