After a week full of new Star Trek DVD release announcements, we’ve now got a look at some of the next wave of Trek packaging artwork for some of these upcoming releases.

First up, on the heels of the Star Trek: Enterprise DVD re-release, CBS has now listed the first North American full-series Blu-ray box set of the show, set for debut in February in this flashy new design:


The region-free UK edition, available to purchase in the USA for over two years, is still available and priced under $60 – almost half the cost of this new box set edition – and will contain all the same discs and video content as the 2017 box. While this new art may look great, we recommend giving your budget a break and going for the UK box.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine hits store shelves once more this February, and we’ve also now got our first look at the upcoming DVD box art for both the single-season and full-series collections.


The new sets will arrive in traditional DVD clamshell cases, while the seven-season box will  mirror the Next Generation DVD box from earlier this summer: two Epik Pak jumbo sets and a third case for the final season.


DEC. 10: An updated look at the full-series box artwork.

We may have some quibbles with the case artwork – an odd mishmash of Season One photos used throughout the season sets, and no sign of Julian Bashir on the (still-in-progress?) Epik Pak cases – but there’s no denying that the full-series box design is just gorgeous.

A vision of the station seen through one of the Bajoran Orbs makes this new release something we just need on our shelves.

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December’s Star Trek: The Roddenberry Vault Blu-ray set is set to arrive in about a week and a half in North America, but fans in Germany have already begun to receive their preorders – including the Roddenberry Vault Steelbook edition.


We’ll have our review of the new set soon enough – in the meantime, you can check out our interview with Vault producer Roger Lay on this new release!

Thanks to Roman for providing TrekCore these photos!

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Finally, a new Jaylah-themed Star Trek Beyond Steelbook is new available in Germany – exclusively to Media Markt – featuring a rendition of Sofia Boutella’s unique character poster on the cover (and lenticular magnet), along with that lovely captains’-chair poster artwork on the interior.



Photos via the forums.


Which of these new designs is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Roger Birks

    Ds9 art for the individual seasons is almost identical to UK slimlines sets from 2007. The photographic art.

    • StalwartUK

      The Enterprise sets were too.

      No doubt we’ll hearing about a Voyager reissue next.

      • Snap

        Hopefully. It is the only Trek series I don’t own and I was going to hold out for a Blu-ray release but if the odds of DS9 getting an HD restoration are practically nonexistent (I won’t give up hope, though, no matter how illogical that may be) then Voyager isn’t any more likely.

  • The Noble Robot

    “Seasons 7” ??

    • Brian Thorn

      Good catch!

  • bytes

    Wrong Sisko on early Season covers. Wrong Quark on Season 3. Wrong Odo on Season 5. Probably wrong Kira on Season 2… #derp

    • grandadmiralbinks

      Yeah, it’s really kinda annoying. Kira, Odo and Quark are all season 1, yet are featured on seasons 2,3 and 5. Also, bald Sisko on season 1-3. Lol, apart from amazing soundtrack releases and the amazing new encyclopedia, this 50th anniversary has been a total dissapointment. To sum up this year in one word: re-packaging. It’s really sad.

      • Kirksdeadjim

        Well Star Trek Beyond turned out pretty great.Its one of my favourite Trek movies now.

    • Brian Thorn

      Well, its the same picture of Sisko on all of them, so he shouldn’t be a Captain and bald on the first few sets. USS Defiant shouldn’t appear on Season 1’s cover, either.

    • Snap

      Yeah, the Kira on Season 2 looks like she has her pilot hairstyle, along with the lazy cut and paste of the Season 4+ Sisko, though it’s difficult to tell if he’s wearing the original or First Contact-era uniform.

      I can ignore package art issues, though I’m wondering if there will be any new material, like a retrospective documentary after more than 25 years since the series premiered.

  • DaMac

    That DS9 box art is gorgeous. The complete set I mean. Not great enough to buy the show again since I still have the original sets, but it looks super nice.

  • Michael

    Does the Enterprise complete series give us the season 5 that Manny Coto deserved to shoot? If not, no sale.

    • M33

      Sure does. Season 5 case and discs manufactured using imaginary-matter materials.

  • Harry Kane

    Hey Trekcore I live in the UK and busy buying the “Full Journey Blu Rays” how does this compare?

  • I do love the packaging for Enterprise. Cool and stylish. 🙂 DS9 is kinda odd in a way… start to selling them again in a different package? Would be much interesting and appealing to buy it in HD…. just saying! 😉 _\//

    • Snap

      If I hadn’t already picked up the individual seasons, I would have loved to get the Enterprise package. Had CBS not made the stupid decision to offer a discount option for TNG while they were still producing the Blu-ray sets, I imagine their sales just might have been enough to put DS9 HD into production. It’s just basic common sense that if you provide people with an option to get a product for less money, there will be those who won;t care about the greater quality of Blu-ray and will buy the product which will allow them to get the most for their money.

  • M33

    How much are the single season DS9 sets going for?

  • Squid

    So the new DS9 set is just for the US at the moment? Any chance Australia would be getting this at some point?

  • Vger64

    Horrible DS9 artwork. A Non Trek Fan did this!!

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I think the Season 4 artwork is the only one they got right. Everyone else is in the wrong places. Kira should be Season 1, Jadzia maybe Season 3.

  • Mrplatitude

    The original dvd cases for DS9 were awful, mine are now taped together because they broke apart, but as these are almost certainly the same discs as before, not worth re-buying for some standard dvd cases. Most Trek fans either already own the DVD’s or can watch hem on streaming services, so I’m not sure who this is for.

  • spooky

    Oooh…. the covers of those individual sets needs a lot of work. I hope they rectify that before February. 😮

  • Mike Hare

    Blu ray or nothing!