Much like Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, both headed back to DVD in North America this Spring, the final series to rejoin the home media parade in 2017 has been announced – Star Trek: Voyager beams back to DVD with single-season and full-series collections on March 7, 2017.

Here’s a look at the seven individual season cases, each carrying over the content and features of the 2004 collections (save for the Best Buy bonus discs):


…and this is the new full-series box set, with the now-standard Epik Pak cases and slipcover.



These new designs, just like the DS9 collection revealed earlier this month, will certainly be a much more convenient and sturdy upgrade from 2004’s neon plastic, which had a tendency to split and crack if not handled just so.

The original North American VOYAGER DVD sets.

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  • M33


  • Thomas Elkins

    Talk to me when it’s a Blu-ray release.

    • Neil Kesler

      That’ll never happen but I agree that it should be on blu-ray as well as DS9

      • People said the same thing about TNG just a few years ago…

        • Cabo 5150

          Not suggesting it definitely won’t happen, but people (and the studio) weren’t aware of forthcoming, and ultimately, quite disappointing TNG Blu-ray sales figures a few years ago either.

          Bearing in mind both DS9 and VOY were less popular than TNG, I’d conjecture TPTB are extremely wary of committing to HD restorations of those shows based on nothing more complex than projected profitability.

          Of course, it’s not quite as simple as purely physical media these days, but the relatively weak performance of the TNG-R project overall has definitely given the studio significant pause.

          • pittrek

            Were the official sales figures ever announced? Or are we all just ASSUMING the “numbers” were not good?

          • Cabo 5150

            I’m not sure there’s any specific data available, but I’m fairly certain CBS have been quite open reference the disappointing performance of the TNG-R project – particularly in comparison to TOS.

            Perhaps other posters might have some links?

          • Thomas W.

            We know nothing about the sale numbers of the TNG-BDs. Only rumours. Nore do we know anything about the success of the TOS-BDs for which they did a similar remastering process as well. The numbers that circulated about TNG sales only regarded the first weeks/month after release. They didn’t count the numbers over the past 2-4 years an the sales in Europe and worldwide.

            Apart from that the bluray sales are only the cream on the cake. CBS makes the big money with the TV-/streaming licences. So DS9 and VOY would also be profitable in the long run world wide.

          • Cabo 5150

            I’ll see if I can find any solid links, but the prevailing opinion (perhaps “received opinion”) is that the numbers for the TNG Blu-ray’s were noticeably down on TOS. Maybe it’s possible to source actual numbers from Amazon and use those as a metric? Or other retailers – I’m not sure if that’s possible.

            I’m not submitting this as definitive evidence, but circumstantially, I would hypothesise the fact CBS have not continued, and, indeed, have given not the slightest indication of continuing, with HD projects for DS9/VOY following TNG’s release, is, minimally, suggestive of a loss of confidence.

            Star Trek is certainly a “golden goose” for the studio, and this “withdrawal” from committing to further HD remasters does at least appear to be fairly suggestive of commercial returns garnered from the TNG release.

            Yes, sure, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m quite aware or ancillary revenue streams outside of physical media sales – although your conjecture DS9/VOY would be “profitable in the long run” is only that.

          • Eric Cheung

            These are the only numbers I’ve ever seen, and they’re from nearly two years ago. Given the more expensive work, and the probably lower sales, I figure the TNG sets would need to triple these numbers to justify a DS9 or VOY remastering project. Since these figures are nearly two years old, and don’t include the Full Journey sets, it’s possible they may have already. But they’ve been incredibly opaque about it.


          • Cabo 5150

            Thanks for that, Eric!

            Based on your link, and pretty much everything else I’ve read about TNG-R on Blu-ray – it does seem, on balance, fair to call the project one that has performed under the expectations of the studio at least.

            IMHO, and it’s only a guess, I’d say the Full Journey sets have probably not done very much in terms of increasing the likelihood of future Trek restorations.

            BUMMER! I would dearly love to have DS9, and particularly, VOY, in HD.

          • Eric Cheung

            My best guess is that if a season’s box set numbers were not mentioned in the link, it didn’t chart, so the numbers were probably lower than the other releases. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t have slow but steady sales figures.

