Some breaking STAR TREK: DISCOVERY news has just beamed down from CBS – the new series now has three additional actors in the cast roster, and all three will be warriors of the Klingon Empire!

Image courtesy CBS.

In addition to actors Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and Michelle Yeoh announced previously this monthDISCOVERY has now doubled the public cast list.

  • Chris Obi will star as T’Kuvma, the Klingon leader seeking to unite the Klingon houses. Recently seen in the revival of Roots, Obi has also played a role in Bryan Fuller’s American Gods and will be seen in 2017’s Ghost in the Shell cinematic adaptation.
  • Shazad Latif will star as Kol, the Commanding Officer of the Klingons and protégé of T’Kuvma. Latif has also been seen on such shows as Penny DreadfulBlack Mirror, and MI-5.
  • Mary Chieffo will star as L’Rell, the Battle Deck Commander of the Klingon ship. Chieffo’s resume seems to be somewhat shorter than the other cast actors so far, with little big-name credits under her belt.

Stay tuned for more STAR TREK: DISCOVERY casting news as it becomes available!