            Speaking from my own anecdote, I waited until the Full Journey came out to buy that. I bought the British release, after carefully monitoring the prices of it, and the Australian release, in December of 2014. In the year that followed, I bought the two-parter releases, and already had the blu rays of TOS, the first ten films, and ENT. So, I don’t know I could do more, unless I bought them as gifts, which I did for the two-parters.

            I’m someone who waited for the full release. I don’t know how common that was. But I do know that I won’t do that if DS9 ever gets released. I’ll be sure to pay full price for each season as it comes out to encourage the project to finish.

          • Cabo 5150

            Yep, I must admit, I also have two friends who waited for the Full Journey set.

            I envy their, and your, patience/self-restraint – which has resulted in a significant saving in £££££££’s – for them/you!!

            I just HAD to have them day and date!

          • Zarm

            90% of the people commenting here seemed to be saying “Waiting for the box set.” I suspect it was prevalent.

          • Eric Cheung

            Perhaps, but we’re only anecdotal evidence, not scientifically representative of the greater sales figures.

            Anyway, even if the sales figures were great for the Full Journey, it would mean a lower profit margin due to the savings on the box set.

          • Ace Stephens

            I wish I had the money to afford the seasons when they were brand new. I think weakened season sales are tied to some, like myself, having financial issues due to the present state of the economy.

          • DangerousDac

            We know the first season set sold around 95,000 units in its first week. Assuming the following seasons sold less, then you can see it wasn’t a runaway success for CBS.

            Plus, we’ve gotten word from those involved that the numbers were disappointing compared to expectations. That, coupled with a decline in physical media anyway surely put the brakes on any DS9 or Voyager remaster.

          • Amen. I keep hearing about disappointing sales but I’ve never seen any numbers.

            And I know many, many Trek fans were waiting for a complete bundle before buying. The bundle is for sale at $100 on Amazon right now, an amazing bargain. So how are they selling now?


          • Cabo 5150

            You could try Eric Cheung’s link for starters!

            Again, the fact CBS have elected to pass on DS9/VOY HD restoration projects speaks volumes IMHO. With physical disc sales in steady decline and the Blu-ray format in particular having already peaked, I can think of no logical reason the studio would hold back if TNG-R had hit expectations.

            I am not passing judgment on the artistic merit of TNG with this commentary, but merely making an assessment on what genuinely appears to be the relative commercial failure of the HD project.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            That doesn’t make total sense. Regardless of whether there’s a decline in blu-ray sales the episodes still need to be restored for digital streaming.

          • Cabo 5150

            Why do they need to be restored for digital streaming – respectfully, that statement doesn’t really make sense to me.

            Put simply, they won’t be restored if the studio feels the the financial returns won’t justify the outlay.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Why do they need restoring? Well I think consumers will feel cheated they’re paying to watch SD TV shows on their HDTV. It doesn’t look good and CBS should know this.

          • Cabo 5150

            Oh, I totally get where you’re coming from, Pedro – the current 480i DV edited DS9/VOY is pretty abysmal in terms of technical presentation. Trust me, I’m enthusiastic home cinema aficionado and share your misgivings!

            At best, I think there’s a chance we could get a kind of “half-hearted” restoration down the road – perhaps with the live action elements presented in HD, and an “upscale” of the VFX.

            At worst, I do, sadly, believe there’s a genuine possibility the shows will simply be “let go” – and what we’ve got will essentially be the best we’re ever going to get.

            Not all TV shows, whether they bear the Star Trek moniker or not, are going to be continually “archived” and upgraded with successive jumps in future technology. That’s just a reality I think.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Well I know Universal have started upgrading their 80s TV shows to HD. Disney have also managed to upgrade at least one TV show to HD with terrific results. I’m totally aware of the cost I’m just thinking about it from the average consumer point of view who doesn’t know about HD restoration or what what 1080p means. When they pay for Netflix they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, all they know is they want quality picture. I went through the whole of Space: Above and Beyond recently and the series didn’t look good with SD on a HDTV. The series was actually shot in HD widescreen so it remains to be seen whether anyone will go to the trouble of remastering that series one day.

          • Soraya Xel

            @shanebroughton:disqus If a fan waited for the complete bundle before buying, waiting for it to be $100 for the set, then that fan was part of the problem. It’s not about “copies sold”, it’s about “money made”. I ordered every TNG Blu-ray immediately, and paid a much higher price. Which means I did as much as three or four of your “waiting” fans at helping make Blu-ray remasters a thing.

        • Neil Kesler

          Not really, TOS and TNG were always the franchises top series majority of big wigs at paramount pictures need to start listening to the fans out there and fix the problem
          I didn’t see most of the ds9 and voyager episodes because I was graduating from high school at the time in 95 but the episodes I did see were pretty good

          • Eric Cheung

            Well, after TOS-R, they did say that remastering TNG presented difficult problems. Then about two-and-a-half years after TOS-R ended, they announced TNG-R. DS9-R has also been argued to have its own unique problems, but it won’t be two-and-a-half years after TNG-R until next summer. If the time table is in any way similar, I’ll be holding out hope for an announcement next summer (not much hope, of course, but at least a little). It would be dependent on whether or not TNG-R makes over $20 million by then, and if the CG assets are anywhere near as good as TrekCore reported they might be a few years ago.

    • Certainly seems like CBS could round up some partners to help fund more remasters. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, BBC America…

      • Xandercom

        voyager was so heavily reliant on CGI in the later seasons that it would cost a small fortune to rebuild and re-render everything post in 4K. You’re talking the entire CGI budget of 7 seasons again and adjusted for inflation. It’s not going to happen.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          The cost needs to come down although I’m aware some CGI work did survive.

          • Xandercom

            Some? There is nothing at a resolution above that of broadcast. Work was rendered to the specs at the time. Some artists like Doug Drexler may still have some VFX assets in their personal collection, but nothing on the scale needed to pass for 1080p digital scenes. They would have to work on everything from recreating the intro to 8472 and everything in between. It would costs hundreds of thousands per season just for the VFX. The studio model is no longer around either, so that’s the first 3 seasons before moving in to more extensive work after the switch to CGI for everything in 4-7.

            With TNG most of the studio model clips were available on the original negatives, with the exception of a few scenes they couldn’t find, so CGI was used in it’s place. It wasn’t great and there wasn’t much of a budget. With Voyager the costs would be astronomical as there is nothing left beyond a few overused stock shots.

            Voyager will never be remastered unless some philanthropist wants to throw a million bucks at it.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Nope, some CGI work had survived and is kept by at least one visual effects artist. The quality is HD, what you see on broadcast wasn’t representative of what was done. Trust me examples are on YouTube man, the quality looks great.

          • Xandercom

            I’m a VFX artist myself. As I said some of the original assets may have survived in people’s private collections, but we’re talking entire scene files here, lighting rigs, camera and object paths etc. We then have to consider that audio fx and sound design was often part of the workflow after the animation itself, its much easier for sound design to be added to the animation and correctly sync up. So again we’re left with either having the animators work to milisecond timing in order that it matches up to the sound, or we’re looking at having all of the sound design recreated from scratch during VFX sequences as well.

            And then there’s the matter of post production, so colour grading, particle effects, glows, compositing, trackmattes, lots of explosions, phasers, torpedoes, you name it, it will need to be rebuilt.

            Just to make the following short video in 4k has taken about 70 hours of my free time, and it’s still not finished. It’s just not able to be done on the kind of budget that would be available to a remastering on the scale of Voyager.


            PS ignore the Interstellar stuff, was just a tongue in cheek in-joke for a friend.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            The visual effects shots I saw were from the show, absolutely complete and ready to be used for HD. Like I said it’s on YouTube. They wouldn’t have to start over again because they have some of the effects shots already to use. I believe I knew about this because this site published an article about it last year.

            As for the sound and music they’d just relay the same music and sound they had before like on the TNG boxsets.

          • Xandercom

            You referring to Dan’s DS9 remakes?

            It takes a huge amount of time to bring everything up to HD level. All model surfaces need to be subdevided, texturing in most cases needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to support the level of detail required.

            As for the audio design, we’re not talking about shoving an Enterprise D on a single point and add some saucer beam (as was done for select scenes missing in Best Of Both Words), we are instead talking about very complicated models, complicated scene and then complicated post production. Typically you need an art director, a modeller, a scene constructor, and a post producer. Each of those positions needs at least two people working on each part of the workflow.

            Who is going to pay a team of people to recreate the Borg unicomplex? All that texturing and model creation?

            Like I said, there are a few assets in private collections, but your lack of knowlege in the workflow is giving you a far simpler overview of what is a very complex and expensive process.
            It’s true that back in the day they were running lighwave on Amiga computers with 256mb of ram, but in the modern day there will still be a requirement to rent time on a render farm to get all these frames rendered out. Who’s paying for that?

          • Pedro Ferreira

            I wasn’t aware that wasn’t one of the original scenes. Anyway here’s the article. It clearly states it wouldn’t be hard to access and convert:

          • Xandercom

            The entire point of that article is precisely what I have already told you, that assets exist in private collections, and that a team of people could be bought in to bring them up to scratch. You are also assuming that these people also work in post production, which they do not, so there will be more professionals needed for that workflow on the order of the original size and salary. If you look are the ship images you can quite clearly see where the pollys need to be subpatched like the nacelle edges. Who is paying people to work on that? Before even beginning they would need to assess exactly what is missing and the work needed to replace it. That artist is just one guy from one vfx house. What of the work produced from the other one? Even having 80% leaves a massive 20% of the post production costs needed again and adjusted for inflation. It’s just not going to happen. It’s also questionable why he has all those assets anyway because they either belong to CBS or the old vfx house. Who else worked on them? Are those ex members of his team entitled to royalties if their work is to be reused? What if they refuse to give permission? Will the old vfx house refuse to allow their copyright to be used commercially with out payment? It’s one thing chatting to a rose tinted vfx artist, quite another to actually use the assets he dubiously still has in his private collection.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            But it’s a start, better than starting from scratch.

          • Soraya Xel

            Those private collections are attainable, stop using that like it makes them unreachable. And they in many cases would NOT need to be upgraded by new artists. Most of the modelling work was done at way above what was needed for the show.

          • Xandercom

            Good luck getting a commercial licence to re-use them.

          • Soraya Xel

            It’s already CBS’s intellectual property. Would they probably want to compensate those artists somewhat for maintaining that personal collection? Yeah, but it’s technically them keeping copies of CBS’s stuff.

          • Xandercom

            CBS might own the rights to the TV series they produced, Paramount may well own the assets used in creating it.


            As I said, good luck getting a commercial licence to reuse them.

          • Soraya Xel

            IP doesn’t really work that way. You’re looking at extenuatingly odd situations to try and just admit… you know know jack. Just admit you’re wrong and move on.

          • Xandercom

            I work in the industry. What makes you think you know better?

          • Soraya Xel

            Because your own source in your own last comment disproves your claims. And you’ll find claims about how you “work in the industry” don’t mean anything when you’re talking out your rear.

          • Xandercom

            Thanks for a lovely chat 🙂

          • Xandercom
          • Xandercom
          • Xandercom
          • Xandercom
          • Xandercom
          • Xandercom

            You can’t just throw in the original scene files with static backgrounds and overlay models to get the same result. There’s simply not enough detail or fidelity.
            It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up if the target audience are people expecting to be woooed with HD or 4K as it’s primary selling point, otherwise it will be killed by critical reviews before it even hits the shelves.


          • ThatGuy

            If I had the money to spare, I would offer to pay for both DS9 and Voyager to be remastered/rendered in HD. But alas, I do not have that kind of money to throw around. Oh, well. At least DVD still gets the story across, and it’s not atrocious-looking.

          • James Jenkins

            There are people on YouTube whom have single handed made 4K remakes of voyager shots.

            If this video and play list don’t blow you mind…


          • Xandercom

            It looks better on my 4k TV direct from my media server, and without YouTube compression to be honest.
            And still much work to be done
            But thanks either way 😉

        • cubdukat

          Actually, it’s even worse than that. There’s no more scene data for “Voyager” and “DS9.” Foundation Imaging, Digital Muse and Amblin Imaging weren’t very big on saving their data. CBS Digital would have to redo everything from scratch.

  • Chris Tyler

    Yay!!!! I will buy this set!!!

  • Mrplatitude

    Unlike the DS9 sets and the same picture of Sisko on each one, they’ve actually bothered to use a different pick of Janeway, so that’s something, I guess.

    • Scott Black

      Which I think is the correct pic of the Janeway hairstyle for that season.

  • Douglas

    Much better packaging. The previous ones were fragile with edges that were sharp and could cut your skin. Also, I notice no photos of Jennifer Lien anywhere on the 3 seasons she was a regular cast member. Ouch. I hope she is doing better, she did good work on Voyager. She deserves respect and kindness.

  • Josh B’Gosh

    I wonder why the new Season 1-3 case on the bottom makes Janeway look like she joined the Klingon militia?

  • M33

    Trekcore, any idea on when the single season sets will be for sale for both this rerelease and for DS9?

  • Fctiger

    Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hear the theme song in my head. 🙂

  • pittrek

    Another generic covers which look like some fan art, and not a professional product.
    And I repeat what I said when DS9 DVDs were announced – the only future release of Voyager I am going to pay for has to be at least 1080p (if not 4K)

    • Ace Stephens

      4k? Most of the current 4k releases are upscales, aren’t they? I wouldn’t put much faith in 4k in these regards.

      • pittrek

        Not sure, I assume(d) all of the 4K releases done in the last couple of years are actually 4K transfers

        • Ace Stephens

          Hopefully they get there eventually but most of what I’ve heard is that, because so many films were finished digitally in 2k, many “new” films (so not older films with 4k scans) are upscaled. While they could presumably do 4k scans for film elements, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it finished in 2k in order to reduce costs, particularly for any effects which are redone if those become a prominent concern to the degree many have suggested.

          Regardless, my point is that 4k might have promise but, from what I hear, the format is being mishandled with upscales and similar which mislead. Certainly it’s still better picture quality as a generality than 1080p as far as most are concerned…but not really what’s promised in many cases.

      • Cabo 5150

        Yep, it’s actually quite surprising the majority of movies are still completed with 2K digital intermediates.

        Even if you watched a UHD Blu-ray mastered from 4K assets (and there aren’t very many), I’d say a 65″ screen would be required to even begin seeing increased detail at a sensible viewing distance.

        Honestly, it’s HDR and wide colour gamut that really provide that extra “wow factor” – additional pixels notwithstanding! I think the CE manufacturers have a long way to go in selling the virtues of this new technology to Joe Public.

    • Snap

      The covers are significantly better than the original DVD release, which just had generic shots of Voyager in a circular “window.” The irony here is I recall people complaining about how the Blu-ray season sets for Enterprise didn’t have a visual unity like the TNG and TOS releases. The new DVD releases (I agree with everyone else preferring HD Blu-ray) feature a unified theme and are slammed as generic.

      Now, I’m not saying that the same people complaining about the lack of visual unity on the Enterprise sets are the ones calling the DS9 and Voyagers DVDs generic but all things considered, it does prove Nick Meyer’s statement that the fans don’t really know what it is they want.

  • James

    Crazy amount of Photoshop work on Janeway. Good lord, these box designs are ugly. Sling out any old tripe for the Trekkies. Star wars fans get the good stuff.

  • Zarm

    Huzzah- at last! Just as we finish watching the whole series on Netflix, but still… 😉 Long overdue!

  • Poor Dumb Harry. Always the ensign, always left out.

  • GIBBS v2

    I suppose they have decided in this anniversary year that this is the last chance to squeeze any revenue out of the DVD market before it fossilizes.

    I enjoy seeing new art though. Even if everyone looks photoshopped into smooth butterball turkeys.

    Once again no love for young Harry Kim, ha!

  • StalwartUK

    Seriously tempted to pick these (and the DS9 ones) up to avoid the PAL speedup/censorship issues. As there’ll be no DS9/VOY Blu-rays these will likely be as good as it gets.

    Interesting that they used different photos of Janeway for each season. The R2 slims all used the same Season 1 photo of Janeway.

  • Darkthunder

    In 7 seasons of case covers, poor Ensign Kim can’t catch a break 😛

    • iMike

      Agreed!!! Kim should appear on the Season 6 cover with Janeway and Paris, and Kes should appear on the Season 3 cover with Janeway and Neelix.

  • Newdivide1701

    Just in time for Star Trek Discovery.

  • spooky

    Seriously, the graphic designers at CBS need to be fired. These are dreadful and bland. Did someone at CBS’s upper management hire their kid sister to put these together?
    They are epitome of basic and blah. At this point, the only possible attractive reason to pick up these sets will be if the price is lower than the TNG individual season set blu-rays.
    Oh and CBS, you really want to sell these sets don’t you?
    Why not put out some graphic art and have the fans/viewers vote on the best one for crying out loud. Talk about being out of touch with your audience,
    I can see why Trek continues to die each passing year. The good thing about that is, Trek will ultimately become so unprofitable to the powers that be that it might cause them sell it off to someone who might give a damn about its presentation.
    Boo hiss! 😀 LOL

  • Michael

    1. They seem to use a season-specific Janeway shot, but season 4’s is inconsistent. They should use Janeway circa Year of Hell for season 4. The season 6 shot isn’t very flattering.
    2. Why have they generally used season-specific Janeway shots, but not the rest of the crew? The B’Elanna shot is particularly off, given it looks very season 1 yet it’s for the Season 5 box art where the Janeway shot is very Season 5 (from Dark Frontier promotional shots)
    3. What’s with all the glow effects on Janeway for the full season boxset and random sample of 3 crew members? Are they using a Kate Mulgrew shot on the overall boxart because she’s now (post-Orange is the new Black) the most recognisable figure?

  • Steven Carter

    The covers look a bit generic, they all look the same, all the star trek DVD’s look the same except the new TOS releases, they are absolutely hidious. I sometimes buy DVD’s for alternate cover art but I usually avoid Star Trek because of it. I designed my own covers when they had the original fat Plastic “Collector’s” box sets & I just use them.

  • Steven Carter

    Will these be new transfers- or the same bad copies horribly compressed- other series look like they are bluray, Star Trek looks awful. It is literally hard to watch, the versions on TV are just as bad. I hear the Netflix or streaming ones are better.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      The same transfers, no HD yet.

  • Michael

    Who exactly is going to buy these? Do they even make DVD players anymore? Where are the HD remastered of DS9 and Voyager?

  • Michael

    Remaster the damn shows for the new network .

  • Xandercom

    Still flogging a dead horse. Who wants DVD’s anymore? Enough people to buy it all again?!

    • Snap

      While I would greatly prefer an HD release on Blu-ray, I do not own the original DVD releases so if we will not get a Blu-ray release, I most certainly welcome this release.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    My, how quaint.

    When will the VHS re-release be out? 😉

  • iMike

    I realize CBS has no intention of giving VOY or DS9 a proper remaster treatment, but it would at least be decent if they could film some extras, like cast reunions and some new documentaries with various cast/producers/writers/etc. Give us SOMETHING new.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Well at least they got Janeway right on the covers.

  • Kenneth Hammer

    While it’s not the Trekcore affiliate link, here is a link to Amazon’s page for the new release of Star Trek Voyager:

  • Ben

    Kinda off topic but thanks for all the VHS covers thus far, Is Voyager getting some scans? They are some of my favourites.

  • Mike Hare

    Bull shit CBS I want Blu ray!

  • Steam1Sucks


    Someone knows whether it is DVD-9 ?

  • James Jenkins

    HD remaster… come on.

  • Scott

    I ordered the “new” release box set a few weeks ago and just finished seasons 1-3. I agree it most likely will never be upgraded to 4K. More than the special FX will have to be redone. I’m watching it upscaled to near 4K on my TV and a lot of the alien make-up would look unacceptable. The ship in the first season looks like it was made out of play-doh(no offense). I would settle for DTS MA 5.1 soundtrack, maybe would have done a Sony superbit DVD kind of thing and call it good.